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Halo: Christos Masterclass

Halo Christos Masterclass


Welcome to William Henry’s HALO Christos Masterclass

In 2021, William began presenting his breakthrough HALO series at live events in Nashville, TN. Empowering. Pure. Historical. Breakthrough. Ascension. Gnosis.

The HALO series has been an amazing experience.

HALO 1.0: Awakening the Pearl explored the light body teachings of Christ and the Marys, diving deep into the Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl.

HALO 2.0: Quest for the Christos revealed the lost Gnostic secrets of Jesus’s younger brother, James the Just’s, Oil of Joy and its connection to the ‘secret secretions’ of the pineal gland that could heal, elevate consciousness, and even, transmute the human body into light.

HALO 3.0: Perfect Light Humans and the Healing of Our World focused on accessing our Divine Self, uniting with the Divine Realm, and how to do this with Christos.

HALO 4.0: Revealed the secrets of the Myrrophores, including Mary Magdalene, and their mysterious ascension oils.

HALO 5.0: Focused on the entheogenic (psychedelic) secretions from the pineal gland and the Book of Love of the Mighty Rainbow Angel…

Now, the CHRISTOS MASTERCLASS, recorded December 1, 2023 in Sedona, AZ, brings it all together in one compact experience. This is a stand-alone event, a summation, and a summit. A catch-up. Attendance for any previous HALO event is not required.

If you are ready for a revelation of the ultimate secret within you, or if you deeply know that something more is calling you, HALO: CHRISTOS MASTERCLASS will be an amazing gift for yourself. It is a gift you can share with others, too.


Whether described as ‘living waters’ that cleanse or an oil that heals Christos is the essential secret of the Essenes, including the family of Jesus. It is the light body sacrament because ultimately it transmuted the human body into light. Some know it as the anointing oil of Mary Magdalene. She is painted with a human skull in her hand because she is a master of the secret oils produced within the human brain.

William was first introduced to the mysteries of Christos in 1996 after a chance encounter in a temple of Isis built in a home by a famous Egyptologist who was a master of the secrets of ancient oils. His name was Dr. Charles Muses. In Muses’ books William found inspiration to follow his path to an oil known to ancients but lost until recently. William began writing about this holy oil in his 1999 book, “God Making,” and continued in his 2005 book, “Mary Magdalene: The Illuminator”. He expanded and updated this work in the HALO series from 2021-2023.

The past few years has seen an incredible renaissance in the study of the sacred secretion as masses of people world wide have begun exploring the mysteries of the pineal gland and are utilizing meditation techniques to awaken it.

A Christos revolution is rising.

In this 12-hour presentation / summation, William unveils the potentials of the awakened human brain and its ability to alchemize or produce Christos.

To find it we must go within.

Image after image of delicious sacred art, shot in awesome 4K video resolution, shows us the way into ourselves. (The astounding art is worth the price of admission itself.) In one (or more) of these images you will come face to face with a truth about yourself that you have long sensed or known: you are more than your physical body, yet within the physical body rests something your soul / spirit can use to advance. This something is the lost treasure, the stone of the wise, the Foundation Stone. It is located in the crystal palace that is your pineal gland.

Beginning with Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi, William provides an unparalleled visual journey paired with astounding insights that unveils and reveals the ancient knowledge of Christos, its connection to the pineal gland, and how we can produce it within ourselves today.

It puts you on the path of the initiates of all ages just in time what is about to happen in our age.

In fact, as William offers, Christos is the ultimate preparation (plan, provision, preparatory measure, mixture, blend, solution, medicine, potion, oil) for our times. If you believe in anything like the Second Coming of Christ (and the Marys), ascension, a New Heaven and Earth, or a New Human you will be excited to learn that the mysteries of Christos are at the center of all of these topics. The dots you connect while participating in this presentation will alter your consciousness and tune your soul to a higher frequency.

Whatever your path — meditation, yoga, breath work, psychedelics — knowledge of Christos will greatly amplify your personal sacred work. It will tie everything together for you, as ultimately, what you are doing is answering your soul’s call to awaken the Christos.


Topics include:

  • Apotheosis : human transformation into angels
  • The living seal of the 144,000
  • The Rainmaker and the Oil of Joy : the secret of James, the brother of Jesus
  • Christos — Preparation for ascension
  • The Wish-fulfilling Stone and the Rainbow Robe of Light
  • DMT, the pineal gland as the holy of holies
  • Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Christos
  • How Francis of Assisi and Clare of Assisi rediscovered Christos and used it
  • The Book of Love : the sacred text delivered by the Rainbow Angel to the awakened
  • Deep concluding meditation
  • And much more…


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