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I have been doing follow-up research on the Solar Flash investigations of David Wilcock and geologist, Dr. Robert Schoch, mentioned in my earlier blog. Both have pointed to the Sun and proclaimed that we could be in for a holy s#*t storm of a Solar Event that will ‘fix’ everything either by possibly wiping humanity off the planet or triggering our transfiguration into light beings and our ascension from our precious world. Is the ‘Solar Flash’ on? Only time knows. However, what I do know, and seek in all humility to contribute to this dialog here, is that Christian End Time prophecy also describes an immensely powerful supernatural river of light coming from the Sun that transforms us into light beings. In fact, as I discussed in my 2012 book, “The Judgment Day Device”, this river of charged particles is the center piece of the Judgment Day scenario in which a transformative light shines on earth and the Ascension Ark or Throne of Christ is revealed…in the Sun. In this article, I will walk you through part one of the story.


After approaching this subject from two different view points, Wilcock, following Hindu and Zoroastrian tradition, and Boston University professor and geologist, Schoch, following the trail of the geological record and isotope data from ice cores, have  presented us with an eye-opening hypothesis that an advanced civilization once existed on earth that was wiped out by a major, cyclical solar catastrophe… and that we may be next. This past solar-induced cataclysm has not been conclusively proven. However, evidence is mounting, especially in the geological world. Based on this evidence, Schoch’s words are carefully measured and weighted with compassionate alarm.

In a flash, civilization known to the ancient Egyptians as Zep Tepi, the ‘first time’ or the golden age when the gods lived with humans, and Atlantis by Plato, was wiped off the face of the earth. The survivors of this event lived underground for hundreds to thousands of years during the Dark Age that followed. Civilization re-emerged and began to tell stories about what happened… and to warn the future about what is coming. (Dr. Schoch and I will be presenting at James Tyberonn’s 2018 Arkansas Star-Gate event, September 21-24, 2018.)

In the Indian epic poem, Mahabharata (‘Great Tale’), which some consider the most incredible tale ever told, and we must remember was written as fiction, we learn the cyclical solar event is called the Samvartaka Fire. The term occurs only 25 times in the whole 100,000 line poem, but it means the annihilation of all life when it takes place. Book three contains the most direct references to the fires that cleanse the earth. Later, the Zoroastrians called it Frashokereti, meaning the final renovation or ‘refreshing’ of the universe, when evil is vanquished and all will be in perfect unity with God and a new Savior emerges.

The Mahabharata tell us Samvartaka Fires emanate from Surya, the Sun, and are characterized as a cloud filled with ‘wreaths of lightning’. Strange clouds accompany the lightning. It is wonderful to behold.

In Anushashana Parva (‘Book of Instructions’) this description is explicit:

“The fires born of his energy resembled in effulgence the lightning that flashes amid clouds. Verily, it seemed as if a thousand suns rose there, filling every side with a dazzling splendor. The energy of the Supreme Lord looked like the Samvartaka fire which destroys all creatures at the end of the Yuga.

Verily, it seemed as if a thousand suns rose there’. J. Robert Oppenheimer, ‘father of the atomic bomb’, cited this exact passage after witnessing the first atomic bomb explosion (leaving open the possibility that he thought we re-discovered atomic energy and supporting the belief that nukes, and other advanced weapons, were used in ancient India).

Ezekiel saw something similar in 593 BC near Babylon, “I looked; a stormy wind blew from the north, a great cloud with light around it, a fire from which flashes of lightning darted and in the center a sheen like bronze at the heart of the fire” (Ezekiel 1:4).

As far as I can tell, Wilcock rebranded the “lightning that flashes amid clouds” of the Samvartaka Fire as the ‘Solar Flash’. These terms are not used together in the Hindu or Zoroastrian texts. Following these texts, he hypothesizes that it could lead, in the positive sense, to the imminent spontaneous transformation or ascension of humanity into a new level of being and a new level of evolution. This is the ‘refreshing’ aspect of the Frashokereti.

Could this be true?

Again, Mahabharata is considered to be fiction. However, there are some quite astounding archaeological discoveries, such as the ‘mythical’ sunken city of Dwaraka, the port city of Krishna off the coast of India the text says was destroyed in the Kurukshetra war, that have brought into question the possibility that some of it is historically accurate. Skeptics say fictional works like this are often historically accurate, but this does not mean the events they describe are true. So, taking the Mahabharata as a work of prophecy is like taking history lessons from Star Wars.

However, Schoch has geological evidence that something like the Samvartaka Fire struck earth in the ancient world. As he documents in his book, Forgotten Civilizations : The Role of Solar Outburts in Our Past and Future and presentationshumans were driven underground or in to caves to seek shelter from the plasma from the Sun. Plasma is composed of highly charged ionized particles that are spit from the Sun. They can bring intense electrical and magnetic phenomenon with them that can have cataclysmic effects.

Cappadoccia, the underground city in Southern Turkey is named as a place of refuge. It could be up to 12,000 years old and has at least 18 levels, with over 20 km of tunnels. It also has huge circular stone doors, massive wells and air vents. Its purpose is unknown but it has been speculated it was to hide from some type of cataclysm or invaders. Schoch maintains the invader was the Sun. Massive solar activity, almost instantaneously, ended the last Ice Age (about 12,000 years ago), triggering cataclysmic floods. The water wasn’t the biggest problem of the ancients. It was highly charged particles from Sun’s fires that they were terrified of and running from.

As previously mentioned, when I first heard Dr. Schoch present this material at a conference we were co-presenting at in Sedona, AZ in May 2017 it rocked my world. Recalling my 2004 book, The Healing Sun Code, in which I discussed a new ‘light’ and ‘wisdom’ coming from the Sun, that activates a light body from within our DNA, it made me wonder if we are going to be subjected to these holy Ascension Fires.

The silver lining here is that, according to the text, the Samvartaka fire occurs at the end of the Yuga or age, and humanity has not had to worry about it for a while. In fact, Hindu tradition says the Kali Yuga ends something like 430,000 years from now. Most Hindu scholars agree we entered this present Yuga, the Kali Yuga, around 3102 B.C, when Krishna left the earth and the Kurukshetra war of the Mahabharata began. But wait, Krishna said that after 5,000 years a new ‘golden age’ age would begin.

Uh oh.

Doing the math, we are something like 50 years away from the beginning of this age when humans are transformed (refreshed), en masse, into golden beings. This transformation predisposes that the Ascension Fires are present. This is contributing to the belief that these Samvartaka fires are coming.

Is it possible this supposed work of fiction could be telling us about something that is going to happen in our world, sometime between now and the immediate future, say, 2040?

Is this why the Sun appears to be acting up?

If so, the Sun’s timing is exquisite.

We are moments away from the Singularity, or what I call the Skingularity, when we fully merge with machines and a new human emerges. No one knows what is going to happen after the Singularity. However, it will change everything and, likely, will result in the end of the human race as we know it, as we will be replaced by a new, transhuman, species.

Is the so-called Solar Flash here to wipe us out, graduate us, refresh us and usher in the new, future human?

Or, is it just in time to wipe out the robotic, transhuman next human, too?

For the moment, we are left with two questions.

Are the Ascension Fires coming and with them a mass, spontaneous ascension?

Or will the Ascension flame in our time, but occur at some future time?

These are serious questions.

Personally, I cannot say if something catastrophic is going to occur in the next four decades…other than the AI/Transhuman catastrophe I have been reporting on.

Still, I’m leaning toward finding out more about it…and contributing whatever I can to a ‘real’ conversation about this possible threat to, or golden opportunity for, humanity. If we don’t get to the bottom of this, who will?

Building on Wilcock and Schoch’s assertions, as well as that of other solar catastrophe watchers, like Dr. Paul LaViolette, some are beginning to believe the cataclysmic changes brought about by this increased solar activity are beginning now and the Mahabharata could not be more relevant.

So, what do we do?

Wilcock characterizes (t)his Solar Flash as a “cosmic magic carpet ride” that we don’t want to miss. It only happens once every 26,000 or so years and if we miss it we have to stay on this merry go round until the next cosmic reset. His advice, derived from Froshokereti teachings, is to be nice, love yourself and everyone, and avoid karmic entanglements.

Okay. That is good advice at any time, in any age.

Previous civilizations survived by living under ground. We can, too. Do governments of the world know of these events? Have they taken the predictions seriously? Is this why we are building massive underground facilities?

If building underground bunker does not sound appealing, or if an invitation to one of the underground corporate/government safe holes is not forthcoming, then it may be time to begin devoting time, energy and emotion to crafting a protective light body garment. After all, what do we wear to the Solar Flash but our Rainbow Light Bodies!


One aspect of the contemporary interpretation of the Samvartaka fire that most interests me is the possibility that masses of souls were spontaneously lifted off the earth during previous Flash Event(s) and that celestial intermediaries, angels, whose bodies resembled the Sun, assisted in this mass ascension.

Lord Surya, Sun God, in his light body.

In Buddhism, Surya is depicted as a luminous human figure holding lotus flowers. Like other Sons of the Sun, Surya rides a celestial chariot of the Sun.

The Mahabharata says that during this ‘End Time’ event, luminous, humanoid beings will be seen to appear on earth. These beings are described as having many eyes. Their bodies were made of lightning. This means they are plasma being.

In his “Wisdom Teachings” show on Gaia, Wilcock says his ‘above cosmic top secret’ insiders have told him the luminous ones of the Mahabharata are the Seraphim beings of Judeo-Christian tradition.

This caught my attention as beginning with my books Freedom’s Gate (2009, with Dr. Mark Gray) and Soul Rising (2010), and continuing with The Watchers: Lost Secrets of Ascension, Resurrection and Perfection, I have advocated my original hypothesis that the perfect, swirling, vortex-shaped light bodies of the Seraphim (Watchers) are the same as plasma the fires of the Sun and the Rainbow Body of Light of the Great Perfect tradition. (For the record, I presented this research to David during a joint event we did in Tempe, AZ in 2011.)

As I noted in “The Watchers”, the mighty Seraphim, the ‘winged and fiery serpents’ and ‘burning ones’, whose swirling bodies are composed of pure love and light and are full of eyes, an appropriate attribute of those who watch or guard God’s throne. In Christian art, the Seraphim are portrayed as six-winged and covered with feathers.

The plasma bodies of the Seraphim match the Rainbow Light Body of Tibetan Buddhism.

In the Jewish mystical book, the The Hekalot Zutarti we learn,

their walking is like the appearance of a lightning bolt; a vision of them is like a vision of a rainbow; their faces are like a vision of a bride; their wings are like the radiance of the clouds of glory.”

According to the ancient accounts of our fellow travelers, these extraordinary lightning-like beings have supernatural powers, including shape-shifting and phasing between the immaterial and material realms..

In his Resurrection, as in the Rainbow Light Body transformation, the human body morphs into a plasma-like form.

By linking the Watchers and Seraphim with the Rainbow Body of Light practice I believe we will achieve a more complete, if not revolutionary, profile of these Holy Ones.

IF humans are transformed by the Ascension Fires of the Healing Sun, as my book of that title proposed, then it suggests to me that the plasma-like Rainbow Light Body is that form into which we morph…or are morphing. There is evidence for this across spiritual traditions, especially Christianity, where the rapture is described in exactly the same terms as spontaneous mass ascension.

As I have shown, ever since Francis of Assisi’s encounter with Christ as a Seraph it has been perfectly acceptable to interchange Christ as a Seraph with Christ as a Rainbow Light Being. This is because the resurrection body of Christ is the same state of being as the Seraphim. My article, “Gentle Heart,” provides the details.

Christ appears as a Seraph, a rainbow angel, to St. Francis of Assisi. Christ is a rainbow being.

With this understanding we are now prepared to ‘decode’ Christian Judgment Day art.


As foretold in Revelation 20:11-15 (which some also believe is a work of fiction), at Judgment Day the dead, great and small, will be seen standing before Christ’s Throne. This is where the Seraphim dwell.

The dead in Christ will receive a perfect glorified body at the first resurrection. This is the promise of the Frashokereti.

Those saints alive will be transformed into a glorified perfect body. Those not resurrected in the first resurrection will be resurrected for judgement to include those born during the thousand year kingdom. Those whose names do not appear in the book of life will be thrown in the lake of fire.

In Last Judgment art, we see Christ enthroned. A river of fire comes out of His throne. It looks exactly like NASA images of coronal mass ejections from the Sun! It seems pretty obvious that the Ascension Fire of Christ comes through the Sun.



A river of fire was flowing, coming out from before him. Thousands upon thousands attended him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. The court was seated, and the books were opened.” Daniel 7:10.

The fiery stream is also closely linked with the throne of God in 1 Enoch 14:19.

From underneath this mighty throne rivers of flaming fire issued. To look upon it was impossible. One great in glory sat upon it: Whose robe was brighter than the sun, and whiter than snow. No angel was capable of penetrating to view the face of Him, the Glorious and the Effulgent; nor could any mortal behold Him. A fire was flaming around him.”

We can easily see the cross over to the Samvartaka fire. But what is the throne that the resurrected stand before.

We have to consider that the river of fire is a flow of plasma and that the figures in hell’s fire are being translated into plasma in preparation for their journey to Sion via the sun. This is exactly  what the Samvartaka fires describe.

How can this be?

One explanation is that the names Krishna and Christ are the same word. When an Indian person calls on Krishna, he often says, “Krsta.” Krsta is a Sanskrit word meaning “attraction.” Christ” is another way of saying Krishta, and “Krishta” is another way of pronouncing Krishna, the name of God. The Krishna of ancient Hinduism is the Christ of Christianity.



In the Last Judgment images a ‘device’ is shown beneath the throne of Christ. What is it? Why are the Seraphim shown standing beside it?

The throne of Christ and the device in question is the subject of my book, “The Judgment Day Device.” Here are the introductory paragraphs from the book:

“The Judgment Day Device (JDD) is a symbol for a ‘lost’ or ‘secret’ teaching about human apotheosis or deification. Revelation of its secrets is accompanied by an explanation of heavenly powers, cosmic beings and mysteries, and the secret knowledge of the transformation of the believer into a more glorious ‘light’ body. The phenomena associated with this Device makes clear that it is some form of otherworldly ascension tool. It has the capability of making a human holy on contact and transmuting flesh into light. With it, one can ascend and travel the stars.

This is why it is the most coveted device of human history.

Evidence we will explore reveals the JDD was originally brought to earth by Seraphim, the servant angels at God’s Throne. On earth, it is guarded by a tribe of ancient, righteous, mystic and holy beings, called Rainmakers, who periodically assemble and disassemble the JDD. Today, the Rainmaker works in preparation for the appearance of the Christ- Messiah-Mahdi, who deploys it at the End of Time or Judgment Day to bring world peace.“

This throne is the Throne of Christ.

In The Judgment Day Device, I compared the river of fire emanating from Christ’s throne with the flux ropes and magnetic portals linking earth with the Sun. Tons of high energy particles flow from the Sun to earth in what is called a flux transfer event.

Observations of these magnetic portals and their ‘great transfers’ of particles from our plasma ball may help to explain how this river of divine fire travels from the Throne to earth and how these stargates operate.

At the Sun’s edge, in a region called the heliosphere, magnetic fields and electrical currents constantly align and twist themselves in massive 3-D structures called “magnetic flux ropes.” These high-tension ropes of electric current are unstable. Occasionally, a rope — which was previously “tied” to the Sun’s surface– breaks loose, ejecting electrically charged plasma and producing solar flares that can wreak havoc with everything from satellites to electrical power grids.

Scientists operating NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft and Europe’s Cluster probes propose that approximately every eight minutes, the two fields briefly merge or “reconnect,” forming a portal (or tunnel) through which a river of particles can flow. The portal takes the form of a long magnetic cylinder or ‘rope’ about as wide as Earth reaching between the Earth and sun. Magnetic fields inside the cylinder twist and coil.

These X portals, as they are called, between earth and sun are not like those seen on Stargate and Contact. These are about the transfer of energy through magnetic field “ropes”. We cannot enter them. Or, travel through them. Energy travels through them. Not mass.

However, as Einstein proposed, mass transformed into energy (e=mc2) can access these portals. Scientists hypothesize that if we could build some sort of device that allowed us to transform mass into energy without losing the information of the object, we could theoretically travel via the “X portal.” These portals would lead to the Sun, maybe even through the Sun to the Milky Way or Path of Souls.

We must ask if it is possible the flux ropes, the plasma passages, the river of divine fire and the hell mouth are the same thing and if the figures in the hell fire are being translated into plasma beings preparatory to their journey to Sion via the sun.

What if they are the same as the Samvartaka fires?

And if they are, what is the role of the Throne of Christ and the device that accompanies it?

In Part Two of this article I will address these questions.


William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Gwen 6 years ago

    William!! You explain these things so well!

    The latest river of fire images are j u st like one o f my paintings! Wow!

    Thank you.


  2. Ken McClellan 6 years ago

    The ancients were convinced it would occur roughly in this next seven years. More specifically, they warned us to be on the lookout from the end of October 2018 to May 2022. And the most exact signal they provided us was Amos 9:13, which suggests the end of the year 2020 for extremely bad news to the Northern Hemisphere.

  3. Carol 6 years ago

    So William, all of a sudden I am thinking of your article posted on April 26, 2018.

    The first crop circle of the new season is very interesting and although I read this was probably the work of human activity, I am still left wondering if this is going to be the bulk of CROP CIRCLES this year? Walking on water/higher vibrational beings who have figured this kind of thing out? (Possible Christian symbolism? The “water strider” resembles a “Chi-Rho” symbol, and is sometimes called a “Jesus bug”, because it can walk on water.) It feels like the first circle could be in sync with this article??? Maybe!


  4. Assignment help 6 years ago

    Secret space application whistleblowers have already shown the existence of such exotic technologies and they’re working in opposition to the cabal at hand over those technologies freely to humanity.

  5. Angela 6 years ago

    This is amazing! I get syncronocities info loaded and have done for 10 years…its actually mind altering but nothing I can convey on here…the last 3 months….the sun! Its massive…winged sun disk…rise of angelics…pretty much the same entities that contacted the Egyptians…its happening alright….

  6. Lilia Pointon 6 years ago

    Hi William, I came upon your writing after listening to the youtube videos attached. They are learning about a solar flash coming that will help the humanity ascend to another dimension. It’s probably the same as Wilcock is talking about. Just bringing this to your attention. Its hard to believe in anything like this because your conscious mind try and reason out that this is just pure woowoo.

  7. Victor C 5 years ago

    I really appreciate your work my friend. Really. You have a way to join together the biblical, spiritual and scientific stuff that is really enjoyable. Keep up the good work and we may meet in one of your tour one day. Especially in France. Much love.

  8. Joe 5 years ago

    Re: living underground
    I don’t see how this is possible without advanced technology to carve out living spaces, provide for ventilation, light, water, growing food, and waste removal.
    I have visited Cappadocia in Turkey. The geography there is quite unique consisting of soft limestone which can be easily carved. I took a tour of the underground city. It was fascinating but still quite primitive. We were told it was to hide from invaders. It was a place for temporary living, not permanent living.

  9. What if we are looking at it all around the wrong way? What if our planet is a fallen star and in order for us to come into the golden age we have to bare the water off of the earth to restore the broken firmament. What if we are the 2nd Sun and need to figure out how to restore the firmament? As all i can see is the firmament being, is an array of open source hydrogen plasmic beams (Arks of the Covenant) when placed back into the Pyramid Chambers produce the necessary and cosmically appointed energy pillars to tower up into the sky and act like a dyson vacuum cleaner to suck up the sands of the deserts and the polar ice caps and other bits and pieces to form a piezoelectric membrane ie a surface like the sun.. the SOLAR FLARE… to form the external womb of Gaia again? And what if we needed to get to the point to build technology in the invisible realm (nano technology) to harness the ability to sing matter into being? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4k1bLqNO54. This will give us the ability to cast an antenna array onto crystalline ores to capture their vibration and produce the mega megalithic walls of the “living stones” to provide the conducive atmosphere to house the Arks in their rightful place in a stable atmospheric state. If you think about it… solid state megalithic walls of quartz/jasper/jade/onyx/malachite etc etc etc… stemming from their source veins into massive walls. The sheer size and resonant crystalline properties will produce a certain ambiance in the atmosphere. I am talking about the refurbishment and acceleration of harmoniously balanced frequencies to suspend our atmosphere into a heavenly realm. http://harrythebusker.weebly.com/science-and-religion.html

  10. Paul Stasney 5 years ago

    What if we could get 1/2 of the people to play life frequencys for an hour a day

  11. chrisgail 4 years ago

    I like your art gallery which is very interesting for Christians because all scenes are about those people who worship the idols

  12. This child of Devaki too has come here to visit us. … That regal sage occupied with horse penance will give you the riches asked by you. … That Samvartaka fire, helped by that ominous breeze, expend this world which stretches out for a huge number of yojanas. … He seemed as though Surya when he ascends in sky.


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