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This article is the third in a series of background pieces for my Starwalker: Origins gathering in Nashville, TN April 13-14, 2024 and Mysteries of the Magdalene tour, June 14-25, 2024. I hope you will join us.

Even though I am not Catholic, and do not adhere to traditional Christian theology, I love and revere the Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ. 

During the course of the past decade studying her ascension and appearances or apparitions at Lourdes, France, and elsewhere, I have come to view her as a Starwalker; a fully awakened transcendental avatar or star being from another world, from another star system perhaps, who manifested on earth to deliver the Christ Child, then became the first Christian to ascend. Ultimately, I see her, and her hundreds of apparitions, as having a pivotal role in a plan for infusing humanity with a higher ‘vibration’, to use a current term, and the creation of a higher human civilization. This plan is soon to come to its fruition. We need her to fulfill this plan. 

Mary appears to Bernadette Soubirous at Lourdes in 1858.



Our Lady of Zeitoun, also known simply as El-Zeitoun, Zeitun or rarely Our Lady of Light, was a mass Marian apparition that was reported to have occurred in the Zeitoun district of Cairo, Egypt, during a period of about 3 years beginning on April 2, 1968 and was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people. 

The Marian apparitions have been dramatically accelerating and escalating for the past 90 years. I believe it is aimed at an effort to actualize the apocalypse, meaning the lifting of the veil, or a prophetic revelation, but more importantly direct human contact with an advanced order of cosmic beings to reveal knowledge and mysteries about a higher order of being within us. (Please do not confuse apocalypse with armageddon.)

I have further proposed that Mary is not alone. She is part of a lineage or tribe of many more divine feminine Starwalkers, and queens of heaven, who have purposefully influenced human affairs for millennia, including in order, Inanna, Isis, Athena, and Artemis. In fact, it is this tribe who, long, long, long ago, brought the original (matriarchal) stellar religion to earth in places like ancient Crete, Egypt, Babylon and Greece. Not only was this star religion feminine-based, it was delivered by females, the first gender on earth. 


My research has lead me to posit that this religion was based on human transformation into celestial beings…Starwalkers…preparatory to ascension to other worlds. The archaeological, historical, and mythological record tells us this original, divine feminine-led, religion / spiritual practice was suppressed out of our awareness by patriarchal human elements, especially during the past 2,500 years, beginning with the removal of YHWH’s feminine counterpart from the Jewish tradition by King Josiah in c. 630 B.C.

The teaching of the Starwalkers has been lost, but is now returning. 


If Mary is a Starwalker, where did she come from?

Apart from the Milky Way’s Galactic Center, one solid guess is the Pleiades, a collection of seven stars about 440 light years away in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull. This group of stars has been at the center of myth and legends for millennia, and across the world, that say they are the home of the gods. Astronomers say global myths about the Pleiades may stretch back 100,000 years.

The oldest human stories tell of divine beings, especially women, who manifested from the Seven Sisters, Seven Doves or Seven Hathors, as the Pleiades are known. By ‘manifested’ I mean these holy women ‘beamed’ across the universe, as in Star Trek-type, “Beam me up, Scotty,” beaming or teleporting, only there was no technological transporter device involved other than the sacred female human body. 

In a process that is as natural (to them) as a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, these celestial priestesses (maidens / virgins) descend from their homes in the stars to various planets by converting (or dissolving) their physical or material bodies into energetic light bodies (a process called “dematerialization”).

Upon arrival at a chosen destination world, these holy or divine feminine beings had the ability to re-convert or phase into a physical flesh and blood body conducive to that location that was self-generated (or re-generated) from their light bodies. In this way they were born again (ala the Tibetan Rainbow Light Body tradition). When they chose to return home they reversed the process and ‘ascended’ from earth and returned home or went elsewhere / or else when. 

I propose that Christian depictions of Mary as the ‘woman clothed with the Sun’ (plasma) match Tibetan images of the guru, Padmasambhava, in the Rainbow Light Body. 

Just imagine a gathering of priestesses in another star system, the Pleiades or elsewhere, preparing themselves, under the tutelage of another group of even more advanced and holier priestesses, to become heroic ‘agent Starwalkers’ and training for this mission to earth. 

In a flash, the priestess’s original body dissolves into light and ‘projects’ itself to earth (or any other planet of choice). In then phases into a material or physical flesh and blood body upon arrival. 

This cosmic, probably universal, teaching aimed at manifesting the ‘light body’ is known in virtually every earthly spiritual tradition. It goes by many names, of which the Garment of Light, Robe of Light, Robe of Glory, Beaming Garment, Star Body, Diamond Body, Body of Bliss, are just a few. These female Starwalkers are the originators of this symbolism on earth.

To me, this sounds remarkably like what I deciphered as being described in the Edfu Creation Texts which tell of an advanced ‘elder’ race of non-material beings who created the original Island of the Egg in Egyptian creation mythology and brought civilization to earth. These beings next manifested a human version of themselves out of a mysterious, as yet unidentified, substance described as bnnt.

This advanced ability is the dream of physicists who literally have their head in the stars when it comes to this. What we are talking about is the equivalent to humans transforming into stars or becoming hotter than stars anyway; something which is beyond our physics and ability to harness universal energy.

For instance, a study by Dr. Eric Davis for the US Air Force Research Laboratory of speculative teleportation technologies showed that to dematerialize a human body by heating it up to a million times the temperature of the core of the sun (our star) so that the quarks lose their binding energy and become massless and can be beamed at the speed of light in the closest physics equivalent to the Star Trek teleportation scenario would require the equivalent of 330 megatons of energy. To meet the information storage and transmission requirements would require current computing capabilities to continue to improve by a factor of 10 to 100 times per decade for 200 to 300 years. As Davis concludes, the technology to do this does not exist unless we invoke new physics (of quantum teleportation/entanglement) to get around the energy requirement. 


Here is a profound twist in our journey.

Not only could these priestesses self-generate a new body, but they could also produce a ‘copy’ of themselves. As documented most recently by researchers such as Den Poitras and the wonderfully brilliant and lucid scholar Marguerite Rigoglioso, they could self-generate a, definitely female, duplicate of themselves via a secret and sacred process known as self-directed parthenogenesis (‘virgin creation’) or asexual reproduction in which a priestess, a high one at that, as entheogenic substances are believed to be involved, can spontaneously produce an embryo without fertilizing an egg. Honey bees do this, so do some reptiles. It is thought to be common up and down the Tree of Life. This phenomenon is rare in humans, but real.

In addition to the female ‘clone’, they could also produce a divine masculine child, too. In some cases, these male children became exceptional exemplars of the priestess’s tradition, great teachers and agents of human evolution. Alexander the Great, Plato and Jesus are examples of such children. Not only could these priestesses produce a special male child, but also a male mate, as well. Again, the reason for doing this is to accelerate human evolution and advance human civilization on earth.

Think of how unlimited and elegant this solution is for traveling the stars (or in time). No penis-shaped rocket or star ship is required. Just gentle beaming combined with parthenogenesis. Talk about an advanced civilization! 


I wonder if NASA has ever thought about this approach to migrating into space?


Is parthenogenesis a standard ability of Pleiadean priestesses? 

Or, rephrased, what if it is?

Then, why did the star walking priestesses come to earth?

The answer is, they are on a mission. They have a plan…a plan for the human race. 

We can see that plan in action when, in his rebirth / resurrection, Jesus enacted or demonstrated the Starwalker’s perfection teaching of the transmutation of the earthly body into a heavenly body composed of celestial flesh. 

Christians would call this the plan of salvation and argue that Jesus inaugurated this plan during his crucifixion, entombment/resurrection and ascension. The problem is the “how to” build the light body from this plan has been veiled in Christianity. Fortunately, the Essene teachings in the Dead Sea Scrolls unveil these teachings for us. 

According to their Community Rule (found among the Dead Sea Scrolls), the Essenes alienated themselves from the rest of society to live with angels and to ‘perfect’ themselves in order to prepare and make way for the visitation of a high celestial being who could show us how to put on our crown of salvation and robe of unending light and lead a revolution in human evolution by transforming themselves into angels and the earth into a planet of righteousness. The Virgin Mary was the conduit for helping this being make its earthly connection.

The scrolls reveal the Essenes were also obsessed with transforming themselves to be like their visiting angels and their state of being (in light bodies) in order to ascend to and enter a celestial city called Sion or the New Jerusalem. In Hebrews (12:22), we learn this place is inhabited by “angels gathered in joyful assembly and just humans made perfect”.

The Essenes sought to take their place at this family gathering of angels and perfect ones. Meanwhile, they would transform human civilization into a righteous one where God and the angels could dwell. We may think of this as spiritually terraforming the planet. 

At this moment I am recalling attending a lecture given my John Van Auken at the Association For Research and Enlightenment about Edgar Cayce’s readings regarding the Essenes. I wrote about it here.

Incredibly, the great seer had provided numerous readings about the Essene teachings at least fifteen years before the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. In startling ways, Cayce’s dream-state readings about the Essenes matched what the scrolls said in detail after detail. 

According to Cayce, Mary was one of a number of young virgin girls who were trained from her childhood (at Jerusalem’s Temple of Solomon) in spiritual abilities, including parthenogenesis, by the Essenes. Their ultimate ‘game’ was to transform their bodies into conduits to miraculously ‘deliver’ the Christ child to earth.

Mary was the Essene priestess who was trained in the art of using her body as a conduit to manifest, parthenogenetically, this high celestial being we know as the Christ child. This is the meaning of ‘virgin’ birth.  This is eugenics at a cosmic level. She, herself, was born this way.

In Creation of the Superman, Dr. Raymond Bernard, an early adaptor of the parthenogenesis theme, writes:

“Under the guidance of Essene eugenicists, Joachim and Anna (the earthly parents of the virgin Mary) underwent a preparatory training previous to conception, in order to purify their blood and vitalize their bodies so that they might be able to conceive a child in an immaculate manner. This preparation included a forty day fast by Joachim. Thus, in a passionless and spiritual way, in a spirit of service to posterity, Mary was conceived by parents who had lived chastely throughout their lives.” 

Mary, our Starwalker, manifested for the purpose of bringing in the Christ Child.

The purpose of the manifestation of Christ on earth, through Mary, was to infuse all of humanity with new possibilities and potentials. What occurred 2,000 years ago is a commencement or inception. Regardless of one’s religious or political affiliation, age, ethnicity, location, we are all part of the transformation, or initiation, that is presently unfolding on earth. We are graduating to a ‘next human’ level of a greater reality, a higher consciousness, a wider identity, and ultimately, membership in a universal tribe of Starwalkers.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


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