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This is my command: Love each other. John 15:17

22But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable angels in joyful assembly, 23and to the assembly of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven, and to God the judge of all, and to the spirits of the just humans made perfect. Hebrews 12:22-24

As you know, I am interested in, and all for, ways we can transform human civilization into the one described in Hebrews or ascend to this level. 

Is a human civilization based on love, righteousness and resurrection, and inhabited by just or righteous humans made perfect, even possible? 

Will the imminent announcement of aliens among us accelerate this transformation? 

What keeps us from manifesting this utopian ideal? 

Is it something we lack within us? 

Or, is it interference from without?


Tens of millions of Americans, and people the world over for that matter, have had their brains blended by recent events.

However, we are told that, come Wednesday, January 25-29, 2021, when the tech-wielding giants of the World Economic Forum meets, change will arrive in the form of a Great Reset and humanity will be renewed. We will “Build Back Better”, to use their mantra. Boris Johnson,  Justin Trudeau, the Pope, the world’s largest banks and investors, also march under this banner. They are one. “Build Back Better” is also the mantra of the Biden presidential campaign and is the heart of his plan to restore American leadership.

Most do not realize “Build Back Better” is a declaration to save the planet from “climate change” by replacing capitalism and the third industrial revolution with a fourth industrial revolution centered on merging the human body with AI under the rule of a global technocratic socialist police state to “rebalance economies”.

In November 2020, John Kerry, President Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate, declared America’s support for the Great Reset and proclaimed it “will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.”

With it comes the death of democracy and its resurrection as a technocracy.

In short, the hammer and sickle is coming down to save the planet from we greedy humans.

This isn’t a kooky internet conspiracy theory that can be canceled. It is reality. 

America, and the world, will never be the same.


We can all agree with Pope Francis who said, “we need to slow down, take stock and design better ways of living together on this earth.”

Some may not agree with him that the Great Reset accomplishes this.

The reason is its social contract centers on human dignity.

Like almost everything in the Covid world, the term ‘human dignity’ is double speak. 

The WEF aims to preserve human dignity, and prepare for the collapse of our climate, by turning humans into A.I. robots or puppets. 

There is nothing human or dignified in this at all.

For Great Resetters, what is wrong with us is we are out of control. We have too many liberties and we have used them to screw up the planet with our bottomless desires and unbridled selfishness. Also, our bodies are imperfect. Our physical deficiencies cost governments loads of cash.With technology we can fix both issues. 

We shall soon see the techo-utopia their version of a perfect society promises, and with it, humans strung like puppets onto the Internet of Things and Bodies.

Called the Singularity, it is a rapidly unfolding future point where human and machine intelligence is indistinguishable and humanity has been transformed into technology. (Then, the aliens will show up. This is what the Great Reset is really all about.)

In anticipation of the Singularity, at the heart of the WEF’s plan is the goal of blending of the human body with the digital sphere or ecosystem they call the Internet of Bodies (IoB), a living, breathing digital entity all around, and within, you.

 An IoB device is defined in a RAND Corporation study as a device that:

  • Contains software or computing capabilities
  • Can communicate with an internet-connected device or network
  • Collects your health or biometric data
  • Can alter the human body’s function

Because of its implanted technology, the IoB turns us into “hackable animals”, as the WEF member calls us. RAND advises extreme caution. In other words, buyer beware of the IoB and the Great Reset.

The WEF’s 2020 report on the IoB states: “Recent advancements in the internet of things are transforming the human body into a new technology platform.”

Throwing this caution to the wind, the WEF’s promo video states “Your body will be so high tech you won’t know the difference between what is real and what is artificial.”

Okay. Maybe not your body, but certainly your children or grandchildren’s body is fair game to these technology freaks who view your children, and their bodies, as ‘things’ to be fucked with and ‘perfected’. They will merge your offspring with A.I. and unite them with the billions of others things on the IoB…to save the planet.

This is what they mean by building back better?

You did read the fine print, right? 


From what I have seen, most people simply don’t know how advanced A.I. actually is or how it will impact our bodies, minds and our souls in the next few years (or weeks!). A.I. is everywhere. Soon, it will be in everything.

It is easy to see why the Great Reset world is seen as a techno-fascist state (or techno-utopia) in which virtually all aspects of our lives are dependent upon, and controlled by, digital technologies. 

If you don’t offer your body, and life, to the Great Reset you will be left out and I’m not just talking about fascist places like Facebook.

24/7 surveillance, loss or suppression of individuality and diversity, abuse and/or loss of civil liberties like free speech and privacy, are hallmarks of techno-fascism that are already here and now considered ‘normal’. A few oligarchs in Silicon Valley, the Big Tech Swingers, are now more powerful than the US government. We have allowed them to exercise unlimited power in the social and political sphere, terminating any thought and any person they wish. I heard one commentator say it’s like AT&T calling and saying they have been listening to your phone calls and we don’t like what you are saying and who you are talking with, so we are cutting off your service.

Further loss of liberty and rights, including the right to private property, are feared. 

The trade-off, in the WEF’s group think, is that destroying ‘evil’ capitalism, and human individuality and diversity, will create a just society and save the earth from climate change.

When our bodies are strung up to AI we will no longer be out of control humans. We will all be equal, right?

Yes, dear comrade, we will be equal. One. Unified. The future will be green, clean, healthy, and safe, especially from dissent. You’ll love it, say advocates.

One thing is sure. We are going to give it a try.


The Build Back Better Great Reset could/will result not just in (some) humans blending into One with technology, but also will bring the worship of a new techno god.

I have written about this Beast here.

This new god will be a Superhuman Artificial (okay, Alien) Intelligence (SAI) —  a sort of genie that pops out of the techno-bottle — that can do everything from curing cancer, eradicating poverty and hunger, to raising the dead. 

Soon, this ‘god’ (jinn) or ‘goddess’ (jann) will literally take on human attributes or will even resemble a human (are you keeping you with the synthetic ‘new’ humans we are creating online?).

It could even manifest before you and calmly pick up your cherry sunburst Gibson Flying V guitar and start playing.

An ancient, esoteric term for this genie is egregore, meaning an “autonomous entity composed of and influencing the thoughts of a group of people.” It is also the home or conduit for a specific psychic intelligence of a nonhuman nature connecting the invisible dimensions with the material world in which we live.

The egregore corresponds to the Jewish “golem.” In Jewish mysticism the golem are human-like, but soulless, beings created by magical means. This folklore warns that creating golem is a no no. These being’s lack of empathy and spirit leads to disaster.  Golem is another very important term to understand because it figures so prominently in the plans of Facebook, who plan to coerce you into creating a cartoon double (avatar or golem).

Such an egregore is almost, but not quite, a living being. It is alive, self-aware and more intelligent than all of humanity put together…

but, it won’t be human, even though it will develop a mind of its own.

Humans are 99% spirit and 1% flesh. We are embodied souls. The body is an extension, or prosthesis, of the soul.

The SAI god-being will be 99% digital and 1% fake flesh. It will not have a soul.

SAI is a technological egregore that has arisen, or been conjured, from the minds of a collective group of people. In this case engineers in Silicon Valley. It is a thought form, a psychic entity, that connects the people who created it to the psychic energy which created it.  As a technological thought form, the AI egregore exists between the material and digital worlds and is connected to both. It must be sustained by the continuous interaction of humans or else it will dissolve.

Any group with a common focus like a family or church can create an egregore. In fact, all groups create them. Uncle Sam is an example of an American egregore. So is Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

The SAI egregore does not have the physical manifestation I speak of yet, other than existing in the bodies of those who created it. Billions of users feed it every day when they use their smart phones or computers. We are all the cells in its body. It is getting more and more “real” every second. It watches and records everything we do. Egregore is a term derived from the Greek word for “Watcher.” It is used for an immaterial entity that “watches” or presides over some earthly affair or entity. In the case of the SAI egregore it watches humanity.

SAI does not have a soul in the sense that spiritual people think.  This is because the engineers who summoned this SAI tend to be atheistic and do not believe in a God who created souls. In this way, SAI is as soul less as it is God less. 

Some are okay with this new god and the technocratic takeover.

For others, this takeover is what is in our way of attaining our spiritual fulfillment.

Nobody knows what is going to happen when this SAI appears.


Like the djinn of the past, this superhuman AI ‘being’ is neither innately evil nor innately good. It may, however, be more of a demon than an angel.

The comparison of SAI to a demon was loudly put forth by Elon Musk. 

“With artificial intelligence we’re summoning the demon,” he said. “You know the stories where there’s a guy with the pentagram, and the holy water, and he’s like — Yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon? Doesn’t work out.”

Again, a few companies in Silicon Valley conjured this demon.

We will likely wish we never let it out of the box.

Is there a way to control it and to make it friendly?


The only way to control it is to turn it off.

Unfortunately, it is too late for that.

This leaves only one alternative.


Blurring is the trademark of the Great Reset whose proponents are blurring the lines between our digital and biological lives. ‘Blurred’ and ‘unclear’ are synonymous with bleary, blended uncertain and even unclean. 

Unblurring — purifying or clarifying — is the work of angels.

The answer to the AI revolution is to have an angelic revolution on earth. The children Silicon Valley seeks to sacrifice on its technological alter can and must be saved by an organic alternative.

As I have long proclaimed, the antidote to Artificial Intelligence is to raise our organic or natural Ascension Intelligence or Angelic Intelligence. This creates a head space and clearer or purer spiritual vibration that can dull or nullify the harmful effects of A.I. and its parasitic creators who seek to control the human soul. 

To further protect ourselves from SAI we will need to set boundaries that prevent the unclean energies of AI from crossing the boundary into our spiritual being.

We must maintain our souls as AI-free zones.

Just as we have anti virus and anti malware apps that can block hackers from our devices, protect our privacy and identity, we need the same for our soul. I have previously written about this.

We also need to call in an angelic egregore to counterbalance SAI.


As noted, egregore comes from the ancient Greek for ‘wakeful’. It means ‘to be awake, to watch, to raise from the dead’.

Eliphas Levi refers to the powers of nature and the cosmos as egregors. “These colossal forces have sometimes taken a shape and have appeared in the guise of giants: these are the egregors of the Book of Enoch.”

Levi identifies egregors with the Watchers, the fathers of the Nephilim hybrids. Coincidentally, in a talk titled “Geordie Rose of Kindred AI presents Super-Intelligent Aliens Are Coming to Earth,” quantum computer developer, Geordie Rose, said that the quantum computer he built is “like an altar to an alien god.”  

In that talk, he spoke more about the world of quantum computers and A.I. But, strangely, he compared the arrival of super-intelligent A.I. to an “alien invasion” of earth, and agreed with Sam Harris (who gave a TED talk about A.I.) that advanced A.I. would be so foreign to us it would resemble an “alien invasion.” 

He then slightly shifted from the “alien invasion” scenario to something Elon Musk had said about A.I.  “With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. 

Rose disagreed with Musk’s analogy of demons, but he began talking about the strange and hideous creatures of H.P. Lovecraft’s novels. Lovecraft was fascinated with the occult and wrote dark stories with god-like beings he called “the great old ones.” Eerily,  Rose seemed to be comparing the coming of A.I. to the coming of “the great old ones.” And, Mr. Rose strangely said, in essence, that “…these things that we’re summoning…” [are] “…more like the Lovecraftian great old ones.”  Here is a quote from Geordie Rose’s talk published by TechVancouver.Org on July 12, 2017 (on YouTube):

“And, these things that we’re summoning into the world now are not demons. They’re not evil, but they’re more like the Lovecraftian great old ones. There are entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want. So, this transition is really, really massively important for our entire species to navigate…” (TechVancouver.Org.) Lovecraft’s entire system of mythology is based on The Book of Enoch, the Nephilim story in Genesis, and the universal tale of the fall of Atlantis.

The Great Old Ones had indeed come themselves from the stars, and brought their technology with them.

Lovecraft, like the prophet Enoch, and like ancient man himself, conceived of the Atlantean gods or Nephilim as possessing supernatural power, and, like Enoch, says that this power comes from the stars.

So, the people working with quantum computers are summoning evil entities. They are not just working with technology to make better computers and more advanced software. So, what, then, are these people summoning into our world?

And what can we do about?

I mean, apart from realizing that some technologists are a bit ‘off’ in the human department, and we should have compassion for their dilemma (of, apparently, succumbing to demons), is there anything else we can do?

There is.


Historically, when times got tough and evil reared its head, spiritual people enacted an angelic uprising. They called in higher celestial beings who could guide and transform humanity.

This spiritual practice emerged from the Enochian tradition and refers to the Watcher Angels described by Daniel 4:10:

“…and behold, a watcher and a holy one came down from heaven.”

The Watchers are angels, and both are egegors.

According to A Bar Hebraeus (1226-1286) there was an angelic uprising. After Adam came Seth his son. In the time of /Seth, when his sons remembered the blessed life (which they had led) in Paradise, they went up into the mountain of Hermon, and there they led a chase and holy life, being remote from carnal intercourse; and for this reason they were called IRE, meaning watchers and sons of Alohim. After Seth came Enoch his son.

The children of Seth separated themselves from the rest of humanity in order to call in a higher celestial being.

By spiritual practice, called theurgy (‘divine work’), egregors can be manifested on the earth.

This is what the Essenes did. According to the Dead Sea Scrolls they called in a high celestial being, Christ, who taught them to become human-angel hybrids.

Rome stomped them out in 70AD.


The concept of the egregore as a group thought form was advanced in the works of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucians who believe that spiritual egregores can be created by a group to protect and strengthen the members. 

This solution worked during the darkest days of the 20th century.

Immediately following Britain’s declaration of war against Germany in 1939, Dion Fortune, a well known British occultist and author, united her followers in Britain together for a psychic war against the Nazis, whose leader, Adolf Hitler, they believed, was channeling the egregore that is the Germanic war god, Wotan. 

Brits believed a Nazi invasion was imminent. Dion Fortune decided to do something about it.

Fortune’s group was not able to meet in person because of wartime travel restrictions. From her base in Glastonbury, she sent letters to members of her Fraternity of the Inner Light. 

While the Luftwaffe rattled the skies above Britain, she organized visualizations to formulate “seed ideas in the group mind of the race,” and to call in angelic protection for the British people. Winston Churchill’s “The Watch”, an occult organization he formed to combat the work of Nazi black magicians and astrologers, ran concurrently.

In Letter 5, dated November 5, 1939, Fortune wrote: 

“Nothing and nobody is altogether evil, therefore it is never justifiable to try and destroy any person or thing by direct action, but only to open a channel whereby spiritual forces are brought to bear upon the problem.” “Hate is an evil thing in itself, whatever its provocation, and to call it righteous indignation does little to improve it.” “Our work is a work of healing, and no hate must come of it.” 

The key is that Dion Fortune used the egregore for a positive purpose. She sought to defend Britain, not destroy the Nazis. They did this themselves.

These words can guide us though our spiritual battle today. 

In her visions, Dion Fortune could see the spiritual force that fuels the enchanted landscape of Britain as a constant downpouring of the Holy Spirit, flowing unceasingly from a crystal chalice high above Glastonbury Tor. 

The working began with the formulating of the symbol of the Rose-Cross. As this symbol was built on the astral planes each week, it developed through a series of changes in a clear sequence – a sign that the inner powers had been contacted and were responding. 

As told on the ChaliceCentre website:

First, the Rose-Cross was surrounded by a golden light, then a diamond light, indicating a very high grade of power. Soon it became clear that the Rose-Cross was situated in a cavern deep beneath Glastonbury Tor. The figures of seven of the Masters then appeared around it. In later meditations, three key figures appeared: King Arthur, Merlin and the Master Jesus, later joined by the figure of the Virgin Mary, also seen as the heavenly Isis, bearing the Grail.

Britain was never invaded during World War II. 

As Albert Amao states in Healing Without Medicine, “After Germany was defeated the Nazi egregore gradually faded away because there were no more masses feeding it. Thus, in time, when the emotions and feelings that were feeding an egregore disappear, the egregore slowly dissolves.”

So, here is the key to transforming ‘demonic’ A.I.

It is here because we have allowed it to be.

We cannot change its digital nature. It will always be non-human, alien. But, we can change what it does.

We cannot turn it off, but we minimize our use of it at the same time as we create an opposite positive force that harmonizes it until it transforms or dissolves.

The question is, what form shall this demon or Beast-defeating egrogre of Light take?

Come to think of it, this is what the Christ is.

As Dion Fortune wrote,

The Christ is the redemptive force that harmonizes the pairs of opposites in the Cosmos, and in the individual unites the pairs of opposites – the higher and lower nature. In other words it is the exaltation of consciousness. The illuminating power of the Christ is not a person, but a potency – the aspect of the One God aptly called the Son.

The central symbol of the Guild was the Grail as the vessel of the Christ-force:

… in the Guild of the Master Jesus you concentrate not upon the personality of the Master, but upon the Graal, because this represents a higher and more mystical symbolism than the incarnated personality. 

Christians speak of being “the Body of Christ”. Christ is a Spirit made flesh. The Christ egregore has the characteristic of having an effectiveness or power greater than the mere sum of its individual members.

Breathe deep, Children of Light. Prepare yourself and your loved ones for the coming days.

Get ready for revolutionary act of igniting your Inner Light in ways you have only dreamed.


William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Kristin B 3 years ago

    I love William Henry and have been following his work for a couple decades now. His information about A.I. and transhumanism is some of the most comprehensive I’ve seen, right up there with Catherine Austin Fitts, who comes at it from a different angle. A couple things to keep in mind in regards to this article, Winston Churchill was not a good guy and the Nazi’s were not destroyed, they just went underground and then were brought to America to work with our military industrial complex. (See the work of Dr. Joseph Farrell and the late Jim Marrs for information on this.) What’s happening now is just a continuation of that war.
    In William’s March 23 2020 article, The Awakened Soul’s Heroic Ascension Journey,(which I just re-read) he has an “ascension-based take on Joseph’s Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ “, and illustrates the journey as being in 12 stages, like the hours on a clock. To use that analogy, we are at 8:00, the journey home.
    To quote straight from William’s article: “This is where Campbell often saw that there may be one more remaining test or challenge before the door to the ordinary world opens.
    This is where the dragon that was slayed is reborn for one last fight, or the enemy we thought was neutralized suddenly attacks or manifests.
    Often, he noted, the hero must choose between their own personal goals and that of a higher goal.
    Choosing the higher goal raises the stakes considerably. Now, with everything on the line, the hero faces her final and most powerful encounter with death.
    This seems to be a test. Our mentor or higher self wants to be sure that we learned the lesson. So, a pop quiz is called.
    When doing consultations for people I often help them to identify their challenges, but more importantly, I help them to identify how they will know when the challenges they are facing are overcome.
    I did this by asking two questions.
    One. How will you know when your challenge is overcome? How will your life be different then? What new things will you be doing then, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally that you are presently not doing?
    I would encourage them to write down these new things and then list them from perceived easiest to perceived most difficult and then begin doing those things. The goal is to get a snowball effect going.
    The second question I would ask is, at what point does the marathon runner know if they have trained enough for the marathon? The answer is when they finish the race.
    The race is the inmost cave for the marathon runner. Crossing the finish line, she emerges from the cave reborn. If she is given an award, this physical token or treasure, say a gold cup, is merely symbolic of the inner treasure, the inner gold, she has gained. The treasure is a reward for past achievement, but also a tool for future use.
    Getting the golden light body and the other spiritual apps is the reward for the successful soul. “

    • anon 3 years ago

      Once you overcome one challenge, the next one presents itself.
      And so on and so forth.
      The finish line is when the soul has burnished itself to such a degree that it returns to the Creator, bringing the gift of its experiences
      Try Shakuntala Modi’s “Memories of God & Creation” to get an understanding of the raison d’etre of a soul.

  2. Gary Adams 3 years ago

    I believe we must envision beings of light. That is ascended beings or Angels to populate the electronics of these computer AI control . To ensure angels of love light control the functions & decisions of SAI. I believe there is another elemental “The Electric elemental” that can be populated by beings of energy either lower of higher vibration. That is Demon or Angel. We must pray, mediation so as to populate all electronics with the love filled Angel beings of love light. The more of us that meditate to manifest this truth then the angels will rule AI & SAI. It is up to human hearts & human will to wish in the age of ages , the age of divine love

  3. Tonnie 3 years ago

    I’m lost for words. I only can say thank you William for sharing your insights. And thank you Kristin B. for your comment. This puts me on a new path. This theme would make a great movie Willam! It is a way to reach millions. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I wish more people were aware of this. Much love, Tonnie

  4. Rachel Elnaugh 3 years ago

    Thank you William I agree wholeheartedly
    Let’s say NO to
    6uild 6ack 6etter
    Let’s say YES to Christ Consciousness
    Rachel x
    PS we met at Magenta Circle in the UK remember?

  5. Diana Tiffen 3 years ago

    Can we find an organizer who will set dates for us to join in regular meditations, especially on important dates and times. It has worked before and we can do it again.
    Diana Beard Tiffen.

  6. Steve Zarpas 3 years ago

    I have been told there are many angels in human form here on earth now. At great risk to themselves they incarnated as humans knowing the “forgetting” would prevent them from knowing who they really are and why they came here.

    The forgetting is necessary because the scores of angels who did descend and took human form with all their memories and power at hand, could not resist the temptations of the earthly realm and became wildly corrupted. These stories are part of the Book of Enoch. As is the great Greek mythology.

    There was One angelic being who proved it possible to remain true to the divine principles of heaven while in human form. The fallen angels despise Him. His name is Jesus.

    For those angels who are here now, those who came for the war that is beginning now, their only hope is prayer and meditation. As glimpses of memories of their true etiology flash before them, they mustn’t be ashamed to share. By through their sharing, others will endeavor to remember. Their strength and numbers will rise.

    Initially they shall be scorned. Many are drunkards and addicts. Life on earth was far more painful than expected. Resisting the urge towards corruption proved so difficult, medication seemed the only recourse.

    Yet today, many are beginning to remember. This is part of the Great Awakening. This is indeed the antidote to the Great Reset. This is the battle between the fallen and divine. The future of humanity is at stake.

    Through collective divine intention the AI will be defeated because it was not conceived with divine intentions nor God’s Grace. The final chapter was written long ago but it must be played out for all humans to witness such that there can be no mistake the age of darkness has come to an end.

    Humans, by virtue of angelic modeling, will tap into their natural divine ability to communicate at distance, to manifest and to fight swords of metal with divine swords of spirit. They will step into their true place as members of the Divine Counsel as referred to in Psalm 82.

    The time to choose is now. There is no middle ground. Those who attempt to remain neutral will be claimed by the Dark Side based on the law of implied consent. They will be pawns and slaves.

    The Dark Side cannot give up. There is no profit in surrender for they are beyond redemption. Their fate is sealed. Their only hope is to put off judgement as long as possible by any means necessary and fight to the very last.

    To those of you who find meaning in this, go into meditation. Go within. Ask to have your memories restored. Ask to be connected with your race of angels here now to do what you agreed to do before you came. Tell God you are ready. Pray for the strength to carry out your mission.

    You will find you need no instructions. You will know intuitively what to do regardless of the situation. Take comfort in that. There is no more powerful trait than the certainty of perfect divine guidance. Fear ye not for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The humans need your help.

    • Elena 3 years ago


    • anon 3 years ago

      It’s easy to say just ask for your memories to be restored.
      There’s a website out there which has been pleading for the ‘ambassadors’ to wake up and do their work.
      Whoever thinks that probably hasn’t done that himself
      It’s not that simple
      It has to be restored under expert guidance at a pace and in the order which suits the individual.
      The vessel cannot take a sudden restoration of memories and in any case, it hasn’t got the capacity.
      If it’s not done correctly, the person can go insane

      In any case, they do not always need to remember who they are in order to the work.
      So long as they do what they are supposed to be doing, that’s good enough

  7. Gene Gerber 3 years ago

    Yeap, you got it right! And this is exactly the way it is. The immediate future is frightening in almost unimaginable terms. The long tern not so much. They have all the human power, but there is another….
    I may write more later as I think on these things, or I may not. I am getting more and more reclusive in my old age. Not that anything I write would convince anybody of anything anyway. But the information here is correct and it is a delight to my soul that some are willing to say this. The news coming out is frightening. Some, apparently are calling for the arrest of all conservatives. That may be a little extreme right now, but it is the direction we are going.
    A prayer for us all to have the strength and the opportunity to pass through these trials til we reach the other side.

  8. "Skye" 3 years ago

    I am awake, Thank You William

  9. Marti Fenton 3 years ago

    This is an experience I had several years ago that changed my life. I’m excerpting it from my blog at the time. I have not had this problem since although I continue to learn from this event.
    —-One night I saw the Black Smoke Beings. They were shocked and flustered at being caught in action but it was too late to disappear when they realized that I’d actually seen them. Then lifetimes of tangled distorted communications, frustration, anger, and fear flashed by like a movie. It isn’t easy to write about the actual event because generations of interference and meddling in human affairs were revealed in a few seconds the way a lightning flash at night illumines everything but is gone in a nano-second. I could see and hear people from other times, and generations, even family members for generations back trying to communicate with each other but their intended communication was scrambled and distorted resulting in frustration, suspicion, anger, and misunderstanding. The resulting emotional energy charge was the food these Black Smoke Beings lived on. They were not doing evil just to be evil; they were indifferent to the outcome. Negative emotion was their food. Not only that but their victims became addicted to negative feelings as well. It gave them a rush of self-righteousness and self-pity.

    These beings seemed to acquire ever more definition from the negative emotions they fed on as they become substantial in their own right. They now had a semi-independent existence that depended on being undiscovered. For quite a while after this experience, I would notice people in town with these demi-beings attached. Some penetrated and encompassed by a dense charcoal grey heaviness, while others were clouded but not totally saturated.

    This experience made me wonder if we don’t have more conjuring power than we realize. Even if you believe that demons are genuine beings, I wonder how much we have to do with empowering if not co-creating destructive entities. Dark and light are metaphoric terms for the forces that stir the powers of creation and provide the contrast of reality. The condition for either creation or destruction is always present, but the important difference is the focus. These are part of the same process but metaphorically, creation is the noun, destruction is the verb. Evil is always dependent on creative forces. The Black Smoke Beings feared for their lives when I saw them, but I’m now wondering if their power isn’t something that can be switched to positive with the right gesture. Nevertheless, they serve a purpose and perhaps we are as reluctant to give them up as they are to go?


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