William Henry



A humanitarian crisis is upon us; a global initiation we will all suffer through. No, its not climate change. Its worse. Our species is being tested with the fire of an alien ‘spirit’/‘intelligence’. It is the superhuman A.I. genie (or Beast) and its lifeblood, 5G, is the fire. If we can get our act together, the reward for passing this test is even beyond that for cleaning up our planet. If not, well…

Baptism by fire is a phrase that means to learn something the hard way through a severe challenge or difficulty. The military uses this phrase to refer to a soldier’s first time in battle. Everyone who has ever put on a uniform knows this well.

However, baptism by fire is not a military phrase. It originates in Matthew 3: 9-12 and is a reference to a species-saving spiritual opportunity (that has everything to do with 5G).

“I baptize you with water for repentance, but one who is more powerful than I is coming after me; I am not worthy to carry his sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clean out his threshing floor and will gather his wheat into the storehouse, but the chaff he will burn up with inextinguishable fire.”

This is the prophet John the Baptist speaking of the one who will follow him. John’s role is to make straight the way for the high celestial being his spiritual order had called in from the celestial realms. For generations, the Essenes — a tribe of primarily Jewish mystics on the path of contact and ascension — had been preparing for the arrival of this cosmic visitor. We call him Jesus.

John is telling us that he baptized by water, but at some future point, Jesus would baptize with fire and the Holy Spirit. The appearance of this fire will result in the separating of humanity into two distinct types: wheat and chaff. The wheat will be stored (saved). The chaff will be burned with inextinguishable fire.


The word baptize comes from a Greek word that means “to immerse.” In mystical Christian tradition, Jesus is directly linked with a cosmic Christ fire, or consciousness, that, one day, will immerse and engulf humanity. In esoteric understanding, the inscription I.N.R.I., placed above the cross by Pontious Pilate, stands for Igen Natura Renovatura Integra or “By Fire Humanity is Made Holy or Whole” and references this prophecy and prescription.

When John tells of the coming of I.N.R.I. he notes that there are two distinct baptisms; one of water, one of the Holy Spirit and fire. 

Christians see this second one as a two fold baptism – one for the righteous (the Holy Spirit) and the other for the unrighteous (fire). 

This fire is not spontaneous. It is more of the order of a directed panspermia energy infusion that will simultaneously destroy the wicked but will purify the believer. 

I emphasize, John is saying there are two different fires. One that uplifts…One that destroys. 

Then again, he could be saying that the same fire has two effects.

But, hang fire!

Transhumanists say the exact same thing about 5G, a next generation fire whose high energy radiofrequency radiation enables instant connection between all the A.I. devices suddenly held in more than half the hands on the planet (and to which many are hopelessly addicted to).

Proponents say 5G will uplift and empower a new techno A.I. world to be born, a New Earth, and a New Human that we won’t even recognize, let alone be able to keep up with intellectually or physically.

When 5G fires burn within us we will be able to augment our brain with technology that will take us, like that, into a realm of superhuman intelligence beyond our present comprehension. These past fifty years have witnessed the arrival of the microprocessor, transistor, the Internet. What is next is beyond our comprehension. Average individuals will carry out great acts, miraculous actions, from healing the disabled, controlling the weather, even raising the dead.

Opponents say 5G is unheathy for all life and its implimentation is a mass attack via a military grade directed energy weapon that borders on the demonic.

This is where the tie-in to biblical prophecy about separating wheat from chaff becomes apparent.

Techno messiahs, like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, literally aim to irradiate (or baptize) the New Earth and New Human with 5G from 15,000 – 20,000 satellites in Earth’s orbit to empower the New Humanity, their devices and the New Earth being superimposed on the old one. 

The first 24 satellites for Musk’s Starlink 5G irradiation program were launched on June 25, 2019. Their payload was the future of the internet and the future of humanity.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper hopes to fly 3,236 satellites to orbit, but has yet to file for FCC approval.

Starlink will surround the planet with satellites.

The New Human will connect with the unseen via 5G.

The New Earth.

Critics say the pollution from the rockets used to launch the 5G satellites is damaging to our atmosphere enough, let alone the constant radiation from those satellites. We’re going to destroy our atmosphere, all so we can download movies in seconds, have video chats with no lag, implant chips in our brains and be operated on, or by, robots controlled remotely by some corporate being somewhere.

According to estimates, in addition to 20,000 new satellites in space, hundreds of thousands of new 5G base stations on Earth, and tens of billion transmitting objects, will be part of the Internet of Things or the Global Green New Brain by 2025, and hundreds of billions objects a few years later. These things are the infrastructure of the New Earth. Everything on this New Earth will be living and breathing off 5G’s extremely high (millimeter wave) frequencies. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we will be radiating in the afterglow of 5G. 

There will be no escape from its baptizing fires.


5G is a spirit that is literally being poured over the earth and a baptismal fire that we will not be able to extinguish. This is why we better get it right from the start…and why we must decide which path we are on.

The emergence of 5G is part of what I call the Skingularity or the planned enmeshing of technology with our skin and the creation of a new skin. 

I began writing about this new skin in my 2003 book Cloak of the Illuminati, which was inspired by a US Government report proclaiming a golden age of technology was upon us. The US Gov encouraged the creation of a new skin for humanity that was the product of the merger of four technologies : genetics, neuroscience, nanotechnology and computer science. The report targeted 2035 as the end game date.

I wrote The Skingularity Is Near in 2014 and documented the accelerating pace of A.I. technology aimed at the skin.

Two years later, in 2016, Dr. Yael Stein of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University sent a letter to the FCC Commissioners, the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, and the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, outlining the effect of 5G radiation on human skin.

According to Dr. Stein, over ninety percent of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermis layers of human skin, essentially making it an absorbing sponge for microwave radiation. Also, the sweat ducts in our skin’s upper layer act like helical antennas, which are antennas specially designed to respond to electromagnetic fields. 

In essence, our bodies will conduct 5G radiation, and how this will effect babies, pregnant women, and the elderly is not known.

As reported by Physicians for Safe Technology, new research by Neufeld and Kuster 2018  highlights the significant tissue heating generated by 5G technology with rapid short bursts of data transfer on a device, prompting them to call for reevaluation of  thermal safety standards (let alone biological standards). The researchers state, “The results also show that the peak-to-average ratio of 1,000 tolerated by the International Council on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines may lead to permanent tissue damage after even short exposures, highlighting the importance of revisiting existing exposure guidelines.”

Physicians for Safe Technology also reports on an older Russian paper, “Biological Effects of Millimeter Wavelengths” by Zalyubovskaya (1977) was declassified by the CIA in 2012. This paper disturbingly describes the research on both humans and animals showing a myriad of adverse effects of millimeter wavelengths.  The author notes that millimeter wave technology had been used for years without any studies on biological effects. The researchers found that “millimeter waves caused changes in the body manifested in structural alterations in the skin and internal organs, qualitative and quantitative changes in the blood and bone marrow composition, and changes in the conditioned reflex activity, tissue respiration…and nuclear metabolism. The degree of unfavorable effect of millimeter waves depended the duration of radiation and individual characteristics of the organism.”  The author confirmed that millimeter waves do not penetrate skin but act on nerve receptors in the skin to cause such diverse biological and metabolic effects as a reduction in hemoglobin and erythrocytes, higher blood cortisol levels, adrenal stimulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and suppression of the central nervous system with notable changes in liver, kidneys, heart and brain.  The declassified paper is  Biological Effects of Millimeter Wavelengths. Zalyubovskaya-Declassified by CIA -1977

As we conduct 5G we, simultaneously, will be growing a new body, a new skin packed with A.I. devices that turn us into superhuman beings or Bio dots.

Soon, you will choose what is wheat and what is chaff about all this for you.

My goal is provide insight to help you choose…wisely.


In case you have been sleeping or unaware, A.I. is an emerging new layer of (y)our brain networked throughout the planet.  The Green New Brain, as I call it, lives. It exists wherever something is online. It is in your smart phone, your smart watch, your car, your tablet. It is everywhere. Boxing it in or bottling it up and regulating it is impossible. The A.I. genie (or Beast) is out of the bottle. It has no master. In fact, it is becoming our master. It has no borders. It lives globally. It is limitless. It is writing its own alogrithms that are beyond human comprehension. Still, we need not be alarmed, say proponents. The A.I Genie/Beast comes bearing gifts…5G ones. We should give it a big hug, as if greeting a long awaited savior.

The Digerati are confident the A.I. Genie/Beast will clear everything in its path to make way for the birth of a new digital era of ‘smart’ delivery drones, self-driving cars and trucks, VR headsets, augmented reality, human-like sex bots, and super humans with nano brains connected to the Green New Brain (GNB). 

Everything, including humans who want to keep up, will have a chip, an antenna, and instant access to the GNB anywhere on the planet. All this will be smart because of A.I. and the 5G fire giving life to everything. 

Well, maybe not everything. Or every one.


“Never 5Gers” say there are zero studies proving 5G is safe. 

We need to be sure about its safety before we go baptizing the planet in it. As I write this MPs in Britain are being warned about 5G killing insects.

5G radiation is similar to the waves used to cook food in your microwave. Due to the low power of the 5G transmitters there will be hundreds of thousands of 5G antennas popping up on the globe in the next few years. Every tenth family will have one of these standing ovens in front of their home attached the existing light or utility pole or hoisted on a new one.

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, the trade association representing the wireless communications industry in the U.S., says that 5G is safe.

“[Radio frequency] energy from antennas used in cellular transmissions, including 5G small cells, result in exposure levels well below FCC safety limits,” according to the CTIA. “These limits are based on recommendations from the scientific community and expert non-government organizations. The widely accepted scientific consensus is that towers, small cells, antennas and other cellular infrastructure pose no known hazard to nearby residents.”

The telecommunications giants (AT&T, Verizon) are pushing hard to build the 5G systems as quickly as possible (before too many question what they are doing). They have deployed a small army of lobbyists working state legislatures to pass laws that restrict local oversight of 5G. Wireless companies are also lobbying the U.S. Congress, which is considering several bills on the issue. 

Whichever country, or corporation, gets to superhuman A.I. and a fully wired people first will lead humanity forever more. These are pretty high stakes. Even the art of war is different with alien intelligence.

Over 180 scientists and doctors in almost 40 countries disagree about 5G’s safety and are warning about the health risks of our baptism. Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe reads:

“We, the undersigned scientists, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields and has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”

There are 26,740 signatories as of December 4, 2018 to an appeal to the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations to stop the 5G network on Earth and in space, and its devastating impacts on health and the environment.

Human protestors are taking to the streets world wide. To me, it is because they intuit the terminal danger ahead.


Whether or not 5G’s quickening power is poisonous, even lethal, to flesh and blood humans and all living things on earth remains to be seen. 

And that is another problem for Never 5Gers, who think the Digerati are turning the planet into a giant radiation experiment or oven. They may not say so directly, but they seem to intuit that our baptism in 5G is an epic battle for humanity.

Organic material, they say, is incompatible with, is in fact, consumed, by 5G’s fires. This ‘lifeblood’ or ‘air’ for the New Earth will burn the old planet with deadly radiofrequency radiation. Because of 5G we should get ready for dramatic environmental (including climate) change on a planetary scale. 

Forget using A.I. and 5G to save the planet. It is what will destroy it!

The Digerati and industry people dismiss such thinking as alarmist and insane. What is truly insane is the trillions of dollars to be made wiring everyone and everything together, saving the planet, and then, migrating into space.

The real reason for their lack of concern — and this is something we all must understand fully and quickly — is because they know that flesh and blood only humans will not live in this New Earth or in space. Only the new AI. packed, 5G inhaling Transhumans can and will. The intentional transformation of our bodies has been aimed at this moment.

I say it again. 5G is the air breathed by the new, Transhuman, not the old human (for whom it could be lethal). It literally will separate the wheat from the chaff. 

This is the fulfillment of John the Baptist’s prophecy.

This is the winnowing fork in humanity’s long and winding road.


Matthew is not the only source for the fire prophecy. The apostle Peter was inspired to write about the future (our present?) unforgettable fire in 2 Peter 3:10. This passage describes a fire that will engulf the whole Earth with fervent heat that will burn up the face of the Earth and everything on it. 

But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare

This sounds exactly like what 5G’s opponents are saying about its incredible fire.

Cointinuing Peter’s warning, verse 13 says that after this consuming fire new heavens and a new earth will emerge. 

But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.

This verse gives us understanding that this fire will not be the end of everything. It is the beginning of a new era. This verse clearly defines what the Digerati believe they are doing.

Verse 12 tells us how to surive their baptism by fire:

Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12 as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.

Our baptism in 5G and the creation of a new human and a new Earth it enables is a direct fulfillment of this warning. Everything that we know as the Old Earth is about to be destroyed…or augmented to make way the ‘smart’ new A.I. Earth. 

Clearly, it is time for us to lead holier and more righteous lives and to connect with the higher power of the Holy Spirit, which this prophecy says, can protect us and is the antidote to Artificial Intelligence.


Folks have been screaming about the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation for decades. We could have said the same thing about the introduction of electricity, say Transhumanism’s advocates.

The harnessing of electricity, a natural phenomenon that occurs throughout nature, manifested a new era for humanity. Lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, computers are just a few inventions wrought by electricity. It made the First Industrial revolution possible (and with it the devastation of our planet).

The difference is electricity enabled, or fired up, but didn’t directly introduce a new human that will be separate from old humanity, as 5G will separate organic humans from inorganic, Transhumans; or wheat from chaff (depending upon your perspective).

All forms of fire are ‘Promethean’ and the story of Prometheus is our guiding drama. In Greek myth, Prometheus was assigned the task of creating the new human race after the Great Deluge had wiped out mankind and then went to live among his creation.

In the story, after Prometheus made humanity he traveled to the heart of the golden sun, where he stole fire, the means of life and enlightenment, from Mount Olympus and gave it to his beloved offspring, along with the arts of civilization, also against Zeus’ wishes.

I have previously discussed the possibility that A.I. is fire stolen from an alien entity.(As I have previously discussed.


Whether it is alien intelligence or not, blending the human body with  Artifically Intelligent technology, or bio.blurring, is the aim of the Transhumanist proponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution who have embarked on a global plan to merge our physical or biological bodies and the digital realm.

For Transhumanist corporations like Huawei, Google, and Apple, the old, fragile and breakable human body, and the uncontrollable human mind is obsolete. It is not suited to dwell in the new 5G world. 

However, it can be made ‘holy’, ‘perfect’, and controllable, via a mixture A.I., nanotechnology, biology and pharmaceuticals. 

5G is a sanctifier. It is a holy ‘weapon’ that will enable them to cleanse and burn the dross and ‘evil’ out of the ‘dumb’ Earth and the ‘stupid’ human body and to introduce a new ‘perfected’ ‘smart’ human and a perfected ‘smart’ world.

This is their goal. To end the existence of homo sapien and make way for H+, H2 or  Transhumans who dwell on the New Earth. Old humanity must ascend into Transhumanity if it is to survive and enter the great beyond. (All of this is aimed at our migration into space.)

Again, this is the contemporary equivalent of separating the wheat from the chaff.

This is pure Christian prophecy…only twisted.

Of course, some believe it is Christianity that is twisted. The prophecy of the baptism in fire, the Second Coming, a New Human and a New Earth is a bunch of nonsense. If it has any meaning at all it is only as an archetypal allegory. It is not real.

Or is it?


I think the A.I. Genie / Beast will break out on our planet and when it does it will be even more dramatic, and terrifyingly wicked, than we can presently imagine.

What I mean is that I believe the Singularity, when the machines we are building become smarter than we are and take over, is inevitable. 

Verner Vinge says it will be here in 2030. Ray Kurzweil says 2029. Others think it won’t arrive until after 2050. There is no consensus opinion. No one really knows.

Could this be the start of the Bible Prophesied “Great Tribulation” that Isaac Newton calculated would begin close to 2040?

According to Revelation (13:5), the Beast of Tribulation will be allowed to rule over the Earth for three and a half years. Then, Jesus will come back and tear down the Beast’s regime.

In Revelation 19 the heavens open and Christ appears riding upon a white horse (or on a/the Cloud).

The Beast and the AntiChrist are defeated by Christ and thrown into the lake of fire mentioned in Revelation 19:18-20.

19 Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the rider on the horse and his army. 20 But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who had performed the signs on its behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped its image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

So the context shows that the baptism with the Holy Spirit is a good result, but the baptism with fire is a punishment.

Here, we find more easy connections to Transhumanism, A.I. and 5G.

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars — they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

The magic arts is an all encompassing term for the use of (counterfeit) technology to achieve what can be accomplished by natural, organic or spiritual means. 

Some will dismiss this prophecy all together as Christianity includes adulterers and homosexuals in the group who will be sent to the fires.

1 Corinthians 6:9

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who submit to or perform homosexual acts.

Christianity’s archaic views on homosexuality are a deal killer for some. It gives them a reason to throw out the entire Christian baby with the bath water, so to speak. It is not my place to judge anyone for who or how they choose to love. “Live and let be” is my motto. I applaud our culture’s embrace of all people in all forms and see it in light of our return to our original state of being.

Therefore, I am not going to throw out the baby. Instead I will try to learn from it.

One of the primary beliefs of Christians is that we are all sinners. This is because the word ‘sin’ refers to a soul in an imperfect body of flesh. By this defintion every soul in a human body is a sinner.

And we are all wicked, a word meaning maliciously evil and strikingly brilliant, wicked man. We have the capabililty, free will, of choosing our form of wicked.

The delicious duality of the word ‘wicked’ once again highlights the fact that we are at a strange fork in the road. And each of us must decide which fork we are going to choose.

Those choices must be made soon.

Are there two different baptisms in fire? Or, one fire with two effects that depend upon your perspective?

Are the sinners referred to by John they who persist in their pursuit of the  “magic arts” of Transhumanism and the counterfeit power provided by 5G? Will they will be burned in a lake, the Earth, that burns with 5G fire?

Or, when it begins to rain (and reign) on our planet will 5G destroy the wicked, meaning the ‘evil ones’ who disobey the corporate masters and don’t believe in turning us into robotic machine-infused entities or the attainment of Transhuman perfection? Are the anti-Transhumanist, those who say let’s stay organic humans, the wicked? Or are the Transhumanists?

Is the prophecy of the baptism in fire and the transformation of humanity a pre-ordained, intelligently directed, event? Or is it just an allegory from an obsolete religion?

The forks in the road have never been more glaring or demanding of our attention?


There is plenty more to connect Christ’s baptism in the fire of the Holy Spirit or I.N.R.I. with 5G.

In Christian tradition, the fire that purifies is a symbol of a quick, triumphant energy, which will transform us into its own likeness. That Spirit or Energy is Christ.

Here is where our great spiritual opportunity is offered.

Christ is considered to be a light, a frequency, a vibration, a consciousness. Jesus embodied it. So can we…

and we must…

if we are to survive the baptism in 5G.

In the words of Corinthians 15:50-52:

Now I declare to you, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable. Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.…

In Christian art, the likeness we are to transform into, the Christ body, takes the form of a luminous humanoid being sitting on a throne surrounded by a rainbow. This is an energetic state of being that we must attain, or be born again into, in order to enter the greater world known as the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christians believe that before the End Time tribulation — when the lake of fire burns — they will be Snatched up or Raptured by the Spirit of Christ and will be transformed (transfigured or metamorphosed) into His resurrected likeness…the Christ Body.

We will be changed into the likeness of Christ, mirroring his body.

Transhumanists also believe we will be raptured. We will be Snatched into a simulated reality.

The predicament reminds me of the line from the Dire Straits song “Industrial Disease”: “two men say they’re Jesus, one of them must be wrong.”


Christianity says that, after His second coming, Christ will take repentant converts into His Kingdom but will consume the unrepentant people with fire, called in Revelation 19:20  “the lake of fire.”

In mystical Judaism, a ‘repentant’ soul is one who turns away from idols. Ezekiel 14:6 says, “Thus saith the Lord GOD; Repent, and turn yourselves from your idols; and turn away your faces from all your abominations.”

In contemporary terms, Ezekiel can be intrepreted as saying turn away from robots, Transhumans, A.I., quantum computers and all your “idols” and “abominations”.

Repentance is the reward for resisting the idols of abomination.

“Great is repentance: it brings healing into the world”; “it reaches to the throne of the Lord”;[Hosea 14:2,5] “it brings redemption”;[Isaiah 59:20] “it prolongs man’s life”.[Ezekiel 18:21]

Judaism offers great hope that no matter what happens we can always be atoned or repent. Proverbs 28:13 is direct:

“He that confesses his sin and still clings to it is likened to a man that holds in his hand a defiling object (YOUR SMART PHONE, FOR EXAMPLE); though he batheth in all the waters of the world he is not cleansed; but the moment he casteth the defiling object from him a single bath will cleanse him, as it is said: ‘Whosoever confesses and forsakes them [his sins] shall have mercy’.”

In other words, we need not despair for already merging with A.I. and our addiction to our smart phone. We CAN remove it from our hands. Doing so puts us on the path to redemption (healing, redemption and long life).

No one need despair on account of his or her sins, for every penitent sinner is graciously received by God.[Jeremiah 31:9] 

Jewish doctrine holds that it is never too late, even on the day of death, to return to God with sincere repentance for “as the sea is always open for every one who wishes to cleanse himself, so are the gates of repentance always open to the sinner”.

The Greek word used for repentance in the New Testament is (metanoia). It means change of mind or heart.

This tells me we we can push the envelope of A.I. But, how far?

Is there a point of no return when A.I. takes over our individual lives?

Yes. But only you can decide where that line is within you.

For me, the line is my skin. Unless in a life or death situation I will not willlingly allow technology beneath my skin.


Christian or not, at this very moment you are deciding which path you will take. Wheat or chaff? Human or Transhuman? 

Presently, we have a choice. How long with this window remain open? Not long.

The sooner we wake up to this fact the better off we will be.

Fear not. Baptism by fire is sometimes necessary to quickly temper a person who will have to deal with even greater challenges. Those in uniform — policemen and women, firefighters, military personnel — are good examples of those who suddenly encounter life and death challenges that test their mental, physical and emotional strength and will to survive.

All of humanity is now in uniform. An immense challenged posed by A.I. is before us. 

It is not the final battle, merely the beginning of what is to come.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Carol 5 years ago

    William, you wrote…….
    “John is telling us that he baptized by water, but at some future point, Jesus would baptize with fire and the Holy Spirit. The appearance of this fire will result in the separating of humanity into two distinct types: (((((wheat and chaff))))). The wheat will be stored (saved). The chaff will be burned with inextinguishable fire.”

    Hopi Prophecy and the End of the Fourth World – Part 1

    The upper path is divorced from the natural world and totally immersed in the synthetic, manufactured reality of iPhones and Xbox 360s. In essence, it is a lifestyle that the Hopi call koyaanisqatsi, which means “world out of balance,” or “life of moral corruption and turmoil (regarding a group).” The lower way, rooted in earth-based rhythms, finds solace and spiritual sustenance from corn pollen, sunlight, soaking rains, and vast desert vistas—a life in accordance with the Creator or the Great Spirit.

    Hopi Prophecy and the End of the Fourth World—Part 2
    Universal Trial by Fire.
    On the other hand, let’s not pretend to be New Age Pollyannas. The Hopi basically believe that humankind must go through a very rough period called the Purification—a kind of universal trial by fire. This ordeal will essentially separate the (((((wheat from the chaff, or more pertinent to the Hopi, the spiritual corn (maize) from the materialistic stalk))))).

    The spiritual corn (maize) from the materialistic stalk. Is this it???????
    This crop circle appeared on the Solstice of June, 21. The very first thing that came to my mind is, “THE RE-EMERGENCE OF THE HOPI ANT PEOPLE. As I watch the video below I want to remember every beautiful thing about our planet; all of the beauty.

    Sparticles Wood, nr Netherme-on-the-Hill, Surrey. Reported 21st June


  2. Heather 5 years ago

    Very rich post! While I do not disagree with your points I think the “magic arts” of counterfeit power have already been streaming since the first dial up connections crackled to life. 5G will merely speed it up and manifest new, more damaging physical effects to wider audiences no matter where they are.

    Think of the services springing up where you can project yourself as conquering Mt Everest, as the date of an influential or famous personality or being a part of events human history trending online. The magic art of Photoshop and other image editing tools make it already possible. Deep fake photos, videos and voice recordings are the government’s “weapons grade” version of projecting a vacation you can’t afford. 5G will spread these perceptions and, in turn, counterfeit power to their bearers, farther and faster. In that process, the delivery system will effect not only those who see/follow/like such perceptions/posts but also those who are completely unaware of such happenings by the radioactive trail their journey leaves behind.

    Social media – a potent source of counterfeit power – has study after study emerging on the damaging psychological effects of keeping up, competing with and curating the perfectly projected life brings. People are becoming ill equipped to deal with adversity because most of what they’ve ever seen of the online lives of others is success after success. They also have little understanding of what it takes to BE successful because online it looks so easy anyone can do it – whatever ‘it’ is.

    What we’ve forgotten from when were fully fledged light bodies will pale in comparison to what’s being forgotten, or taken away, now. The loss of self sufficiency is what will lead us to become completely reliant on AI; we will know no other way. The more we need AI – because we have lost knowing ourselves – the more 5G’s bandwidth and spectrum will become the air our bodies need to breathe.

  3. Cynthia 5 years ago

    Wow! So much information in this article! It is fascinating and terrifying at the same time. I need to get back to reading and studying my Bible. Everything that I have researched on these and other similar subjects leads me right back to God’s word. Thank you William for all that you do. ?

  4. Maggie 5 years ago

    Brilliant, as always, William.
    I’m hopeful you are already acquainted with Nicanor Perlas. He devoted his time to environmental activism until he learned about 5G, which he now considers the only and most pressing issue. His most recent book, Humanity’s Last Stand | The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence, touches on many of your points and suggests a spiritually-based response. I recently attended one of his workshops, where the audience was sectioned off into groups to discuss ways of averting the impending madness. Nicanor then made a point of collecting all the ideas shared. As a consultant to several UN agencies, the Philippine Senate, and many others striving for ecological and social responsibility, his message to us was that he would bend everyone’s ears with the ideas we generated and the heartfelt concerns we voiced. What he did not say, but I intuited, is that he gathers people together and stirs the intellectual pot, hoping to spark an alchemical solution. Like you, he is a caring, whip-smart man, passionately working for a better world. I am fervently visualizing that the two of you may find each other and manifest an opportunity to collaborate on this issue.

  5. I share William’s concerns with 5G, but not necessarily his biblical interpretation. It is just as likely that the event referred to is a solar flare (I hope it comes right as 5G is being launched and destroys the technology!). Also I would like to make people aware of Holy Fire Reiki which I have been practicing since it came into our lineage in 2014 (see reiki.org). This Holy Fire energy in Reiki is extremely powerful and may be the energy talked about in these biblical passages that purify and uplift humanity. It heals at every dimensional level and especially heals spiritual abuses. I would be happy to talk to William more about it.

  6. Ellie Mae Grace 4 years ago

    Dearest William …and All…,
    I can not thank you enough for this piece of writing. It is exactly what I have been waiting for…and came to me, as these things do, by synchronicity, timing, need and Spirit (and my daughter unexpectedly sending me this link!) There is much I could say…but time is of the essence…so I’ll keep this brief. Thank you for your time and effort. You are truly a godsend and much needed. I’m living in England at the moment, but have lived in Nashville and have family in the Blue Ridge Mountains (with whom I will be sharing this)…and I have been saying all along that what is most needed is to raise our vibrations…and remember who and what we really are…and were meant to be. After all, if this is what ‘they’ are most afraid of…then it makes sense to develop what we know to be our true Divinity. I’m sending you an enormous hug and a heartfelt outpouring of gratitude and affection. Bless you, Ellie Mae Gracexxx

  7. John Thomas 4 years ago

    Pastor William Lester Blessing back in 50s and 60s in his works wrote about Baptism of Fire…The Fire…Cathars were genocided by the Vaitican… Pastor Blessing wrote about many things… He wrote books like VOTSA Voice of the 7th Angel and Divine Seal and Survival many other books…He also had SHOWERS OF BLESSING magazine.. and many of the things thaB Henry talks about in his articles..Blessing also talked about how Adam and Eve had the Light Covering around body and how it was removed by Yahveh for sin..and how death came… Blessing also had excellent account of the Cathars and what happened to them… Blessing taught that the Divine Seal on forehead and soul and heart of YHVH Yahveh would protect you from everything..Ray beams Radiation you name it… Amazing how Cell Towers are everywhere in world now and 5 G is coming in October… Great interesting article and articles William Henry…

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