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Starwalker Egypt 2024

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Join Us  October 24 – November 7, 2024 2024 for this legendary Egypt Experience: The Ultimate Journey To Egypt

See yourself basking in the embrace of a warm and welcoming sun; standing between the paws of the Sphinx, the majestic pyramids rising on the horizon; cruising the Nile on a magnificent five star boat; taking a balloon ride over Luxor; walking in the footsteps of ancient star walking holy ones while visiting the timeless temples and experiencing the thrills and wonder of the world’s most mystical land.

Has sacred Egypt been calling you? This is the moment you have been waiting for. Join William Henry, and his world class team, as they reveal Egypt’s secrets and treasures in comfort, style and with insight that elevates your experience. More, for your comfort and enjoyment, we offer a menu of the best hotels in Egypt (true 5 star hotels, including the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan),  the finest boat on the Nile, and the partnership with Akorn and Abercrombie & Kent, the world renowned luxury tour creator.  

Write to William at whenrytn@earthlink.net and request a tour brochure.


More than just a tour of Egypt and its wonders, Starwalker Egypt 2024 is an immersion in stunning landscapes, awe-inspiring treasures, extraordinary ancient and sacred sites and connection with like-minded people who understand your journey (both inner and outer, and both where you have come from and where you are going). The Great Pyramid and Sphinx, Saqqara, the Egyptian Museum, Karnak, Luxor, Denderah, Abydos, the Valley of the Kings and Queens and more. We see it all!

Whether you are a first-time traveler to Egypt or a seasoned visitor, we are here to help answer your call to visit Egypt and to unveil the very best of this sacred land on this ‘beyond sight seeing’ retreat. This is William’s 27th tour of sacred Egypt, which means he has the experience to make sure that everything is ‘just right’ for you. Not only does he Egypt, but just as importantly, the Egyptians know him,and trust, him to guide you. Our group size is limited to 34 to insure you have the utmost personal attention, as well as ease and grace, as we traverse the portals of ancient Egypt. This means no big group hassles, waiting or worries. Just freedom to fulfill your dreams!


Our journey uncovers the secrets of the ‘stones and bones’, showing you ‘smoking gun’ evidence of advanced machining and lost technology in ‘impossible’ out of place artifacts like the Serapeum, the Unfinished Obelisk, the Great Pyramid and more. You will see the evidence for yourself.

But our higher aim, just as it has been on our previous 26 Egypt tours, is to inspire you with the deep light body and ascension wisdom teachings of the ancient Egyptians. This is truly where heaven and earth meet in sacred ‘Starwalker Egypt’.

Egypt is a place name but it is also a religio-spiritual event. ‘Egypt’, originally Ta Meri (‘the beloved land’) is the unification of the Upper and Lower Kingdoms, the Two Lands, one Earthly, the other heavenly. 

The ancient Egyptians believed human beings were ‘star seeds’ and seeds for stars. Their life’s focus was about preparing to enter the netherworld Field or Dimension of the Blessed. Earth life for the Egyptians was truly about preparation for immortal life in another dimension. Their cosmology, psychology and mythology all supported this goal. 

The temples of ancient Egypt were not places of worship. They were spiritual workshops where initiates came to learn the secrets of transforming themselves into Starwalkers. 

These workshops were conceived by the earliest Egyptians as copies of heavenly originals and to have been constructed by the gods. 

Going beyond sight-seeing is the hallmark of our retreat. Discover your light body. Discover yourself.

Yes, the earthly Egypt is a mirror of the heavenly.

The Nile is the River of Life. It frees the mind, rejuvenates the body and feeds the soul. We have created the ultimate Nile experience with a carefully planned mix of lectures, temple excursions and free time to relax and let the Nile take you away. We don’t zoom through the temples or overwhelm you with a whirlwind of tour stops. This only leaves you in a blur. Instead, we take our time and soak up and savor all that this amazing land and river have to offer. We want you to feel as if you have had an incredible consciousness exploration and a much-deserved holiday at the same time.

To insure you have the most deeply fulfilling experience, we have secured the elegant Sanctuary Sun Boat III for our luxurious yet relaxed four night cruise on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. You will long remember the genuine 5-star luxury on this timeless river.

The deck of the Sun Boat III. Your place awaits.

Stand face to face with the greatest mysteries and treasures of antiquity.

William attracts a contemplative community of people seeking a clear path to greater awakening and the gift of joy that group spiritual adventure travel brings. Many of his guests have been with him to Southern France, England or Italy, along with Clare, co-founder of Starwalker Tours, on quests for the great secrets of life and ascension. The compatibility of his guests leads to soul rising experiences and long-lasting friendships. Starwalker Tours is dedicated to creating exceptionally great experiences and thoroughly exciting adventures with high-end accommodations at an affordable price. All delivered with care. We are personally with you from the first email or phone call to the last goodbye in Cairo making sure this is the trip of a lifetime for you.

Live your dream! Starwalker Egypt 2024 is a gift that keeps on giving. After experiencing the warmth and hospitality of Egypt and her people, guests report that they look at life with new eyes and renewed understanding. Their senses opened and are in tune for a much deeper experience of our changing world. It’s like a door or portal opens to a new world.

Experience some of the most stunning temples ever created. The gates of Egypt open wide. Medinet Habu. 

Tour Highlights Include:

• Private access to Sphinx and King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid
• Special access to closed sites
• Lectures by William Henry
• World class tour managers and team
• Unmatched guides
• True 5-Star hotels and boat
• Small group mobility

Write to William at whenrytn@earthlink.net and request a tour brochure.