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Giant hunter, researcher and author, Brien Foerster, recently posted that he will be holding a press conference on February 2, 2018 to reveal his DNA research on the enigmatic elongated Paracas Skulls of Peru. His team is going to present their findings and people will be able to see the data for themselves, he says. Are they aliens? A previously unknown hominid species? Or people subject to cranial deformation?

Foerster further stated that his hypothesis has always been that the enigmatic Paracas people may have come from the Middle East. He is also wondering if there may be a connection to the Nephilim tribes found in the Promised Land that Joshua and Caleb warred against. “No one is stating that these elongated skulls are the remnants of the Nephilim,” he said. “We simply do not know at this point. The data is interesting and frankly, it raises more questions than answers.”

I am highly interested in his findings as I am frequently asked about the Nephilm, especially as, over the past 20 years, I have written extensively about Joshua and Caleb and their interactions with the offspring of these mysterious beings. Beginning with my 1998 book, “Blue Apples”, I have been pursuing the secrets of these giants. My take on these beings is a bit different. The crux of my diversion is the ancient claims about why these beings are thought of as giants to begin with.

There are two schools.

One line of thinking, the most popular one, proffers that they are enormously tall — perhaps 12-15 feet tall. Joshua said the Anak, or offspring of the Nephilim, he encountered in Israel were “great and tall”. Their name means “long-necked” or tall. No mention is made of elongated skulls.

The second line says the sons of Anak were called Giants or Mighty Men because they possessed a transmittable cloak or garment that gave them super human powers. From the ancient accounts, it is realized that this cloak is a spiritual teaching that awakens dormant ‘superhuman’ capabilities, making one a ‘giant’ among humans. Possession of this cloak made the Anak, the giants, radiant, luminous and extraordinarily powerful.

Of course, it is possible that both schools are correct. The Nephilim could have been both tall in stature and mighty in their spiritual capabilities due to their possession of a power cloak or an advanced spiritual teaching. I mean, they have to wear something, right?

I have spent the past twenty years pursuing this cloak rather than the DNA evidence passionately sought by Brien Foerster (and for whose efforts I, along with multitudes of others, am grateful).

Perhaps our passions are about to meet.

In anticipation of his announcement, and to satisfy the many questions about the giants, I offer the following excerpts from my books “Blue Apples” (1998), “Cloak of the Illuminati” (2002), “The Secret of Sion” (2012) and “The Watchers : Lost Secrets of Ascension, Resurrection and Perfection” (2015) and “The Skingularity is Near”. All of these works deal with the mysteries of garment of light of the Mighty Ones.

First, a bit of background on the Nephilim, beginning with their progenitors, the Watcher angels.


For reasons neither completely known or fully understood, but varying from ‘they had to do it’ to ‘the devil made them do it’ to ‘God commanded them to do it and they were on a mission from God’, two hundred members of an ancient, highly elite, super-race of celestial or angelic beings rebelled against God.

They abandoned their duties at God’s Throne and departed the heavenly Sion, their celestial home.

Turing toward earth, they shed their whirling light bodies of light and willfully crossed a forbidden boundary between Above and Below, Spirit and Flesh.

Some claim the Watchers were sent to watch and shepherd the first humans, but not interfere in human affairs.

The Fall of the Watchers. The Limbourg Brothers.

Instead, in violation of an unnamed cosmic law, they contacted, infiltrated, intermingled and integrated freely with the ‘alien’ humans. They disclosed and taught the secrets of heaven’s ‘technology’ to humans, including the art or craft of transforming or translating a human being into an angel.

The rebel Watchers lusted after human females and procreated with the ‘daughters of man’.

The Nephilim were on earth in those days, and also afterwards,” says Genesis 6:4, “when the sons of God (the Watchers) came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the Mighty Men that were men of old, Men of Renown.”

The hybrid offspring of these unions (celestial beings + human) are the Nephilim (pronounced ‘nepheelem’), a superhuman race of mighty ones or ‘giants’ commonly and erroneously referred to as the Fallen Ones. This term, ‘fallen’, simply means they are no longer in their celestial bodies, but rather, are in earthly flesh and blood bodies.


The Watchers and Nephilim were eradicated by the Lord, YaHWeH, who sent the biblical ‘Flood’ (Noah’s ‘flood’) to eliminate them and the humans who had been turned by them.

This act of divine intervention most likely occurred between 13,000 B.C. and 10,000 B.C.

There are competing theories about how this cataclysm happened. Among the more frequently visited theories are:

• Solar flare from the sun.
• Galactic super wave of plasma from the center of the galaxy.
• Pole shift.

The effect of this intervention was devastating. In a flash, in the twinkling of the eye, civilization was violently turned over and wiped off the surface of the planet.

Ancient accounts tell us this event was foreseeable and preventable. New scientific theories propose this cataclysm is cyclical.

No matter how it happened, or if will happen again, or even if it is our turn to experience it (as some believe the ancients warned), we must know that later thinkers, such as the Essenes, linked this “God sent” Flood to the punishment of the Watchers.

“In Genesis,” observes acclaimed Princeton scholar, Martha Himmelfarb, in Between Temple and Torah, “the flood follows immediately on the story of the sons of God and daughters of men, but without any explicit indication of a causal relationship. In The Book of Watchers, it is represented as the means of cleansing the earth from the corruption and violence caused, directly and indirectly, by the fallen angels.”

The Flood may be thought of as a warning to the Watchers to cease their activity or to humanity to stay away from the Watchers.


But, humanity cannot stay or turn away from the Watchers (nor they us).

The Bible tells us the both the Watchers and their Nephilim offspring survived the Flood. We know this because this race, and their secrets, were hunted by humans after the Flood during Old Testament times.

Some of the other Hebrew words used to describe the ‘nephlim’, and th ir descendents, are:

‘Anakim’ a race of hybrids, half human, half alien. (Sons of Anakuam 13:33)

‘’Rephaim’ (as in Genesis 14:5; 2 Sam. 5:18) from the root word, ‘rapha’ which means spirits or shades.

‘Emim’ meaning ‘proud deserters’ but also a race of giants. (See Deut.2:9, 10

‘Og’ (Deut. 3:11) ‘Zamzummims’ these were the ‘evil plotters’ of Deut. 2:20. ‘Zuzim’ meaning ‘roaming things’, evil ones (Gen. 14:5).

Both the Watchers and the Nephilim, and their secrets, continue to be hunted today. Humans, Watchers and Nephilim are entangled in a triangle resulting from their ‘evil’ pre-Flood deeds and will remain so until Judgment Day, says Christian teaching.


“These were the Mighty Men that were men of old, Men of Renown.”

This short passage has evoked considerable confusion for centuries. Scholars debate whether the Mighty ‘these’ spoken of here were the Watchers, the Nephilim or their offspring. In my view, they are both renown. The assumption is that they were ‘giants’. However, another point of view emerges when we dive into the meaning of the word ‘renown’.

Renown means to make a name for oneself. It has the same meaning as fame and glory, which comes from the Latin gloria, (“fame, renown”). The English Glory originated in c.1300, meaning “magnificence,” and came from the Old French glorie, from Latin gloria “great praise or honor,” which is of uncertain origin, although the Greek doxa “expectation”, later “opinion, fame,” is proposed.

In the Book of Genesis, Nimrod and humanity sought to ‘make a name for itself’ by building the Tower of Babel, the Gate of the Gods.

Ultimately “glory,” was used in Biblical writing to translate a Hebrew word which had a sense of “brightness, splendor, magnificence, majesty,” and this was subsequently translated as Latin gloria, which has colored that word’s meaning in most European tongues, says Wikipedia.

Fame, glory, renown, mighty ones are terms used to denote the manifestation of God’s presence in Judeo-Christian symbolism and especially Merkavah (“Throne Chariot”) mysticism.

Glory literally means to ‘glow rays’ and is symbolized by a rainbow. However, glory often manifests as a ‘cloud’. The cloud signifying the glory of God and the mighty ones are connected, if not, interchangeable symbols.

Added together, the definitions of the word ‘glory’ ask us to consider that the Watchers and the Nephilim were bright, magnificent, illuminated beings who radiated light…literally.


There is ample evidence for this radiance of celestial beings in Middle Eastern literature. In fact, the phenomenon of radiance is a motif woven through Sumerian and Akkadian literature and art.

The key word is melammu. As Vladimir Emelianov of St. Petersburg State University discusses in his 2008 paper “On the Early History of melammu”, melammu, usually translated as supernatural awe-inspiring sheen and ‘fearsome radiance’ is one of the most fundamental concepts of Mesopotamian religion.

Despite this fact, Emelianov notes, very few academic papers discuss melammu.

It is unknown in the popular literature or discussions about the giants, the Sons of Anak and the Men or Renown. This is why most think the giants are tall in stature and no one (well, except for us) discusses their robe of light (even though the Watchers are commonly called ‘the Shining Ones’).

My aim has been to elucidate the secrets of this garment.

The melammu is the garment worn by the Nephilim. It was worn by gods and kings. Specifically, melammu is used to refer to the radiance of kings, heroes and gods. It means “radiance” and “splendor”. It denotes a characteristic attribute of the gods, a sparkling vital force. The placing of the radiant or glowing melammu on the king brings a fairly uniform reaction among his opponents: they flee.

It must have been an extraordinary display of power.

This is why a cloak symbolizes the power of the king.

This force was also applied to the temples of the sons of An, the Anunnaki. The light of the temples reached into heaven and transformed them into intermediaries or portals between Heaven and Earth. The melamu gave the gods control over space.

Melammu is specifically associated with strength and power. A divine light or fire, it was granted by the highest of gods and denoted power and authority. Not all the gods possessed it. Rather, it was gift from the god of heaven, An.

Biblical and other radiance accounts are based on the Sumerian originals. Closely related to the idea of radiance is the ideas of purity and holiness. In Akkadian the word ellu means both “pure” and “bright”.

To sum up, in the early Sumerian texts melammu appears to be a luminous covering or outer layer of a person, being or object, which visibly demonstrates the power of the person, being, or object.

The belief that the king was clothed in melammu clearly existed from ancient times and derived from the gods or celestial beings themselves, who placed it on the king’s body.

This royal robe is transmittable.

Similar luminescence appears in Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic iconography over the past two thousand years. I believe the ‘cloud of glory’ is a reference to the Rainbow Body of Light.


The means by which Nimrod became a “Mighty Man” is described in The Book of Jasher, which says the skins that God made for Adam and his wife went to Enoch after their death, then to Methuselah, then to Noah, then Ham stole them and gave them to Cush. They were then passed to Nimrod who became strong when he put on the “magic” garments. Jasher 27:1-11 says that Esau, the brother of Jacob, kills Nimrod and takes Adam’s skins.

The ‘skin’ referred to here is not clearly defined. One thing is clear, however. The ‘Mighty Skin’ was designed to provide power.

In my opinion, it is the melammu.

The Zohar says that, “When Adam dwelt in the garden of Eden, he was clothed in the celestial garment, which is the garment of heavenly light…light of that light which was used in the garden of Eden.” This divinely provided skin transformed Adam and Eve from sinners into people of righteousness fit for God’s presence.

The melammu is the ‘miracle garment’ Elijah transmitted to Elisha. It is the garment John the Baptist, the reincarnated Elijah, transmitted to Jesus at the Baptism, the powers of which Jesus demonstrated during the Transfiguration.

The sole spiritual quest of all humans is to follow the Way of Christ and reclaim our spiritual garment of light.


As recorded in the Book of Numbers (13),  Joshua (or “Yehoshua,” the Old Testament name for Jesus), along with a companion, Caleb, was dispatched by Moses to the mysterious valley of Eschol (‘valley of the cluster’ as in grapes),  in the Promised Land of Canaan, where he spied on the sons of Anak who were living there. The sons of Anak are described not as humans but as giants…Mighty Men of Renown.

“We saw the children of An-ak there”, the spies reported, “we saw the giants,” those men of a prodigious size, the “sons of Anak,” which “come of the giants”, and “we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight” (Numbers 13:33). They are stronger than humans, said Joshua (Numbers 13:31).

In a daring story reminiscent of Jack and the Beanstalk, we learn that when the spies left the vineyard of the giants they stole a branch heavy with the grapes of the Anunnaki and returned them to Moses along with a warning, “the land there eateth the people up”. This very strange statement has been interpreted to mean that the land did not provide enough food for the people. This is belied by that fact that this vineyard is located in the land of milk and honey.

Joshua must have seen something extraordinary, but not beyond his comprehension. After all, he accompanied Moses when he ascended Mount Sinai and saw God in the Burning Bush. He operated the Ark of the Covenant, which functioned as a sort of teleportation device for Yahweh.  He commanded the sun to stand still. He succeeded Moses, who was trained in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, as leader of the Israelites. With his esoteric background, Joshua must have been using a “short hand” term Moses would have understood when describing what he saw at Eschol.

I have interpreted this cryptic phrase as meaning the Anak were operating a gateway in/to/from the Promised Land. Joshua and Caleb saw people walking along the surface of the earth and they suddenly vanished. They went through a stargate of the gods.

The over sized cluster grapes symbolize its secrets. They may have come from the ‘otherworldly’ land this gateway connects to.

What kind of grapes are so heavy they require two men to lift? Are they grapes at all? Could they be symbolic of the mysterious ‘floating’ blue stones of Moses? Or an other wordly substance? The Bible is mute concerning what Moses did with the grapes of the gods. This is strange considering they possibly represent the core secrets of the Nephilm.

Joshua and Caleb reappear as the two thieves at the Crucifixion. They bring the oversized cluster of grapes they stole from the Nephilim. Esoterically, this means these two events are linked.

However, in this 1607 engraving by Netherlandish engraver, Hieronymus Wierix, from the British Museum, we see the two spies (or are they thieves?) carrying the heavy grapes of the Promised Land on a pole or staff and delivering them to the Glorification/Crucifixion.

Christ is on the cross surrounded by bunches of grapes and a radiant gateway behind Him. The dove of the Holy Ghost descends (from Sion). What are these grapes doing at the Crucifixion! Unless…they are the keys to the stargate.

There is little doubt that this powerful engraving inspired the ‘master of Sion’s Secrets’ himself, the illustrious painter Nicholas Poussin. By uniting the grapes and the ladder, Poussin is clearly telling us the Grapes of Sion open the ladder or gateway to heaven.

The Grapes of the Promised Land. Nicholas Poussin. Note the illuminated hole in the ground behind Joshua and Caleb.

As recorded in Numbers 13, Joshua and Caleb steal the oversized grapes of Sion from the Sons of Anak, the offspring of the Watchers. In Poussin’s version of this episode, he connects the grapes with a ladder extending into a tree. It is interesting to recall that, in the Great Perfection tradition, the fruit is the symbol for self-realization.

I have traced these secrets to Southern France where the grapes of the promised land are referred to as ‘BLUE APPLES’. Legends say the Anak are still there.

So, what did Jesus do with the fruit of the Promised Land, these Grapes of Sion?

According to the Codex Brucianus, He made a light body or Resurrection Body out of them.

The Codex Brucianus, called The Gnosis of the Light, is a Gnostic text bought at Medinet Habu in Egypt by Scottish traveler James Bruce in 1769. It was translated at Oxford by scholar Carl Schmidt in 1892. It contains the first and second Books of Jeu and three fragments – an untitled text, which tells of the Setheus, an untitled hymn, and the text “On the Passage of the Soul Through the Archons of the Midst”. It says:

For Jesus, the Fruit of the Aeons, became a Body of Light, He crossed the Aeons of the Indivisible
Body until he came to the Alone-begotten who is in the Monad and who dwells in Peace and
Solitude. He received the Grace of the Alone-Begotten — that is to say, His Christhood or His
Perfecting. Also He received the Eternal Crown. He is the Father of all Light-Sparks, the chief of the
Immortal Bodies.”

In other words, Jesus used the heavy blue grapes (stones) to make his light body and to open the stargate to Sion.

This is the secret of the Nephilim.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


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    Could these giant blue apple mentioned be “Lapis Lazuli”?
    This semi-precious stone was once more valuable than gold during the time of Jesus Christ. It was also widely used by the Egyptian and Roman civilizations. This stone helps to expand consciousness and intellect by opening the third eye. It also helps increase psychic abilities, overcome depression and alleviate anger.

    The above article states that Jesus ‘made a lightbody’ out of these Grapes of Sion.

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    Jesus didn’t need any fruit or stones to light up his body. He seriously held back during his life what he was capable of doing as Second Person of the Holy Trinity. We don’t need empirical proof, but a Eucharistic host or two that bled (including one that has gone from solid to liquid and back over centuries, since it happened before an unbelieving priest), upon consecration, is icing on the cake.

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