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I recently wrote the following thoughts to a friend who had ‘life’ happen and she said it helped her see the flip side of her situation. So, I’m posting it here in hopes that anyone who needs it may find it.

We had been talking about how I flipped a few months back, and as a result, I learned something extraordinary from Akashagarba, the Buddha of wisdom who accompanies the dawning of new light.

Who is Akashagarba? She asked?

I’ll tell you in moment, I said, and proceeded with my explanation.

We all have a flip side, I offered, another aspect of ourselves. It is the reverse of the side we wish for others to see.

Flipping can be like showing our back side.

We end up making an ass out of ourselves and wondering how it is that we ended up in this position.

We’ve all flipped.

My recent one sucked.

The exact drama doesn’t matter.

The cause is always the same.

Something shitty and shadowy is attached to our soul and it doesn’t belong there. It’s got to go.

We have to flip it. Often, we can’t do it on our own.

Living on our inner side, the part of ourselves we don’t like for others to see, the shadow doesn’t like to hide. Actually, it wishes to be found out. Hence, the drama in our lives and the tension in our world. It lashes out for attention like a spoiled child. It can’t stand it when we ignore it, so it keeps lighting fires in our life in hopes that one of them will one burn down the house…or we flip out.

For years, I didn’t know it, but to paraphrase Robert Plant, my shadow was lighting fires and growing taller than my soul.

“And as I wind on down my road less traveled,” said the Voice from within, “there was no way I was going one rung higher on the Stairway to Heaven with my flip side flipping out. The gate ain’t going to open boy…said, the Voice…

…and I better act quick to flip the f#&ker out!”

Jesus took the wheel.

We pulled over.

Everything stopped.

There was no past and no future.

Just now.

And ‘now’ looked and felt in my heart as black as coal.

Tears. Anger. Disgust. Fear. Sadness. Loneliness.

I kept telling myself to keep focused on the present. Keep focused on the present.

The present. The present. The present.

Hope. NOW. Determination. NOW. Discipline. NOW. Destiny.

Somewhere in this lump of coal there was a gift. I was sure of it.

But, where is it?


Dr. Brian Weiss once impressed me with the statement that our heart is like a diamond with a thousand facets. Many of them are gunked up, muddy or ‘shadowed’. Some of us have polished more facets than others. Some have polished 75. Others 300. Others 900 or more.

Any who has polished less than 900 facets put your hands up.

Okay, so we have a way to go. That’s why we are still human and have not graduated or ascended to the next better version of ourselves. One by one, we’ll flip them all.

Basically, have two choices to flip the shadowy facets.

One, tear out our heart/diamond and polish them to let the light shine, in which case the shadow disappears.


Two, tear the heart/diamond out and cut a new facet for the light to shine, in which case the shadow again disappears.

Either way, the heart gets torn out and the light comes in.

Tearing out the heart, and then polishing and cutting, requires A LOT of understanding (‘wisdom’,’ light’) and skill.

That’s why we’re here. To learn how to care for the precious jewels within us and in our lives (insert your loved one’s name here).

So, what did I learn?

Again, details don’t matter, but… through my cutting and/or polishing… I learned, among other things, that I had too much of an inward focus.

Me thought the world was too much about me and what I wanted.

I will let you interpret that any way you wish (typical human shit may come to mind or fragile, self-centered hermitic human aiming toward enlightenment/fulfillment — and good luck with that — are both partially right).


One manifestation of my ‘unpolished state of being’ concerned my beliefs about the light body of the fulfilled or enlightened self.

Some of you know my work in this area.

Based on 30 years of investigative research, I have advocated that this light body is within us, awaiting the moment when we remove from our diamond / life the gunk of false perceptions, ugly emotions and bad earthly experiences, become enlightened, and reveal our true ‘light’ selves. Then, we beam.

I was taught to envision myself radiating light, emitting light, from within and pouring it into the universe and gifting others with its blessings.

It seemed to work.

My little divine spark was like the little train that could, trying to turn from spark to flame, and from flame into a fire and from fire into a sun.

I thought I was doing well.

Then, I realized my shadow was lighting fires of its own.

That’s when I saw the flip side.

That’s when I realized that my focus was not only inward (as I thought it should be), but it was inverted, too!


This caused a HUGE mess!

Actually, that’s when I found the flip side.

In the middle of crawling through the cut glass of my experience, Something told me to take a fresh look at a favorite image of the bodhisattva Akashagarba I feature in my presentations on the light body.

In this breathtaking image Akashagarba is holding the Chintamani or wish-fulfilling jewel. With his pure consciousness, and this jewel, he can turn any thing he desires into physical manifestation.

This is a picture of enlightenment.

Notice the squiggly white ‘springs’ or ‘coils’ coming off his rainbow body?

How cool would it be to emit such energy? To radiate such light?

Really cool, right?

It’s what all spiritual people want, yeah?

I will always remember when I flipped, the light came on, and I saw the flip side or ‘real’ diamond here.

That happened when I realized, as you probably already have, that the coils of light are not springing from within Akashagarba.

No, they are entering into him.

He is receiving them…from the flip side (the subtle energy realm, the quantum realm or what the Essenes called Raz.)

These light or energy coils float freely in the universe… until we call them in. Then, we transmute them from subtle energy to matter.

They fill our body, mind and soul with light.

I guess that’s why the enlightened are ‘fulfilled’ and ‘fully realized’. Infused with this light they live enthused lives.

We don’t empty our selves of our light to fill the world around, as I previously thought.

It’s not even our light to begin with.

Our universe is infinitely abundant. It wishes for us to be fulfilled.

The Great Fulfiller fills us.

The light flows through us.

As it does so we become the light…and the shadows disappear.

Thank you, life, and Akashagarba, for showing me the flip side.

My prayer is that you will receive radiance and allow it to flow through you.

Enjoy the flip side!

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Gordon Yumibe 7 years ago

    Interesting commentary…mastery or illumination is a subtle but oh so real balance…I traveled all the way across the country on an inspiration I had from a dream/inner vision of Edgar Cayce…so I went out to a conference for the very first time. After sitting through two days…I was thinking that it was a mistake and was ready to call it off…went to bed and the next day while attending an impromptu Easter sunrise service on the beach….I became illuminated with the rainbow light…something that took several more years before I was told that I had become fully illuminated….I think it was inner ability to surrender to what was rather than chastise myself for a lost venture that gave me an opening for the light…

    I was later reading some Course of Miracles writings that said something like you have to go half way to meet god…and allow god’s grace to meet you there…I had started on this seeking in my twenties and all this happened almost thirty years later…

  2. Carol Nemeth 7 years ago

    Simply BRILLIANT!

  3. Carol Nemeth 7 years ago

    William, thank you for this ‘brilliant’ and inspiring article. I found this and really like it.

    John 8:12English Standard Version (ESV)

    I Am the Light of the World

  4. Shannon 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness what perfect nutrition for this heart. Thank You! <3

  5. Bethanie 6 years ago

    I was looking for info about Nicholas Roerich and the stone, and I found this. A gold mine. Thanks William.

  6. Ljubo 4 years ago

    Pain body in psychology. .yp,polish,polish..let it shine!

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