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I went away for a month (working in England, Egypt and Italy) and, blink, the world changed when I returned! Suddenly, Facebook, Google, and their implementation of AI, is being dragged through the court of public opinion. Politicos the world over are talking about regulating these AI Overlords who seem to think our privacy is a joke. Simultaneously, President Trump is turning up the trade heat on China (who also thinks privacy is a joke) and is pushing back on its muscular AI ambitions (and we thought Churchill had his hands full with the Nazi war machine). Simply, China wants to win the AI arms race and rule the world as a totalitarian AI-run prison. It is fully on. Behind it all is a war not just on privacy, and whose AI will rule humanity, but on the human soul and its destiny. This is why we need to pay close attention and jump in.

First Facebook. In 2017, the company that claims it is leading the way toward creating a better world, was charged by its founders with reckless endangerment of it users— they knew they were addicting millions of people with their product and they did it any way.

In December, 2017, the company announced it wants your face data. They didn’t say so overtly, but it could only be for Orwellian surveillance of your every move.

In January, 2017, Facebook announced its new Portal surveillance system for your home.

Now, in March 2018, in addition to being more and more thought of as a threat to democracy, the company faces new charges of selling its addicted member’s personal information and lying about it.

The repulsion was immediate, global and left the company sitting quietly in the corner…trying to figure out how to get the stench off itself. The company lost $100 billion in stock value over night. On April 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg is booked for face time with the ticked off Congress of the United States (after stiff-arming the British government).

Shit ain’t right in Silicon Valley.

Congress is expanding its inquest to include Google. It wants to know exactly what Facebook’s all-seeing big brother is doing.

Data privacy is now the number one issue in Silicon Valley and in Europe.

The French president, Emmanuel Marcon, recently laid out his country’s AI strategy and told Wired that Facebook and Google may need to be dismantled.

I am relieved.

This sudden oversight, and involvement of world leaders in this conversation, will slow down the rise of the AI Overlord or Anti-Christ and may assist us in putting chains on this demon, as Elon Musk calls it. Left unsupervised, these companies are on a course for destroying democracy and all that we think of as our individual rights. While we may think of these rights as inalienable, an artificial alien intelligence is working in our midst to take them away.

The Facebook data scandal, and the net cast over Google, has revealed just how much intimate knowledge the out-of-control perps and pervs at these companies collect about the 2 billion of us (‘dumb fucks’, as Zuckerberg calls us) who opted in and gave it to them for free.

Your habits. Your friends. Your likes. Your hopes. Your fears. Your relationships. All of it. Every message. Every comment. Every photo. Every search. Every email. Every website you ever visited. Even beyond what you remember you gave them. In chronological order. Collected. From the moment you switched on your computer and smart phone. Monitored. They can access your web cam and microphone. Google knows everything you have ever done on line. It has all been collated. And sold.

These companies rely on you serving them masses of free data about you that they can turn into billions of dollars in cash in advertising sales. In reality, Facebook and Google are surveillance systems.

And we signed up for it. This was the deal from the very beginning.

“This was unequivocally not a data breach,” Facebook vice-president Andrew Bosworth tweeted. “People chose to share their data…”

Did we now?

More, it’s all run by AI, which means it is out of human control.

And, they say, we knew it was going on and we should get over it and “trust” them.


What else have they been up to that they are not telling us about (all in the interest of serving us)? The financial pundits who have watched Facebook’s stock tumble in value call such scandals “cockroaches”. How many more worse cockroaches are there at Facebook, they wonder?

One thing is sure, Zuckerberg and Facebook have gone of the cliff and now dwell in Creepy Valley.


As Sean Parker, former Facebook president, warned in November the platform “literally changes your relationship with society, with each other … God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

Actually, God isn’t the only one who knows what Facebook does to our brains.

Endless Facebook feed scrolling affects our brain in a similar way to taking cocaine, new research suggests.

Facebook addiction may show up in brain scans of those who can’t stay off the site, affecting our grey matter in a similar way that cocaine does, academics have found.

“The impulsive system can be thought of as a car’s accelerator, while the inhibitory system can be likened to a brake,” explained Professor Ofir Turel of California State University.

“In addictions, there is very strong acceleration associated with the impulsive system often coupled with a malfunctioning inhibitory system.”

We are talking about Facebook as a mind control mechanism and an addictive program of manipulation.

These addictions, and this mind control, harm not just our brains, Sean.

They harm our souls.

I mean they keeping talking about data and how Facebook fucks with our brains, but what they should be talking about is souls.

People didn’t just choose to share ‘data’ on Facebook. People chose to bare and share their souls in the ‘safe’ space of Facebook and the company harvested, exploited and sold them.

So, are they a soul less crew? Or just a bunch of punk engineers?

What most do not realize is that, to the atheist engineers who dreamed up this now pervasive technology, the accumulation of all that data they have collected is what we mistakingly, call our soul.

I say mistakingly because to an atheist there is no such thing as a soul, at least not in the sense of immaterial supernatural entity that spiritual people (or we ‘dumb fucks’) believe in. That ‘thing’ that spiritual people believe is eternal and separate from their body does not exist, according to atheists.

Atheists argue that people who hold misguided beliefs in a soul have dreamed up this idea because they are terrified of the truth that when we die our existence is deleted…permanently…as if we never existed at all.

To an atheist your ‘soul’ is who you are. And who you are is all that you have been doing with your brain on Google and Facebook. The contents of your brain, or at least the electrical impulses it creates, are your soul and it can, and should be, sucked out and sold, according to these companies. (They also think your brain should be controlled, too. But, that’s getting ahead of ourselves.)

What this means is that these data-sucking pervs are actually sucking what they think of as your soul and selling it. They are not just data harvesters. They are soul harvesters, in the digital domain anyway.

If you want to see the contents of your ‘digital soul’, or just get freaked out, just ask Google or Facebook to provide your history and all the intel they have collected on you.

And, then, you might consider sending a message to these atheist engineers. “The data you have collected on me is not my soul. It is a reflection of my soul. All those images are 1s and 0s that have no real existence outside your black boxes.”

Oh, by the way, speaking of black boxes.  Bosworth, the exec who co-invented Facebook’s News Feed and currently heads up its virtual reality efforts, displayed the company’s hubris in a memo called “The Ugly”. Basically, it revealed a company that, in that moment, does not value human life. When confronted with it, Bosworth deleted the email and said the general public was incapable of understanding the company and what it is trying to do.

About that virtual reality project.

Coming just around the corner (or so they thought) is Facebook Spaces, the company’s new virtual reality kingdom of heaven or blessed abode for soul spread out on the earth. Its goal is to coerce you into dropping your filthy physical body and create a cartoon version of yourself that inhabits the simulated or virtual reality of Spaces. You can read my article about it here.

Strangely, however, these engineers believe they can create a digital after-life for the accumulation of all the stuff you do on line. All that stuff can be uploaded into a robot golem or a cartoon golem and continues to live on line.

Because of its vast intelligence and intimate knowledge of everyone and everything, one can see how it could become commonplace to think of AI as a god or messiah or to worship it as such.

What is next? A humanoid version of this god that will inhabit Spaces or other such sites?

I can see it now.

One thing is becoming increasingly clear. The face of this AI Overlord will definitely not resemble Mark Zuckerberg’s.

The boy wonder’s fall from grace looks irreparable and permanent. Apple’s Tim Cook dismissed him as more of a sleazy putz than the presidential material he thinks he is.

Zuckerberg isn’t connecting the world to make it a better place. He’s running a global surveillance system that fits better in China than it does the USA (but that is getting ahead of ourselves). It was moving into a phase where it tried to punish those who do not conform to their beliefs.

Far from uniting the world, as Facebook claimed was its mission statement, the ‘cult’ acts like one of the seven heads of the the Beast from the Book of Revelation. Facebook is Anti-Christian, anti-privacy, anti-soul.

Yet, we keep using it. Even angry bloggers, like me. This is because the idea of Facebook and Google is good. Its benefits are wonderful. It can be a truly special platform. What is bad about it is the people running it and their desire to grind souls into hamburger for profit.

Deleting your Facebook account will not solve the problem. Nor will it eliminate the data footprints of your digital double. You will still be surveilled, and tracked, by your smart phone. Do you have a bank account? A phone account? Any kind of implant? They’re all bugged.

The key is to take back our individual power from these corporations and governmental entities doing the bugging.

These companies think they are lords unto themselves. They cross borders and act like they run the world.

And they did.

Until now.

Now, it is war.


The war is between the Trump Administration and the Deep State. Facebook, Apple and Google are commercial arms of DARPA and the Deep State. At least it seems that way. Each of these companies benefit from their Deep State relationships.

This president has not uttered the word artificial intelligence one time, yet he has done more to slow down the rise of this Overlord than any other person. His defeat of the globalist, Hillary Clinton, sent Silicon Valley packing from Washington. Pundits thought the Clinton administration would carry the water of the Obama Android Administration. Then, the unthinkable happened. Trump got elected. Since 2017, Silicon Valley has been looking for ways to get back in the halls of power in DC like the good old Obama days. Now, they finally have. Through the open door of a Congressional inquest.

Open warfare between the Trump administration and Silicon Valley is now on the daily tweet, with Trump himself at war with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

But Trump’s war with Silicon Valley is nothing but a distraction.

The larger, ‘real’ war is between China and America. The battleground is artificial intelligence. Beijing is rapidly implementing the first repressive AI State that will soon find its way to the USA and the UK (or already has). From pervasive facial scanners that identify movements of its citizens to identifying those embracing unwanted political ideas, the Party is using AI to control what the Chinese people do. Nearly everything is monitored by the State. Cameras scan faces on nearly every street corner. Gee, wait a minute, that sounds like what Facebook is trying to do.

What is the name of China’s surveillance system?

It’s not Facebook. The company’s service has been banned in China since 2009. (Apparently the Chinese dictators do not like competition.)

So, what’s it surveillance system called?

Wait, here it is. China’s all-seeing eye is called Sky Net.

Yep. You read that correctly.

But, isn’t Sky Net the same name as the AI super-intelligence in Terminator that becomes self-aware and starts World War Three?

Hmmm. Hmmm.

Oh (big) brother. So, they have pulled sci-fi off the screen and made it real?


How effective is it?


A BBC correspondent was spotted by China’s surveillance program for public security, the Skynet Project, just seven minutes after he “escaped” during a test in Guiyang City in Guizhou Province, southwest China.

China’s surveillance of its population only begins there.

As the Telegraph reports, China’s most popular chat app, WeChat, creates a credit score by analyzing everything that users do on social media. Before you say “that’s just anti-Chinese” propaganda consider the source. The Telegraph. Not Alex Jones. The Telegraph.

On March 24 The Telegraph reported:

China’s “social credit” system has already seen over 12 million people slapped with domestic travel bans as punishment for bad behavior.

Nine million Chinese have been banned from buying domestic flights, and three million more from buying business class tickets in early trials of the scheme, under which citizens are rated on their compliance with social norms and rules.

Behavior that triggered the bans varied from obstructing footpaths with electric bikes to failing to pay fines.

In China, the police now wear AI smart glasses (like Google’s failed Glass). The artificial intelligence-powered glasses are what Chinese citizens refer to as “black tech”, because they spot delinquents on the country’s “blacklist”. Other examples include robots for crowd control, drones that hover over the country’s borders, and intelligent systems to track behavior online. Some reports claim the government has installed scanners that can forcibly read information from smartphones.

Public shaming is just the beginning. Chinese AI is being directed at reading people’s minds and manipulating them if they are not thinking correctly. If one doesn’t have the right social credit score your rights would be curtailed: no fast trains, no good jobs, no loans.

If this sounds like the Beast of the Book of Revelation you’re right. No one will be able to buy, sell or trade without the mark of the Overlord.

The Facebook scandal has caught the attention of China’s mind controllers. who appear to be bemused by it. Facebook’s misuse of data is nothing to the Chinese state where privacy simply does not exist…and never will. In fact, in Chinese culture privacy is equated with secrecy. Like, what are you hiding?

They are seeing just how far the world is ready to go toward their vision of total control of the souls of is planet.

Contrast this with the west where wars have been fought to secure our rights, including privacy.

Privacy, as we have seen, does not exist in the world of Facebook and Google.

China has targeted global dominance in AI by 2030 with hundreds of billions of dollars in government and private capital and its most ambitious young talent — all reminiscent of American efforts to build the 19th-century transcontinental railroads and 20th-century aircraft industry.

China is about as bothered by concern for a soul’s free will, the well-being of souls, and personal privacy as I am about wondering how I am going to join Elon Musk living on Mars. That is, I don’t even give it a thought.

China’s socialist/anti-democratic, anti soul agenda is being built by engineers, many of whom train in America, who could care less about awakening human spiritual potential. In fact, they wish to dampen it. Turn us all into transhuman zombies.

Individual engineers are not the only takers. Companies like Apple and Google, who foam at the mouth at the prospect of getting their greedy hands on the personal data of billions of people, are actively supporting China’s aggressive anti-soul policies by selling their wares to the communist giant or depending on China for manufacturing their toys and tools. While your smartphone may have been ‘designed in California’ it is wholly dependent on Chinese manufacturing to make it real and put it in your hand. That is China’s plan for world domination: make all chips and Doritos used by everyone, everywhere…and when they are implanted in our bodies everyone will wear the same color clothes. Red.

If you are uncomfortable in thinking that US companies like Apple and Google may actually be helping to build China’s total surveillance state — the superstate of the Anti-Christ — you should be.

How long do you think it will be before Chinese-style all-seeing surveillance state comes to the US or the UK?


Within the next five years, say pundits, we will have to deal with China’s AI strategy.

Fortunately, the Trump Administration has begun blocking Chinese acquisition of US technology companies. The US will levy trade tariffs on China this week designed to target “largely high-technology products.”

Others says Trump has no clue about what to do about AI. He doesn’t even have a science and technology advisor.

That is not true. Trump has decided enough is enough with China’s policy of “forced technology transfer”. Basically, China has a policy of stealing whatever technology it wants. No more.

The only thing that can slow down AI becoming our Overlord is if people contain the technology, if the companies building the Overlord are regulated…and if Donald Trump can slow down the rise of China’s all-seeing surveillance state. Forget about Mexico, he’s building a Great Wall for China.

Love him or loathe him, Trump’s greater wall has more to do with souls than many care to acknowledge.

The war on AI is on.

Welcome to the battle all human history has been pointing to.

It is time for all good souls to rise and shine.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Todd 6 years ago

    Veritas! Funny this should be the subject of your recent blog…I work in Hospital Security…and lately our computer systems have had some issues…and I told my coworkers and boss it was a chinese A.I. attack…they asked how I could know and thought maybe Im crazy…but I could tell from its interaction/language/phrasing/syntax with me/my computer…that it has the intelligence/personality/consciousness of a 5 year old child or pet dog…just as all can be seen in a brightly lit room…so too no truth can be hidden from the light body!:)

  2. donna egan 6 years ago

    Thank you William Henry! !!! You got it!!!! Thank you for trying to help us when we won’t help ourselves. Reminds me of that tv show in the 80’s ( I think) called V. I saw that too. Gave me the creeps. It was like a warning from the future that we are not listening to.

  3. David Wenbert 6 years ago

    Great article! I’ve been a fan of yours for years, but hadn’t seen you covering the Transhumanism/AI issue until now. I’m glad you’re on board in this battle. Former CNN Anchor Cheryll Jones and I are developing an alternative evening newscast, which will cover this an related issues in depth; basically everything suppressed, ignored, censored, maligned or ostracized by the MSM. We’d love to have you as a regular contributor on the newscast. Please chat me up on Facebook, LinkedIN or Skype at your convenience and I’ll send you the Executive Summary of what we’re doing. Hopefully, it will launch with the ONSTELLAR alternative social media platform, toward the end of this year.

  4. Gem 6 years ago

    Well written and thank you for keeping us informed! Love, Gem

  5. Tamara 6 years ago

    Thank you for your work and insight. Keep strong.

  6. roger flopple 6 years ago

    I went away for a month (working in England, Egypt and Italy) and, blink, the world changed when I returned! Suddenly, Facebook, Google, and their implementation of AI, is being dragged through the court of public opinion.

  7. S. C. 6 years ago

    After hearing you talk about this on Cosmic Disclosure, I left FB, last year. I re-joined, a few weeks ago, due to a family member who I needed to help and connect with, but plan on leaving FB again. I guess it won’t do a lot of good, as my old account had a lot of photos and data that I shared, not knowing of the issues with AI. On my new acct, I do not have any photos of me, but instead photos of flowers in my garden, and such. I hope that people will pay attention to this. I used the opportunity to share this on FB, for now. I will share on Twitter, too. Thank you, William Henry!

  8. Laura Jennings 6 years ago

    brilliant insights!!

  9. KATMAN 6 years ago

    I have to agree with 95% or more percent of your ideas William with one great exception: your take on President
    Trump. Too much to communicate on that point so I will be brief: why would anyone trust a man whose lawyer,
    ROY COHN(his real mentor) was his point man for contact with Mafia links who helped build much of his real
    estate/casino empire. COHN was a pedophile- unless you believe having sex with consenting teenage boys is
    something different. He died of aids and a major part of Sen Joseph McCarthy’s anti-communist hysteria.
    Also, according to Michael Piper,Trump got into casino biz by buying CIA front created to launder drug money.
    In 2003 when I did my best to expose conspiracy by Las Vegas/Steve Wynn links to create similar casino
    operation in Maine I was almost killed when my brain was put to sleep thru my cell phone driving. My spirit
    guides woke me to turn quickly and avoid 50 MPH impact driving into rocky terrain thus saving my life.
    Then my computer was later hacked and shut down (last time I had my own) and I was later psychotronically
    attacked via my Direct TV antenna. About a year later the psych(who helped train Barbara Marciniak) I had
    met in my home town Stockton Springs suffered a sudden serious heart attack that put her in retirement home.
    It came to me suddenly one day that she was a victim of BLACK BOX TECHNOLOGY. Two years ago after my
    son & friends hacked and shutdown CIA connected website in southern Maine I had to rescue him from
    hallucinations and mind control attacks I identified as being the result of a virtual reality after I remembered CIA
    company IN-TUIT in California whose CEO was former Hasbro game creator/engineer. These attacks still continue
    as more strange things keep happening to people around me.

  10. camperdude 6 years ago

    It’s hard to come to any other conclusion other then that the “antichrist” will be an AI-generated being. This was is just beginning. The Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe are Satanists – by every conceivable definition. Say what you will about Adolf Hitler – he only wanted to destroy ONE race. The transhumanists seek to destroy us all, and are a thousand times more evil. We need to think fast.

  11. infosharp 5 years ago

    Google Is Collecting Your Data—Even When Your Phone Is Sleeping http://www.dailyamericanbuzz.com/2019/04/google-is-collecting-your-dataeven-when.html

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