William Henry



Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream,

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily 

Life is but a dream (an A.I. generated simulated reality?).

At the outermost edge of our world scientists and spiritualists alike are detecting strange signs pointing to the realization that we live in a simulation, an artificial world constructed by a super intelligence.

Is this possible?

What if it were true?

While it may have begun as an ancient Aboriginal belief that we are living in a ‘dream’ made by our ancestors, or that we are echoes of our true or divine selves, which remain in a base reality or dimension beyond this one, the ‘are we in a simulation?’ question took new life in the 20th century as a science fiction plot – that everything we know as reality is a computer simulation – and has now become THE line of inquiry among 21st century physicists, astrophysicists, philosophers, ancient astronaut and ascension theorists. 

We are beginning to realize that the belief that we live in a simulation is also the motivating philosophy of the techno masters running our world…or rather whose out of control A.I. and computers are doing so. This philosophy is the source of the dehumanizing movement sweeping the planet. As Big Tech / A.I. and Global Government merge we will drop our race, gender, nationality and religious identifications and become “earthlings.” Soon, we won’t even be human at all. We will merge with A.I. and become Transhuman, or drop our physical bodies entirely and become post human cartoons living in a simulated reality (seriously!). All of this in preparation for a Moment we have long been progressing toward… THE MOMENT WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR…that is just a blink of an eye away. To get to this Moment we must answer one question.

Do we live in a simulated reality, an echo of our original or ‘home base’ creation…the Garden of Judeo-Christian-Islamic belief? 

An echo is a replica, imitation, clone, counterpart or parallel to an original. 

Is every experience we have — everything illusory…an ephemeral imitation…like a video game or…The Matrix…rather than the authentic acts of our eternal soul?

If we live in an A.I. simulation, who created it? Was it created by a super advanced alien intelligence or by our super smart descendants with unfathomably and ungodly powerful A.I. computers (as some scientists contend)? 

In essence, is God a programmer and our reality a code? 

Or, given that we are wrecking Gaia, should we create a simulated reality and pack up and move there? 

These questions, and many others like them, are now being asked by scientists and spiritualists alike. They are what the drivers of the Transhumanist train are thinking as they blow their horns at the future.

If everything is fake and imitation, how then should we live our lives in truth?

The implications of this question are profound. All of must one day (soon) answer them…as our future depends on the answers.

Simulation Theory is the final ring of our urgent wake up call of A.I. and the Singularity (when the A.I. software we, and A.I., are writing becomes smarter than we are, ‘wakes up’, and takes over), the Skingularity (when we merge with A.I.), Ascension/Disclosure (when the cover-up of ETs is revealed) and now, my new term, the Simgularity — the realization that our reality is an alien built simulation and our Creator is a programmer. This is the view of the Simgularists.

We are awakening to this frightening/enlightening understanding at exactly the same time as we are recognizing that a global (some say totalitarian) civilization driven by the same super advanced A.I. technology driving Simulation Theory is rapidly assembling itself all around us and is destroying our privacy, eviscerating our free will and consuming our lives. 

More, we are developing technologies that will enable us to either manifest our extinction at the hands of A.I.… or be the ones who create the next simulated reality…the next echo in the Garden! 

This is not a coincidence. 

Retracing our footprints…


More and more, people are waking up to realize that something is up in our world. We are shifting, and quickly, into something different (weird, even), but as yet, a bit blurry for most. Its not just the ugly, and potentially lethal, 5g towers sprouting up everywhere around the world or the effects of A.I., which permeates human civilization and is now beyond the control of humans. There is more than this.

We’re not quite sure what the shift will bring, but many spiritually minded people believe benevolent angels and aliens, human ascension to a higher plane and a spiritual ‘presence’ beyond our present comprehension are in the mix (and lots of love). They may be our only hope.

Opposing this spiritual awakening and ascension are the Singularists who believe in the ascendancy and superiority of technology and who mock the belief in the existence of higher worlds, higher dimensional beings (like angels or aliens), or a spiritual reality, as a childish delusion.

An important facet of ‘New Age’ philosophy is the idealistic belief in the spiritual divinity of humanity, a spiritual realm and that we create our own reality with our thoughts and emotions. Idealists uphold the metaphysical philosophy that reality, or reality as humans can know it, is fundamentally mental, mentally constructed, or otherwise immaterial. It is plastic and malleable because it is made of living, cosmic mind stuff.

Just a few steps away are the Singularists and Simulation Theorists or Simgularists, who believe only in the material world of science, and who would agree with this premise. However, they would argue that all of creation is composed not of thoughts, but of binary bits (1s and 0s). More, we are programmed to believe this way because this is part of the simulation that created us.

Led by atheist thinkers, Singularists and Simgularists are the ones driving the bulldozer over spiritual beliefs in this new territory for the human mind. ‘Their’ A.I. is in total control of the infrastructure of governments around the world. It controls the stock market, too. Soon, it will control our destiny, our future. A.I. is the Matrix. It is everywhere, in everything. There is no escaping it. All we can do is control it with your minds.

It is clear that a battle is raging between A.I. and spiritual humanity. 

The battleground is Simulation Theory.


What if everything that we know as the ‘real world’ or the ‘real universe’ is, in fact, an artificial simulation, most likely created by super advanced A.I. technology (Artificial Super Intelligence) that has duped us into believing we have a real existence, let alone an existence outside of the Matrix?

In 2003, the Sci Fi robe of Simulation Theory was given academic fringe when Oxford philosopher and professor, Nick Bostrom, stepped out of the box and published his work “Are you living in a computer simulation?” in the philosophical journal The Philosophical Quarterly. 

In his paper, Dr. Bostrom, who says he never saw The Matrix, suggested a race of super-evolved descendants could be behind our digital imprisonment.

The futuristic beings – human or otherwise – could be using super advanced virtual reality to simulate a time in the past or recreate how their remote ancestors lived.

Bostrom envisions a future when humanity’s technology will evolve to a point where we will have the computing power to create countless simulated realities that will be indistinguishable from the true reality, and that the simulated minds within these simulated realities will eventually outnumber the minds that exist in the true reality. As the simulated minds would vastly outnumber the ancestors, it is more likely that we are simulated beings.

With the invention of quantum computers, physicists should soon be able to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. Scientists are already questioning the existence of objective reality.

The fact is we are less than a generation away from the Singularity, when the computers we are creating become smarter than we are, and we have the ability to create something incomprehensibly smarter than our selves that will help us create these new worlds. We are about to ’stack’ a new simulation on top of the existing one in which we live. Some of us will migrate to this new world.

According to Bostrom’s theory this is the end game of human evolution and the end of the game. That is the Simgularity.

Singularity theorists maintain this will occur sometime between now and 2030.


Bostrom coined the term “Ancestor Simulations” for these simulated realities. Advanced future civilizations could use these Ancestor Simulations to simulate — or resurrect — their own history and the behaviors of the minds who lived that history.

This is closely allied to Russian cosmism, which seeks to develop technology to resurrect all our dead ancestors.

The irony here is that they the big brains who advocate Simulation Theory, and the Simgularity, including Elon Musk, who says there is a one in billions chance that we are not living in a simulation, and Nick Bostrom, don’t seem to connect the dot that they, themselves, are simulated recreations. Strange. These people are either toying with themselves or us.

Before you start thinking Bostrom’s Ancestor Simulation concept doesn’t sound half baked (or bad), please realize that he is telling you something truly ugly.

Unlike The Matrix or  Simulation Theory Sci Fi, he is not suggesting that you are an avatar or “player” inside something akin to a virtual reality game or simulation and that you — your soul — has a “real” independent existence outside of the simulation once you “log out”, die, or transition on after the expiration of the body. You don’t.

Simulation Theorists try to compare the Matrix to the Buddhist concept of Maya or the belief that all is ‘illusion’. This is bullshit. Buddhists believe we have an independent exsitence outside of Maya. Simgularists say we have no independent existence outside the simulation. The simulation is the only reality. This means we have no soul, no spirit, no control over our destiny. Our sole reason for existence is for the entertainment of the programmer that created us, and, ultimately, to recognize the truth of the Simgularity.

And this brings us to the vital reason why all humans need to know this.

For our spiritual survival, our soul’s salvation, we must decide who and what we are relative to the Simulation Theory. We must be able to answer this. Otherwise, the Simgularists will do it for us.


While Simulation Theory is an exercise of big brained, mostly Godless, minds of physicists and the giants of Silicon Valley it is really about the human soul. 

It forces us to address the mystical questions of our existence: Where did we come from? How did we get here? And, what is the nature of the human soul? Is our soul an eternal, non-material essence? Or, is it just the collected memories of our lifetime(s)?

While difficult to answer for the average person, questions about the soul are easy to answer for materialist Simulation Theorists.

Current (and shockingly convincing) scientific thinking about Simulation Theory by Nobel prize winners and fringe thinkers alike says our world is the creation of a super intelligence (and technology) and either we have no soul, or if we do, our soul is ensnared in a holographic reality created by this super advanced post human intelligence who sculpted our lives out of 1s and 0s. This theory reduces all that is incomprehensibly complex and beautiful about humanity to data. That’s it.

Materialists believe that all the previous humans who passed through earth in places like ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, and who believed in beings coming and going from other worlds, from a spiritual matrix, were delusional. Modern believers in these ancient tales of super beings or avatars like Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, as well as aliens, might as well be drinking ayahuasca for breakfast, hallucinating, and calling it normal reality. When they come out of it, says modern science, they will realize none of it is real.

In essence, Simulation Theory says we live in a (sadistic) video game created by an alien super intelligence (that had superintelligence before we were made into humans). The world beyond the world, the spiritual matrix, is a ‘black box’ controlled by a programmer. 


Can you imagine a civilization based on the idea that we are soul less data in a pointless game? 

That may be a bit harsh. 

So, let me try the question again. 

Can you imagine a civilization based on the idea that we are entertainment for a super advanced and extreme control freak intelligence that watches our every move and believes we are nothing but 1s and 0s in a game?

I can. 

This is the world we are creating. As A.I.’s governance of our lives grows our soul’ s freedom and free will is disappearing.

We are fast ‘progressing’ toward a dehumanized civilization controlled by A.I. and based on the philosophy that humans are nothing but matter, and therefore, don’t really matter. This is either extremely dangerous or liberating, depending upon your point of view.

What is firing between the synapses of Silicon Valley’s ‘gooder’ engineering and business minds is a motivating (progressive) materialist ‘religious’ belief that we are simply biological computers made manifest by our DNA algorithms and that our genes are merely molecules, which, themselves, are just atoms composed of subatomic particles. We are just and only matter and have nothing spiritually going on around us, or within us, and, therefore, can be augmented, cloned, altered, patented as they see fit… for profit.

During the past two decades, as materialist scientists looked into our bodies or, “opened up the Sapiens black box,” as historian Yuval Noah Harari describes it, “they discovered there neither soul, nor free will, nor ‘self’ — but only genes, hormones and neurons that obey the same physical and chemical laws governing the rest of reality.”

Somehow, we went through all of human history without knowing this ‘fact’. Then, beginning after World War II, we discovered that, no, no, no, no, darling, you do not have free will, a soul, or spirituality. In this ‘modern’ belief system our bodies, ‘we’, you, are just a compilation of 50 trillion living cells each with a gene waiting to be programmed / perfected by. A.I.

Really? That’s it?

More footprints.


Today, most know what our genes look like. The double helix has become one of the most iconic images in art, movies, sculpture and even toys. But, for the rest of human history, we are told, no one knew what it looked like. Well, except for Ptah, the god who came from Sirius and who the ancient Egyptians said ‘fashioned’ our DNA. Curiously, Ptah has a double helix in his hieroglyph.

Then, in 1953, English physicist Francis Crick and 25 year old American biologist James Watson, standing on the shoulders of chemist Rosalind Franklin’s crystallogryphic evidence of the structure of DNA, discovered that the DNA molecule exists in the form of a three-dimensional double helix or twisted ladder. More, the double-stranded molecule could both produce exact copies of itself and carry genetic instruction. They had found the secret of life, and Crick knew it. As Watson said, it was so beautiful it had to be true.

Modern molecular biology followed, along with powerful scientific techniques, like recombinat DNA research, genetic engineering, gene sequencing, that manifested a multi billion dollar industry and the possibility of genetically engineering the human form. Today, some scientists have even crossed the dangerous line into designing human babies via CRISPR Cas9 (a possible scientific method used by Ptah?).

What we must appreciate is the impact this discovery had on how we view our bodies… and our lives. 

When Watson and Crick showed that genes are long strings of pure digital information it revolutionized our view of who we are. Over night we went from God’s favored creature to packets of information. 

This discovery was synchronous (timed?) with the invention of the first commerical computer (1951), the first nonstick pan (1954), the first computer hard drive (1956), the modem (1958). This was the birth of the information age and our ‘online’ world that is now under the control of ‘alien’ A.I. I say alien, because it is more than human. It is other. (Instead of othering it, Elon Musk say we should merge with it.)

Today, we understand that each human DNA molecule is comprised of chemical bases arranged in approxmately 3 billion precise sequences. The genetic code has four symbols. It is eerily computerlike. It contains information…an immense amount of information…that can be copied.

Before Crick and Watson, we used to think that life arose from non-life through materialistic forces. We now understand that organic life is based on a vastly complex information code…and that there is a master programmer or designer behind this code.

In fact, we human beings, so this theory says, are a survival mechanism programmed to propagate the digital programmer that originally programmed us. 

If this is the case, the next question is how did our programmer program our DNA to get here?


In 1971, nearly twenty years after co-discovering the structure of DNA, Crick, along with British biochemist, Leslie Orgel, introduced the hypothesis of Directed Panspermia to explain the origin of life. Life on Earth, our DNA, was designed by aliens and sent here, Crick said.

Building on the work of 19th century British physicist Lord Kelvin, who shocked the world with his ideas about “panspermia”, or the suggestion that life on Earth might have come from planets smashing into each other and sending bits or seeds of life streaming through space, Crick and Orgel tackled the big question of whether or not organic life could survive the trip along the rapids of interstellar space being bombarded by radiation or being crushed by the hard vacuum. (Of course, at that time, they were not aware of Simulation Theory, which proposes that none of those planets are actually there…they are rendered on demand in the simulation.)

At a conference called by Dr. Carl Sagan, they proposed that life on Earth was the result of a deliberate infection, designed by aliens who had purposely fled a mother planet or mother world and planted the seed of a new home on Earth. Crick proposed extraterrestrials had long ago seeded Earth with life packed into special automated probes or spaceships that would protect the microbes.

In a 1973 paper published in Icarus, Crick and Orgel proposed:

 “It now seems unlikely that extraterrestrial living organisms could have reached the earth either as spores driven by the radiation pressure from another star or as living organisms imbedded in a meteorite.…organisms were deliberately transmitted to earth by intelligent beings on another planet. We conclude that it is possible that life reached the earth in this way, but that the scientific evidence is inadequate at the present time to say anything about the probability…”

Crick’s book, ‘Life Itself,’ followed in which he argued that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that the DNA molecule could have kick-started on Earth randomly and that it must have originated from elsewhere. Directed Panspermia.

Crick wondered how it was possible that “nature” created at the same time, two mutually interdependent elements to give rise to life. He had a hard time figuring out how the genetic material (nucleic acids, like DNA or RNA) and the mechanism that allows its perpetuation (proteins called enzymes) arose at simultaneously and spontaneously. More, how did it get here?

Here is one plausible explanation for how aliens could have brought DNA to earth. 

Long ago, most cosmologists argree, our present Universe started as a single point called a singularity. After a Big Bang it began to expand (and, one day, will collapse on itself). New models show that there was a pre-existing universe before the Big Bang and that, one day, we will evaporate into light.

Now, imagine that at some ancient time, and in only one place, human life evolved in our universe. A race I will call The Race of Perfect Humans developed spacefaring technology and set sail in the stars. 

To their utter astonishment, they found an uninhabited universe (or one that wasn’t yet rendered, in Simulation Theory). All that space ‘out there’ was empty and it was theirs. 

Lonely, seeking to make a back up copy of themselves, or to bring life to the Universe, the Perfect Humans ventured further in the cosmic ocean and seeded the necessary DNA for the eventual evolution of intelligent life in the primordial oceans of every planet that could support life. 

The Perfect Humans did not only design DNA to evolve intelligently, but to parallel their own evolution. Humans look the same all over the universe because of this. Because we share the same original core DNA humans can, for example, mate with angels. 

This scenario envisions the Perfect Humans using generation ships, suspended animation, or wormholes as a method of traveling throughout the vast expanse of the universe. 

However, says science writer, George Dvorksy, picking up on Crick and Hagel’s original proposal, the most likely way for aliens to visit us — whatever their motive — is by sending robotic probes. He describes how swarms of self-replicating “Astrochickens” could someday rule the galaxy. Riding along is the precious cargo of the probes, DNA.

Astrochicken” is a variant of the interstellar von Neumann probe idea. In late 1940’s the Hungarian mathematician John Von Neumann, realizing that the human body cannot survive for long in space, wondered if it might be possible to design a non-biological system that could replicate itself in a cellular automata environment. 

Von Neumann rigorously studied the concept of self-replicating machines that he called “Universal Assemblers” and which are often referred to as “von Neumann machines”.  

In Von Neumann’s thinking if a self-replicating probe finds evidence of primitive life (or a primitive, low level culture) it might be programmed to lie dormant, silently observe, attempt to make contact (this variant is known as a Bracewell probe), or even interfere with or guide the evolution of life in some way. 

Carl Sagan in his 1961 paper “Direct contact among galactic civilizations by relativistic interstellar spaceflight‘ proposed both the existence of such probes, and their likely incursions into the inner solar system. One may have visited us in November, 2017.

While von Neumann never applied his work to the idea of spacecraft, theoreticians like Freeman Dyson, Eric Drexler, Ralph Merkle, and Robert Freitas later took his idea and applied it to exactly that. 

Astrochicken, Dyson explained, would be a one-kilogram spacecraft unlike any before it. It would be a creation of the intersection of biology, artificial intelligence and modern microelectronics—a blend of organic and electronic components. 

Once Astrochicken entered a planet’s vicinity, it would collect material from the moons and rings of the planet, taking in nutrients. Next, the ‘Genesis Device’ would begin dropping off eggs or altering existing species. 

One day, this species would recreate discover the Perfect Humans, their A.I. and duplicate the process of the Perfect Humans, because this is what we are programmed to do.

Along the way, says Simulation Theory, this new civilization would discover that it lives in a simulation.

The point here is that Crick and Watson set us on an irreversible path toward viewing our body as information. Directed Panspermia says it was aliens who designed and implimented the program and sent the ‘first’ information into space. We are continuing their original bold mission. 

This mission, to seed life throughout the universe, is THE MISSION that unites all of humanity because it is literally in our genes. 

Amazon and Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos, who envisions one trillion humans living in millions of space colonies, clearly has the mission in mind.


The glowing capstone on the pyramid of materialist philosophy is the work of British atheist and biologist Richard Dawkins. Writing in The Selfish Gene (1976), which a 2017 Royal Society poll upheld as the most influential science book of all time, he argued that we live under an illusion if we believe that we are our bodies. 

Actually, we are our genes, he said. It is our genes, not our bodies, that survive from one generation to the next. Our body is simply a container or vehicle for the gene. It is a vehicle by which it travels and a tool through which it expresses itself. In essence, we are not our body. We are our genes and what they do. Period.

Moreover, says Dawkins, our genes have a ‘selfish’ drive or mission to survive and to make more genes (just as our Directed Panspermia scenario says). 

Curiously, we are programmed to survive, and simultaneosly/contradictorily programmed to care about others, even of other species. It is this programming that causes altruistic behavior as, for example, when one sees a person or an animal in distress and comes to their aid. Who programmed this spiritual or metaphysical drive or attribute? Is altruism a spiritual act or is it an act of survival?

In 1966, while the selfish gene theory was still crystalizing in Dawkins’ mind, he wrote, “Natural selection will favor those genes that build themselves a body which is most likely to succeed in handing down safely to the next generation a large number of replicas of those genes.”

Dawkins is considered a ‘god’ in artificial life circles for this very statement. Genes build the body for the Mission. The Mission of DNA is to discover its creator and fulfill its wish to duplicate itself throughout the cosmos.

The trouble is, our “flesh and blood ‘expression’ of our genes is severely challenged when it comes to migrating to space and fulfilling the Mission. NASA knows this and has been working on fixing this for a while.


In 1960, Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline published an essay in Astronautics titled “Cyborgs in Space.” Comparing man in space to a fish out of water, they noted that even if you could bring everything you need on your space explorations,”the bubble all too easily bursts.”

In order to migrate to space the human body must be altered to adapt to the conditions of space.

“Solving the many technical problems involved in manned space flight by adapting man to this environment, rather than vice versa, will not only mark a significant step forward in man’s scientific progress, but may well provide a new and larger dimension for man’s spirit as well,” the authors write.

The Clynes & Kline paper coined the term “cyborg,” and NASA followed up on their suggestions, commissioning a study on the topic. 

“The CyborgStudy: Engineering Man for Space” was released in 1963, and it reviewed the possibility of organ replacement, as well as how drugs and hibernation could be used to make space travel less stressful. The report concluded that replacing the heart, lungs and kidneys — the organs most stressed by space travel — was not feasible with thet echnology available at the time. 

This would soon change. The Skingularity is near.

Not only did Dawkins prophecy the emergence of a technologically superior trans-human container, but he also anticipated the creation of ‘superior’ artificial worlds. 

Taking his theory further, in River Out of Eden Dawkins proposed that just as genes are information that manifest life, life itself is an information process that can be copied from one matrix to another. 

The Eden out of which the river flows is the base reality.

Simply, if life equals genes, and genes equal information, then life is information.

The river of Dawkins’ title is a river of information or instructions that flows through our bodies and affects them, but is not affected by them on its way through.

“Life is just bytes and bytes and bytes of digital information”

— Richard Dawkins: River out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life, p. 19

On the bank of the Oxford canal…is a large willow tree, and it is pumping downy seeds into the air…It is raining instructions out there; it’s raining programs; it’s raining tree-growing, fluff-spreading algorithms. That is not a metaphor, it is the plain truth”

— Richard Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker, p. 111

So, the plain truth, to Dawkins, is that we are now viewed not just as matter only, but digital information. If we are just information, then we are not really ‘mushy’ humans anymore, are we?

We have been objectified…materialized…Simgularifried.

If there is a so-called ‘spirit’ (or ‘you’), from this perspective, it too is just digital information or data, which can be copied and pasted from one matrix to another, including the new artificial bodies and/or simulated worlds we are creating.

Dawkins said ideas work the same way. Like genes, they are always competing, cooperating and self-replicating. So, he called them memes. Human evolution, say Dawkins, is the result of genes and memes working together.

The future “expression” of humanity, say materialists, is in ‘gooder’ artificial bodies made not of carbon, but of silicon, or even cartoon avatar bodies made of 1s and 0s in a computer simulation. The godfather behind this movement is Dawkins.

In less than 50 years after Dawkins’ epiphany, an artificial world, has emerged from the earth. It is the ‘progressive’ world of A.I., and the algorithms that run it.

More and more these simple step by step instructions that tell a computer what to do are running our world. They are everywhere, invisibly running everything  without human participation from within the matrix of our lives. We are wholly dependent on them. They do everything for us, from picking faces out of a crowd to picking NFL draftees, but the average person has no idea what they are or how they work. 

Today, computer alogrithims allow computers to learn on their own. And, they are beyond the comprehension of the engineers who designed the programs. And, they are propagating themselves.

Beyond belief is the coming power of tomorrow’s A.I. built using its own biotechnology and algorithms. At the invisible level these algorithms will evolve, self-replicate, adapt and learn so that they can survive…just like the selfish genes that manifested them or allowed them to express themselves through them. Its goal is to create a new simulated world.

Welcome to the edge of our reality.

The Simgularity Is Near.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. pat 5 years ago

    I’ve always thought that in technology we are recreating the intricate systems found within ourselves and nature. we are making hard copies of organic and energetic substances and systems. It will be fascinating when,if science see’s or detects at chakra level, and then recognises the importance of healthy chakra’s which then lead on to a healthy soul. I expect the A.I.’s will say it’s part of the programme. Our finer senses which become infinitely finer if you work on them, know otherwise, and thankfully when that happens it doesn’t matter what other’s think of you, your self is protected and secure, so let’s hope more of us are pulled to that kind of work. And on a very simple level, know one should ever denounce another’s experience as delusional.
    Thank you

  2. Danae Fitzgerald 5 years ago

    transcending this reality via spiritual clarity is the only way to establish your soul, keep it alive and in your control, and able to exist beyond this reality to transcend higher realms. One way of looking at it. And, the very real theory that the Roman empire, now the Catholic Church, edited the gospels for their benefit is a point to ponder…some say Josephus the Jewish/roman historian wrote them in 73 AD, so he could mention the destruction of the temple…no stone left unturned. Either that was known or a prediction. And clues like the typology and phrases like “God loves a cheerful giver,” make you wonder…God doesn’t need money, the church wants it…God said give it to the poor, and help widows and orphans…not let others do it…or not. The charity they show us is a farce…they keep most of the money, and wear gold and fine clothes…things that would feed a starving village for 5 years. NOT divine or holy, and the elimination of the Cathars and the Inquisition is proof they kill to keep power.

  3. Christopher 5 years ago

    Life of a developing soul going thru cycles of reincarnated journey thru the vessel of man, is a unique process of which extends much beyond man in concept of “GOD” in this worlds reality … It is in the mind of the vessel though, a process which is confined very limited to its level of know in processing ability of fuction to the truth of reality. It is a long journey for a soul to develop & master thru in anscesion. It takes practice of life times…giving true value in understanding that patience truly holds the virtue of all reality…Gaining the knowledge to lifes nature of being a virtual reality. Creation of the ancients of olds past traveling time as the future of angels living thru space of gifted mans present simulation. The awakened dreams of art projected thru a sleeping world of a child in quantum holographic concsiousness experiencing Earth, Gaia & Urantia, leveling dimensions triangles 3*6*9* of a beautiful worlds life in tree… A relection from a Star on a Moon experiencing a planet thru an Avatar

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