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Egypt. France.

COMING FOR 2018: EGYPT (February), ITALY (May), ENGLAND (September) FRANCE (October)

A Message from William & Clare Henry

Dear Fellow Traveler,

There is nothing that expands the mind and feeds the soul more than spiritual adventure travel. Add casually elegant luxury accommodations in extraordinary places and you have a special gift for yourself and your loved ones.

During the past five years we have led 14 tours together to Egypt, France, England and Italy in search of the lost secrets of ascension in some of the world’s most sacred places and amidst humanity’s most magnificent works of art.

For 2017 we will be offering inspiring journeys to Egypt and Sacred France.

We invite you to join us and to find yourself in a sacred land with special friends.

Secret and sacred places, and the art of ascension, are at the heart of our spiritual lives and we share this passion with you. Our tours take you to the temples, museums and places, then go beyond sight-seeing, to put you face to face, soul to soul, with the celebrated masterpieces of history and the unique and meaningful experiences that await you.

We choose locations you can enjoy with a small, intimate group of like-minded individuals who share your passion for sacred space, sacred art and the great joy of seeing wondrous things and evolving in consciousness in the process.

We are truly blessed to be able to serve such wonderful guests from all over the world, all of whom are now part of our Stargate Family.  A large number of our guests return for again and again. That’s why we are not just casual ‘tour author guest hosts’.

Each tour brings the absolute dedication of William and Clare.

We plan every detail of the tour. We participate in every moment.

From the first email or phone call to the goodbye at the end of the tour, we are there to make sure you have the most awesome experience possible.

We thank everyone who has traveled with us, whether in person or in spirit and look forward to welcoming you to the family.

See you on the road!

Wm. & Clare Henry


  • Secrets of Nashville Tour: The Path of Illumination

    Secrets of Nashville Tour: The Path of Illumination

    Join William Henry for an unforgettable journey of discovery. Inspired by his research into the Holy Grail, ancient mystery schools, sacred sites and otherworldly portals, he takes you on a wisdom journey to two of Nashville’s amazing sacred sites. At the end of this incredible journey, you will not only know “why Nashville”, but you will discover the ultimate secret of illumination.

  • The Healing Road From Languedoc to Lourdes 2017

    The Healing Road From Languedoc to Lourdes 2017

    William & Clare Henry’s The Healing Road From Languedoc to Lourdes 2017. October 5 – 14th, 2017. You are invited to journey with us as we return to southwestern France and one of the most beloved and beautiful sites in the world.