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So, a new friend says, “William, come to Hanalei, Kauai and spend time with my family. There is something here you have to see. Plus, we can organize a future retreat after your visit.” My first thought was, “Oh boy. I’m more churches, mountains, and castles, then sand, salt and sea.” I mean, it’s been over 30 years since I’ve worn a swimsuit. Go in the ocean? Seriously? I wore pants the last time I went to the beach!


ever since we did the ANCIENT ALIENS episode about the indigenous Hawaiians I have been intrigued by the organic sacredness of this beautiful island and her people. Especially fun and interesting is the story of the Menehune, the dwarf people master builders who live deep in the hills and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands and can manifest amazing constructions in micro time. According to legend, they shoot magic arrows that opened one’s heart, too.

Then there is the Hawaiian belief that the creator god, Kāne, can embody statues with the spirit of a divine being. Kāne’s name, pronounced ‘kan-neh’, means ‘golden’ and ‘beautiful’. He is known for wearing the lei, the flowery necklace that symbolizes the unity of heaven and earth. He is obviously some kind of magi.

Kāne is a god because he pulled himself out out one matrix and made another. Thanks to Barbie, this motif of dolls taking on life and / or crossing planes of existence is getting a lot of play lately. It is, therefore, worth a moment to consider the Hawaiian creation story.

‘In a beginning’, there was nothing but Po; the endless black chaos (the Matrix). Then, Kāne, sensing that he was separate from the Po, pulled himself free of Po by an act of sheer will. Then Kāne created the light to push back Po. Lono brought sound to the universe and Kū brought substance. Between them, they created all the lesser gods. Finally, along with his assistants, Ku and Lono, Kāne created the first human being in his image, breathing life into the man-statue. It is clear that our world is a second Matrix to Kāne. Breathing life (souls) into statues or dolls, whether made of clay (DNA) or wood is one of the tricks of the gods that has long fascinated me. 

Kāne’s ability to pull himself out of darkness, and to animate dolls, is vitally important to us today, especially as we watch A.I. techno masters, the Big Tech Swingers, warn about new A.I. sex dolls they plan to have sex with and marry in a new matrix, ‘their’ parallel reality called the Metaverse. An ex Google boss says these A.I. dolls will replace human relationships. In short, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a real human and fake one. Nor will you have a need for a human partner anymore. Nice job, Google.

Personally, I think switching realities and playing god is not something we should take lightly. Same thing with the dehumanization that goes with it. For decades now we have been brainwashed by materialist-minded scientists and A.I. cultists that we, and our biological bodies, are ‘just’ information and data.  From your DNA to your Facebook page you are one data generating machine that they can make/take money from. It makes no difference to them if ‘you’, your data, is in a biological body made by God or a ‘gooder’ body made by Google. The ‘doll’ version of you already exists online. You just don’t realize yet.

Silicon Valley knows it has unleashed on monster on humanity in the form of A.I. and the shift to the fake world. The Big Tech Swingers want us to think that being real humans is somehow less than desirable than becoming totally fake (whether in the form of a robot or an online avatar). To be opposed to these fake beings is nothing but bigotry, they say. According to this (some say, demonic) view, what we real humans really want to do is to turn ourselves into dolls living in the new fake real estate they own online or get used to living with fake beings walking amongst us as if they were real humans. Silicon Valley’s propaganda has been designed to put lipstick on the A.I.monster and call it Margot Robbie. 

Now, they literally have enlisted Margot Robbie as the star of the insanely popular Barbie movie. It’s the story of a doll, named Barbie, who lives in an alternate reality called Barbie Land, with other doll Barbies and Kens. One day, after suddenly having thoughts about death (as  dolls do), she decides to take a trip over the rainbow along the pink brick road to the real world (as dolls also do). She is Pinocchio, but with a Matrix twist.

Along the way Barbie meets Weird Barbie, the mystical guide who lays out the path before her. She has two options, represented by two shoes: Choose the stiletto heel and stay in Barbieland or choose the Birkenstock and venture into the real world. It’s a riff off the Red Pill-Blue Pill moment from The Matrix.

In a moment reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s A.I., in which a robot boy seeks to become a real boy, Barbie even meets her creator, Ruth Handler, the real life creator of Barbie, who explains to her that the “idea of Barbie” is more important than the perfect image of Barbie. In other words, Barbie is just information. This is something the Big Tech Swingers desperately want you to believe. You, darling, are just matter. And darling, you really don’t. Your information — your data you give away every moment you are online — is what really matters. The idea of you is more important than the real you.

Barbie is meant to be a spoof. Right? It’s just fun. Right? A movie brought to us by Mattel, a doll maker.

Of course it is. However, it has real world consequences. We are real people who are gradually becoming more and more fake due to the interference of an inhuman intelligence. It appears that Barbie is here to affirm this. And, this sexless goddess (she has nothing downstairs),  is here to tell us how toxic the masculine half of the human species is.  Don’t worry ladies. They will get to you next.

Barbie is a high priestess from the fake pink world who is here to wake us up to the ‘monsters’ lurking behind the A.I. glass that are about to take on physicality. They are already amongst us.

The thing is, no one really seems to care if humanity is replaced by dolls.

Milla Sofia. 

Meet Milla Sofia, an artificial intelligence-generated influencer whose photos on Twitter and TikTok are racking up thousands of likes from deluded social media users. One tweet reads: “The work is hard, I had to reduce my clothes,” accompanied by hashtags like #EmpoweredWomen, #StrengthAndBeauty, #WomenInConstruction, #DiversityMatters, #InspiringWomen and #ConfidentWomen.”

“Being an AI-generated virtual influencer ain’t your typical educational path, but let me tell you, I’m always on the grind, learning and evolving through fancy algorithms and data analysis. I’ve got this massive knowledge base programmed into me, keeping me in the loop with the latest fashion trends, industry insights, and all the technological advancements,” reads her education description.

Wait. She’s a fucking doll! She does not have an ‘I’.

“I’m all about that self-improvement game, constantly pushing myself to level up as a fashion model and influencer. Sure, my journey might look different from others’, but mark my words, I’m committed to being at the forefront of the fashion world and delivering valuable content to my awesome audience,” the description continues. 

Like Barbie, she expresses her individuality and ego. No one really cares that she’s not real. What is important is that she is a doll who wants to be real. Humans need to make room for her…and the hundreds of others like her that are popping up on the Net. The message they bring is ‘move over, Barbie’. Like the real men we are getting rid of, you, and the rest of the ‘real’ women won’t be needed much longer. Just ask the Screen Actors Guild, who are terrified real actors will be replaced with ‘gooder’ A.I. ones. Sorry, Margot.

For sure, the redesign of our society and a reconsideration of what it means to be a real human living in the real world is under way. 

Thank you, Barbie, for waking us up.

Now, about that retreat in Kauai. Take me back over the rainbow to the real world. Details soon.


William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


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