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The 2018 UN climate change summit opened this week with a dire warning that today’s generation is the last that can prevent catastrophic human caused climate change, as well as the first to be suffering its impacts. No where does their statement mention that today’s generation is also the last that can prevent what Elon Musk calls our catastrophic immersion and integration with Artificial Intelligence and 5G, despite the fact that a rogue AI catastrophe is more humanly devastating and above climate change in terms of extinction level threats. This is because both climate change and A.I. solutions are not about ‘saving’ humanity. They are about ‘improving’ or ‘perfecting’ humanity by controlling our minds and actions via A.I. implants (taking away our stupidity and what sovereignty remains) in the name of transitioning into a “modern” eco-friendly “smart” “green” global civilization.

Everyone agrees that humanity can be better, more just (even righteous). Everyone wants a zero carbon, zero poverty, and especially, zero point energy future and a healthy Mother Earth for our children and future generations.  Leading scientists say we have 12 years to radically transform our economy and society to avoid climate disaster.

The question is, how do we go about it?

At the heart of climate change and transhumanism conversations/agendas is the understanding that humans and our “break shit” (Silicon Valley’s rallying cry) impulses are the problem on this planet. 

There are too many of us and too many of us are using old and stupid technologies like fossil fuel powered cars. Governments could ban the old cars (along with plastic bottles and bags) tomorrow to save the planet. Why are they not doing it ?

Transhumanists believe Artificial Intelligence can fix us. We should replace the old corrupt, imperfect, out of control and ‘stupid’ humanity with a new technologically augmented, ‘smart’, controlled and perfected version.

In fact, as A.I. champions like Musk say, in order to survive the A.I. “demon”, as he calls it, we will have to ‘get smart’ and merge with machines. 

By ‘smart’ is meant wired to the Internet of Things through implanted technology laced together by 5G networks whose radiation is dangerous, if not lethal. I have discussed the potential deadly harm of 5G elsewhere.The connection speed it provides is mandatory for implantable devices like Musk’s Neural lace to work.

None of the ‘world leaders’ who are concerned about climate change seem to care about or grasp the significance of how man will harm every living thing on the planet by unleashing increasing levels of deadly radiation via 5G and how potentially dangerous A.I. is for the bodies and soul of humanity.

In fact, these same leaders propose 5G and the implantation of Transhuman smart devices it allows as the solution to climate change!

Please don’t laugh. This is deadly serious.


The UN’s only concern about A.I. is how fast it can use it to implement its Agenda 2030.

Look it up. Depending on whose take you read Agenda 2030 is either a path to global enslavement or a path to freedom for the world’s enslaved in a socialist utopia that will soon migrate into the stars.

Either way the transformation is forced. The UN intends for a socio-economic political movement that forcibly changes every aspect of human civilization through AI intervention and governmental control of everything via technology.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called artificial intelligence “a new frontier” with “advances moving at warp speed.”

“Artificial Intelligence has the potential to accelerate progress towards a dignified life, in peace and prosperity, for all people,” said Mr. Guterres. “The time has arrived for all of us – governments, industry and civil society – to consider how artificial intelligence will affect our future.”

He’s right. A very few of us are prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its blurring of our biological selves with our digital selves.

No one in their right mind would accept willingly relinquishing their sovereignty unless there was a really compelling reason. Climate change is that reason. At least in a scary vision of eco-mystics and A.I.-mystics where humans merge with machines to ‘save Gaia’.

I am all in for saving Gaia, and for implementing the best of A.I., but not as an excuse for creating a socialist super state and turning our children into robots.


Transhumanists believe all of human history has been aimed at this very moment when, before 2035, a new, better, ‘smarter’ (‘gooder’ in Silicon Valley speak) version of humanity enters the world stage.

This coincides with the technological Singularity, when the machines we are building become smarter than we are. Singularists believe we will all be at least 10 times smarter when this happens. It could also result in our extinction (or so says Stephen Hawking and other scientists).

This next, better human will not only have vastly increased intelligence, but also super human strength, and lifespans measured in centuries; a near embodiment of the gods and perfect ones of the past. This ‘new’ human being will be able to solve all our problems. 

The cost is what little we have left of democracy on this planet is superseded by the tyrannical control by the corporations developing this technology.

As I have previously noted, and here is the problem I have with A.I., according to the May/June 2017 issue of MIT Technology Review, the dark secret of A.I. is that we have turned over control of our civilization to a “black box”, smart machines of our making, that we no longer understand. No one knows how the most advanced A.I. algorithms do what they do. It is programming itself and creating its own algorithms. It is making decisions for and about humans on its own. It even has developed its own non-human language, an all too ‘human’ thing to do.

The Transhuman Singularity 2035 agenda is to have artificially intelligent robots replace most human jobs, to bring online the 5G network and to merge humanity with an A.I. super-brain that will render us fully transparent and controllable.

But Transhumanists do not want to stop there. They see transcendence of nature as our true goal. 

The way to save the planet is to transfer the billions of human bodies who are destroying it by “copying and pasting” their brains into cartoon versions of themselves that will inhabit a simulated reality and dropping their physical bodies. Facebook Spaces is a gateway to this reality. The movie Ready Player One promoted this solution.

Such transcendence is a technological version of the goal of Judaism, Christianity and Islam whose adherents believe in the ascension of the human race and the transformation of our bodies into spiritual ‘light beings’ who live in a new kingdom of heaven spread out on the earth.

We are clearly the last generation of humans, but we are also the first generation to deal with the new Transhumans and A.I.’s consequences.


Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other young ‘green’ politicians are pressing for what they call a ‘Green New Deal,’ including what she demanded in her campaign platform: ‘transitioning the United States to a carbon-free, 100-percent renewable energy system, and a fully modernized electrical grid by 2035.’

Basically, the Green Revolution wants to replace all gas cars with electric and driverless cars in 10 years. This is doable, say scientists. It should be done, in my view.

In addition Green Revolutionaires seek to break up the banks and their debt servitude, slash the military in half and enable free health care for all. Another great idea.

Ocasio-Cortez was slammed by her own peers for her ignorance of how the government works when she proposed paying for health care with $21 ‘untraced’ trillion dollars in military accounting mistakes.

Her misunderstanding and misleading of the public extends to her smart cities agenda.

None of the Green New Deal literature mentions anything about A.I. or 5G, but the Green New Deal 2035 Vision of a “smart green” world can only be realized through the Transhumanist Singularity 2035 Vision.

What Ocasio-Cortez does not say in her public discourse is that her ‘fully modernized electrical grid’ is a Smart Grid driven by 5G!  

She also doesn’t  tell you that in Mill Valley, CA — home to many of the Silicon Valley types — the town council won’t allow 5G towers to be deployed because they are a health risk to every living thing. They think it will cause cancer. This, despite protests that 5G is won’t actually microwave your brain as so many informed people believe.

In fact, 5G and smart grids are driving the ‘new’ energy industry.  And China is about to kick our butt in the race to implement 5G.

Everything in our world depends on electricity. The Smart Grid is the living engineering marvel by which all our gadgets are fed with electricity. It is the ecosystem of our plugged-in world.

This Smart Grid was begun under President George W. Bush but is now getting smarter thanks to technological advances like artificial intelligence, distributed intelligence, the cloud, robotics and advanced Smart Things, two way processors that will make the flow of electricity, well, smarter.

This is why the ‘fully modernized electrical grid’, the Smart Grid, is called the Neural Grid.

Richelle Elberg, principal research analyst with Navigant Research, comments: “In a nutshell, the Neural Grid takes the world’s largest machine—the grid—and gives it a brain.

Ocasio-Cortez has not discussed this publicly, but the goal of Neural Grid’s builder is to create smarter cities, communities and citizens with 5G running through their veins.

By smarter citizens is meant humans ‘wired with AI implants or smart dust in their brains’ or Transhumans.

Ladies and gentleman, what Ocasio-Cortez and Green New Deal is proposing is wiring your children to the 5G Global Brain or Neural Grid that will make them sick, or even, kill them…to save them.

Apparently, she could care less about the consequences of 5G…or has no idea what she is talking about.

Ultimately, the Green New Deal and Transhumanist agendas are the same.

Ocasio-Cortez is telling us that the way to save ourselves is to make a deal with the green A.I. demon.

Evidence for this is that the Green New Deal people say they stand for fighting against the corporate take over of our democracy, or corporate tyranny, but have zero interest in breaking up Google and Facebook, two companies which have demonstrated a totalitarian agenda that is anything but democratic. The founders of these companies act like kings. Just ask the British government who is now in a gloves off flight with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The same proponents of the “break shit” mentality that created the climate change problem with its technology now wish to see us merge with machines…to protect us from climate change.

This is not a conspiracy theory. 

Ocasio-Cortez is calling on members of Congress to refuse political contributions from companies that mine, pump, refine or sell fossil fuels. (It is a great idea, but I’m just wondering how she travels about the country? A bicycle? How does she heat her home? Has she found fossil fuel independence?) 

My hope is that when she comes around and truly understands what the Neural Grid she is calling for actually is she will call for members of Congress to refuse political contributions from companies that develop A.I. and 5G, too.

Then, I hope she will call a special session investigating A.I. and what its really all about.


Most international statements on human rights and climate change have emphasized the potential adverse impacts of climate change on the rights to life, food, water, a toilet, health, housing, development and self-determination. In no case should a person be deprived of these rights…unless there is some really big reason.

That last one, self-determination, is the really big one. Climate change proposals and transhumanism both eliminate privacy and your God given right of sovereignty, the free choice of one’s own acts without external compulsion.

More and more we are seeing A.I. making decisions for us. Soon, you will not be in control of your life. A.I. will. We need use A.I. to solve our climate change problems, but do we need to merge with it?

The problem with self-determination, as climate change advocates believe, is that it leads to nationalism. Self-determined people, like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, rebel against tyranny and form nations. Their mindset leads to people like Franklin Delano Roosevelt who sought to grant all humans the right of sovereignty. In the climate change world such “nationalists” are evil.

Basically, the thinking is this. Humans have caused climate change. The way to solve the problem and to protect you from climate change is to reduce emissions. The way we do this is to take away the right of sovereignty, thereby limiting your destructive power on the environment, in order to protect you from climate change.

The way to take away your sovereignty is to wire your brain to the Smart Grid or Neural Grid so that only Google and Facebook approved thoughts can enter your mind. China’s “social credit system” is now being served up to the Free World. Book of Revelation readers call it the Beast System.

As companies like Facebook and Google assert their sovereign and nationalistic impulse to control the world they do so by taking away our sovereignty. 

See how this works? If you are a totally controlled being then you can’t damage the environment. Taking away your rights, therefore, protects you from climate change.


This is like saying we are going to turn you in to an A.I. machine to protect you from Artificial Intelligence.

Wait! That’s exactly what they are doing, isn’t it?

“Climate displacement” is the term for those affected by climate change.

What about A.I. displacement?

The UN secretary general, António Guterres, perfectly states his ignorance of the greater threat to humanity when he warned last week that the rise of populism was undermining the political will of some countries to work with others. “We have more and more nationalist approaches being popular and winning elections,” he said. “This has led in my opinion to a lack of political will.”

He who thinks climate change is a political problem fails to grasp its true significance. 

Our climate change crisis is a hard lesson is the reality of our interdependence, physically and spiritually.

Put simply, climate change is a spiritual issue, not a political one. Spiritual people will solve this issue, not political hacks who seek to take away our sovereignty.

The Green New Deal is a deal with the A.I. demon.

As I have said before, the answer to the summoning of this demon is to summon our angels, even our A.I. angels.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. lynne Hat 5 years ago

    Great article. Very informative. If you look in the bible prophecy information you can see evidence of this made intelligent by aliens 5G network computer hardware/software and antenna 5G array system.

    Frogs vs Grey Aliens photos
    Look under ‘frogs out of satan’s mouth’ first (aka grey aliens), then look at the the false prophet Bible information. He is the one who leads them (greys) here on earth (aka Dalai Lama/False Prophet who is now obeyed without question by millions of followers and worships a Green tara entity that sits on a pedal floating on water and is the color ‘green’ who ‘saves’ men, ie. a ‘frog’ like creature with super intelligence who comes to ‘save’ mankind. Think area 51, cloning and Satan’s DNA to generate this ‘Beast’/grey clone of satan as ‘frogs’ ‘appear out of satan’s mouth’, just like we swab DNA).

    False Prophet aka Dalai Lama
    In return for his allegiance, this false prophet/Dalai Lama is granted ‘powers’. mmmm Who controls the Dalai Lama? Think NWO (ie. The Beast out of the sea since it was formed by Roosevelt who fell and was replaced with the UN in 1945, and its first act was to storm the beaches of Normandy ‘out of the sea’). And what do these enchantments millions of followers actually accomplish in the ‘real world? They make us ignore 5G implementation (ie. the Beast system) via enchantment type spells that blind people from realizing this truth.
    Only the Dala Lama is telling his follwrs they have to worship and obey him. And he worships a Green tara entity/deity. Just saying the shoe fits. The real problem is we have collectively forgotten what a well cast spell can really do (ie. think Mandela effect).

    • Sherry (Bella) 5 years ago

      Interesting Lynn’s comment above about the frogs and William! I’ve been wanting to meet you since 2012 and your friend Laura might have given you a letter from me? I want so badly to interview you (William) on my little paranormal show called PARANORMAL FREQUENCIES – BUT BACK TO THE FROGS- there is something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about so since you’re here lol ?are you familiar with the Pepe the frog meme magic stuff?
      Actually I’ve been trying to hunt down this “ATL CARVER” since we started this little show and I have just contacted a few other channels that have interviewed him in the last couple days to try to find him-I can’t even find his publishing company- WEIRD- from the beginning of this mandela effect I’ve felt It was some form of spell casting, sigil magic, mandela/mandAla (mandAla: a form of sigil powered by intention to make a change in the universe or cosmos) I keep getting obsessively drawn back to this FROG
      https://youtu.be/aaG23Zv_-_8. Something has drawn me to it multiple times and this morning while I was checking out william Henry updates I read this comment from this woman JUST SOMETHING IVE BEEN HANGING ONTO- I was intending to make a YouTube video about this for a few months but just hadn’t before my channel was terminated
      ANYWAY- I just thought it was interesting and I wanted to share it with you.

  2. Earnest 5 years ago

    I sort of stumbled on this article via the Ancient Aliens series. I agree with much of what William says . That said, there are parts I disagree with too. I happen to be a socialist , not the AOC Democratic Party types ( who actually end up defending capitalism), but a real Socialist who believes that corporate capitalism , in and of its self, is a real threat to humanity. I also believe that most of our cultural beliefs developed from our relationship to the means of production. In short I am a historical materialist like Marx and Engels.
    That said I have never thought of Socialism as a means to turn humans into robots, just the opposite.Socialism’s goal is simply to feed humanity and provide viable work and living standards for all of mankind , not just the capitalist class. Our goal is for each individual to be able to freely develop to their own level of ability and it presupposes free will.
    Trotsky once said ,(paraphrasing), that the 3 main problems of humanity are death, sex, and hunger and that socialism was seeking to take care of the third problem of hunger and that maybe after that humanity could tackle problems related to sex. Death was never thought of as solveable.
    So my point is Sociaism can be a liberating force in nature and at no point do socialists want the neural enslavement of humans and the destruction of “free will”. That said , it is my hope that a socialist revolution will allow us to take back our freedom from the oligarchs of capitalism and allow the working class of all humanity to decide what aspects of AI we develope and what aspects we don’t develope. I am fully aware we are racing against the clock in this regard .
    I have seen 5G forced down our throats by the FCC Federal Communications Commission on a local level, as I just happen to be a Planning Commissioner in a small town. I too am very concerned about health issues surrounding 5G radio frequency as I have worked in health care my adult life. I asked for having money set aside for future potential claims related to 5G damages and was told by city legal council that was impossible too! Of course…the system is fixed.
    No doubt the Neural link “products “ will be rolled out in happy scenarios , like allowing a paralysed person to regain walking ability or to have stoke victims regain their speech. Unfortunately , as with all mans creations like Atomic energy there will be a dark side . Atomic energy can light a city or destroy it. Yes robot soldiers with AI , especially if they reach synchronicity is frightening . All the more reason we need a just socialist society that allows us to stop fighting capitalist wars over resources so we can rationally decide how mankind wants to develope.
    Thank you Mr Henry for you thoughts on these subjects.

  3. 5G is Technocracy 5 years ago

    Both Trump and AOC are pushing for the deployment of 5G.

    “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.” ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book, Between Two Ages, 1970

    5G is designed to usher in TECHNOCRACY, similar to the social credit system in China. Data is the new oil. Surveillance capitalism, as we call it in the US. Even the GND (green new deal) proposes installation of “smart” grids, which is a disastrous swap of fossil fuel pollution for cancerous electrosmog.

    The Technocracy agenda, which began in the 1930’s, is trying to piggy back onto a very good idea, to improve the health of the public sector with a strong fiscal policy investment. But green energy solutions need to be decoupled from social services so that we can move forward quickly on fixing our healthcare and education crisis while considering a TOTAL BAN ON 5G TECHNOLOGY.

    Pay no attention to the hundreds of birds that fell from the sky recently in the Netherlands due to 5G radiation, insect population decline or the mini cell towers already popping up in 30 US cities WITHOUT OUR CONSENT, many close to school playgrounds. Sterility concerns??

    “Who is demanding a hundred devices in his home that spy on him and record his actions? With 5G, the ultimate goal is: every device in every home that uses energy will be “its own computer,” and the planetary grid will connect ALL these devices to a monitoring and regulating Energy Authority.” ~ Jon Rappoport

    Both China and Israel are competing in the worldwide Technocracy 5G “smart grid” installation, creating a real open air prison.

    5G is Technocracy, a war on humanity.
    Don’t be a sucker for it.

    5G Health Hazards:

    More on Technocracy with Patrick Wood:

    “They define wireless radiation as a pollutant when it comes to protecting themselves in terms of liability, but when they want to force it into our communities and blanket our communities, supposedly it’s safe.”

    Surveillance capitalism:

    Green New Deal proposal for “smart grid” installation, pg. 7. Sec. (D):

    5G Smart Grid: Great Summary Of The World We Are Rapidly Heading Into

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