William Henry



It is the oldest, and most beautiful, story ever told. Far and away in a pure and heavenly place, a baby soul/star, was born. It lived in a perfect world of light and love. Then, the soul/star received a call to action. It disrobed from its beaming Robe of Light, separated from its Source, from God, from Home, and it quested into the eternal starry night of all that is. Finally, the wandering soul finds itself entangled in the conscious matrix of earth (Maia/Gaia), in whose labyrinthine womb it remains until it meets a divine Angel/Avatar/Messenger, remembers its robe, and begins the journey home…

The mythology and religious traditions of many cultures, even without physical contact, feature tales of mystics who ‘phoned home’ and contacted a Divine Light Being, an Avatar (part of a tribe of Perfect Light Humans), and ascended to a pure(r) or perfect(ed) realm beyond this one out of which they, and we, emerge. There are many names for this realm; the Pure Land, the Field or Dimension of the Blessed, Aton, Sion, and the Real World are a few of them.

There have been many representatives from the Real World;  Melchizedek, Amitaba Buddha, Akhenaton, and Krishna, are examples.

In the Gnostic tradition, Christ is the Perfect One who answered the call.  He incarnated in human form (or walked on the water of the human body, which is over 70% water), and entered human consciousness, to remind us of our Robe of Light and to lead us on our return to the illumined realm.

Today, seekers of the way home have a ‘new’ scientific way of explaining how the Avatar is contacted, the robe remembered, and the journey home is made: quantum entanglement and wormholes.

Believe me, quantum entanglement tells us, our ascension is easier than we may have previously imagined.

Entanglement occurs when one set of quantum objects (such as photons or particles of light) form at the same instant. They share the same existence. They are one. They are  connected to another so that even if they are separated by large distances, an action performed on one will affect the other. Until a measurement is made of one of the particles, its state is undetermined (it can be either A, a wave, or B, a particle): it can be regarded as being in both states A and B simultaneously, known as a superposition. But if the particles are entangled, then this measurement also determines the state of the other particle — again, even if they have become separated by a vast distance. The effect of the measurement is transmitted instantaneously to the other particle. The act of measuring ‘collapses’ this superposition into just one of the possible states.

Because of this ‘weird’ state of entanglement, quantum physicists have proven information can be transferred or transmitted (downloaded, channeled) from one to another instantly and without interruption or interception (which is why computer geeks think this is the next step for computer security). The second entity (another photon) takes on the identity of the first. (It’s like I always say, if I drink too much wine, Clare, who doesn’t drink, gets a hangover. We are coupled.)

Quantum Entanglement. Information passes to entangled particles instantly. In an early experiment physicists entangled two diamonds separated by 15 centimeters, proving the concept of quantum coupling.

A quantum wormhole.

Even more remarkable is the possibility that two entangled subatomic particles are themselves somehow connected by a sort of quantum wormhole. This would allow instantaneous tunneling through space.

Entanglement is so complex that nobody quite understands it (suggesting it is ‘beyond human’). In fact, Einstein thought this phenomena was so “spooky” that there was no way it could be valid.

It is.

In fact, in this ‘new’ real world in which we live, our existence now completely depends on technologies based on quantum physics — things such as smart phones, computers and the Internet, lasers, MRI’s, TV’s, microwaves, electron microscopes, transistors, silicon chips, semiconductors,  superconductors and nuclear energy. None of this would be possible without our modern understanding of quantum physics (even though we don’t understand how it works).

However, the quantum entanglement revolution has only just begun.

Physicists believe entanglement will lead to new quantum computers so advanced and powerful they will be like god, meaning completely out of human control (why they would want to do this when AI is already beyond our control is another question).

The implications of what our further understanding of quantum entanglement will bring are beyond our present comprehension. And, we’re not even at the furthest edge of the beginning of what is possible in this revolution!

We must morph into a higher phase of consciousness in order to really ‘get’ what is to come.


Teleportation and Beaming, as in “Beam me up, Scotty” are on the “what’s next list” in the entanglement revolution. We have already teleported bits of light over 300 miles into space. We are smashing records for distances beamed. On January 22, 2018 Chinese scientists reported their quantum satellite “Micius” has allowed scientists to achieve quantum key distribution by transmitting images and conducting a 75-minute video conference between China and Austria, laying a foundation for building a global quantum-secured communication network.

In theory, there are no limits to how far we can beam information…because distance is irrelevant. Information is not moving, it is being shared instantly.

Larger objects are next. Since our human body is bits of light it won’t be long before human particle teleportation or ‘beaming’ is possible.

Or, maybe not. “The jury is not in, so we just don’t know,” physicist Dr. Kip Thorne, a leading authority of black holes and wormholes, told Space.com.

“But there are very strong indications that wormholes that a human could travel through are forbidden by the laws of physics. That’s sad, that’s unfortunate, but that’s the direction in which things are pointing.”

I agree with Dr. Thorne. And so would the Gnostics, and Jesus, who taught that our flesh and blood bodies will not beam, but our perfected light body will. In 1 Corinthians 15:50 Paul says so directly: “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.”

1 Corinthians (15:51) then drops the quantum dime; “Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed  in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.…”

Yes, we will be changed. Our state of being will flip from superposition to Christ position. Then, we can inherit the kingdom of God, flying the entangled wormholes of the starry sky’s eternal vastness.

According to the Gnostics, in order to beam through the All That Is we need a chariot to ride upon (a heavenly throne sometimes called a ‘cloud‘), and we need to change into a Beaming Garment (as it was called in ancient Persia) when riding up on it.  This is why quantum physicists need to pay attention to the Gnostic Beamers and why today’s Gnostic Beamers need to pay attention to quantum physics.

“Wake up, Maggie, I think I’ve got something to say to you…”

It must have been an amazing morning when Jesus lit the fire and told Mary Magdalene the secret of immortality. He would also utter it to a rich man who asked the secret of eternal life.

Jesus told him it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. He tells him that if he is to be Perfect (Whole, Holy, Complete, Compassionate), to go and sell what he has and give it to the Essenes. Then, he could come and follow him into the Real World.

Decoding Jesus’s allegory, the camel is the cargo we all carry; our body. The eye of the needle is the gate, the quantum wormhole, to the Real World. He is affirming that the flesh and blood body isn’t going through the wormhole; but our perfect light body will. For this journey we must weave a Robe of Glory.

During the Transfiguration Jesus’s flesh momentarily turned to light. A bright cloud covered him. He was in the ‘eye of the needle’.

Jesus’s teaching to “love our neighbor as ourself” (Matthew 22:37) epitomizes quantum entanglement and is the secret to weaving a garment of light. Weaving, by the way, is the key term. The Greek word for ENTANGLE is empleko  (en = in + plea = to weave) which literally means to “weave in” and thus to intertwine or interconnect closely as by wrapping or twisting together. We are to love our neighbor as ourself because we are our neighbor. We were created at the same moment and are eternally entangled. The illusion of separateness is just that. Meeting a stranger is like meeting a lost part of yourself all over again. Harming a stranger brings harm to oneself. It’s the Golden Rule.

As I will show, the science of quantum entanglement — or the idea that two subjects are two halves of one object in mystic and eternal union — is the basis of the ascension spirituality or intelligence of the Avatars of Light, the Perfect Light Humans, and is the basis of their ‘technology’ of spiritual beaming. Because we are entangled with Christ we can receive “downloads” from Him (especially via Transfiguration icons, which we will discuss momentarily). Even if we never met Christ, or co-existed with Him, we can still be entangled with him. Entanglement swapping between photons that have never coexisted has been reported.

More, two hundred years after Jesus beamed home, his ascension teachings were distilled by the Gnostics, “Beamers” who left us vital knowledge about how to do this in their texts, including The Robe of Glory (aka The Hymn of the Pearl), which details the Robe of Light and charts the heroic soul’s journey home and The Apocryphon of John, in which Jesus said he came to teach about the quantum world and Perfect Light Humans.

“I have come to teach you about what is, and what was, and what will be
in order for you to understand the invisible world, and the world that is visible,
and the immovable race of perfect humanity.”

– The Secret Book (Apocryphon) of John

Today, by acquainting ourselves with the basic principles of quantum entanglement (the invisible world), we modern Beamers can align ourselves with the intelligence of the gnostic avatars and angels and, hence, can perceive a new layer of understanding regarding the ascension teaching of Christ.  This enables and accelerates our convergence with our higher selves and our ascension.


In addition to interpreting the Robe through the lens of quantum principles, my unique contribution to this disclosure is the discovery that the symbol for quantum entanglement, the Holy Trinity , and ,the Wheel of Joy symbolizing Tibetan concept of human perfection of a beaming light body, are the same. The three concepts are, well, entangled. By making this connection we entangle ourselves with the angels and avatars.

Known as the Borromean Rings (after an aristocratic Italian family with ties to the Medicis and Michelangelo), the entanglement symbol depicts three rings linked together; if any ring were removed, they would all come apart. Together, they can achieve higher states than are possible individually. In addition to being a symbol for the strength and power of unity, Borromean Rings can also represent the karmic laws of the universe and the interconnectedness of life. Just like the Butterfly Effect (where everything is interconnected and small causes can have big effects), one should expect a reaction out of every action made (the Golden Rule again).

But here’s the thing, says MIT Technology Review: “the Borromean bonds that emerge from the topology of quantum mechanics are entirely unworldly. While ordinary matter, the stuff you rap your knuckles on, is clearly confined to three dimensions, the mathematics of quantum mechanics exists in entirely different set of dimensions. And it’s in this space that the Bornean rings formThe result is a kind of parallel physics, in which the laws governing behavior in this parallel universe exert an inescapable, ghostly grip on our own universe.”

This is exactly what the Gnostics described in relation to the Pure Land/Real World. It exerts an influence on our universe.

The top left symbol  is the Christian symbol for the Trinity, or the mystery of how humans transform into Christ-like beings.

The Tibetan Wheel of Joy.

It is well known that the Borromean rings have an ancient history, including how they symbolize the foundational message of Christianity, the Trinity, the quantum idea that Christ is both God and man simultaneously.

Mostly unknown, is that a variation of these mystical rings is found in the Tibetan Wheel of Joy, which symbolizes a state of being called the Great Perfection, in which the soul dissolves the human body into its essential essence, symbolized by wearing a robe of beaming rainbow colored light, and can beam throughout the cosmos. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “if thou will be Perfect…”.  As I have written, the Rainbow Light Body and the Born Again Body of Christianity are the same state of being. This is the state of being that enables us to enter the Kingdom of God.

So, what is different about my/our study is that we will begin with the premise that the reason why the symbol of the Borromean Rings often accompanies tales of the Robe of Light (the Beaming Garment) and beaming to the invisible world is because it is the logo of the Perfect Light Humans. More, it suggests that the purpose of quantum science, or certainly its next step, is to show us how to wear the Beaming Garment of the Avatars (and Avataras).

Tibetans teach that just seeing an image of the guru in his rainbow light body has an affect on our own. The guru can transmit or download to us the vibration of the rainbow light body without being physically present. He is actually present in the image. Because we are entangled we can access his state of mind or state of being and become it.

In my view, by following the Borromean Rings throughout history we are following the path of the Perfect Light Humans. We are receiving the teachings for not only how to beam ourselves to the pure place from which we came…but also to dramatically transform earth by beaming while we are still here.

Beamers use the power of light and love to illumine and transform the dark material world, the Real World, and our bodies, into its flip side. Their goal is to resurrect it from the “dead” to the “living world”. Their actions are called “miracles.” In reality, they are utilizing quantum entanglement (tell me again, how does my phone connect to another phone across the world?). If we wish to escape from the material world, and ascend to the spiritual world, we must tap the consciousness of the ascended beings, what I call “Ascension Intelligence”. This is Beamer gnosis. These beaming beings who bear the rings of this gnosis were at least as quantumly savvy as we are today, probably more so (and that is an intentional vast understatement). In fact, we are just now catching up with their ‘basic’ level of understanding, which they have already transcended long ago.

Catching up with them begins with the understanding our true nature.


I always take beginning ‘Beamers’ (we most humble souls on the path of Ascension) back to the story of the caterpillar and the butterfly. The idea is that we’re all living in a pupal phase in our human body, but within us is an ascended phase, a next-level, the butterfly.

And the problem is we’re kind of like that cartoon I saw once of the two caterpillars looking at a butterfly, and another one flies by and they say, “You’ll never get me up in one of those things.”

I know, the idea that we are to leave behind our caterpillar phase and morph, or phase, into an ascended form to become a celestial traveler, a cosmic being, is a reach for many. The reason is because we haven’t been taught to imagine it.

We don’t have a concept of what it means to transform into our next level of evolution and ascend. We identify with our earthly selves, in part, because we don’t know any better. When our next level is presented we reject it (well, most of us anyway) because we don’t have a concept of how they are related. Or, we fear the next step.

HOWEVER, something astounding happens when we are introduced to images our future self. Our present self becomes activated by the image. It responds to it as if it instinctively knows this is the way forward.

So, what does our ascended self look like?

I have extensively studied the art of ascension. For centuries highly skilled and illumined artists have been showing us visualizations of our ascended self. (Clare and I presented many of these artists and their ascension secrets in Arcanum on Gaia TV and in our sacred art of ascension workshops).

Artists almost always show the ascended human the same way.

It’s a humanoid form, a light being, a luminous, radiant being (often emitting rainbow light), often shown in a sphere – a sphere of light. And that sphere indicates a portal (a point that is a face-on view of a pillar). It indicates an ascension body of some kind that ultimately manifests from within our own body…like a caterpillar morphing into a buttefly. The being in the sphere of light is our True Self. The images are a face to face meeting with who we truly are.

Convergence is the word used for this meeting. Convergence comes from the prefix con, meaning together, and the verb verge, which means to turn toward.

In this article we are turning toward, converging, with the Christ within.

Ascension. Jesus wears the Beaming garment as he rides in the ‘cloud’ vehicle.  Imagine, light emitting from every point on your body’s surface, expanding all directions, radiating out and touching, transforming everything it comes into contact with, raising it to a higher level of existence. And that is the Beamers’ most important goal of all.

Readers tell me they like my explanation of ascension because its simple, elegant and straight to the point.  Ascension is misunderstood by many of us because we over complicate it. It’s really simple at the end of the day.

Ascension is a state of being, a state of awareness. The illusion is that we go somewhere when we ascend. The truth is that we simply change our awareness of who we are and begin to identify with our Pure Self and the Real World.

As one reader deduced from my work, and I think his deduction is brilliant, “during our ascension nothing really changes, except your awareness of who we are. From a cause and effect standpoint, the awareness of who you are is what causes these changes to occur.” He nails it when he says the higher vibration, radiating of love and joy, ‘beaming’, and other ideas associated with ascension are the effects from our awareness.

If we change the images we are feeding our imagination we will change the awareness of who we are. If you identify with the caterpillar you get more caterpillar. If you identify with the butterfly, you get more butterfly. It all depends on what we look for in ourselves. Or, as St. Francis of Assisi said, “what you are looking for is what is looking.”

Quantum physicists call this the “observer effect”. The act of observation changes the outcome of an experiment. By observing something, in quantum speak, we change it.

We can scale up this awareness to our Higher Self. The act of observing it, or gaining awareness of it through images, causes changes in our earthly lives.

In ‘quantum gnosis’, or Beamer gnosis, we are entangled with is Christ. At least that’s what the gnostic Robe of Glory says, anyway.

The ‘quantum’ premise of the Robe of Glory is that you have a cosmic twin, a ‘larger’ divine spark (photon) to whom you have been intimately connected (entangled) forever.  That twin is (your) Christ (true self). No matter what happens to one you mirror each other. You are entangled in a union that is so mystical Einstein, in awe, would have described it as ‘spooky’.

In quantum entanglement two particles share one existence. What happens to one particle will directly and instantly affect the other – even if that other particle is many light-years away. All particles (points) in the cosmic ocean of time and space are connected.

Remember, a measurement on one immediately changes the state of the other no matter how far apart they are.

As Tristan Green puts it: Painting a smiley face on your photon (which isn’t possible, but helpful in imagining the concept) would result in a smiley face appearing on the other photon — no matter where it was.

Here is something equally spooky.

Gnostic and alchemical traditions say our true self is something beyond our body. In fact, this something within us manifests our body, and provides life force for that body. When people say we are spiritual beings having a human experience they are referring to this something. If you are reading this article you have more than suspected its existence. You have felt its presence. You have heard it. You may even revere it. It may even have a name.


Called the Divine Spark, this something of which we speak is a particle of light that is viewed as a star seed crystal of creation. This term is more than poetic or symbolic. Like the word ‘light’, it stands or something in and of itself, as when God said “Let there be light” at the opening of the Creation and when Jesus proclaimed “I am the Light of the World” (John 8:12).

The Divine Spark is a fractal of a Greater Soul.

If you think of God as an ocean (of love or light) this fractal-like star seed crystal is a drop. If you think of God as Light, this seed is a ray, a beam or a particle of light.

This wave-particle duality of the Greater Soul and the Divine Spark is mirrored in photons, particles of light, which also possesses these two different properties at the same time.

Imagine your Divine Spark is a photon. You are a tiny blip of energy, hurtling through the universe on your own. But you have a twin, another photon to whom you have been intimately connected since the day you were born. No matter what distance separates you, you mirror each other. Whatever happens to your twin instantaneously affects you, and vice versa.

What shape are photons? In 2016 physicists created a hologram of a single light particle, a feat previously thought impossible due to fundamental laws of physics.

In 2016, physicists performed an impossible (miraculous?) feat. They created a hologram of a single light photon. What does it look like? It is shaped like a Maltese/Knights Templar Solar cross or Cross of Christ. That’s right. A single photon looks like a cross of light, the symbol of Christ’s resurrection. Should we be surprised that the Light of the World is simultaneously thought of simultaneously as a man (particle) and God (wave)?

In 2015 physicists took the first ever photo of light behaving both as a wave and a particle.

It is quite apparent that the ancient religions of light is rooted in the understanding of wave/particle duality. ‘Solar cross’ may as well we a weaver’s term for entanglement.

Reflecting on the mistake of seeing waves and particles as dualistic, Banesh Hoffman, an associate of Einstein, writes in this book The Strange Story of the Quantum that the new physics has proven that they were not enemies. “Their whole battle had been a sham. Their persistent warfare had been one long fraud, a super example of classical propaganda…If we try to regard the wave and particle as two distinct entities, we must think of them not as implacable feudists but as professional wrestlers putting on a show. But they are really not distinct. They are alternative, partial images of the selfsame thing.”

In my view, we can scale this story up from photons to the metaphysical battle between light and dark, matter and spirit, love and fear, male and female that takes place in our thoughts every moment we are alive. They, too, are not distinct. They are the selfsame thing.

Light and dark are actually light/dark or lightdark. (We are all hu (God)-men and fe-male, too.)

“Complementarity” is the name given by Niels Bohr for the dualistic nature of quantum entities, including, I am suggesting, our Divine Sparkicle (to coin a term).

The gnostics scaled this up to God or “Godicle”. For them there are two gods, one good and one evil, who contend or battle for power.  Quantum gnosis tells us good and evil are actually flip sides of the same thing. The reason why there is evil in the world, or God allows evil things to happen, is because is ALL is God, or whatever you choose to call the Unity of All That Is.


Turning our awareness towards and visualizing this Divine Sparkicle has been the starting place for converging with and tapping its powers and ascending.

One way Clare and I teach to connect with this Pure Self, and the Real World, is through sacred art, especially the sacred art portraying ascension. Our workshops are based on  the neuroscientific hypothesis that images of divine beings can awaken, and even program, our higher self. As the gnostics taught, we can become one with the Avatar of Light via the image.

Quantum entanglement answers the question of how this is possible.

Here is the Yellow Brick Road we took that led to this hypothesis.

High atop our list of most astounding ascension works are the “welcoming descent“ paintings of Amitabha, the Buddha of Eternal Life, such as this one:

Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light emerges from the Pure Land.

Here’s what the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City says about their fine example of this style of art:

“Like many of the works of art created to represent the Pure Land belief in salvation through faith, raigō (“welcoming descent”) paintings like this one were indispensable religious furnishings at the time of death. Such raigo paintings depict the scene in which Amida (Sanskrit: Amitabha) and his attendants descend from heaven to take a believer back to the Western Paradise on a lotus throne.”

“The scrolls were often hung by the bedside of the dying to ensure the prospect of rebirth in paradise. Since traditionally the dying lay with their heads to the north and their faces turned west, raigō paintings usually depict the Buddha and his entourage coming from the upper left down toward the lower right so as to meet the gaze of the dying. Sometimes silken cords were attached to Buddha’s hand, offering the dying physical assistance during the journey to paradise.”

Think about the implications of this description. It is saying that the painting itself is a portal through which the Buddha of Infinite Light can manifest.

What kind of a bleeping universe do we live in when a painting can become a gateway to the divine realm?

The answer is a quantum one.

The Amitahba Buddha rides on a cloud into our consciousness, just like Jesus. He is present via the painting.

After all, what is a painting but a perfect example of wave-particle duality? It is a collection of particles of paint splashed on a canvas that converge and emit waves. Each dot is a quantum entity flashing in and out of existence. These dots are constantly changing producing waves of light. Refreshing from moment to moment at the quantum level, converging from moment to moment in…our imagination.

When you discover and observe a painting you are part of it, one with it. The reason is because you are creating it. Like the universe, the image is a “magic mirror”. The waves and particles that leap from the image unite in your imagination. There is no distinction between the viewer and the subject of the image. If we synch with the Avatar in the Mirror (take the veil off our eyes), in a moment the Buddhists call ekagrata, the observer and observed become One. In this way, viewing a welcoming descent painting is a cosmic convergence.

To quote Einstein, “the most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

In the upper left corner of the welcoming descent painting one of the Boddhisattvas plays a drum. The swirling symbol on the middle of the drum is the Wheel of Joy  . Well, that’s what the Buddhists call it. As we have seen, this also the symbol for Quantum Entanglement and the Holy Spirit . No matter where or when a symbol appears the meaning is the same.

The Wheel of Joy symbolizes the attainment of the Great Perfection or our transformation into beings of light. Its three blades symbolize the Three Jewels of the Chintamani that produces the light body and the interconnectedness or entangled state of the englightened Buddha, gnosis, and the community. (These correspond with the Divine Sparkicle, the light body and the world soul of gnosticism.)

As noted, this symbol recurs throughout history. Always it is associated with a higher order, another realm, a transcendent realm “beyond” what we ordinarily sense.

This is what quantum physics has discovered. This is the space-time where our divine spark originates and seeks to return. Will following this symbol will take us there?

I believe so.


In addition to the wave-particle duality, Quantum physicists are convinced that the universe does not exist “out there”, separate from us.

Instead, reality is a state of mind. The universe is brought to life in our imagination and our act of observing it make it real and changes it. We make the universe with our observation and the universe is a mirror of us. We are not separate or divided from anything “out there” because all is one “in here”. The out there is an illusion brought to life in our imagination. We think the chair we sit in in real. It isn’t. We think it is solid, but actually it is  oscillating energy materializing and dematerializing. Solid to de-solid is our journey. The case against reality is most notably made by cognitive scientist Donal Hoffman.

Physics tells us that matter is composed of more than 99.99999999% empty space. As Paul Levy writes. “the new physics has discovered that matter is a pulsation of energy temporarily emerging out of a deeper substratum of boundless unmanifest potential that creates the illusion of solid objects in three-dimensional space. This illusion is fabricated within our brain and nervous system in such a way that a physical world appears to be really there outside of us, when in fact its real basis is a neurologically generated holographic pattern that is witnessed by consciousness in such a way as to trick us into seeing it as a solid external material world of physical objects.”

On January 30, 2018 a UK, Canadian and Italian team released a study that “has provided what researchers believe is the first observational evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex hologram. Theoretical physicists and astrophysicists, investigating irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (the ‘afterglow’ of the Big Bang), have found there is substantial evidence supporting a holographic explanation of the universe — in fact, as much as there is for the traditional explanation of these irregularities using the theory of cosmic inflation.”


The Necker cube illustrates this. This cube is 12 lines on a computer screen that are brought to life by your imagination. The faces of the cube shift. If you look at the cube from perspective, it looks as if you are looking into the cube from the right. Shifting faces, it now looks as if you are looking from the left. In actuality, you are seeing both faces at the same time.

If EVERYTHING we see is brought to life in our imagination like this cube, and we have a choice in which face we are going to see things through, then who is the entity doing the holographic projecting and who is making the choice? Is it the Divine Sparkicle?

Yes, I would say so.

This deeper, purer part of ourselves is dreaming up our universe. It makes it out of earth, air, fire, and water, but laces it all with Spirit. Hans-Peter Durr, a long-time workmate of Werner Heisenburg and one of the first ‘quantum theologians’, said is directly: “Matter is not made up of matter; basically there is only spirit.”

In quantum Beamer gnosis matter and spirit are one.

Another fact quantum physics has revealed is that the “out there” is continually refreshing. That is, it recreates itself in every moment and every moment is a quantum event. Resurrection and Ascension takes place in every nanosecond.

The recognition that our world is continually recreated or refreshed in every moment gives us inspiration. We change anything about anything in our reality by changing our choices (mainly choosing love over fear). Life is a open-ended, never ending quantum event. Because of the quantum, mirror-like and dream-like nature of reality, we can change the pattern of our choices at any moment and change the painting (or hologram) of our life.

That fact that our physical world is made of “mind-stuff” (as Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington calls it) or “dream stuff” explains why the children’s song is so powerful : “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merily, merily, merily, merily, life is but a…dream”. The dreamlike nature of our reality is the ulitimate discovery and teaching of quantum physics.

Stephen Hawking wrote about this in his book The Dreams that Stuff is Made Of, saying: “We are reminded of Bertrand Russell’s words, ‘We all start from the ‘naive realism’, i.e. the doctrine that things are what they seem. We think that grass is green, that stones are hard, and tha snow is cold. But physics assures us that the greenness of grass, the hardness of stones, and the coldness of snow are not the greenness, hardness, and coldness that we know in our experience, but something very different…’It is these dreams that stuff is made of.”

In dreams we can walk with the Avatars. In ‘frozen dreams’, like the welcoming descent painting above, they can walk into our world from their higher world through the event horizon of our imagination. We can interact with them.

We are quantum star seeds entangled in mystic union.


The Hymn of the Pearl also called the Hymn of the Soul or Hymn of the Robe of Glory, written by a little known Syriac mystic named Bardesanes, c. 155-233 AD, and found in the apocryphal Acts of Thomas, describes the soul’s descent into the matter of the simulated reality in which we find ourselves and its return or ascension to the Real World.

It tells of Thomas’s mission to Egypt or Al-Khema, the ‘black’ or ‘hidden’ land of alchemy to retrieve the Pearl/Soul. It is his autobiographical reminiscence of his soul’s descent or entry into bodily incarnation and its eventual ascension from the body to the realm of peace. Thomas rises after he has acquired a garment as a reward for conquering the dragon of Egypt and stealing its Pearl.

In the Robe of Glory, our soul sent this spark or fragment (fractal) of itself from its home in the Realm of Light to Earth. The fragment is called Thomas, ‘the twin’. He is assigned to get the Pearl and reacquire his robe.

The Song of the Pearl tell of the believer’s original existence in a celestial space in which it wore a shimmering garment composed of jewels. Having disrobed and journeyed to earth, the Pearl describes the attainment or acquisition of a glorious robe or garment of light and soul rising or soul ascent to the Throne of God.

“And I stretched forth and received it, with the beauty of its colors I adorned myself. And in my royal robe excelling in beauty I arrayed myself, wholly,” reads the Song of the Pearl.

In his article, “Clothing Metaphors As a Means of Theological Expression in Syriac Tradition”, Sebastian Brock tells how 4-7th century Syriac writers claimed Adam’s lost “robe of glory” was deposited by Christ at his baptism in the Jordan waters. “It is henceforth available to mankind to put on again in Christian baptism,” writes Brock. Further, “this clothing or garment of glory with which the righteous are clothed is nothing but Christ himself.”

I believe the gnostics are describing the Rainbow Light Body. I equate the Robe of Glory (Glorious Rays) with the luminiscent five-colored garment of the Tibetan Great Perfection tradition.

Thomas is the twin of Christ. In the Hermetic literature Christ is the Christ-Angel, a personal protector, everywhere accompanying and leading the soul to its light body form.

According to the Cathars, the Spirit remained behind in heaven when the soul fell.

The Spirit is called the Image of the soul that stays behind in heaven. When the soul descends to the earth it is the Self that meets it, when it ascends again.

In the Gospel of Thomas, this is beautifully expressed in Logion 84:

Jesus says: When you see your likeness (in a mirror), you rejoice. But when you see your images that came into being before you, which neither die nor are manifested, how much you will have to bear!

Seeing this heavenly Other One face-to-face is the ultimate aim of initiation in the Gnostic traditions.

In quantum physics terms, the Spirit and the spark are entangled.

Christ, or our Christ self, is our hidden twin, the light with which we are entangled.

Mary Magdalene, in the book of Pistis Sophia, spoke of this Self when she says: “The man of light in me,” “my being of  light” (II, 1).


We are entangled with Christ, with one another and even with creation — something we are only now discovering. We are entangled with people we do not know, from places we have never been, at times we have not existed, in the deep past and in the unknown future.

There’s a beautiful 3rd century Mahayana Buddhist legend called Indra’s Net (also Indra’s Pearls or Indra’s Jewels) about the god Indra, who commissions an artisan to weave a vast net across the universe.

Uh oh, we’re weaving again. Indeed, we are. This is an entanglement story. When the net is complete, at each junction Indra places a shining jewel – the facets of which reflect every other jewel in this cosmic network.

Each jewel represents a single atom, cell or life form in the Universe and all are intimately connected with one another. Any change in one jewel produces a change, however small, in all the others. Everything is interconnected in organic unity in Indra’s entangled web.

The even deeper significance of this symbolism is that each entity in the universe contains within itself the entire universe. Scientists now believe consciousness permeates creation.

Any one of us recognizing the dream-like nature of our situation, owning our shadow, doing our inner (and outer) work, and waking up to our true nature might be the very act, the very jewel that initiates a change in the entire universe.

“Imagine a multidimensional spider’s web in the early morning covered with dew drops. And every dew drop contains the reflection of all the other dew drops. And, in each reflected dew drop, the reflections of all the other dew drops in that reflection. And so ad infinitum. That is the Buddhist conception of the universe in an image,” wrote Alan Watts.

For the Chinese Huayan school of Buddhism, Indra’s net symbolizes a universe where infinitely repeated mutual relations exist among all members of the universe.


This returns us to the idea of the fractal. A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays the same details at every scale.

At every level of magnification the pattern repeats itself into infinity.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

We are fractal reflections of God.

In the 1970s and 1980s, mathematicians working in an area called dynamical systems made use of the ever-advancing computing power to draw computer images of the objects they were working on. What they saw blew their minds: fractal-like structures whose beauty and complexity is only rivaled by Nature itself. At the heart of them lay the Mandelbrot set.

The Mandelbrot set is generated by what is called iteration, which means to repeat a process over and over again. It is a set of numbers. From those numbers you can generate pictures. The pictures are infinitely complicated.

Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot in 1980 discovered the infinitely complex geometrical shape called the Mandelbrot Set using a very simple equation with computers and graphics.

It is a mathematical icon that has been called “the thumbprint of God.”

The metaphysical message of the Mandelbrot set corresponds to Indra’s Net and to quantum entanglement.

If a programmer looks at the Mandelbrot set and wants to change some tiny detail, maybe make one of the bumps go away, they can’t do it without going back to the original equation and changing it. But if they do that, they change everything. They tear the universe down and build another one from scratch.

Within the Mandelbrot set we see the richness of our unity, and also the richness of our individuality. We are ‘baby’ Mandelbrot Sets.

The Buddhabrot is a fractal rendering technique related to the Mandelbrot set. Its name reflects its uncanny resemblance to classical depictions of Gautama Buddha, seated in a meditation pose with a forehead mark (tikka) and traditional topknot (ushnisha).

When I first saw the rainbow Buddhabrot it instantly screamed “this is the Tibetan Rainbow Light Body” to me. Buddhists teach that this light body is our true nature. It creates our physical body, which is made in its image.  In my view, this light body is our Pure self, our ‘Divine Sparkicle’. The Buddhabrot and the Rainbow Light Body images are a rendering of it in its wave form.  It is in the process of emerging out of the Pure Realm, the implicate order of quantum physics, and taking ‘solid’ human form (until it dissolves or de-solidifies back into the quantum realm).

Through the lens of the Rainbow Body, the Mandelbrot Set and Indra’s Net we can see that our souls reflect each other. My soul, like your soul, contains the reflections of other souls. In fact, the entire universe can be found in my soul, and in each reflection in each soul, and so ad infinitum.

The Tibetans teach that just seeing images of the Rainbow Body activates our own Glory Body. Seeing our true nature, as if in a mirror, the images of the rainbow light body transform us. Tibetan Buddhism teachings that as an avatar, or light being, as an enlightened being, the guru has the ability to transmit the vibration of enlightenment to seekers via his physical image, which is equal to pure spirit energy.

What this means is that the images of the guru in his Rainbow Body transmit the vibrations of this Perfect State. In other words, the painting is a portal or conduit.

How, we asked, can a painting become a portal? How can an image of a guru in his Rainbow Light Body transmit the vibration of that body?

The answer is we are entangled with them.  In fact, we were built this way.

Because humans are made in the perfect image of God, and we are, effectively, fractals of God, we have the spiritual capacity to participate in — or mirror — Jesus’s divine glory as image-bearers and (re)activate our light bodies. The Bible is specific:

“As was the man of dust, so also are those who are of the dust, and as is the man of heaven, so also are those who are of heaven. Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven” ( 1 Corinthians 15:45-49). This means we will, one day, be resurrected into our light body form.

We can bear the image of Christ by observing that we are entangled and, therefore, can instantly receive information from Christ, including the “image of the man of heaven” and be transformed into it.

The image of Christ in glory, seated upon a “rainbow”, as a Rainbow Light being, comes directly from the Book of Revelation, regarding the Last Judgment and Second Coming of Jesus Christ:

Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne. And He who sat there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald. (Rev 4:2-3))

John is ‘in the Spirit’. He is entangled with Christ.

A throne set in heaven from which Christ beams.

The Rainbow Light Body and the Glory Body of Christ are the same.

The icon makers held that through prayer and meditation believers could actually come to perceive the same divine light that shone around Jesus during his Transfiguration…and become like him through a mystic union…or what quantum physicists call entanglement.

Mystic union and quantum entanglement have the same meaning. So, too, I believe, does ‘in the Spirit’.

In Christianity, an icon is a sacred image that is believed to be charged with spiritual power. It can also transmit spiritual power. More, an icon is a living image that functions as a portal or gateway. It is a two-way mirror and method of communication with the divine realms.

Icons were specially created to enable a visceral encounter with a holy being or to make present a spiritual energy. They are a form of ‘visual alchemy’ that can help us in our Transformation. They are a form of quantum entanglement.

The materials of the Transfiguration icon become a channel between two worlds. To an Orthodox Christian these images are: a medium through which the whole may be approached and grace channeled, like a two-way mirror… When Christ transmits quantum data to the viewer,  he is essentially teleporting and putting us in his state of being:

“As is the man of heaven, so also are those who are of heaven. Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven” (1 Corinthians 15:45-49)

So, as we take a moment to contemplate, meditate and reflect on the images presented here we are quantum star seeds, Beamers, entangled in mystic union with Christ.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


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