William Henry



Since 2012, William has been a featured presenter on the global hit History Channel show, ANCIENT ALIENS. Now a co-producer of the show, he brings a unique spiritual and academic perspective to the question of extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs.


Ascension Keepers


Since prehistoric times, esoteric orders kept the secrets of spiritual evolution. They are the ascension keepers. William Henry explores the history, philosophy, and spiritual practices of three prominent groups that sought to reclaim these ancient teachings and transmit them to new generations: the Essenes, Gnostics, and Cathars. Each met their own demise, as ruling powers feared the consequences of an enlightened populace holding sovereignty over themselves. No matter the degree of suppression, their legacy lives on and comes to light with Ascension Keepers. Find out more…




Our world is going through a powerful and wonderful transition, as the collective soul of humanity is awakening. To help us better understand this transformation, William Henry guides us on a cosmic soul quest, in Season 2, in order to discover the secrets and science of soul ascension. Through this journey, you will learn how to develop a plan which will enable you to live with more focus and purpose than ever before. Watch Now…