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On September 12, 1962 President John Kennedy pointed to the moon and challenged us to go there and return a man safely home before 1970.

On October 11, 2016 President Barack Obama pointed Millennials, “the next great generation,” at Mars and said we will go there and return home safely by the 2030s. The ultimate goal is the creation of a Mars colony which will be inhabited by the new Generation Y.

Doing so, says President Obama, will make life better here on earth.

I’m in for the concept that the Mars Shot can improve life on our lily pad.

However, our conquest of the Moon has not brought the cooperation and collaboration John prophetically envisioned.

Instead, it has brought just what he feared, nations racing to fill space with weapons of mass destruction.

More, the runaway acceleration of technology brought by the Moon Shot has put us on the verge of turning our bodies into machines and ceding control of our civilization to Artificially Intelligent masters.

Are there other ways to use the hundreds of billions of dollars corporations will spend going to Mars that will improve the lives of the 99.99999% of the human race who will only enjoy the left overs of the Mars Shot?

In his speech, Mr. Obama talked about the new habitats that will be required to sustain and transport astronauts to Mars.

He did not mention that the human body will have to be altered for this mission, too.

No one does…publicly anyway.

That is the purpose of this article. To talk about the changes in the human body that will be required.

More, I will argue that the Mars Shot may be just the nurturing force that humanity has needed for a very long time.

Most know that Mars is named after the god of war. What most don’t know is that he did double duty as the god of agriculture, too. By agriculture is meant the ability to nurture a seed to fruit and back again. This aspect of Mars is the key to our future.

The seed in question here is the divine soul of humanity that can grow into a healing tree with branches beyond the earth.

As we will see, the one who left us here, ‘the Gardener’, left us a manual for nurturing this seed and growing this tree.

We will all benefit from gathering around this tree.


It takes 2 years to get to Mars and back. This means we better get going if we are to fulfill Mr. Obama’s goal of making it there by the 2030s.

There are several key players.

Space X. Led by Elon Musk, this private company seeks to build a cosmic conduit to Mars (he compared it to building the Union Pacific Railroad in the stars) with Space X transport vehicles hauling 100 pax at a time on luxury cruises to the Red Planet.

The Boeing Co. The folks who built the rockets that put us on the Moon are thinking of a future when we hop in its hypersonic jets and travel from New York to LA in 12 minutes and a Jetsons like future when its rockets shuttle cargo and people to Mars.

NASA. The space agency is dreaming of going into the space cargo business. It is working with Boeing on the Space Launch System, the cargo ships that will haul all the stuff we need to build the ‘new city on Mars’ envisioned as the go to spot for Millennial wealthy.

China. Plans on putting a rover on Mars in 2020.

The ExoMars project is a joint venture between the European Space Agency and Roscomos (the Russian federal space agency) to discover if life has ever existed on Mars. They plan to put a rover on the Red Planet in 2020 in their quest to revolutionize our understanding of our place in the cosmic scheme of things.

All are in a race to get to Mars first. Others will likely join the race. I will refer to them collectively as ‘the Mars Colony’.

Getting there won’t be easy.

For starters, the so-called ‘Mars jinx’ waits all Mars comers.

Since 1971, Mars missions have a long history of failure. Out of the 44 spacecraft sent to Mars, only 18 lived to tell their story.

The most recent failure that raised the specter of the Mars jinx occurred on October 19, 2016 when the Schiaparelli probe went missing in action during its descent onto our future home planet.

According to investigators, it was functioning normally before it mysteriously ‘crashed’.

Human error is responsible in many cases. In others? Who knows for sure?

The string of failures leads some to believe that Something does not want us to go to Mars.


So, why are we going there?

There is nothing on the surface of Mars. Nothing. (Save, perhaps, for a few pyramids and a massive sculpture some believe has a leonine face like the Sphinx and others believe is a trick of light.) It is a ‘dead’ planet.



There is no air on Mars. No vegetation. No microbial life. No food. Nothing.

So, why are humans making such an extreme effort… over nothing?

Because it is there?

And the first watch of night is given
To the red planet Mars.
Is it the tender star of love?
The star of love and dreams?

The answer to Longfellow’s question is now in the process of being answered.

Transhumanist, Dr. Michio Kaku, says we go to Mars because of the promise that ‘dreamy’ new technologies will emerge, just as the transistor, the internet, satellites and other neato trillion dollar technologies dropped out of the sky during the Moonshot years of NASA.

Okay, that sounds pretty good. I love The Jestsons.

Kaku uses the term humanity 2.0 to describe the ‘next human’ that will emerge from our Mars quest.

As I documented in my book, “The Skingularity Is Near”, in the Transhumanist vision the next human human, 2.0, has Silicon Valley technology crammed in all ten orifices of its synthetic body, has a smart skin and is a ‘Smart Thing’, a puppet, on the string of the Internet of Things.

That doesn’t sound too good.

Dr. Kaku is partially right. One way or another,  we will go to Mars as more than human. However, the transhumanist technology will not drop out of the Mars project, it will be one of the primary forces driving it. Boeing took us to the Moon. Silicon Valley will take us to Mars…if we choose this path.

The Mars Colony must realize that the human body is not fitted to go to Mars. It must be augmented if the mission is going to be successful, but the Transhumanist approach is only one way to do this.

A grounded spiritual approach will serve us better. I will discuss this in detail momentarily.


Elon Musk and Space X has another reason for escaping to Mars.

He says it is vital for humanity to become a “multi-planetary society,” to make a back-up of ourselves, just in case we totally muck-up this planet (any more).

Or, just in case we are nailed by an asteroid.

Or, just in case coronal mass ejections from the sun blow our technological civilization off the face of the earth and our post-human civilization is back to sticks and stones.

According to Graham Hancock and Dr. Robert Schoch, both of these catastrophic events are cyclical in nature. Their return is overdue. They could be extinction level events.

Musk is more than just an extraordinary once-in-a-century visionary. He has pointed us to Mars…and he is taking us there. The question is, can we get there in time?

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

On January 26, 2016, the Doomsday Clock (that indicates how close we are to destroying ourselves) was moved forward to three minutes to midnight.

This was not just due to unchecked climate change, terrorism, and global nuclear proliferation, but now, advances in biotechnology and artificial intelligence, particularly for use in robotic weapons, posing global-scale threats to the continuance of human civilization.

As the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists says, these new technologies have no apparent oversight either governmental or societal.

This is one reason why I wholly support Mr. Musk’s vision to make a back-up of humanity and blast it to the dead, excuse me, the Red Planet.

We don’t realize it but the writing is on the wall.

Runaway technology could soon run over us. Or, nature’s answer to it.

We, humanity 1.0, are basically dead people walking in the fading light of our last days on earth as we know it.


My interest in the Mars Shot is in the solution to the vexing problem of deep space travel — the devastating and unforgiving effect living in space has on the human body.

I believe that correctly solving this problem will not only take us to Mars, but will brilliantly change life on earth for the left overs, too.

If given an opportunity to speak with Mr. Musk (or any members of the Mars Colony), I would call their attention, if they have not already done so, not to the Transhumanist vision, but to the spiritual potential of the human body as the place to begin if they wish to succeed in the Mars mission. The Force is with the spiritual approach. Without it, we are not going to Mars. We need humans who know how to use the Force to revived the dead planet. We need gardeners, if you please. These immigrants will plant the seeds and nurture them into a garden at the Mars Hotel.

NASA is well-informed about, and severely challenged by, the dangers facing all space travelers, especially the Mars-bound ones. Gravity fields, isolation/confinement, hostile/closed environments, space radiation, and separation / distance from earth are the main hurdles.

Without gravity, human muscles atrophy.  Your back aches. Blood doesn’t flow to extremities. Bone loss is experienced. The human skeletal system deteriorates. Here’s what happens to your peepee, your weewee, your poop and private parts in space. Here’s an insightful piece on Sex on Mars by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.

NASA’s current deputy administrator, Dava Newman, got the job because, while at MIT, she designed and patented a new 21st century ‘skin’ or ‘BioSuit’ for space travel.


Dava Newman models the Bio Suit, a cosmic skin for space travel.

The suit that will be worn by Mars explorers is a tight-fitting skin with gold fibers woven throughout. Basically, says an MIT article, the astronauts will be shrink-wrapped into a suit or garment that will keep them alive in the vacuum of space. Essentially, it will function as a second skin that is suited for life in space. With this new robe of power we have a fighting chance of surviving on Mars.

There is no sunlight. This means space travelers are susceptible to low moods and lowered immune systems. Euphoria also happens. There are numerous examples of astronauts and cosmonauts experiences of supernatural phenomena in space.

Isolation causes sleep disorders and psychological damage.

The current record for longest time in space and isolation is just over one year.

Mars is a 2 year mission.

The closed environment of the space ship also damages the immune system, which leads to susceptibility to sickness. The air quality is…well, think of an aircraft after an 8 hour flight and how it makes you feel.

Then, there is the danger posed by space radiation from harmful cosmic and solar rays, which are massively more potent than on earth. Space radiation causes nausea, vomiting, anorexia and fatigue.


Who wants to go Mars with a bunch of moody or depressed people who are sick, in pain and under severe stress?

NASA and other space agencies are taking steps to alleviate the devastating effects of these factors on the human body. In 2005 NASA established the Human Research Program (HRP) at the Johnson Space Center to focus its research investment on investigating and mitigating the highest risks to astronaut health and performance in support of exploration missions. In other words, they are planning to put as many band aids on the body as possible.

Mars is 140 million miles from earth. This distance poses more than just enormous logistical problems in terms of what to pack and how much.

Humans have never lived this far from their home planet. What if there is Something the earth has that we need for life and we can’t get it on Mars?

As we can see, NASA well understands the limitations of human body 1.0. It’s far too fragile to go into deep space and should remain planted on its fragile oasis.

This is why, since 1962, NASA has been working on turning the human body into a machine capable of living in space.

In 1961, Nathan S. Kline, a psychopharmacologist, and Manfred Clynes, a cybernetic mathematician, published a paper about human space travel with the auspicious title of “Drugs, Space, and Cybernetics”. In it they coined the term “cyborg” – an enhanced human being specifically Frankensteined to survive in extraterrestrial environments without a space suit.

A cyborg is a being that is part organic and part biomecatronic, to use a cumbersome ‘old world’… The new words are android, bionic and biorobot. Transhuman is the current en vogue term.

Clynes and Kline saw space exploration as an evolutionary jump, necessitating parallel advancements in human physiology. Their paper detailed various strategies to modify the human organism to extraterrestrial environments – like cybernetic lungs and osmotic drug pumps. That’s right, mood and everything else, will be controlled by pharmaceuticals and chemical cocktails — the, uh, ‘other’ Mars Shot.

This was the paper that inspired a NASA study “Engineering Man for Space”.

While NASA announced that they were abandoning the project when it was introduced in 1963… did they really?

Or, has NASA, via other agencies (NSA?, DARPA?), secretly been pursuing cyborg technology for decades?

Of course they have! And the secret is out.

There is no question that the Transhumanist’s plan to turn humans into machines is in full force. Millions of people now have artificial limbs, hearts, kidneys, knees, and hips to go with pacemakers and cochlear implants. What’s next? Magic Eye implants, artificial intelligence, gene editing, and much more.


What does this tell us about going to Mars?

We’ll let the Bible answer: “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.” (1 Corinthians 15:50).

It’s simple.

Our bodies are ephemeral, temporary, perishable, fragile. They are not designed for life in space.

Space is the eternal realm. In order to live there we will need an eternal body.

Got it?

Our yearning for the eternal, which is at the heart of our desire for checking into the Mars Hotel, is about opening new doors for humans, but in order to open them we must change.

“My father’s house has many rooms,” taught Jesus, “if it were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and welcome you into My presence, so that you also may be where I am…”(John 14:2)

No matter if you think the ‘rooms’ Jesus is referring to is the next one, the Moon, Mars, the Milky Way or another dimension in the Multiverse, he is saying there are many of them and that he went there and returned safely. He pointed the way and prepared a way for us. He blazed the trail, laid the conduit, and came back to show us how to do what he did.

It doesn’t matter if you believe the story of Jesus growing a resurrection body of light or not. Or that the Shroud of Turin, or what Pope Francis calls ‘the Icon of Love’, is the instruction manual and teacher for Resurrection Body manifestation. The cosmic principle Jesus just taught us works at every scale of life and space travel. In order to enter any room on any planet beyond the one in which we presently dwell we must change by following a spiritual path of transformation.

This is important as the Mars Shot represents continued existence, even resurrection, for humanity.

Remember, the reason we are going there is to make a back up of ourselves to ‘save’ ourselves.

Again, this suggests a belief that we on this earth are the walking dead, the unsaved.

But, they say, we can rise and live again by going to Mars.



Is there an alternative way for humans to travel in space besides turning ourselves into machines?

Yes, there is.

I want to help point the way in this direction, if I can.

In numerous spiritual traditions, the equivalent of the Mars Shot is the activation of a magnificent, hidden, ethereal Light Body that is referenced as the ‘must get’ “new body” that is under our skin.

In Sufism it is called “the most sacred body” and “supracelestial body”. Taoists call it “the diamond body,” and those who have attained it are called “the immortals” and “the cloudwalkers.” Yogic schools and Tantrics call it “the divine body.” In Kriya yoga it is called “the body of bliss.” In Vedanta it is called “the superconductive body.” In the alchemical tradition, the Emerald Tablet calls it “the golden body.” called “the radiant body”. In the Hermetic Corpus, it is called “the immortal body”. In the Mithraic liturgy it was called “the Perfect Body”. In Tibetan Buddhism it is the “Rainbow Light Body”. In Christianity, it is called the “Resurrection Body”.

Think of it as a space ship, a bubble of light for interstellar travel.


Guru Padmasambhava in the Rainbow Body of Light. Note that his garment is shot with gold, just like the Bio Suit. Photo ©William Henry.

No matter what we call it, the Light Body is a state of being. It is a vibrational state; an energetic state of being when mind, body and soul cohere and are working together. It is an elevated state of love, exuberance and joy that can change our world.

It is the state of being of the angels and avatars…that will get us to Mars and beyond.


To reach Mars will a merger of the Rainbow Light Body and the Body Suit lead to success? Just for fun compare the energy pattern of Dr. Newman’s Bio Suit with the energy pattern of the Rainbow Light Body. What would happen if we mixed the two?


Can we imagine a tribe of enlightened or illuminated humans colonizing Mars?

Consciously aiming ourselves at fully manifesting our light body is the key to ascension in all areas of our life, including our ascension to Mars. It has the ability to heal the body and attain the mind’s wishes.

In the previously quoted letter to the Corinthians Paul asks, how are the dead raised up? How can they be raised into the light body? He ponders what will our risen (immortal) bodies be like? Will it be the same shape, form, and stature as our earthly body? Will it have different qualities?

He is talking about us. Remember, we are the walking dead of whom he is speaking.

Paul compares the new, risen body of the dead to a seed of grain that undergoes a great change. “The grain undergoes a great change; and so will the dead, when they rise and live again” (1 Corinthians 15:50)

So, we are to view ourselves as a seed that is in the process of rising and living again?

The seed dies, but a part of it springs or morphs into new life.

To Paul, how this occurs is the Great Mystery. (Here, it is worthwhile to remember that the Roman god, Mars, for whom the planet is named, was the god of war and agriculture. Romans prayed to him to quicken the growth of grains and other crops.)


Spiritual traditions tell us that only monks, saints or angels will travel to Mars.

What I mean by this is that a spiritual transformation of our body is required to travel in space. Angels, and gurus like Padmasambhava (above) have the kind of spiritualized or light body I am referring to.

Eternal. Made of a supernatural substance called ‘celestial flesh’. Attainable by all. The light body is known to every spiritual tradition on earth, but unknown to the billions upon billions of adherents  to these traditions. The fault is at the top. The leaders have not pointed us to this possibility and said, “let us put a human in a Rainbow Light Body and bring him back by the 2030s!”

The answer for how to get  to Mars successfully, as I will show, is to remember that angels do not travel between stars or planets in space ships (warp craft or not) like those imagined by humans. They travel in Light Body Ships Jewish mystics called the Merkaba, or Celestial Throne-Chariot.

This is my message to the Mars Colony. To get there will require learning to craft our spiritual selves, not (just) our transhuman selves, before getting in a space craft bound for Mars.

I simply, and as humbly as possible, question if we are dressing our Mars shooters in the right clothes or if they also need to wear their light body garment, too. Crafting this light body results in a craft that can take us across the universe, say the ancient traditions. Why don’t we at least take a peek at what they have to say?

Clues to the nature of these ‘angelic craft’ can be found in the thousands upon thousands of documented cases of UFOs, whose capabilities defy conventional science. Boing. Blip. Zip. These craft are far in advance of anything we have built.

These craft are piloted by spiritual beings whose consciousness is as advanced as their craft. This is because their craft is a spiritual technology. At least according to the thinking the ancients, especially and including, the Essenes and the writers of the Bible.

If one thinks I’m high when I say that the ancients contemplated traveling in space they need to reconsider. The Bible makes numerous references to space and its properties:

Space can be torn. (Isaiah 64: 1)

It can be worn out like a garment. (Psalm 102: 25)

It can be shaken. (Hebrews 12:26; Haggai 2:6; Isaiah 13:13).

It can be burnt up. (II Peter 3:12)

It can be split apart like a scroll. (Revelation 6:14)

It can be rolled up like a mantle, or scroll. (Isaiah 34: 4, Hebrews 1:12)

If we want to successfully get to Mars, I suggest, we will first have to learn to think like angels, wear the clothes they do and be able to do what they do. When we can do that, everything will change for the better our our lily pad…and we can go to Mars and resurrect it into the thriving garden it once was.


Here is Paul again.

“The works of creation and providence daily teach us to be humble, as well as to admire the Creator’s wisdom and goodness. There is a great variety among other bodies, as there is among plants.”

Think about that. Paul is saying that when we enter these other rooms our ‘other’, eternal, extraterrestrial light bodies will be different than our terrestrial bodies.

Like plants, he says, there are many possible varieties of these new bodies. These new bodies will spring from the seeds of the old.

This explains why the seed is the primary metaphor of Jesus’s resurrection. He sprouted or blossomed into the next level of human manifestation, becoming the tree of life upon whose branches grow a fruit for healing all the nations.

Paul is emphatic: “The bodies of the dead, when they rise, will be fitted for the heavenly bodies. The bodies of the dead, when they rise, will be fitted for the heavenly state…”

Take a deep breath before reading his next line.

…”and there will be a variety of glories among them.”

Paul is saying that when we leave earth we should be prepared to encounter a variety of beings…and that when we do leave we will not be in this same human form as when planted on the earth. We will be fitted (in new clothes of light) for existence in the heavenly state (of being).

This is the crux of what I am saying relative to Mars. We will not get there in our present human form. We must choose if we are going in machine-made clothes or spiritual clothes (or a combination of both).

Whichever way we choose the old version of ourselves is good as dead.

But, perhaps we should not fear this.

“Burying the dead,” Paul continues, “is like committing seed to the earth, that it may spring out of it again.”

NASA, Space X, Boeing, and all the other members of the Mars Colony, should post this statement on the refrigerator doors in their break rooms.

In their quest for Mars they are actually “burying the dead”. Us. They believe we are going to fuck up and destroy ourselves.

They also must know they can’t realize their Mars dreams without changing our body, thus ‘killing’ this version of humanity.

Just in case they haven’t decided between machine man and spiritual (organic) man, and in order to be successful in raising said humanity from the dead, they must be willing to face the other half of Paul’s statement.

That is, “Believers shall at the resurrection have bodies, made fit to be for ever united with spirits made perfect.”

Perfect means ‘whole, holy, complete, compassionate’. It is referred to by the mystics as the Perfect Light Body. Tibetans call attaining the Rainbow Light Body the Great Perfection. The Gnostics spoke of the race of Perfect Light Humans. Jesus was their exemplar. No wonder Mary Magdalene mistook him for the Gardener (John 20:15).


Jesus crafted the Resurrection Body or Rainbow Light Body.

Compassion is one of the first things that goes out the window when one is depressed from, say, being isolated in space for two years and having to puke and poop in a plastic tube the whole time?

Paul then says, “to God all things are possible”. I am not speaking of God as the old white man on the throne. By God I mean the Force or what my wise friend, Father Charlie Moore, once called the “Divine Manifesting Power”.

Paul follows this with, “God (the Force / the Divine Manifesting Power) will quicken and change the body by His spirit.”

His Spirit is something that is transmittable.

As I wrote in The Skingularity Is Near, the Sultans of Silicon Valley believe they can infuse their technology with Spirit. This is their Mars Shot. Steve Jobs took a whack at it. Google believes it will do it. Time will tell if they win the God Game. Until then, most folks do not believe that machines can have what humans have. They could be in a for big surprise.

When we rise, says Paul, we will be gloriously changed. “They will be spiritual bodies, fitted to the heavenly world and state, where they are ever afterwards to dwell.”

Here is Paul’s punch line:

“The human body in its present form, and with its wants and weaknesses, cannot enter or enjoy the kingdom of God.”

The lesson for the Mars Colony, or certainly a topic worthy of consideration, cannot be stated any more clearly.

To repeat: “The human body in its present form, and with its wants and weaknesses, cannot enter or enjoy the kingdom of God”

We will have to change before going into space and its breathtaking counterpart, eternity.

If we are bold enough to imagine becoming an multi-planetary or eternal civilization, we must be bold enough to imagine an even better, better version of ourselves than mere transhumans packed with Google, Apple, Samsung, and SONY’s latest ‘smart things’.

This is what is coming for us.

Paul tells us this quickening will happen in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump (1 Corinthians 15:52).

A twinkling is a beat, a flash, a heartbeat, a moment, an instant, nanosecond.

Twinkling is also verb that means to shine, shimmer, sparkle.

Are we in the twinkling phase now?

Yes we are. Call us Twinkle-Dee and Twinkle Dumb.

It is time to rise and shine.

How long will it last?

I can’t say. However, the antonym for twinkling is eternity, forever, infinity.

In conclusion, I believe the real purpose of the Mars Shot is to lead the way toward a resurrection of humanity via the spiritualization of the human body.

We cannot shoot flesh and blood into the stars and expect it to survive. Instead, we need to heed the advice of the ancients (and not just Paul and Jesus).

Space X. NASA. Boeing. The Mars Colony will thrive if they do so.

Humanity will survive.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


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    Right on! Its not just sending people to Mars…but sending the right people to Mars! Sending people with no knowledge of the light body to a dead planet..will keep it a dead planet. However sending people with knowledge of the light body…will turn it into a living planet…and like Moses drawing water from the stone…they will use their light body…to interact with the light body of the planet…and ressurect the body of Mars.

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    One of your most profound posts. If only we can make it happen, make that moment to moment, permanent change within ourselves

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