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I don’t know what it was,  it must have been that Something we all know and love, but while flitting around YouTube the other day, it led me from headbanging to Buffalo Springfield’s 1967 classic,  “Mr. Soul” , with Neil Young and Stephen Stills absolutely rocking their asses off, to mega star TV preacher, Joel Osteen’s, “Something Big Is Coming Your Way” video.

Talk about whiplash! It’s a long way from a fed up Neil Young and duck-walking Stephen Stills to smiling Joel Osteen.

When I settled down, I realized that, as usual, that Something was right. Smiling Joel’s motivational message about creating BIG THINGS was just what my soul needed, but probably not for the reason he intended.

I haven’t watched Osteen in years. Even then, I would only occasionally catch him while channel surfing. Spiritually speaking, my interests tend toward the more esoteric or enlightenment-directed spiritual teachings and Joel is not exactly “Mr. Soul”. I don’t mean that critically. His passion isn’t to dive deep into the secrets of the soul, it is to lift people up and he is GREAT at it.

In this particular episode, he tapped into what we all want: P-R-O-S-P-E-R-I-T-Y.

And also, how to get it.

Prosperity means “Good Fortune”. That is something everyone could use just a bit more of, right?

Monetarily speaking, Joel Osteen knows what he is talking about. In fact, he is walking his talking.

12 years ago Joel was a nobody. Today, he has sold tens of millions of books and owns a hundred million or so dollar business selling prosperity through Jesus to the masses. He must be doing something right.


The reason I was so intrigued by Joel’s talk is because I realized that what he was providing was an ancient technique that could be applied to enhancing not just one’s bank account, or tightening one’s body, or getting a promotion at work, or a bigger house, but also for true spiritual goals, including manifesting one’s angelic light body.

The light body, or human transformation into angels, is the core subject of my work. It is also the goal of Christianity, among other religions.

Though this message is lost or buried in 21st century mainstream TV Christianity, Jesus wanted our soul to spend its precious time on earth becoming like him, which means living in the Light and manifesting a superhuman body of light called the Resurrection Body, Eternal Body or Robe of the Soul. Jesus acquired this Robe at his baptism by the Essene master, John the Baptist, and then demonstrated his newly activated soul abilities at the Transfiguration, when he turned himself momentarily into a being of light.

The_Transfiguration_-_Google_Art_Project_(715792)The Transfiguration. As Jesus morphed into light, the disciples were terrified. Jesus touched them and told them to “Rise and do not be afraid” (Matthew 17:7). In other words, overcome fear and raise our vibration.

In Christian gnosis, my wise friend Father Charlie Moore taught me, we all possess a supernatural “Divine Manifesting Power” (Exousia). So long as we nurture that Divine Manifesting Power we are clad, like the angels, in garments of heavenly light, the Robe of the Soul. This is true prosperity, from the soul’s perspective.

Unfortunately, too few of us were, or are, ever taught about this glorious Robe and how to become invested in it.

This could prove to be disastrous.

JESUS RAINBOW ROBEJesus in the Rainbow Robe of the Soul embraces Mary. Sopra Minerva, Rome. Photo by William Henry.

The apostle Paul speaks of a predator that comes from the ‘dark world’ and “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12) that intrudes on our spiritual lives. This adversary seeks to keep us from manifesting our light body.

The remedy is to recognize the predator and then to activate the soul’s latent psycho-spiritual powers within us. These powers are symbolized by the robe of light, along with the crown of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth and sandals of peace, among other symbols. I discussed these in the latest episode of “The Awakened Soul” on Gaia TV

This is  the ‘kit’ worn by the Jewish high priests in the Temple of Solomon when they were mimicking the angels. The message is that by awakening our higher consciousness, living from an open heart, speaking the truth and walking in peace we become like the angels. It is a very simple and beautiful teaching.


Watching Osteen speak, it suddenly crystallized in my mind that there is a strange connection between symbolism of manifesting the light body and the symbolism of the dollar.

Here it is.

The Essene-Christians of the first century AD connected the crucified Jesus, and the attainment of the light body, to the Nehushtan, the fiery serpent lifted on a pole by Moses (Numbers 21:8).  The raised serpent was a symbol of wisdom, or gnosis, as well as the Divine Manifesting Power. Lifting the serpent is also a reference to raising the kundlani laying coiled at the base of our spine. When this spiritual energy flows freely upward along the spine or stairway to heaven it leads to expanded consciousness.

When Moses lifted the Nehushtan it brought healing to the Israelites and also the manifestation of super angels called Seraphim, who are known as the fiery serpents. These are the highest order of angels, advanced celestial beings, who manifest on earth as luminous, humanoid figures with spinning or vortex-shaped bodies. The Essene-Christians believed humans could transform into Seraphim.

NEHUSHTANThe serpent on a pole is the symbol or logo, called the Nehushtan, portrays a crucified serpent.

SERAPH.:WATCHERThe Nehushtan is the logo a advanced celestial beings called Seraphim.

John the Beloved (or John the Essene) directly connected the Nehushtan to Jesus, and to our ascension, when he wrote:

“No one has ascended into heaven except the One who descended from heaven (on) the Son of Man. Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life” (John 3:14).

Wow! That is powerful.

John is clearly telling us to understand that the secret meaning of the serpent on a pole symbolism has to do with the secret of eternal life and ascension. More, it is about transforming us into angels or beings of light like the Seraphim, as ‘lifting the serpent’ means to transform into a Seraph.

The serpent on a pole or rod is, of course, the caduceus of Hermes, the staff of enlightenment, from or around which ribbons or a snake or snakes curl. Numerous authors make the connection not only between Moses and Hermes, but also Jesus and Hermes. It is no wonder their symbols are interconnected.


HERMES WITH CADUCEUSHermes with the caduceus wand. This tool of the gods opens the gates of heaven.


Peter Paul Rubens painted Jesus cradling the Nehushtan.

Peter Paul Rubens painting of Jesus holding a Nehushtan sends a powerful message. It asks us to connect the secret of eternal life with Moses’s experience with the Seraphim. In doing so, we are deep into the esoteric soul secrets of Jewish mysticism which flowered with the Essenes.

In my opinion, this is why the ascended Jesus appeared as a Seraph to St. Francis of Assisi in the early 13th century. He completed the ‘lifting of the serpent’ (kundalini activation) that transformed his body into light.


Francis of Assisi receives the Stigmata on beams of light projected from the risen Jesus as a Seraph.


In 1797, the serpent on a pole symbol was adopted by the U.S. Government and became the dollar sign, $, the symbol for the almighty U.S. Dollar, a unit of currency. Some clever person, or persons, in Philadelphia, the capital of the newly formed United States of America, decided to use a supernatural symbol for a supernatural concept as a symbol for a new supernatural concept: the creation of printed money. This symbol, $, is known world wide. Everywhere it is found it denotes “prosperity” or “money”. Most don’t know the magic behind money or the origins or esoteric meaning of its symbolism.

The word ‘dollar’ comes from the German thaler. As shown here, in the sixteenth century, thalers featured a Nehushtan on one side and the crucified Christ on the other. The message is they represent the same thing: the secret of eternal life.


Sixteenth century German thaler showing the Nehushtan.

Unfortunately, rather than standing for the flowing of spiritual current and the transformation of humans into angels, or truth-speaking, peace-walking beings with expanded consciousness and open hearts, the $ symbol became the global symbol for money and flowing cash.

Money flows, but the magi know, it does not actually exist. It is manifested out of thin air by bankers and symbolized by fiat currency or paper money. We all agree, or have faith, that the paper stands for something real, but it isn’t. This is the magic or supernatural power of money. We trust that the inventors of money will continue to give us credit (and they will as long as we, wink, wink, go along with their magic). Many people will do just about anything to accumulate money.

In Goethe’s classic German legend, Faust, the Devil (Mephistopheles) and the scholarly Faust are purveyors of the secret of alchemy: how to create astounding wealth by printing money. Faust makes a deal with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.

Timothy must have been tempted by the same Faustian deal when he said:

“Those who want to be rich, however, fall into temptation and become ensnared by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. By craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. But you, O man of God, flee from these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness.

Timothy’s advice is Buddhist. The righteousness he implores us to pursue is a condition of the heart and mind. Living righteously, we are rewarded with the Robe of Righteousness. This is the light body of Christ.

Timothy is clearly urging us not to take the Devil’s pact, but instead to pursue our angelic or Christ bodies for righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness are all qualities of the Seraphim angels.

So, plain and simple, our choice is either to spend our precious time on this fragile earth chasing money, and filling our purse with something that does not exist, or we can pursue our angelic light body. One path leads to destruction. The other leads to freedom.

This makes it kind of ironic that a Christian preacher has made a massive fortune offering tools to attract money.

I don’t mind, because the tools he offers can be applied in all areas of life.

More, I think money is good and can be used for godly purposes.

Before getting into Joel Osteen’s ancient technique for manifesting prosperity, I want to share Jesus’s words on money. As we will see, he presents the explicit choice between chasing money and the Robe of Righteousness.


Jesus’s teaching about money is found in a conversation with a young rich man, who asked Jesus the secret of eternal life (Matthew 19:6).

Jesus told him the Secret was to follow the commandments: to love the Lord (Something) with all our heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.

In Matthew (5:43-47) doing well, achieving prosperity, was a sign of love of neighbor. The reason is because righteous wealthy people balance their needs with the needs of the community. They are givers, not accumulators. A prosperous community equaled self-love. If everyone wasn’t prospering, no one was. So, people acquired wealth to do good and Godly work in the community.

The rich man claimed he had followed these commandments and wanted to know what else was required. (Like how much money?)

Jesus told the rich man, if he wanted to be perfect, and to follow him, that he must give what he has to the poor, come follow him and then you will have treasure in heaven (Matthew 19:21).

This was too much for the rich man, who walked away.

Then, Jesus told the assembled, “…it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. And again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:23).

The eye of the needle is the gate or portal to heaven. As Jesus taught: “I declare to you, brothers and sisters, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Corinthians 15:50).

Screen shot 2016-07-21 at 5.10.24 PMJesus in the Eye of the Needle, the portal or gateway to heaven. Note that he his surrounded by blue Seraphim.

As Jesus said, we “enter (heaven) through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it. Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:14-15)

Jesus’s teaching about the “eye of the needle” is about shedding the material realm, the flesh, as a prerequisite for entering the flesh and money-free zone of the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus is stating clearly that love is the only way to enter the celestial city and that our flesh and blood body, along with our cars, mansions, jewelry, and other wonderful ‘things’ we have accumulated and enjoyed during our stay on earth, are simply not going with us. Not even my beloved Gibson Les Paul guitar. It all gets left behind.

Now, this does not mean that Jesus doesn’t want us to enjoy life. He does not want us to be poor, as in broke or unhappy. As I said, the early Essene Christians sought prosperity for all.

In Jesus’s time the ‘Poor’ was a name for the Ebionites, another name for the Essenes. This order of mystics was actually extremely wealthy.

What Jesus wants is for us to be perfect.

The word perfect, as used by the Jewish mystics of Jesus’s time, including the Essenes, meant to become whole, holy (righteous) and complete beings so that we may attain our angelic light body. (It also is used by the Tibetans who refer to the light body as the Great Perfection.)

The treasure in heaven to which Jesus refers is this light body and citizenship in a celestial city (called the New Jerusalem or Sion), where his celestial throne is located.

Jesus concludes his teaching saying:

“Truly I tell you, in the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on His glorious throne, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for the sake of My name will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life.…” (Matthew 19:28)

There is the eternal life thing again. We know that when Jesus is talking about eternal life he is talking about living it in a body of light that matches his Resurrection Body.

In the renewal of all things. This is the only time Jesus spoke of the new creation, the second genesis. He is talking about a new world, a world made new, a time of regeneration when ascended humans sit with him in the celestial city in their light body form

During the second genesis, we will see the emergence of a new sacred world order based on the principles of the light body.

The time he speaks of is now.


Even though Joel Osteen didn’t mention the light body as our ultimate prosperity, he still got me fired up. He stirred my soul and raised my consciousness.

Listening between his lines,  his words showed me/us a brilliant way to manifest the Robe of Light.

As I will show, all we have to do is apply the ancient “how to” attain prosperity technique he laid out to attract money toward attainment of the light body and we have ourselves a very powerful spiritual technology.

First, let me reiterate that prosperity is good. It is Godly. Money is good, too. When people use money correctly it is a blessing. Wouldn’t you like to have more money to be able to bless others? Of course! So, there is no argument here.

The question we are considering is can pursuing money distract us from attaining our ultimate prosperity? Yes. However, remember, many of the great light body masters of the past were wealthy: King Solomon, the Buddha, even Jesus, were members or extremely wealthy families.

One reason we want money is to be debt free.

In Christian vernacular, debt is ‘sin’. So is the love of money. The ultimate way out of  sin is to attain our angelic light body.

Putting Christian teachings aside, in the secular world, to be in debt makes one a slave to a cabal of invisible banksters who have long been cheating humanity out of its rights as sovereign souls by creating money out of thin air, like magic, and charging interest for its use.

As I write this article on Friday, July 22, 2016, the U.S. Government’s Federal debt moved above $19,400,000,000,000 for the first time. That’s 19 trillion dollars. This is over $150,000 per tax payer. This is a sinful legacy to pass on to the next generation. It steals their future and locks their soul into a debter’s prison.

Dave Ramsey, who has build an empire by teaching people to live debt free, points us to a Proverb of the richest man who ever lived, King Solomon, who said: “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is the slave to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7).

It is pretty simple. Debt takes away our freedom. It inhibits our soul. It stands in the way not just of our earthly happiness, but also attainment of our Robe of Light.

To be free of debt/sin is certainly an amazing gift to our soul.


Getting back to listening between Joel’s lines, what I heard him say is that when one is debt free one can do BIG THINGS.

He was very convincing about the BIG things God wants us to have.

In his talk, Joel equated the paid off home mortgage with success in this life. This may seem mundane, but who doesn’t want to own their home free and clear?

Especially when nearly 4 billion of the 7.5 billion inhabitants of earth do not even have clean water or a toilet let alone a paid off dwelling to call home.

I found it intriguing that he calls God by one of his Hebrew names, El Shaddai, which is normally translated as “God Almighty,” but Joel says it means “God is more than enough.”

El means something like ‘the power of God’. Shaddai is derived from a word meaning breast, which implies the power of God is in the heart.

Another interpretation of El Shaddai has it as the plural name for a group of mighty ones. These are the Watchers angels of the Old Testament. in my book, “The Lost Secret of the Watchers”, I show how these Angels of the Lord brought the “secret of heaven” with them to earth. This secret is about how humans transform into angels. Incidentally, these angels are also called the Els or ‘Shining Ones’.

Unfortunately, the Christian church has demonized these angels and their secret teaching. No church that I am aware of teaches its sheep to become angels.

The message is clear, however. We all have a BIGGER version of ourselves.

Joel Osteen is a master at helping people transform disappointment into something BIG. The key is to have a BIGGER vision for your life. To believe BIGGER than you do now.

He cites the story of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10), who was in a state of deep sorrow, but had the courage to ask God to do something BIG in his life.

Jabez asked God to enlarge his territory and to bless him indeed.

By this, Joel was thinking that the little known Biblical figure was asking for God to help him out of his stuck place.

Jabez was asking God to turn things around for him. Indeed. As Joel said, this means “in GREAT ways.”

The scripture says God granted him his request.

Joel’s question for the day was, “have you ever asked God to enlarge your territory?”

“Have you ever said, God, bless me indeed? God, do SOMETHING big in my life.”

As Joel says, “Friends, we have not, because we ask not. When you S-T-R-E-T-C-H your faith. When you ask God to I-N-C-R-E-A-S-E, E-N-L-A-R-G-E. He will.”

Osteen’s massive audience may have been asking for a larger house, a bigger bank balance, a newer car, a better job. Or, in some cases, just clean water, a toilet, and something to eat.

My audience has the same needs, but they also seek to answer a higher spiritual call, a BIGGER purpose. They seek to attain their light body and to ascend to heavenly realms.

On that note, Joel then asked us to think about how expansive the universe is. There are millions of stars and planets, he said, with wide wonder.

Actually, their are millions of stars just in our Milky Way galaxy. The universe is home to trillions of stars spread across hundreds of billions of galaxies. And that is just the known universe.

Joel’s point was that everything about God is BIG.  The problem, says Osteen,  “is if you think small, and believe small, and expect small, then your thinking will keep you from the BIG things God has in store for you.”

Joel is asking us to get up each day and say, “Father, thank you for doing Something BIG in my life today. Thank you for BIG opportunities, BIG breakthroughs”.

Here is where he got me.

How many days have you, dear reader, awoken and thanked God for helping you with the BIGGEST breakthrough of your life?

If those days are few, then the message here is that one way to accelerate your ascension and light body attainment is to thank God for doing this for you.

And to ask God or Something  to help you do so.


Osteen states that the big battle is one of containment. The enemy does not want you to go further in your life. The enemy does not want you to advance. “His goal,” says Joel, “is to keep you contained.” There are forces working overtime to keep us where we are.

Joel does not name this enemy. Nor, perhaps, does he need to. We each can do that for ourselves. Paul calls it the Planetary Powers. Don Juan calls it the Predator. He says it consumes our robe of light just after our birth. If we can regrow the robe just beyond the toes the predator will not see us any longer.

Joel says we must never be satisfied with what we have. We need to press forward and strive for BIGGER things.

Especially, we cannot be contained.

He says that we must know that God wants us to increase, to be promoted, to reach new levels. Something BIG is coming our way.

“God,” he says, “wants to bless you beyond your normal income.”

Again, I kept waiting for Joel to tell us that the GREAT BIG LIFE we are meant to have involves the transformation of our earthly (flesh and blood/money-driven) lives into righteous angelic lives. This leads to the ultimate prosperity of the Resurrection Body, also known as the light body.

Once we escape the containment of our physical body, and the container of our soul, we are free to roam about the cosmos.

You may not see, right now, how your body can transform into light and how you can become equal to the angels, but God can. That is God’s vision for you.

I known it sounds like a lot to believe that God wants you to have the same eternal body as the angels or to mirror the Resurrection Body of Christ.

But this is the truth.

We all have excuses for not accepting the greatness within us. We’re too old. We don’t have enough time. We’re afraid of it.

Don’t worry. You can handle this.

As Joel says, “you just have to DARE to believe”.

So, how do we escape containment?


The place to begin escaping the containment of the body is by training the mind.

More, the Big House God wants us to build is not a 15,000 square foot mansion somewhere.

The Big House is our body temple and our eternal light body. The Essenes called it the House of Perfection.

One place to begin building this house-temple of the Light Body is to imagine it filled with sacred art.

My work on “The Awakened Soul,” and the work Clare and I did together on “Arcanum”, focused on providing you with reference works and the greatest collection ascension and resurrection ever assembled. “The image will show you the Way,” was the message of the Gnostics. By studying the sacred art of ascension and resurrection you are building neural pathways to your Light Body self.

I have studied the light body and resurrection and ascension teachings of numerous ancient traditions from the Egyptians, to the Babylonians, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Jewish Mystics, the early Christians, to the Cathars, and they all have a similar hopeful messag: You don’t have to and will not do this alone.

Their are friendly beings out there — saints, boddhisatvas, Christs — looking for you and wanting to assist you in you rise.

The key is to look beyond your physical container. Look to your future self. Your angelic, light being self.

Then, DARE TO BELIEVE  you can become an angel.

THIS is the next BIG STEP forward and to letting God do SOMETHING BIG in your life.

Can you dream of traveling the limitless divine cosmos with a tribe of angelic light beings? Can you dream of Jesus coming to you as a Seraph, as he did to Francis of Assisi?

Can you dream of blessing countless others with the Divine love within you?

I know you can, otherwise you would not have read this far.

Some of us dream of just getting by in this world. God’s light body vision for you is to thrive in a world of true light and love.

Some of us just want to make it through today, or this life. God’s light body vision is for you to master cosmic life.

As Jesus said in Matthew (19:26), “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” The Divine Manifesting Power (Exousia) can accomplish an instant transformation of our lives.


Joel quotes Deuteronomy 1:11: “May the Lord God of your Father make you a thousand times more than you are.”

The message is: “A thousand times more than we are” is what we already are.

God is not wanting us to become a thousand times more than we are just in the material sense.

Somewhere along the line, the awakened soul realizes that the “thousand times more than we are” God wants us to be is our angelic self our light body self.

This is the  B-I-G  S-T-R-E-T-C-H  God wants us to make.

It is not into a bigger house, bigger company, better car, etc., which all might be nice, it is to our BIGGER ascended self.

God has billions of worlds awaiting you and angels waiting to assist you in traveling there. New dimensions await you.

The Good News is that as you dream of these worlds and allow the angels to enter your life, it transforms what you have. It makes your life BIGGER and BETTER.

The Tibetans teach attainment of the light body can happen in one life time.

Christianity tells us it will happen in the twinkling of an eye.

The light body is called the Robe of Glory because it shines. It is called the Robe of Righteousness because all who wear it earned it by doing the right things.

Don’t let the sleeping caterpillars that you see on a daily basis keep you from manifesting your BIGGER light body self.

Your body is a container. Fill it with light and love. Raise your vibration and with it your expectations. See your container expanding one thousand times into a glowing being of light.

As you fill your container, your next best self will be fed. It has all the ‘how to’ answers your present self belief it lacks.

God will do the rest.

This is what God or Something intended when your Divine Spark, your soul, was put in this container.

The open star doors await those who dream big, think big, act big and who dress appropriately in their light body garment.

As you wear this garment God will lead you to others who are dressed like you.

All you have to do is s-t-r-e-t-c-h out to reach them.

Together, we will enlarge the territory of light on earth. We will connect earth to the cosmic realms. We will take our civilization beyond the grips of the cabal of soul enslaving banksters who presently control our world.

Ask God or Something now to fulfill this dream for you and for all of humanity. Take comfort that you don’t have to have all the answers for how to fulfill this dream. Something good will happen. Someone will fill in the gaps.

You are a thousand times more than you are.

A thousand times more people than you can imagine are with you.

Together, we are headed for a new world the angels dreamed of.


William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Carol Nemeth 8 years ago

    Together, we will enlarge the territory of light on earth. We will connect earth to the cosmic realms.

    Ask God or Something now to fulfill this dream for you and for all of humanity. Take comfort that you don’t have to have all the answers for how to fulfill this dream. Something good will happen. Someone will fill in the gaps.

    You are a thousand times more than you are.

    A thousand times more people than you can imagine are with you.

    Together, we are headed for a new world the angels dreamed of.


    …….Thank you for this William and I did read everything you posted, the article/words/paintings are magnificent. Gratitude and thankfulness is hopefully part of each day for all humankind. I like that you have included Master Jesus as well as Master Hermes in the same breath. When I pray before going to sleep at night, it is ALWAYS to both of them as well as THOTH, (my personal hero). http://www.egyptianmyths.net/thoth.htm

    “The serpent on a pole or rod is, of course, the caduceus of Hermes, the staff of enlightenment, from or around which ribbons or a snake or snakes curl. Numerous authors make the connection not only between Moses and Hermes, but also Jesus and Hermes. It is no wonder their symbols are interconnected.”

    Might Joel Osteen, in a previous life, have been acquainted with Master Jesus in some way? Maybe an Apostle?

  2. Hello William,
    This is the first time I have had the honor to read one of your writings. Thank you for a wonderful, peaceful, and harmonious expression in this piece. I am moved by your eloquence to convey so much in a manner that stirs the soul, giving the reader the opportunity to discern and reflect on the magnificence that we Are, Big Beings, ” You are a thousand times more than you are”, manifested in the image and likeness of our Creator, God, with infinite recourses, if we will just ask and let the Divine work through us with immovable faith.

    In grace and gratitude,

  3. Diane 8 years ago

    Fascinating article, as they all are! Thank you for your deep insight. Very thought provoking… your work and perspective are so appreciated.

  4. Mia 8 years ago

    Beautiful article, Thank You – Very Grateful, I found this article at just the right time, as it was just what I needed to read – to give me more clarity on Ascension/The Light Body.
    Thank You for clearly explaining why were are here – and what we are here to do!

  5. Aileen 8 years ago

    William you have brought much beautiful info and i am a newby at your works! I have much more to read and listen to as far as your teachings go..but, they minister to me so……..When being brought up in a “Christian” home and being taught that the enemy parades as a beautiful being of light….
    How then do we know if the “Spheres” or “beings that move through the portals” are of loveing intention? I am an Experiecer that wants to know this!!
    I was taught to fear, and fear was an automatic reaction! But, in no way was i harmed and in fact as frightening as it was, when they did not return i felt a very deep sense of loss! And i see that the “Blue is emphasised very much, but, red is also mentioned” What is the importance of them both apearing at the same time?
    Is there a difference in the meanings of the 2 colors?
    Either way i continue to persue the good the love the light and the abundance of the creator but, part of me desires to re-iniciate that angelic conection and part of me fears it….”Fear” for sure is a huge mountain to climb!
    Thank you for all you have done so far!
    Blessings, Love and Light to All!

  6. Adrianne 8 years ago

    I saw you in the grocery today and looked up your website – this was a great article that I needed to see right now. Thank you for this blessed synchronicity!

  7. William Henry Rutledge III 8 years ago

    Hello William, Thank you for your life’s work and articulating this subject in a way that is easy to grasp for this “Truth Seeker”. My first and middle name is also William Henry. I once thought that if I were ever to be a writer what name I would use. Your name, my first and middle, was what came to me. So many things in life i find to be synergetic. One day I just typed in this name and up you came for me to get to know. What a wonderful blessing! I have watched you with David Wilcock and Cory Goode. I will continue to read and listen to your words as I explore Gaia and your blog. Thank you for this article. I have forwarded to my friends and encouraged them to read your every word. Have a blessed day and life to come!
    Your new follower and friend,
    William Henry R.

  8. Selidia 8 years ago

    Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    Open my eyes that I may see the wonders that are in your Law. Ps.119:18

    Thank you for these,” wonder-full”, insights of wisdom and knowledge.

  9. Suni Nelson 8 years ago

    Thank you William for writing, educating us! My life @ 67 is now bridging the New Earth into existence, & drawing/seeing Rainbow Body, Rainbow Orbs, Nature’s Energy as Artist. You explained the Hermes caduseus over my heart in a large Buddhaess self portrait; wondering what my purpose was this lifetime. Coming in this lifetime under Mercury who received the caduseus fr Hermes, clairaudient, clairsentient, talking to Nature age 3, Jesus, Mary, Isis, wondering where the harmonious world was. All those careers in Arts, Music, Art Therapy, Holistic Healthcare, & now clarity of purpose: show people their Light Body & build the new paradigm on Earth.
    Do you have more info on the Rainbow Body that even you did not know until now?

  10. Mae 8 years ago

    Thank You William and your wife for your life’s work on the Ascension, our most important goal in this life. I have enjoyed your Arcanum series on Gaia and find it a refreshing relieve from the darkness and strife that we presently see in the world today.

    I have learned that listening to Rock or Hard Rock music keeps our kundalini energies down in the lower chakras. I was told that waltz music is ascension music – and it works! By listening to Waltz music, I can feel the ascension spiral moving through my body. I believe God and the higher realms have provided these classical music, music of the spheres, for us to aide us on our path toward our ascension, for it is a daily transmutation of the lower substance of man to the higher vibration of our light bodies. Quite an undertaking, however, it is our destiny.

  11. Evelina 8 years ago

    Thank you so much, I am speechless and overwhelm by what I’m reading.

  12. Shannon 8 years ago

    What a gift! I love this. How beautiful. Thank you!

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