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Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of eyes rolling after former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, ‘the father of Israel’s space capabilities’, and acclaimed academic, Haim Eshed, 87, announced aliens exist and the “Galactic Federation” has been in cahoots with Israel and the US for years, but are staying cloaked until humanity gets its shit together.

When it broke on December 8, 2020, this was a HUGE story. The fact that major global websites, magazines and news broadcasts ‘fell’ for, or were ordered to disseminate, this story is telling. Many of the so-called ‘educated’ MSM commentators had nothing but derision for this ‘delusional’ news. It just goes to show how out of touch and ignorant they are.

On the other hand, to anyone who has been paying attention to the UFO Disclosure newsfeeds, and actually knows what they are talking about, this is old, but important, news. 

We’ve known for a long time about the US involvement with ETs. 

We have been pointing to the reality of ancient visitors on ANCIENT ALIENS for years. 

Aliens, ancient and modern, are real. So, too, is their Federation.

The involvement of the Israeli government is a twist or wrinkle in this story that makes it important and worth discussing. We shall do so momentarily.

First, a bit more about Mr. Eshed’s claims.

In an effort to understand “the fabric of the universe,” Eshed claims the aliens…that’s plural, meaning multiple tribes… have made agreements with the US government to “conduct research”. 

While he does not identify who the aliens are or where they are from (I guess we’ll have to read his book), apparently, they can get across the universe, but are still uncertain about the make up of things. 

I get that. This is my daily bread, too. 

What is the fabric of the universe? What, exactly, is my soul planted or enmeshed within? What is my role in it? If we live in the ‘light’, as we are told, then what is the rest of the over 90% of the universe we call a cosmic web of dark matter? 

I wonder.

The aliens do, too.

More, says, Eshed, there are American astronauts living with extraterrestrials in a secret underground base on Mars. Even though it ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids, we are doing so. Just how long these American kids have been there is unknown. Also unknown is how they got there, but we can assume it was via the alien’s ships. I have no problem with that.

Eshed believes that President Donald Trump knows about this and was “on the verge” of disclosing this reality shattering scoop.

However, the Galactic Federation — which is also plural, suggesting at least two other extraterrestrial civilizations are involved — allegedly pulled him off this precipice and kept him from doing so on the grounds that humans “need to evolve and reach a stage where we will…understand what space and spaceships are.”

The Federation will remain cloaked until we understand spacecraft?


It seems like we have made this giant leap. Thanks to the last hundred years of quantum science, and fifty years of sci fi, everyone knows what a dilithium crystal is and how warp speed takes us likety-split across the universe. We also get wormholes and magic bubble craft nowadays, too (thanks to the US Navy).

I mean, do you think it is a coincidence that, in April 2020, with Covid spreading like wildfire, that the Department of Defense released those official videos showing fighter pilots engaged with UFO’s that display warp capability?

Something is clearly up. Something BIG.


Haim’s “Galactic Federation” is obviously a riff on Star Trek’s “United Federation of Planets,” a fictional interstellar government that sent the starship Enterprise loaded with Starfleet personnel into space to seek life.

To me, this name is a bit obvious and a tip off to beware of truth cloaked in disinformation.

Are we to believe that a group of galactic civilizations can’t come up with a more creative name for itself than the “Galactic Federation?” Sheesh. 

And what is it the Galactic Federation of? Planets? Gibson Les Paul guitar collectors? Reptilian aliens made of light? Rejects from other worlds? Angels?

Why not a more elegant name? 

The BIG reveal would have been to drop the Galactic Federation’s actual name. 

As this disclosure involves Israel, it is probably in the Bible somewhere, right? 

Oh wait. There it it is.


Sion. The New Jerusalem. the Bible tells of this celestial city inhabited by ‘angels gathered in joyful assembly and just humans made perfect’ (Hebrews 12:22). 

Sion is typically a synonym for the city of Jerusalem with its temple mount, where the Israelite super ascension device, the Ark of the Covenant, was located and, one day, will be returned (i.e. when the aliens appear). I do not know when this will be, but I do know it is called the Day of the Lord or Judgement Day. Here is my testimony about the Ark as an angelic ET device that can save humanity, and my book about it.

New Testament prophecies foretold that the Lord would one day create the heavens and the earth anew. 

As I have discussed, the gods of Silicon Valley, the Big Tech Swingers, are in the process of creating a ‘new earth’ in the digital realm that will be populated by synthetic, ‘new’, improved, although entirely digital, humans. They are the Lords of this new creation.

The Big Tech Swingers are aiming for the Technological Singularity, when the machine brains they are building surpass human brains in general intelligence and achieve Super intelligence (likely to occur in this century) and are no longer under human control. It is unknown what, or who, this machine network would become. However, the description as nonhuman, or alien, will most certainly fit.

This raises all sorts of questions that, like the question of aliens, the average person is completely unaware of.

With our AI we have created totalitarian corporations and governments. Will the alien AI be made in this image? Or, is our AI made in its image? Will it rule the Galactic Federation?

Is it a coincidence that AI-backed totalitarian socialism is spreading and that this is a prelude to global, then galactic, form of government and economy? Is this part of the ‘new creation’?


As part of this new creation, a city of God referred to as a “New Jerusalem” would come “down from God out of heaven.”

That’s right. The New Jerusalem is a giant, cube-shaped ‘craft’ that has 12 gates, one each for the 12 tribes of Israel. 

This sounds like to me like New Jerusalem is a federation (a group of states with a central government or central control). It has its own technology and economics.

Back on earth. 

According to the Bible, the Jewish patriarch, Jacob (later called Israel), had 12 sons who each became father of a separate tribe. Known as the 12 Tribes of Israel, they settled on both sides of the Jordan River.

Here’s the thing. 

Most will assume the Jordan river referred to here is that which connects the Dead Sea with the Mediterranean, passing through Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. It is sacred in both Judaism and Christianity. Jesus was baptized in the Jordan and became the Christ when he emerged from its waters.

However, the ancient Greeks called the starry sky of magnificence we call the Milky Way by the name “Eridanus River”. This became the “Iordanis” or Jordan River. 

Following the ancient adage, “As above, so below,” we are encouraged to consider that the Jordan is the stars on earth ‘as it is in heaven’.

This name, Eridanus, appears in the sky charts of the earlier religious systems that influenced the Israelite astro-theologists or star watchers. It is traced to to Egypt, where it appears as Iaru-Tana. Iaru is the Egyptian source of the Greek heiros, and of the Hebrews Jeru (in Jerusalem), both meaning “sacred” or “divine.” Tana refers to the celestial source of the great river, the Nile, which was also thought of as the Milky Way on the earth.

So, the Jordan River is the Divine River. 

Viewed from afar, the Milky Way might appear similar to the galaxy known as NGC 7331. R. Jay GaBany/NASA

Enterprising readers could hypothesize that the Israelites settled both sides of the Milky Way, meaning some of the tribe live on this side of the Milky Way in any of the numerous star systems mentioned in myth and sacred traditions (i.e. Orion, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and more) and some live on the other side. According to Mormon belief, God’s home planet is located near a star (or planet) called, Kolob, located at the center of the Milky Way.

The Milky Way galaxy has been charted by the Gaia mission in unprecedented detail. Credit: ESA/Gaia/DPAC

Our Milky Way galaxy could have 11 billion potentially habitable ‘Earth-like planets, say astronomers. Over 4,000 have been confirmed so far and the number keeps growing. How many of these harbor life is unknown.

At Judgment Day, from the New Jerusalem (the Galactic Federation) will come God (or the gods), who will live among humans.

Rev 21:1-4 – Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. And the sea was also gone. And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. I heard a loud shout from the throne, saying, “Look, God’s home is now among his people! He will live with them, and they will be his people. God himself will be with them. He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.”

If we accept that some of these 12 tribes are off planet — after all, ever since the fallen angels came to earth with ‘the secrets of heaven’ (and how to travel there), humans, like Jacob/Israel, have been zooming up the ladder to heaven to other worlds in the heavenly realms and ever since Elijah they have been going up in chariots of the gods — then we have cause to believe that the uncloaking of Sion/New Jerusalem is the same as arrival of the Galactic Federation.

Sion be its elegant name.

For me, the question of this Sion Uncloaking event is not if or when will it happen, but how?

Will the aliens, and their space craft, be technological, spiritual or a combination of both?


As noted, many will assume that the Galactic Federation is something like Star Trek.

Star Trek’s Federation is a step toward fulfilling the Russian Cosmist’s vision of the ultimate communistic society. It is spacefaring. The people are advanced, meaning transhuman’. Cosmists travel the stars resurrecting ‘dust’ or souls. Cosmists envisioned a ‘new’ human who would colonize the local planets in our solar system and move beyond into deep space. Our descendants, they believed, would be cosmic beings who had the ability to control nature…all of it. 

Living in space, Cosmists thought, would allow humans to evolve biologically into a new species, a perfect and immortal one they called ‘Homo Cosmicus’, the Cosmic Human. They believe that humanity would ultimately transform into energy. This is way beyond Star Trek, which enables flesh and blood humans traveling in a space craft, rather than energy or ‘light’ beings traveling the cosmos.

Cosmists further believed that once we achieved this perfection that we would meet other, even more advanced and more perfect, beings in the cosmos. Pythagoras thought the same thing, saying that the further in we go into the Divine River the finer and more perfect the beings. We dwellers on the outskirts of the river are the most backward.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Star Trek is a communist love letter or that its creator, Gene Roddenberry, got the idea from the Cosmists. However, Star Trek does  explore social themes that we are now dealing with including what a post-scarcity, ultra technological and non-spiritual socialist or communist lifestyle would be like. 

Set in the 24th century, reality is different than it is now. Thanks to warp drive and nanotechnology replicators everyone lives a life of abundance and a high standard of living. Scarcity no longer exists. Money is an ancient concept. (For guitar collectors, people of the future will crave original, ‘real’, items.)

However, Trekonomics, the economy of the Federation, is communist or at least fulfills Karl Marx’s insistence that communism follows the end of scarcity.  (If you want capitalism in space follow Star Wars.)

As the Bible says, “Love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). Somehow, in the Star Trek universe, basic human desire and psychology has been channeled away from the desire to accumulate to the desire to share equally.

To make this giant leap will require new spiritual technologies that are not present in the Star Trek universe. I’m always on the look out for glimpses of how the ‘just society’ of the enlightened “just humans made perfect” could emerge.

We live in a world where we work, we make money, we play. It is hard for us to image a world that is all play and in which riches are exchanged for enrichment.


Maybe this is what is meant by understanding “space craft.” We all live together in a limited space. The “craft” of an enlightened society is finding a way to share what we have so that everyone has their space.

The problem is the route to this enlightened society with a central government goes through socialism. 

By inferring that we are part of an existing command and control system, the Galactic Federation, is the MSM preparing us for the rise of global, then galactic, government?

I’m sure they don’t know, but they will soon find out.


If you are serious about boldly exploring the Galactic Federation, or a just society inhabited by perfect light humans, as I am, then you will find a turn to the Tibetans to be illuminating. 

They believe extraterrestrials exist. Like Pythagoras, they tell of “perfected” humans living on other worlds. These are beings who have mastered the Great Perfection and have the ability to phase in between their flesh and blood bodies and their “Rainbow Light Body”.  In this phase they can travel between star systems, reforming a material body at their destination if they so desire. The reason for doing so is to be of compassionate service.

I first learned about this in 2006. After presenting my work on ancient references to stargates and wormholes, including those in Egypt and the Bible, at a conference in San Jose, a couple introduced themselves to me. Both were in their mid-50s and had Phds from the Harvard Divinity School and had come all this way to meet me. They worked for the Dalai Lama, they said, for whom they translated texts relating to their specialty, the Rainbow Light Body.

Have you ever heard of it? They asked.

When I replied ‘no’, they said “that’s funny, because your work on stargates in Egypt answers a question about the Rainbow Body that the Tibetans will not answer, because it is secret, or because they do not know the answer.”

Next, they gave me a short course. In the Rainbow Body practice adepts learn to shift the frequency of their body until it dissolves into five colored rainbow light, leaving behind only hair toe and fingernails. They can then travel to any of 12 other star systems, 13 including our own, where this teaching is known.

The question they had was ‘how do they get there’?

After watching my earlier video about stargates and light beings in Egypt they came to the conference to tell me that my work in this area answers this ‘secret’ questions: how do we travel the stars and in what type of space craft?

Rainbow Body practitioners travel through wormholes. Or, more precisely, they turn their body into a wormhole. They beam.

This meeting changed the course of my life. In the intervening 14 years I have followed the path of the Rainbow Light Body beings, the tribe of perfect light humans I call beamers. This concept has been at the core of every book and presentation I have given during this period.

What if the 12 tribes of Sion and the 12 tribes of Rainbow Body beamers are the same? What if we are the 13th star system, the 13th gate to Sion?

My hope is that this is the Galactic Federation of which the acclaimed scientist is speaking and that the Rainbow Light Body is the spacecraft we need to learn more about. 

We shall see.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Jeanne Giorlando 3 years ago

    Something big is coming our way. I can feel it in the depths of my soul. My spiritual gifts, some of which lay dormant inside me are about to be revealed. I feel like we are on the verge of transitioning into our true galactic selves, moving out of 3D consciousness and into higher densities. It’s such an exciting time to be alive. Love to the universe and all the inter dimensional beings that are assisting with our ascension.

  2. Gene Gerber 3 years ago

    Very, very interesting take on things. I have wondered about these same things. My perspective might be a little different however. I could write a book about these things but will try to keep it short here.

    First matter of interest, (to me anyway). There were several terms for the names of God in Hebrew. First was the four letter name that the Hebrews did not pronounce and used “HaShem” in its place, which means, the name. The one of interest though is Elohim, which in Hebrew is a female noun with a masculine plural ending. There was been much argument in religious circles as to why this should be so. God can only be one. And perhaps, the plurality of Gods all work as one. As we translate Lord God in Hebrew, it can, and I mean only can, not that it does, mean The Lord of the Gods, or the MOST HIGH. The bottom line is there is a hidden drama here, one which, it is very likely, was never meant for anyone to understand until the human race has reached a certain level of understanding.

    In that context, everything above could be true and not some sort of fable. But what is it really? When I was young I left the church because they tended to take everything literally. As I got older, I got rid of the new age programs, because they seemed to take nothing literally. I find there is a balance. And that is important because the allegorical is normally based on the literal. Without the literal we do not have a basis for the allegorical, or can make it mean anything we want to. The Children of Israel probably did cross the Jordan, literally. But does that mean they couldn’t cross the milky way? It’s possible that the more advanced did that literally, but regardless, many of them no doubt did it figuratively, just as the church, or the redeemed, so to speak, cross over at death or even before, or figuratively, into the promised land. And in the same way we as a race may literally cross over when we are both scientifically and morally advanced enough to do so. To make matters short, I will pass to the next subject. Star Wars.

    I used to love the old Star Trek series back in college times and later. I found them to be intriguing and always found an interesting metaphysical principal in them. I liked the next series too, but kind of lost interest later in life. Star Wars is another thing altogether though. This story is just stock full of metaphysical principles, and I think part of its appeal was that people unconsciously recognized that. They also probably subconsciously realized that the original show, I believe it was called, “A New Hope” epitomized things that are going on in our society now. The rise of the Emperor, which was depicted more in earlier shows that actually appeared later, is in effect going on in our world right now. Most people watch these shows and like them without ever realizing the deeper part of the story.

    There are multiple metaphysical principles in these stories. Sometimes I wonder if the originators of the show even realized what they were writing. No time to go into those things now, except, just one example, in “The Return of the Jedi.” we have the story of the prodigal son in reverse. It is the story of the prodigal Father. Luke says, “That is your true name, (nature) you have just forgotten it.” We have all forgotten who we are and where we come from. And as the saying of many masters goes, “I found them all drunk, and not interested in the truth. When they wake up and shrug off their intoxication, they will understand.” We are all drunk men. Happy in our physical body. Even when we are not happy, we are happily drunk. Let us wake up and find our true inheritance. Perhaps in the stars.

  3. Donovan Tepper 3 years ago

    If your interest in the Galactic Federation has been piqued by William’s article then this book is for you: Ashtar Sheran Your Future On Eden, channeled by Sharon Stewart. It was written and released this year and is very, very topical. If you have doubts about channeling, don’t, as the information in this book stands alone, whether it be channeled or not – it’s your choice to accept or not. You will know exactly how AI is interacting and always has interacted with humanity through minions of the AI warlord. If you believe the socialists have your best interests at heart, then you have been suckered in but you are in good company apart from the awakened who are a minority compared to the world’s population. Once we awaken and take ourselves off the AI timeline and back onto the organic timeline and work on raising our vibrations, AI can no longer feed off of us. The Dark has lost and the Light has won but we still have rocky times ahead because the Dark has not, will not, accept defeat. Know that ascension is an individual thing. Each individual to ascend must be at a certain consciousness level and no one can do it for another person, not even God/Goddess. Many of those who are awake are busting their guts for UFO etc disclosure. The disclosure will only happen piecemeal with Eshed’s revelation being an example. Because of our history of being slaves to the AI warlord for thousands of years if disclosure were to occur all at once it would literally blow most peoples’ minds and huge numbers would either go mad or choose to leave.

  4. Clara CD 3 years ago

    So COVID vaccination yes or no? I’m hearing from people on all sides that they may require it to fly or attend public gatherings in the US too. And then the whole thing about it being encoded.

    I’m more about natural defenses and using common sense, and I worry about the effects of it long term on the body. Thoughts in these pivotal times?

  5. BlankReg 3 years ago

    Should the alien 12 tribes arrive one day, they won’t be ushering in an era of universal government with a communist system.

    Because of that one word…”abundance”…

    The real contrast we are seeing unfold is between that of abundance and scarcity. In a world of scarcity, capitalism AND collectivism both are two sides of the same coin: the ages-old question of how SCARCE resources are the most fairly distributed, serving the greatest good for the greatest number.

    Both systems employ political governments to help them achieve their goals. Over the last 3 centuries or so, capitalism, combined with the industrial revolution, did a much better job at what they did in terms of the results for the greatest number, as billions were lifted out of poverty. But in these latter days, democratic republican governments became more and more corrupted by powerful industrial interests, against the general interest of the public, and the tide has (temporarily) turned the other way, allowing collectivists a political opening to gain traction.

    Communism employs a rigid, top down, hierarchical command-and-control system to achieve their ends. The result was also corruption at the top, and long lines for basic necessities. Civil liberties are non-existent. 260M died at the hands of their own collectivist governments in the blood-soaked 20th century.

    So think of these systems as either (a) competing tribes vying for your attention in a relatively free world, or (b) a hive colony, where everyone is assigned a role, there is no free choice, and the individual is expendable for the “good of all”.

    In a world of true abundance, however, with unlimited energy and everyone having a replicator in their homes, neither capitalism nor communism will be required. And by extension, top-down hierarchical governance systems would no longer need to exist, either.

    While there would continue to be some sort of legal authority to deal with violations of basic human rights, and adjudicate issues with regard to property rights, people in an abundant world would be free to pursue any activity or end that gave them personal passion, so long as they weren’t trampling upon anyone else to achieve it.

    No world government needed, thanks very much. Things would be more local, and more responsive to local needs, per the culture of the region. But nearly all collective actions/ goals would be strictly voluntary, not mandated at the point of a phaser. Any other “authority” we’d have in this world, would be a “natural” authority, comprising individuals recognized by everyone as being well-achieved in any particular field – be it physics, agronomy, or interstellar diplomacy, as needed.

  6. Nanette Crist 3 years ago


  7. Gene Gerber 3 years ago

    Thinking about these matters…. I have decided to write just a little more, for now, about the “Star Wars” continuum and its meaning for us today, in regards to the above discussions. One person has written about something big about to happen. Undoubtedly so, and the story. “The Last Jedi” indirectly refers to this.
    After watching the show two or three times, it struck me that at first I had not recognized a serious aspect of the show, relating to its meaning. The Dark Lord, Ben Solo, kept saying to his counterpart, “It is time to let old things die.” The irony is that Yoda, in essence, said the same thing to Luke. He created the conditions for the fire that burned down the Jedi repository of Sacred Texts. This struck me because I realized it had deep meaning in my own life. But more too. The old Piscean Age is coming to an end. And we are going to have to let somethings die, and take a new twist, in our lives individually, and in the cosmos, collectively. There is a slight difference, however, in the way Ben Solo meant it and Yoda meant it. While Yoda brought about conditions for the books to burn, we did not wish for the Jedi to come to an end. Only to a new beginning. Ben Solo however, wanted everything to die for the sake of his gaining complete power. He even overthrew his master in a matter of speaking, not because it was time, but because it benefitted him. Yoda wanted a new era, not necessarily to replace the old but to refine it, to give it new meaning, and to shine forth in a radiant glory, (like the fire). It is time for something new, but we have to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. What has gone before is a yardstick, so to speak, for what comes. It is time to “let old things die.” But as the Emperor of Japan said in the Last Samurai, “we cannot forget where we came from.
    Yes, things are going to change, they will change in a big way, and as some have said, “We have to go through the fire first.” Yoda. Fire is a symbol for purification. The hell that is often considered to be the meaning of the book of Revelations “Lake of Fire” is actually a process of purification.
    Let us boldly go into the future, where, “No man has gone before,” but also not forget where we came from.

  8. Gene Gerber 3 years ago

    I was just listening to a program that made me think about these matters a little bit more. It has been discussed about that which is “beyond the milky way.” We are coming to a tipping point here of extreme changes and we must be careful. Some have expressed the difference between the spaceships of the righteous versus that of the evil. This brings me back to the history way back.
    As above, so below, and as in the past, so in the future. The Biblical account of the flood, whether a literal event or not, was preceded by a very strange event. It is said that “The Sons of God, (which, though I don’t have time to look it up but apparently is Elohim, the feminine noun with the masculine plural), saw the daughters of men, that they were fair, and took unto them as wives all that they wished.” It seems this is the real reason for the wrath of God, i.e., Jehovah Elohim. The lord of the gods. There was a corruption of the genetic makeup of the human race which ended in disaster.
    To make a long story short, in this situation, as above so below, as before so in the future, we are coming to a period of grave, and I mean seriously grave danger. How do you decide which are the Elohim, and which are the Lord Elohim? It is a frightening scenario, and I counsel all of us, myself included to be very perceptive as to the near future, and what we deem as right and correct. Senator Palpatine seemed like a really nice guy until his true identity was discovered. It is incumbent on all of us to watch closely the events of the near future. It may be a glorious ending, but could be very rocky along the way.

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