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The Great Pyramid of Cheops is one of the world’s greatest instruments. Egyptian mythology tells us it played a key role in the king’s ascension, which is why it was called Mr, ‘Place of Ascension’ and Akhet, ‘Mountain of Light’. It is described as a physical doorway or ‘stargate’ through which the king, and/or the gods, could descend and humans could ascend.  Informed speculation has abounded for decades about the possibility of additional ‘secret chambers’ within the pyramid. Recently, scientists confirmed the existence of one of these chambers. On January 17, 2018 came a new wrinkle in this developing gateway story with a noted academic claiming the Iron Throne of Osiris is in this chamber!

On November 2, 2017, Nature published the results of the Scan Pyramids project, led by Mehdi Tayoubi (Hip Institute, Paris) and Kunihiro Morishima (University of Nagoya, Japan). It found a “huge void,” at least 30 meters (153 feet) long, within the Pyramid of Cheops. What is its function? Contents? Destiny? Archaeologists are on the hunt for answers.

Enter Giulio Magli, an Italian Astrophysicist/Archaeoastronomer and director of the Department of Mathematics and Professor of Archaeoastronomy at the Politecnico di Milano, who has formulated one of the first hypotheses of interpretation.

As phys.org reports, Magli says: “Cheop’s Pyramid, built around 2550 BC, is one of the largest and most complex monuments in the history of architecture. Its internal rooms are accessible through narrow tunnels, one of which, before arriving at the funerary chamber, widens and rises suddenly, forming the so-called Great Gallery. The newly discovered room is over this gallery, but does not have a practical function of relieving weight from it, because the roof of the gallery itself was already built with a corbelled technique for this very reason.”

So what does that mean?

Magli: “There is a possible interpretation, which is in good agreement with what we know about the Egyptian funerary religion as witnessed in the Pyramid Texts. In these texts, it is said that the pharaoh, before reaching the stars of the north, will have to pass the ‘gates of the sky’ and sit on his ‘throne of iron.’”

Magli specializes in the relationship between the architecture of ancient cultures and the sky. In other words, he is trying to figure out the stellar function of the temples.

Here it is.

In the Pyramid Texts, the king was said to be transformed into an Akh — ‘a shining one’ or a ‘being of light’ — who would rule in the eastern Akhet, the ‘Mountain of Light’. The purpose of the ancient Egyptian temples was to assist in the transformation of humans into shining beings of light.

This means the Great Pyramid Ascension Device, the Mountain of Light, could feature a transformation chamber.

Magli hypothesizes that the throne would have been a wooden chair covered in sheets of iron: “Of course it would not be melted iron, but meteoritic iron, that is, fallen from the sky in the form of Iron meteorites (distinguishable due to the high percentage of Nickel) and again cited in the Texts.”

More, he believes the throne could sit at the upper end of the second gallery exactly underneath the pyramid’s apex.

I don’t know if he is a fisherman or not, but he has certainly pulled in a whopper here! Saying this throne is in this chamber is one thing. It actually being there is another.

His adding one (new chamber discovery) and one (iron throne in the Pyramid Texts) together is highly intriguing.

But, is he on his way to getting three from his addition? Where is he going with this?

I believe what he is trying to say, or is trying to figure out that his trying to say if he doesn’t realize it, or is not saying it if he knows, ‘cause as an academic he can only say  things that he can absolutely back up with facts (right?)’, is that the Iron Throne of Osiris is a teleportation device.

As we will see, when this Throne was placed in the Ascension Instrument (the Great Pyramid), it transformed a human into an Iron Man and translated him to Orion’s Gate. This does not mean a heavy metal man, an iron maiden, or a Marvel superhero.

In Ancient Egyptian metaphorical language an iron man is a man of light.

The Iron Throne of Osiris is a teleportation device that transforms the pharaoh into light and ‘beams’ him to Orion.

Why should you listen to me?

Here’s my creds. Apart from visiting Egypt 17 times in search of clues to the mysteries we are discussing, since 2012 I have been presenting my research on the ascension thrones of Ancient Egypt, especially in connection with the flying throne of King Solomon and the Throne of the Second Coming of Christ. My 2014 book, The Judgment Day Device, is devoted to this subject, as is my forthcoming book on the Essenes, whose Dead Sea Scrolls are devoted to attaining this throne. Both books are based on academic literature about these subjects, rather than the traditional or popular sources.

Clare and I presented some of my initial findings in our 2014 Gaia TV program “Arcanum”. In particular, our episode “Ascension Thrones” features this work. Gaia also hosts my presentation “The Judgment Day Device”, which is an expose linking the Ark of the Covenant to this throne. Watch it free on Gaia.com.

I say all this to say that my latest work on the throne corresponds directly with Mugli’s hypothesis…and may even support it.

While I’m not clear where Mugli got the idea that the Iron Throne of Osiris is in the pyramid’s ‘alleged’ chamber, his reference to the Pyramid Texts sends us into the right direction for insight into the throne’s purpose.

In the least, it opens up a conversation about the ascension vehicles of the ancient mystics. (Here’s my 2016 article about Edgar Mitchell’s possible connection to this device.)


The Pyramid Texts were part of the star-gate religion of ancient Egypt. They are among the oldest religious documents in the world. The most pristine examples are carved on the walls of the pyramid of Unas at Saqqara. They assist the pharaoh in his transfiguration into a being of light preparatory to entering the gate of heaven in the afterlife.

Instigating his resurrection (these texts are magically ‘alive’), they lead to his literal resurrection and journey to heaven on a boat or ark of life where he takes this throne in a mystic union with the other gods. This throne is made of ‘iron’. He becomes a soul-star being in the Orion constellation, say the Pyramid Texts.

As Robert Bauval notes in The Orion Mystery many passages leave us with no doubt on this matter:

‘The king is a Star …’ [PT 1583]

‘The King is a Star which illumines the Sky …’ [PT 362, 1455]

‘ … The king, a Star brilliant and far-travelling … the king appears as a Star …’ [PT 262]

‘Lo, the king arises as this star which is on the underside of the sky …’ [PT 347]

There can be little doubt, says Bauval, that the Pyramid Texts make a clear statement that the dead kings become stars, especially seen in the lower eastern sky. They also tell us that it is the souls of departed kings which become stars:

‘be a soul as a living star …’ [PT 904]

‘I am a soul … I (am) a star of gold …’ [PT 886–9]

‘O king, you are this great star, the companion of Orion …’ [PT 882]

‘ … behold he (the king) has come as Orion, Behold Osiris has come as Orion …’ [PT 820]

The discovery that the southern shaft of the King’s Chamber was targeted in c. 2600 B.C. to the three stars of Orion’s Belt is obviously connected with the statements in the Pyramid Texts that the pharaoh journeyed to Orion in the afterlife.


How does the newly formed soul-star make the journey from the Mountain of Light to Orion’s Gate?

The journey to Orion, across they starry expanse, is made by a star boat called the Ark of the Millions of Years or the Ship of Eternity.

As I identified in 2003, the ancient Egyptian depictions of these boats match modern wormholes, in form and function. It was my “Robert Bauval matching the three pyramids of Giza to the three belt stars of Orion” moment.

The Ark of the Millions of Years with the feathered Throne of Osiris attached. Ceiling, Denderah, Egypt.

The shape of a wormhole superimposed over the Ark of the Millions of Years at Denderah, Egypt.

My aha moment, which took place at the Temple of Hathor at Denderah, yielded an important contribution to the field of alternative history and enabled me to connect the ancient Egyptian stargate metaphysics with early Christian and Tibetan light body teachings.

The feathered throne seen resting upon these wormhole-sky boats is the ‘iron’ throne of the Pyramid Texts. Together, they form the ark-throne of Osiris, the celestial vehicle upon which the pharaoh rides to Orion.

I hang quotes around ‘iron’ as this may be describing a figurative quality of this throne, rather than its physical make-up. The iron of the Pyramid Texts may be more metaphoric that meteoric.

While it is possible that actual iron is a component of this throne, it could also be pointing to a quality of the transfigured pharaoh who becomes an ‘iron man’ in order to sit on this throne.

An important fact is that this throne was crafted by the god, Ptah. In addition to fashioning the human body, Ptah was a blacksmith. I believe there is a metaphorical or alchemical lesson in the connection between our body and soul and the craft of iron working or smithing.

Every soul is a blacksmith. The desires of the soul are like the iron ore in a fire. When fire heats an iron, the iron glows like fire. The spiritual message is that though the iron/soul glows, it’s not the soul’s heat but the fire’s (God’s). Remove the soul from the fire (God), and soul will grow cold.

As they say, “it takes an iron will and a self-forgetful heart to carry the questing pilgrim to his goal.”

The soul’s goal is to stay in the fire/light of God and to see God face to face.

This is exactly what the Pyramid Texts describe.


To the ancient Egyptians “iron” was the stone or metal of heaven. They harvested it from metal fallen from meteorites. It was considered sacred.

In Spell 816 of the Coffin Texts we are told that the meteoric iron came from the sky, from something which had disintegrated:

The iron is broken by Anubis in the Sky. He, iron which opened up the Earth. This is iron which is on my mouth, which Sokar spiritualized in Heliopolis, which makes the water of my mouth to rise.

Some believe this description of iron coming from something broken in the sky reveals it was sourced in an exploded planet.

Whatever the source, the ancient Egyptians and made jewelry from it. They could have made a throne out of it, too. To make one to install in the Great Pyramid they would have collected fragments of meteorite in the ground. Iron smelting didn’t appear in Egypt until the 6th century B.C., at least 2,000 years after the date of the construction of the pyramids.

The iron dagger found in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun dates to around 1350 B.C., about 200 years before the Iron Age.


More important than jewelry, Egyptologists know that meteoric iron played a crucial role in the ascension ceremonies of the pharaohs. Especially important was the ‘iron throne’.

The thrones of ancient Egypt were feathered. This indicated that they flew. They were ascension vehicles that transported — or teleported — the pharaoh from the Great Pyramid to Orion’s Gate.

That they transformed men into gods during this trip is indicated on a stele of the 18th dynasty, where an enthronement scene is described.

The initiate is presented by Horus to the God of Gods, Amun, to whom the initiate declares: “I am thy son, O great one, I have seen the hidden  things which are thine, I am crowned upon thy throne as a king and a god — I shall not die.” And Amun replies, “thou art my son, the heir who came forth from my flesh. As long as I shall be, thou shalt be” (A. Gardiner, JEA, 39 (1953), 13-31).

Here is Isis on the ascension throne of Osiris. Her name means ‘throne’.


In order to ascend on one of these thrones one had to be prepared. Part of the initiation was called the “opening of the mouth”. Performed with a “rod of meteoric iron” called an adze, it restored our bodies in the afterlife.

The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony.

During the opening of the mouth ritual, the initiates were purified, anointed, reborn to a higher dimension. They literally resurrected and ascended through seven houses until it reached the eighth house of Osiris where beings of light live and Osiris is enthroned.

At the end of the journey, the initiate beholds the face of Osiris, who is seated on his iron throne. The individual is seated upon a throne and crowned and robed as one of the holy ones of light, the Sons of Horus.

While many see this as a rite performed on the dead, there is evidence that it was part of the temple initiations for the living. Ordinary mortals, like Imhotep, are believed to have been metamorphosed into divine beings through this art or craft of resurrection.

Imhotep on the feathered ascension throne.


What we take from this is the ascension tool, the adze, was made of meteoric iron, just like the ascension throne.

Interestingly, the four children or Sons of Horus who opened the mummy’s mouth are said to have “fingers of iron”.

Are they literally iron men, as in men of metal?

Probably not. This description corresponds with the Duat (the realm of the dead), which had gates of iron, the iron walls of the Field of Reeds, and the iron throne of Osiris located in the Duat.

The body of the resurrected pharaoh and the throne are made of the same celestial substance, ‘iron’.

The express purpose of the iron rod or adze was the deification or metamorphosis of a human into a god, an ‘iron man’.

The bodies of the Sons of Horus are made of a celestial substance called ‘iron’.

It is through the power of the resurrection of Osiris that others are given power to be resurrected.  This power is symbolized by the iron adze and the men with iron fingers who wield it.

Just as Christians believe that Christ was the first to receive the holy anointing and to ascend to God, similarly Osiris was believed to be the first to pass through anointing to ascent and enthronement, thus establishing a pattern to be imitated by his followers. The individual becomes “an Osiris” by learning his mysteries.

It is no coincidence that Christ rules with a rod of iron (Revelation 22:7).

Since the resurrection mysteries of Osiris were later fine-tuned by the Essenes, we can see Jesus’s wielding of this rod of iron as the passing of the baton.


Iron-ically, heavenly beings are described in Jewish mysticism as having feet like iron. In my article, “The Iron Man/Angel and the City of Refuge“, I explore the ancient, possibly Essene, ascension story of Aseneth and her encounter with a time-traveling angel of iron.

Descriptions of angels as beings of light with feet of iron — or Iron Angels — seems contradictory.

And it is.

Once again, it affirms the possibility that ‘iron’ means something in ascension stories other than we think it does.

In Jewish mysticism, especially the opening chapter of Ezekiel, the visionary describes the throne of the angel of light with iron feet:

As his vision continues, Ezekiel sees God on his Throne (exactly as the Pyramid Texts describe).

Ezekiel 1:26

“26And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone; and upon the likeness of the throne was a likeness as the appearance of a man upon it above.”

According to Ezekiel (1:27), the humanoid figure, along with this sapphire blue throne, was “glowing like metal, with fire around it.” There was “brightness round about him”.

Glowing like metal? Like iron?


More, says Ezekiel 1:28, there was a rainbow around him:

“28As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of Jehovah. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice of one that spake.”

As later Jewish Merkabah (“throne-chariot”) texts make clear, this throne is a celestial transportation vehicle. In these texts, especially those of the Essenes, we find accounts of “Righteous” men who ascended to the heavens, had encounters with angelic beings (extraterrestrials), participated in the holy ceremonies in heaven, were transformed into angels, and were shown the past and the future.

The key throne hero is Enoch, the human who became the angel, Metatron, during his ascension experience. God placed him on a divine throne and appoints him to rule of “the denizens of the heights.”

Enoch’s transformation into Metatron includes a transformation of his physical body: “[A]t once my flesh turned to flame, my sinews to blazing fire, my bones to juniper coals, my eyelashes to lightning flashes, my eyeballs to fiery torches, the hairs of my head to hot (lames, all my limbs to wings of burning fire, and the substance of my body to blazing fire” ( 15 J ).

As Enoch morphed into Metatron he became a burning man, a man of iron.

Exactly the same transformation or ascension is described in the Pyramid Texts.

Metatron’s throne is a replica of the Throne of God. In order to sit on it he must be properly attired. One must wear the Robe of Light.

The Ark of the Covenant portrayed as a feathered throne by James Tissot.

This throne is, of course, the Ark of the Covenant. Far from being the Indiana Jones-type relic, it is the Merkabah ascension throne of Yahweh.

1 Kings 22:19 And Micaiah said, “Therefore hear the word of the LORD: I
saw the Lord sitting on his throne .”

1 Samuel 4:4 4

“So the people sent to Shiloh, and brought from there the
Ark of the Covenant of the Lord of hosts, who is enthroned on the
cherubim ; and the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phineas , were there with
the ark of the covenant of God.”

A sensational text featuring the theme of Yahweh as a human-type figure on the throne is the mystical drama known as Exagoge. Written by Ezekiel the Tragedian, this text is only known by fragments of the original recorded by the Christian historian Eusebius. The original play is thought to have been written in the second century BC and is, thus, the oldest piece of Jewish drama available. It is exemplary of the Jewish mysticism widely circulating at the time.

During a vision on Mount Sinai, Moses sees a noble being sitting on a throne wearing a crown and holding a scepter . He beacons Moses to him and hands him the scepter . He tells him to sit on the throne and gives him the crown . Moses assembles this ‘kit’. The noble man disappears.

Suddenly, Moses sees the whole earth around and stars beneath his feet. He is in the stars and is treated to a cosmic tour! Moses has beamed from Sinai to the stars via the Ark-throne.

Another text describing an ascent via the throne and the acquisition of illumination is found in the 3rd-4th century Gnostic book, Odes of Solomon , which begins: ‘I went up into the light of truth as if not a chariot
(throne); and the truth took me and led me (Ode 38).

It may seem strange to think of the Ark of the Covenant as a throne and an ascension, portal or ‘stargate device’,* but if 21st century terminology is applied, that is exactly what the descriptions of the Ark in use suggests.

As I discuss in detail in The Judgment Day Device, this is the Throne of Osiris.

The robe and crown that God fashions for Metatron are exactly the same ones I discuss in my light body workshops. In Metatron’s robe are all kinds of luminaries: in his cloak are “brightness, brilliance, splendor, and luster of every kind.” His crown is a royal one. with forty-nine stones, each like the sun. Setting it upon Metatron’s head. God calls him “the lesser YHWH” (12.1-5). At the sight of the crowned Metatron, all the heavenly princes fall prostrate, unable to bear the magnificence of the crown.

Metatron bears the Glory, Power and Light of God.

Enoch’s transformation fills-in a few key pieces of the ascension puzzle. There is a robing, crowning, anointing, and transfiguration into fire or light caused by sitting on the Throne of God. All of these are part of the transformation in the Pyramid Texts.

In my opinion, if the Throne of Osiris is to be found in the Great Pyramid it will take knowledge of the Merkabah mysteries to understand it.


William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


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