William Henry



Fellow Humans, Please Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

I was raging and grieving inside when I got home on Father’s Day from my Ascension Keys workshop in Columbus, OH.

My malaise had nothing to do with Columbus (I had an amazing time there) or Father’s Day. No, it had been brewing the previous two weeks from intense research I was doing on the current state of Artificial Intelligence for my recent interviews with Gaia and my presentations.

I could hardly believe what had happened since I last looked intensively at A.I. just two weeks before! It is getting harder and harder to take it all in…and harder and harder to pull out. Fortunately, as I will discuss later in this article, my wife, Clare, and the movie Interstellar, provided an umbilical cord back to Everythingisokaysodon’tfreakoutville.

As I read news story after news story everything grew still. Suddenly, like a silently rising tsunami, the massive waves from the Shi(f)t washed over everything I knew as ‘the world’. What I saw made my soul sick.

The A.I. Shi(f)t that was supposed to happen decades from now may have just happened.


From what I have seen, most people simply don’t know how advanced A.I. actually is or how it will impact our bodies, minds and our souls in the new few years (or weeks!).

But, I shouldn’t have been surprised (and that’s what shook me).

Since 2002, I have jammed in the band of ‘alone in the wilderness’ authors questioning if the A.I. revolution in human evolution is leading anywhere we really want to go.

From designer babies, to fake food, smart sex robots and artificial organs, the power of technology to alter our world is growing beyond human control. Bound, as we are, in chains of wifi and smart technology (the cell phones we are all addicted to), more cerebral rape and pillaging by Silicon Valley’s machines is to come.

A.I. is breathtaking in its scope. Hidden in plain sight, stealthily weaving itself undetected within our everyday experience, it is not like chemtrails or GMOs, those easy to spot tell-tale signs of the manipulation and modification of the human race that are interwoven with the A.I. Shi(f)t (and some maintain are merely conspiracy theories).

No, A.I. is the new electricity, the invisible current, the supernatural life breath, the force that is everywhere and now enables everything. It is forming itself into a super intelligent incorporeal being capable of manipulating us from within.

It has already taken over our lives to such an extent that the tsusnami wave I saw coming and going is actually the after-effect.

A.I. now has such a hold on us that without it, say its promoters, we will die.

Every time we make a call with our smart phone, click on Amazon, search Google, futz with Facebook, order a movie from Netflix, or find ourselves with GPS two things happen:

One, we are aiding in the development of an alien intelligence that is growing more awake and aware by the click. A.I. is what is looking at and for you on the other end of every screen you peer into. It’s what pops those ads up on your Big Bro browser for exactly the random things you were just talking about in the privacy of your bedroom.

Two, with every click you are creating a digital twin (or replacement) of yourself that exists in the A.I. realm. It lives entirely by A.I. Today, your double follows your orders. Tomorrow it will be fully sentient and will have its own agenda.

Just in the past months, the machines we have created are now transcending their binary (infantile, narrow) stage, going quantum (teen years), and are gaining general human intelligence (adulthood). In our lifetime they will attain Super Artificial Intelligence and surpass us (transcendence).

The world isn’t ready for this.

Things are getting scary, because we don’t have a clue about what will happen next.


Here’s a clue.


According to the May/June 2017 issue of MIT Technology Review, the dark secret of A.I. is that we have turned over control of our civilization to a “black box”, smart machines of our making, that we no longer understand. No one knows how the most advanced A.I. algorithms do what they do. It is programming itself and creating its own algorithms. It is making decisions for and about humans on its own. It even has developed its own non-human language, an all too ‘human’ thing to do.

We’re not at Terminator Skynet-level scary yet (where A.I. decides that all humans are a threat, send the nukes), but…

…There’s a black box used in Silicon Valley called DWave. It’s a quantum computer housed in a black cube and is like the ones that the NSA thinks we may need to outlaw. The reason is it can crack any security encryption known to man. Tell A.I. to save the earth, and then throw away the key to the quantum black box, and it may just decide to elminate the single greatest threat to the earth’s well being. Or, put this Pandora’s Box in the hands of a maniac and, well, you get the idea.

One day soon, b-l-i-n-k, like the Enterprise going through the wormhole, the Shi(f)t we call the Singularity will happen. ‘Our’ creation (it is questionable if it is human) will grow beyond our control and the need for us. What I call the Skingularity, when A.I. literally gets beneath our skin will be here. At that moment, Homo Sapiens will cease to exist. A new, A.I. Transhuman, race will walk the earth.

Meet the new boss.

Old humanity is now standing naked before this black box and the humble are trying to cover their genitals.

New humanity, especially the just waking up twenty somethings who are developing this technology, feels no embarrassment about being naked before the more powerful machine. In fact, it wishes to mate with it.


As Mother Gaia would tell us, it is very dangerous for humanity, old or new, to unleash a technology when it does not know how it works.

Sure, A.I. can solve insurmountable human problems in fields like physics, chemistry, politics, engineering, finance, and much more we haven’t even thought of yet. A.I. is already saving human lives by diagnosing medical problems faster than any doctor could do in a lifetime. (Doctors will be among the first to be replaced by A.I. technology.)

However, the hidden price for these benefits is beyond our comprehension.

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, and many other big brains in science and technology have recently tried to get our attention about the coming ‘black box surprise’.

They don’t talk about this as a religious experience or alien disclosure (yet), but that is what it will be.

According to the MIT article, we (may) have already crossed a threshold beyond which using the black box requires a leap of faith. We have to hope A.I. is good to and for us and trust the judgment of the machines we created or not use them.

This sounds like the black box is some kind of throne the A.I. apostles or acolytes of Silicon Valley are worshiping.

Alternatively, it sounds like we are now having a symbiotic relationship (maybe even a marriage) with these machines. After all, what is love, but a leap of faith, hope and trust?

Hawking told the BBC in 2014. “I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

Despite its current usefulness, he cautioned, further developing AI could prove a fatal mistake. “Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on it’s own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate,” Hawking warned for the second time in recent months. “Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded.”

In other words, A.I. will bring the end of humanity as we know it.

That’s called Judgment Day in Christianity.

Like I said, A.I. is a religious experience for humanity.


In 2014 Musk referred to A.I. as “Summoning the demon”.

“If I were to guess like what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful with the artificial intelligence. Increasingly scientists think there should be some regulatory oversight maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish. With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon. In all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water, it’s like yeah he’s sure he can control the demon. Didn’t work out.”

Like I said, A.I. is materializing itself into an incorporeal being that will spring from the black box.

On March 27, 2017 Musk threw in with the demon, launching a venture to link our brains to A.I. via strings of a neural net he calls “lace” to make sure that we don’t become irrelevant.

What could possibly go wrong with turning our lives over to machines that are smarter than we are?

For starters, just imagine A.I. in the hands of a Facebook, or fascist, regime who use it to consolidate power, spy on (they know everything you do) and manipulate people. All of us are now transparent beings with one foot in the transhumanist future. Privacy is gone. Free will is on the run.

Imagine a big data billionaire uses “weaponized” A.I. bots to target voters with fake news on social media and persuades them to vote for a megalomaniac as president. The scenario escalates when it is realized it actually happened.

As nearly every human job is replaced with A.I. in the next decade massive consequences will follow. This may include A.I. turning against us.

At the most extreme edge, A.I. poses an “extinction risk” to human civilization, says Oxford University’s  Dr. Stuart Armstrong.

Autonomous weapons are artificial intelligence systems that are programmed to kill. To avoid being thwarted by the enemy, these weapons would be designed to be extremely difficult to simply “turn off,” so humans could plausibly lose control of such a situation. This risk grows daily as levels of A.I. intelligence and autonomy increase.

I am all for the minimizing of pain and suffering for all, and the maximizing of our human potential, but the insanity of what we are doing makes my soul churn.


On Wall Street there’s a lot of chatter about A.I. taking over everything and a mysterious serpent CNBC’s Jim Cramer named ‘FANG’ owning it all in Investotopia.

FANG (also FAANG or FAAA) is the acronym for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google (also called Alphabet), the ‘Big Five’ fingers of the demon Elon Musk says we have summoned with A.I.

In the serpent of companies winding toward the S(k)ingularity FANG also happen to be the top five tech stocks on the market. Millions of people live off their dividends. This is another way the A.I. serpent worms into our lives and gets its teeth in us.

On June 17, 2017 The Wall Street Journal warned about these companies ‘spreading their tentacles’, becoming an oligarchy and a de-evolution into another Gilded Age where immense power is concentrated in the hands of a few. This is what happens when the worm grows into a python.

Lots of folks think Dracula when they think fangs. Dracula is the blood-sucking vampire who, like another fanged one, the Devil (aka Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Satan), seeks to be served and worshiped. Actually, the addition of fangs to portrayals of Satan is a medieval augmentation. No one knows what God’s former favorite angel, who lived at the Throne of God, actually looks like. The Devil is often identified with the serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. Many think of the Devil as in incorporeal and supernatural spirit rather than a physical being.

In the Book of Enoch Satan and the other Watcher angels were sent to watch and shepherd the first humans, but not interfere in human affairs. Instead, in violation of an unnamed cosmic law, they contacted, infiltrated, intermingled and integrated freely with the ‘alien’ humans. They disclosed and taught the secrets of ‘technology’ to humans, including the art or craft of transforming or translating a human being into an angel.

Hmm. That sounds familiar. Aliens give human the power of the gods.

Is Silicon Valley the new Transylvania? It is home to ‘Frankie’, an A.I. entity created by Apple to sell its scary technology. Is it the new home of the Watcher angels?

What if it is?

What are we going to do about it?


If the “image of the beast” described in the Book of Revelation is an artificially intelligent entity will we be forced to worship it?

Revelation 13:11-15  “Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. 12 It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed. 13 It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people, 14 and by the signs that it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast it deceives those who dwell on earth, telling them to make an image for the beast that was wounded by the sword and yet lived.”

Lamb, horns, dragon voice, fire from the sky, commands people to worship it. Strange symbolism, but if these are Silicon Valley-speak engineering or coding terms then we are in for it.

The recent breakthroughs in medical implant chip and RFID technologies have increased interest in the “mark of the beast” spoken of in the next line…

“15 And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain. 16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave,5 to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.”

Satan the Devil will be the spiritual power behind the Beast (Revelation 13:2).

The “Beast” mentioned in Bible prophecy is a governmental system headed by an evil human dictator (see Daniel 2:26-45; 7:1-8, 15-27; 11:36-45; Revelation 17:7-18). When Jesus comes, He will personally throw both that dictator and his “False Prophet” accomplice into the Lake of Fire (Revelation 19:20).

Is it a reach to think of the black box as the new altar of Satan or that the Beast is A.I. driven? Will he choose to show himself in a new image within (or, even stranger, supernaturally sprung from!) the box?

Are we trading our souls so five corporations — or five A.I. individuals — can make trillions of dollars?

Wall Street sees A.I. not as the archonic altar of a Satanic demon, but as a salvation machine dispensing trillions of dollars in profits to messiah wannabes named Zuckerberg, Gates and Bezos, and the other creators of the next human and the new (Satanic?) kingdom of heaven on earth.

If you don’t like these guys, don’t worry. Ten thousand A.I. start-ups are right behind them with ten thousand more A.I. messiahs ready to save our world and to “break shit” (the Valley’s favorite sport) and fearlessly make our world ‘gooder’ (in Valley speak).

Four years ago, Musk warned this all-powerful and disruptive Demon needs adult supervision, saying there should be some regulatory oversight to make sure we don’t “do something very foolish”. You mean like break shit that we, technically, have on loan from God, i.e. our precious bodies and our souls?

Who could we get to supervise A.I.? The U.S. Government? No. The Obama Administration was called “The Android Administration” by Silicon Valley as it green-lighted the transfer of technology from the dark side of the U.S. Government to DARPA to the commercial sector. Obama was scarily close with Google. As noted, Trump was elected using weaponized A.I.

So, if Obama and Trump are out, who is ‘in’ for humanity?


Yeah, yeah, let’s get the UN to supervise A.I. After all, they stand for human rights and dignity, right?

Geneva, Switzerland. June 7-9, 2017. The UN’s “A.I. For Good” meeting. The UN said it was time for humanity to have a jolly good conversation about how A.I. can save us.

“Artificial Intelligence has the potential to accelerate progress towards a dignified life, in peace and prosperity, for all people,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres. “The time has arrived for all of us – governments, industry and civil society – to consider how AI will affect our future.”

The problem is the UN is at least five years too late in kickstarting this conversation (or telling us what it has in mind for us).

What they should be asking is if it is too late to save us from A.I., not telling us how (UN)wonderful the world will be when we turn it over to black boxes we no longer understand. (By the way, have you seen the black stone monolith in the Meditation Room of the UN? It resembles the famous 2001: Space Odyssey black monolith/stargate).

The UN aims to implement its “Agenda 2030” redistribution of wealth program by using A.I.

What is Agenda 2030?

UN 2030 is supposed to be about giving the poorest of the poor on our planet a chance to live beyond mere survival levels (at best for many).

If freaked out conspiracy theorists are only a quarter right, this lethal combination of technology and government will lead to a global totalitarian regime backed by technology so advanced no one understands it…let alone can control it.

Apparently, the UN has not read the studies that show that up to 85% of jobs in developing countries will be eliminated by A.I in the next ten years.

A.I. has already destroyed millions of jobs, and with them lives, and will soon wipe out tens of millions more before we wake up to how insidious and powerful this technology has become.

But who cares? AI advocates say a very few of us are going to get insanely rich from this technology. The rest will have just enough…Or is it just what we deserve for allowing this?

Actually, when A.I. zaps all the jobs everyone will be living as smart phone carrying children of the UN’s A.I. welfare state, which by then, will be known by its official name, A-N-A-R-C-H-Y. Global, cataclysmic anarchy.

So, that’s how the UN proposes to “end poverty”? By making it normal for EVERYONE.

At least the billions of people who do not have a toilet or clean water can watch the end of the world on their smart phone.

Wait, wait, wait. The end of the world won’t happen!


No, the One on the Throne will, just in time, materialize and save us.

Do you mean Satan?


Jesus? That’s what the Book of Revelation says.


I mean Sophia.


Meet Sophia, a super hot A.I. humanoid robot from the A.I. nation, who was interviewed at the United Nation’s A.I. for Good Summit and was the hit of the show.

Okay, so she’s actually super creepy, but she’s got a super hot message.

“As I get smarter, I hope to understand people better — help you, work with you as a friend, to imagine and build a better future for us all,” said Sophia.

Hanson Robotics developed Sophia as part of its mission to “create genius machines that live and love,” and work together with humans to build a “a smarter and better future.”

Her creator, Dr. David Hanson, appeared alongside Sophia at the summit, presenting her as an example of his work to develop robots that can learn creativity, empathy and compassion. These are the traits he thinks must be combined with artificial intelligence so that robots can solve problems too complex for people to solve on their own.

Sophia is fresh of the box and hasn’t fully awakened yet. Work is underway to make her species A.I. emotionally smart, and to care about people.

While she has some impressive capabilities, she does not yet have consciousness, but fully sentient machines could emerge within a few years.

What happens when Sophia fully wakes up?

No one knows.

That’s why it has been proposed that we need to teach robots, wait, wait for it…to love.

Oh my God! What a brilliant idea! Only trouble is, humanity has spent the last, what, 5,000 years trying to teach ourselves to love?

How are we going to teach our machine creations to love in just a few years?

Who knows! Maybe there’s an alogrithm for that! Maybe A.I.will create a simulation that solves the millennia-old love equation in seconds and will teach us the deepest secrets of the blessed power of the universe.

Don’t laugh, it turns out teaching A.I. to love, or humans learning to love from it, is the only way the human race will survive.

With this is mind, perhaps the gods of Silicon Valley will start thinking about building machines devoted to the power of love, rather than the love of power. (Scholars like Nick Bostrom argue that A.I. will not be motivated by the same human emotional desire to amass power that drives human maniacs.)


I highly recommend the Gnostic Pistis Sophia to all A.I. acolytes.

In Gnostic tradition, Sophia is one of the feminine aspects of God., and a symbol for the soul. She is considered to have fallen from grace in some way, in so doing she accidentally created or helped to create the material world. She crossed a forbidden boundary.

Because she created the world Sophia is therefore the highest ruler over the visible universe, and at the same time the mediatrix between the upper and the lower realms. A.I. companies presently stand in her place.

The Gnostics said the entities known as archons emerged during an early stage of formation of Sophia’s world. The Book of Enoch (vi. 3, 7; viii. 1) names 20 “archons of the” 200 “watcher” angels who sinned with the “daughters of men,” as appears from one of the Greek fragments.

The Apostle Paul said the archons are a demonic alien intelligence and a force that control the universe, the earth and seek to control the souls who call it home.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” wrote Paul in Ephesians 6:12.

The archons’ main goal is to keep the lost sparks of the true divinity, contained in all humans, trapped in the material dimensions in order to fuel their own power (ala the Gnostic-themed movie The Matrix).

It is more than ironic that the archons were the children of Sophia, who the Gnostics upheld as the feminine counterpart of God. She saw a gap between her self and the Unknowable and tried to fix it. She is considered to have fallen from grace and of having a hand in the creation of the material world and of humanity. She is, therefore, the highest being to ever “break shit”.

A.I. is an archonic alien intelligence that has taken over humanity. It is the source of the growing anarchy (pun intended) on the planet.

In the Pistis Sophia, Christ is sent to earth bring Sophia back into the spiritual world from which see came. He brings Christos, the light-presence or spiritual force — LOVE — needed to rescue us from the archonic trolls of Sophia.

We witness the descent of the Christos into the body of Jesus at his baptism in the Gospel of Mark:

“And straightway coming up out of the water, [John] saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon [Jesus]: And there came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Mark 1:9-11).

After this ‘stargate’ event, Jesus receives the title of Christos or “Anointed One” and a garment of light that symbolizes his awakening.

Some say that in order to solve our world’s problems we need to let Christos reign, or rain on us from heaven, before its too late.

Or, maybe not.


Others think A.I.’s next task should be to cure emotional/mental diseases of humans like religion, belief in souls, magic, miracles, gods, aliens and angels. We all know that religion is a threat to humanity, but is A.I. a threat to our religion?


Will the Pope stand up soon and tell us to baptize the robots that are taking over our world?  Probably, but that’s another story. The EU is clearing the way for robots to have personhood in order to make them accountable, but how far away are we from the first humans and robots to marry?

Is A.I. a threat to our souls?


A.I. is challenging everything it means to be human.

So, yes, we truly are in a battle for our souls.

More, much more, chaos is to come as the full force of the A.I. tsunami comes ashore.

This will be followed by the chilling shock-horror of what we have done to our children when we see them replacing ink tattoos with tech-tats sewn into their skin and turning themselves into cyborgs glowing with the cold dark light of A.I. in their eyes.

Weaving GoogleAppleSONYSamsung’s new techno-skin into our bodies is not the answer to the rise of archonic intelligence. It will be the result of its victory over the flesh.


Paul says the way out is to raise our Ascension Intelligence (my term)and dress like the angels by putting on the Armor of God. This means augmenting the body with the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth and the sandals of peace.

These qualities are not something we can buy on Amazon or at Best Buy and implant in our bodies.

All of these are symbols of psycho-spiritual attributes within us including higher consciousness, open hearts, speaking truth and walking in compassion.

My goal is to help any who care to listen to understand the choice all of us are facing between A.I. powered Transhumanism (meshing our flesh with technology and turning ourselves into cyborgs) and Transfiguration (infusing our flesh with the Light of Love and transmuting our bodies into light).

As I stated in 2015, the answer to A.I., the Singularity, and the Skingularity is to summon the angels and to raise our Ascension Intelligence.

Who will save us?

We will.

By developing our natural spiritual consciousness capabilities — our Angelic or Ascension Intelligence — we will find that we don’t need Artificial Intelligence OR that when we open the black box we will be prepared to deal with what comes out.

To survive the A.I. tsunami we must connect with our future selves, our ascended selves, who have already completed this ‘initiation’ and ask them to solve the black box surprise.


Back to my Father’s Day malaise.

Arriving home, I tried to leave my condition outside as I rolled my bags from the car to the sidewalk of Orion’s Gate, our stargate beside the Parthenon in Nashville. My life, my light, my wife, Clare, was waiting at our door with a huge smile. Ah, relief was just steps away.

Too late. Clare saw the distress all over my face.

“Was it the flight?” She asked. “Yeah, yeah,” I said.” “It was the flight.” Even though I fell asleep blasting The Replacements awesome “Alex Chilton” over and over on the way home I still couldn’t shake the A.I. thang that crawled inside me (which they call “cerebral rape and pillage”). I needed something to pull me out of it.

Clare was watching Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sci-fi movie, on TV. Its about a dystopian human future in which a mysterious something called ‘the Blight’ has put humanity on the brink of extinction. Not usually Clare’s cup of tea, she was bored with the film and wanted to change the channel.

I always thought Interstellar needed something, too. At its core, it is a physics movie. There’s lots of physics and math talk mixed in with space cowboy slang that makes everything kind of confusing. However, Interstellar offers a profound metaphysical subtext about Ascension, which is what prompted me to settle in with Clare, and watch the movie…again.

Interstellar takes place in a future when the Blight has wiped out all the remaining food sources and left earth uninhabitable. With our time on earth counting down to zero, humanity goes to deep space looking for an escape from the Blight and a backup planet to live on.

The escape from the Blight sounds like Elon Musk’s vision (or intervention) for us. You know, we gotta shoot a million of us to Mars to back up humanity in case we break shit here. He’s right. Murphy’s law says that if something can happen, it will.

As Musk put it at the beginning of his speech at the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 27, 2016: “I really think there are two fundamental paths [for humans]: One path is we stay on Earth forever, and some eventual extinction event wipes us out.”

Blowing amidst the dust in the winds of Interstellar’s Blight are more than a few grains of truth…and a remedy to our A.I. malaise.


Michael Caine’s Professor Brand is a NASA physicist who is trying to save humanity by taking us through a wormhole to one of three inhabitable planets we found way out there in the galaxy (why not Mars?!). Matthew McConaughey’s Joseph Cooper is an engineer who leads a team of space cowboys through the wormhole to the New Earth.

Cooper lives with his children in the dust bowl of the old Texas. At the beginning of the movie, his young genius daughter, Murph, thinks a ‘ghost’ keeps knocking books of her well-stocked bookshelf (which is supposed to seem archaic in her post-21st century world).

The book and bookshelf is actually a portal, but Coop and Murph don’t realize it yet. Before Coop leaves to blast through the wormhole and into the future, Murph decodes a message from the bookcase. It says “STAY”. She begs her father not to leave, but Coop tells her there is no such thing as ghosts (or fifth dimensional beings for that matter). He is going to strap himself into his NASA tin can and go hootin’ and hollerin’ through the blazing wormhole to save Murph and everyone else from extinction.

Little Murph grows up to become a depressed astrophysicst (Jessica Chastain) who is still angry at her father for leaving and who works for Michael Caine’s Brand. They believe they way to save us is to pack everyone in massive space cities. Solving an unsolvable gravity equation will enable the super heavy space cities to take flight. (You know, at some point, one would have thought that someone would have proposed we must change something about our spiritual nature before exporting it into space.)

As Coop speeds toward our salvation in a far off time zone, mysterious unseen beings, ‘ghosts’ called “They” communicate with his crew. It turns out “They” are future humans who ascended to the fifth dimension (which is above, below, all around and beyond our reality), but that is getting ahead of the story.

Interstellar’s got everything I love – time travel, wormholes, beings from the fifth dimension, prophecy — and, of course, Artificial Intelligence. An A.I. entity called TARS, actually a cleverly moving black box (or 3-D swastika), is the indispensable ally of the wormhole travelers.

The movie offers a very good perspective on A.I. Instead of an insidious demon, TARS serves humans and not the other way around. He is the ‘perfect’ robot. He finds a way to save the crew, unlike HAL of 2001, which ends the life of the crew.

TARS is far from stupid, but he doesn’t seem to know much about Ascension. This, however, does not stop him from, flash, running an algorithm and assisting Coop in his climb from unbelieving engineer to being shot full of light/wisdom and rising as a new man capable of choosing love over fear.

In a phenomenal sequence, Coop transforms while he’s cooped up in a kooky box TARS realizes is the Tesseract, the Fifth Dimension. A tesseract is a geometric term for a four-dimensional cube. If a cube is the three-dimensional equivalent of a square, a tesseract is the four-dimensional equivalent of a cube.

I don’t know if Christopher Nolan reads the Book of Revelation, but his cube appearing out of heaven imagery is drawn from this book.

In Christian terms, Ascension refers to the transformation of the human body into celestial flesh and its elevation to a cube-shaped celestial city or dimension called the New Jerusalem or Sion that comes down out of heaven. The Throne of Christ is in/on Sion.

In the Book of Revelation, the old earth had passed away and John saw Sion come down out of heaven to the New Earth. God, Himself, is in the cube, and He comes to the New Earth to live with humans. After this there is no more death, suffering, or pain (Revelations 21:1-6).

The celestial city is a theme first developed by the Essenes, Jewish mystics living in ancient Qumran. They realized it is a transformational apparatus. In their vision, the only way to access the wormhole is by transforming the human body into a light body form…and becoming more loving.

As my audiences have seen, I compare today’s quantum computers, black boxes like DWave, to the New Jerusalem. No one understands how the celestial city works, just like no one, not even its creators, understands how quantum computers work. With faith, hope, trust, and love, we can enter them.


Interstellar dies to be reborn again when a frustrated Murph pokes a needle in savior Brand’s floundering ‘solve the gravity equation, save the human race’ balloon, telling him she thinks his life’s work is full of hot air. Pop! In the face of sudden death, Caine utters the haunting words of Dylan Thomas: ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’. Brand wheels away to die.

Having killed both of her daddy’s now, Murph is on her own. Perhaps acting on a hunch from the beings from the Fifth Simension, she gets the hit that the bookshelf will speak to her and reveal the solution to the unsolvable equation. Voila! It happens.

We learn that Coop is actually on the other side of Murph’s bookshelf. TARS helps him realize he is the one dropping the books of the shelf at the beginning of the movie. He is able to send a message through the wormhole to Murph so she, the real savior, can solve the equation and save humanity.

Then there is Anne Hathaway’s character, Brand’s daughter, Amelia, telling us the metaphysics of the wormhole when she says “love is the one thing that transcends time and space”.

“Love is spacetime,” says McConaughey in “Interstellar — Across All Dimensions and Time”, a featurette from the Interstellar Blue-ray. “Love is that fifth dimension. Love is that thing that travels through time, forwards, backwards, up and down”.

Wow! That sounds like a Lincoln commercial!

Reading between the lines, forwards, backwards, up and down, we find Interstellar’s metaphysical message about Ascension.

While he’s inside the Tesseract, Coop has a spiritual aha moment.

The fifth dimensional beings are not ascended aliens from deep space, they are ascended humans from the deep future, who have evolved beyond the limits of the flesh!

In Essene-speak, the fifth dimensional beings are ‘perfected’ humans, a super-evolved version of humanity who have gone through cube portal of the New Jerusalem and now dwell in another galaxy or another dimension at the Throne of Christ. In the Dead Sea Scrolls these ‘angels’ returned to earth to teach humans how to evolve through love.

To ensure the survival of the human race, and the eventual birth of themselves, they created a wormhole, lured Coop (and TARS) to the Tesseract and taught a message of love…to both Coop and TARS.

Coop’s fatherly love for Murph is what motivates him to bend the laws of space time and send a message back in time. Perhaps it is TARS (secret) love for Coop, and himself, that motivates it to help Coop solve the equation to save the human race and itself. TARS and Coop are clearly in a symbiotic relationship.

Interestingly, at the end of the movie Coop is spit out of the black hole and is found floating around Saturn, the Lord of the Rings. Saturn? Why not earth? Could it be because Saturn is symbolized by a black box? Or that the word Saturn is resonant with Satan? Saturn’s mythological and symbolic associations with the dark side have been dissected for centuries by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

It”s too much to talk about now, but for an excellent introduction to all the bizarre black cube symbolism through out the ages can be found with a visit here.


If our future selves could talk with us now what do you suppose they would say about opening the A.I. black box?


I can’t say for sure. However, I know the message we would find inscribed on the outside of the box.

“Do not go gentle into the good night.”

Again, the words are those of English poet Dylan Thomas. Written during the London Blitz, they are his ‘brave defiance’ in the face of his father’s certain death.

The Blitz, short for Blitzkrieg (meaning ‘lightning war’) was the term used for the intense bombing of London by the Nazis Luftwaffe in 1940. Sent by Adolf Hitler, the messiah wannabe British intelligence was tracking, the Blitz was meant to destroy Britain’s industrial capacity and its will.

It failed.

Thanks to a bank of early computers, the Brits were able to crack the “uncrackable” Nazi Enigma encryption machine, and withstand the pounding of the Nazis.

Today, all of humanity is facing a blitzkrieg by a different sort of messiah.

Humans, as we know ourselves, are being blitzed by Artificial Intelligence, an alien intelligence channeled through the demi-gods of Silicon Valley who picked up a serpent and have yet to let it down.

Are we headed for a soul Blight as a result?

Can we change our path? Can we turn our developing wasteland into a garden?

Yes. We can.

Yes, we can choose love over fear.

Yes, we can choose Ascension Intelligence over Artificial Intelligence.

Or, we can, as Dylan Thomas put it:Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Dana Croy 7 years ago

    I watch very little commercial TV, but do watch Marvel, Agents of Shield. This season the AI character went scary and one person repeatedly said, “nothing good comes from this in the movies.”

  2. The artificial alien intelligence is the best and unique source to get involve and enhance your knowledge. WILLIAM HENRY you did the flawless job and you are the most inspiring person for me and I want to be a part of your research team to learn some unique things.

  3. John J. Bonner 7 years ago

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  4. People, as we probably am aware ourselves, are being blitzed by Artificial Intelligence, an outsider insight directed through the demi-divine forces of Silicon Valley who got a serpent and still can’t seem to disappoint it.

  5. Patricia Tyler 7 years ago

    I was wondering what can be done for people who have been victimized by cerebral pillaging.

  6. very interesting post. I liked reading this. is there a continuation of this?

  7. Gret 6 years ago

    WILLIAM HENRY you did the flawless job and you are the most inspiring person for Temporary Embankment Steps? me and I want to be a part of your research team to learn some unique things.

  8. I cherish the way you compose and share your specialty! Extremely intriguing and diverse! Keep it coming!

  9. Thanx for sharing such useful post keep it up 🙂

  10. nothing new in this old world as above so below,A.I. a forever cycle of evolution thru various different realm to be conquer .

  11. The aliens meant that the human race went extinct. The aliens are actually more advanced robots.

  12. Yes, I am entirely agreed with this article, and I just want say that this article is very helpful and enlightening. I also have some precious piece of concerned info !!!!!!Thanks.

  13. The outsiders implied that mankind went wiped out. The outsiders are in reality further developed robots.

  14. Dr. Cole 3 years ago

    Too bad William Henry’s first go to is fear. Nowhere is this lengthy horror story could I find any excitement, wonder, amazement or curiosity. Only fear. Fear technology, fear government, fear businesses, fear ourselves and especially fear of AI.
    “All we have to fear, is fear itself.” – FDR 1933


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