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During over 20 years as an investigative mythologist, my research speciality has been human spiritual potential and ascension.

Specifically, I study humankind’s 5,000 year old quest to perfect or transfigure our body into a spiritualized light being form and rise or ‘ascend’ to a ‘higher’, ‘finer’ realm and join a race of celestial beings who came to earth in order to show us the way to do this. 

From Sumeria to Iran to Iraq to Egypt to India to Tibet, to ancient America, I have traveled the world’s great spiritual traditions seeking the secrets our ‘light bodies’ and the advanced beings who are our instructors in this ascension. 

Building on “Arcanum“, in which Clare and I explored the ascension secrets in sacred art, and “The Awakened Soul : The Lost Science of Ascension“, in  “Ascension Keepers”, Gaia gave me free reign to tell the history of humanity’s ascension as a way to point toward our future. In 13 episodes I will present a first ever timeline of our ascension. It had a beginning and, according to prophecy, will reach fruition, perhaps in the near future by our individual efforts and collective destiny.


Humanity has been called a “species with amnesia”. 

What is it that we have we forgotten? 

Our origins? 

Where we come from?

The fact that our universe is filled with life? 

That we once lived elsewhere in the stars? In other worlds?

And, one day, we will return to our place of origin? But we have forgotten how?

Yes, at the top of the list, we have forgotten all of this…and more.

But, many of us are now remembering. 

Whether from an energetic push from our individual or collective soul, or a single life event, or a cosmic event, perhaps coming from the sun or the central sun, we began the process of awakening to our divine origins and destiny.

As we awaken, and remember, our consciousness expands, our perception shifts.

We remember we are more than the life we are living here on earth.

We remember we are not just our body. We use our body.

We remember that the human body only has the limitations we place on it. 

We remember our true nature.

As we remember, we fulfill the aim of the spiritual process, the Soul Quest, we call ascension. 


Some may argue that our dilemma is not amnesia, but rather, is a carefully orchestrated conspiracy to keep humanity from evolving, and even to keep us here on earth, perhaps for the purpose of harvesting something from the human body, maybe some unknown or misunderstood spiritual essence. Maybe we are meant to stay here and to transform earth into a heavenly realm. The Psalm says heaven is God’s, earth is for humans.

As we awaken, we move away from conventional thinking to mystical awareness and an inner spiritual life that leads to perception of a transcendent reality…the other 99% of the universe we can’t see, the real world. 

Today, we have a movement against the 1% of the people who control our planet’s wealth and resources. My sense is that if the other 99% of humanity connected with the other 99% of the universe it would instantly transform our world. The way we measure wealth would also change. They way we treat our planet would be transformed over night…and for all the right reasons. This is the promise of #AscensionMovement. #Ascensionison.


As we ascend, we become more and more consciously aware of the part of us that dwells outside our physical body, the part of us known as your Soul and our Light Self that always remains with our Source.

We are being guided to expand our ability to consciously connect to the Source of our being and to use our Soul’s wisdom to create a more heavenly, or ascended, life on Earth. 

In the past, we have been taught and encouraged to support a belief that only select people have a connection to the Universal Source of God and can ascend.  We have not been trained to acknowledge or use what I term our ‘Ascension Intelligence’. So, when some people hear about ascension, some  just roll their eyes.

When the Ascension Keepers speak of the metamorphosis or transformation of the human body into light or the shedding of the skin into a glowing angelic form, well, that is too much.

We are like the two caterpillars I once saw in a cartoon. A butterfly flies by and one says to the other, you’ll never get me up in one of those things. 

That is our essential predicament. 

Our culture defines the limits for what is possible for us. But, we can transcend our cultural limitations by connecting with the higher, or ascended, realms and expanding human culture.

Earth life, they say, is a day in God’s great school. As it requires many days to complete a degree, so it requires many earth lives in which to learn all the lessons this planet has to teach the evolving soul.

There are some souls who have completed the quest and ‘graduated’, but they have chosen to return as great Master Teachers of humanity. 


Over the centuries, at crucial moments in history, small groups of people have emerged who were working from a higher plane of consciousness to help us to remember what is possible for us.

They have been called an order outside of time. The Spiritual Hierarchy. The Compassionate Ones. They are the Ascension Keepers. 

Of one of these groups of souls, or soul groups, we will be discussing, the Essenes, it is said they existed for thousands of centuries. It has even been hinted they existed before the time of the flood, but survived the cataclysm and secreted away their precious knowledge.

This knowledge has been stored in myths and legends and also in temples.

Beginning in ancient Egypt in 2,500 B.C., continuing in Mesopotamia and Babylon for the next fifteen hundred years, ascension literature has existed that tells of individual humans ascending from earth to the stars to stand before the Throne of God. 

In Saqqara, Egypt, written on the walls of the tomb of King Unas in c. 2350 B.C., the Pyramid Texts give us the first account of a celestial ascent. These texts were magically active and were written to assist the pharaoh in his transformation into a star being.

The texts are devoted to the idea that the pharaoh could transform into a lightning like being, ascend a stairway to heaven and take his place among the gods in the stars. 

Saqqara was built by the great Imhotep, who may have been the first human to ascend.

The Pyramid Texts are devoted to Ptah, the Egyptian god who fashioned the human body. I believe he did so to make the body a more conducive vehicle for the soul’s ascension.

Some claim that Ptah is the originator of the Essene’s revelation and that there name, therapeutae, comes from Ptah. 

Others say that with the interchangeability of the letters ‘p’ and ’t’ that Ptah is Puddha or Buddha. Hmmm.

Concurrent with the Pyramid Texts, in c. 2,500 B.C. the oldest human story was told in Sumeria. It is an Ascension story called “Inanna’s Descent Into the Underworld”. In the story Inanna travels through seven halls or holes in space to the throne of her sister, Ereshkigal. 

The ascension theme continued with the “Epic of Gilgamesh” (c. 2100 B.C.),  all the way to the later merkavah texts of the Jewish mystics which were used by Jesus. 

These texts tell of a chariot of fire, the chariot of the gods, upon which humans can ascend to God’s Throne.

The ancient mystics were obsessed with, and insisted upon, the idea that humans can transform their body, transcend the human condition and ascend to heaven to be a god. As we have just seen, our ascension program is at least 4,000 years old.

A bodily ascent to the celestial realm is found in the myth of Adapa, the first human in Mesopotamian myth, the literary domain of the Anunnaki gods.

In order to reach the high god, Anu, Adapa leaves the boundaries of the earthly world, walks through divine trails, and mounts his way to the highest heaven. He had help from the Anunnaki god, Enki:

He made him take the Path of Heaven,

and he went up to heaven.

When he went up heaven, 

drew near the gate of Anu, 

Tammuz and Gizzida were standing at the gate of Anu.

Like Adapa, Gilgamesh, in his quest for immortality, takes a bodily journey into the celestial realms. The ascension of humanity is the central reason for why the Anunnaki came to earth.

Ascension texts are also found in Africa, India, and China. 

A common idea in these ascension stories is the axis mundi, or cosmic pillar that links earth and heaven. 

Images, such as mountains, ladders, ropes, trees, temples or staircases, serve as the axis mundi.

Usually, these ascension texts are considered esoteric, hidden or occult, even heretical by mainstream religion that believes it is impossible for humans to ascend on their own.

The Tower of Babel in the Book of Genesis is one of the best examples of a teaching about the futility of humans attempting to ascend. 

In the story told in the Book of Genesis, humanity gathered to build a Babel, meaning a ladder, tower, stairway or gate to heaven. But God, or a god, decided he wasn’t ready for company so he smashed our tower and separated humanity by language for fear that if we were successful “nothing would be impossible for us”. Why God would fear us doing the impossible is a question for theologians, but the fact remains that the Tower of Babel story represents a moment when our ability to ascend was derailed.

The story of the Garden of Eden is another example. When the serpent tempted Eve and said, “Ye shall be as Gods” (Genesis 3:5), he inferred that humans could become divine. This resulted in humanity’s eviction from the Garden of Eden. 

These stories suggest that if God wanted us to ascend to his throne then he would send us an invitation. Human attempts to open the door or gate to heaven, and enter God’s realm, are often heavily prohibited or forbidden.

This view is expressed bluntly in Psalm 115:16: “The heavens are the Lord’s heaven but the earth he has given to human beings.”

Further prohibited was the seeing of God’s face, a feat which required an ascension to the heavenly realm. 

Exodus 33:20: You will not see my face, for no man can see my face and live.” No, men can’t see God’s face. But humans transformed into angels can. This transformation is the hidden secret at the core of Moses’s ascension upon Mount Sinai.

Isaiah also saw a human form on the throne. “In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and his train filled the temple.” Above him stood the seraphim Isaiah 6:1-2. We will have much to say about these angels momentarily.

This is one reason why ascension teachings were withheld and even forbidden from the populace by the priests.  Only prophets like Moses, Enoch, Ezekiel and Elijah were allowed to ascend. 

While there are many contemporary viewpoints on ascension (some in “New Age” philosophy call it a dimensional transition from our 3D ‘matrix’ to 5D), my purpose in this series is to turn to the ancient “ascension masters” for these matters. They were the keepers of an extraordinary path. By walking in their path in this soul quest we will re-member our divine nature. 

My emphasis on the ancient paths is not to discount the “modern mystics” or channelers who are advancing our awareness and understanding of this process. 

Our ascension experience, our present day #AscensionMovement, is thanks to a large number of ancient spiritual peoples who opened the way for us.

We represent the fulfillment of an ascension plan begun thousands of years ago. 

My goal with “Ascension Keepers” is to provide a stairway, if you will.

By retracing these steps we will be better prepared for what is to come. Knowledge of where the Ascension Program came from will help us navigate where we are going.


In “Ascension Keepers” I will be focusing primarily on three groups, three branches of this tree.  The Essenes. The Gnostics. The Cathars. 

The story of these extraordinary souls is profound. 

Linking them is the idea of, or longing for, a better humanity, a more perfect humanity, meaning a humanity that is more whole, holy, complete and compassionate. 

Over the course of over 2,000 years there is continuity between their struggle or desire and our own.

The Essenes projected their teachings into the future…our present. 

We are drawn back to their stories in order to be propelled forward like an arrow from a bow.

The narrative they began continues with us. We are the next layer. We are Essenes, Gnostics and Cathars and whatever term the future decides to call us by.

Another way of thinking of this is that we seek to acknowledge that we are experiencing the fruit of seeds planted long ago. 

To understand, and fully enjoy, this fruit, and the trees upon which it grows, we must get to know the gardeners who planted them.

We are connected to them as is a seed to a tree.

So, in this series, we will follow the gardeners, so to speak. In so doing, we will till the soil with the Essenes, plant the seed with the Gnostics and nurture the tree of life of the Cathars…and how its roots extend within us, and in our world. 

Likewise, the seed of our ascended self has already been planted. We will be tending it as we go.

As we approach this living tree of knowledge, we are fulfilling an ancient dream for humanity held by our ancestors…and those who came here to assist us.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Irin 5 years ago

    That’s great ! My friends and I look forward to continuing.Regards Irin

  2. Allan Jr. 4 years ago


  3. Carol 4 years ago

    A FEW THOUGHTS…….Planning for the future? Making a place for the next generation? 

    I am not sure how I am going to approach this thought in my own neighborhood BUT saying that, we are an old established neighborhood with lots of neighbors knowing each other. Our world is forever changed (a new world.) I feel the next step is to have ALL communities come together at this time and plan for what might be the immediate future (however long that is?) 

    To find a building, location, for instance a closed school with facilities that once served lots of children, a place with a cafeteria already in place. It will only work if each person takes responsibility and contributes whatever talent he/she might have. It is about survival for many people, a place where they can go for any support needed. I am sure lots of needs could be met, especially for some people feeling isolated/lost. Can this be done? Of course it can BUT as humanity goes there will be all kinds of reasons why it cannot…….I also feel the rules that have been in place for years will not longer apply. IT IS A NEW WORLD. 

    Lots of hard work, lots of people DONATING their own talents/expertise, coming together into a specific location in the community to plan/take action/offer suggestions. Sooo many things will be needed, child care for one, food/hygiene/etc. Things I cannot even image at this point. Not just survival but survival with compassion/love.

    (((The Scout Motto is: BE PREPARED which means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your DUTY. Be Prepared in Mind by having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every order, and also by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that might occur.)))

  4. Kathleen 4 years ago

    As I read this article I came to the paragraph regarding the Tower of Babel and how our efforts were thwarted by God or (god) How our tower was broken up and we were divided by language. Immediately I had an insight into the possible hidden meaning of this story. I suspect it is an allegory depicting our desire to build, reclaim, access, utilize, our full DNA and the (gods) thwarted this for personal reasons and scrambled the language of our DNA so that we would be bound to the Earth and could not ascend to our full potential. Overcoming this tragedy has been our collective human story and remains so until we, through some process, manage to overcome this takedown. I believe our DNA is the pearl of great price which we seek to reclaim.

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