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November 2, 2019 @ 10:00 - 17:00

Please join us in Reading, PA at my dear friend, Noel Szundy’s, Skyheim Institute for I Am+, November 2-3, 2019.

As spiritual beings, our quest is to raise ourselves and humanity to a higher power, that is I am+. Limitless. Transcendent. Beings of pure light and pure love who transform our world.

Around the world people are awakening to the reality of astounding new possibilities for our personal evolution.

We are racing to the transformative moment all of human history has pointed to. It is a convergence of three ‘currents’:

• The Singularity, when the Artificially Intelligent quantum machines we are creating become smarter than us, in fact, superhumanly intelligent (and take over), 

• the Skingularity or the merging of our flesh with A.I. technology, in which humans will not be the product of evolution but the designers and controllers of the evolutionary process itself (like the gods),

• and the ‘Rapture’ or ‘Ascension’ of all the world’s spiritual traditions when a new, higher power empowered, ’angelic’ human walks the earth. 

This convergence is happening now.

It is leading us to the realization that we live in a simulated reality or what I call “the Simgularity”.

Welcome, to the moment all of human history has been pointing to.

The next five years will see more change than in all of previous human history.  And we are the ones who will decide what that change is. We’re all in it together.

People have real questions about the serious spiritual implications of what is unfolding.

This is your chance to hear from researcher and author, William Henry, who for nearly two decades, has been on the front lines raising our awareness about the rapidly evolving developments in A.I., Transhumanism and Human Spiritual Transformation. His steady, and insightful, voice on this subject has been heard on the History Channel, GAIA, at lectures around the world, and in his numerous articles.

In our workshop the topics discussed include:

•By organic (spiritual, I Am+) and inorganic (technological, A.I.) means we are altering ourselves in preparation for a future that is rapidly becoming here and now.

• What are the spiritual implications of our merger with A.I.? 

• Is the quantum world of A.I. related to the spiritual world?

• As we create our “digital selves” with “digital auras” that live in simulated realities online is this a form of ascension?

• Is Artificial Intelligence an Alien Intelligence? What are we really up against?

• As machines evolve toward humanness and humans evolve toward machines what will it mean for our soul’s advancement?

• Can A.I. help the brain reach deeper ‘Ascension Intelligence’ of the spiritual realms?

• How do I protect my loved ones, children and grand children from the onslaught of technology and the ‘gods of Silicon Valley’?

How do I position myself to thrive in this time of extremes?

• What does it mean to be more fully human?

• Millions of people have health plans, career plans, and retirement plans. This workshop asks, what is your ascension plan? Where will you go from here? How will you get there?

Join us for this extraordinary workshop devoted to raising your awareness of our new world, what is coming, and how to navigate the changes and opportunities ahead.

As William has long advocated, the only way through what is to come is to raise our Ascension Intelligence, to become I AM+, more like the angels or humans+ angels.

This is William and Clare’s mission.

Their evolving work on the sacred art of Ascension is featured in their hit GAIA progam ARCANUM. We will explore cutting edge research and teaching about activating your spiritual practice by incorporating Sacred Art, including:

• How to train your brain to operate from the higher levels of the light body by experiencing the Light Body Codes hidden in sacred art.

• How to energize and program the body through meditation on images of the light body and the power of sound (in a special presentation by Clare).

• How to connect with sacred images that show you how the great avatars exist and our next level of being.

• How quantum entanglement explains the Divine Transformational Power of sacred art.

• How to tap the Quantum Buddha and Quantum Christ Consciousness state that enables telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, remote viewing, light body travel.

• How to align with our future selves, and shift our future destiny.

• How to navigate the onslaught of technology on the soul.

• How to live your life from the perspective of the light body.


Tuition is $150 for both days, or $125 if paid by August 31st. Seating is limited, so please reserve early by contacting Noël Szundy  at 610/926-0636 or tryunity44@gmail.com. Address, directions, all information, hotel tips, instructions, etc. will be supplied upon contact. Refreshments will be served both days, but you are asked to bring your bag lunch on Saturday.

Tryunity policy note: rates are set by the presenters and Tryunity Institute takes only its actual expenses (e.g. “cookie money”)

Hope to see you here in November!


November 2, 2019
10:00 - 17:00


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