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Awakening the Pearl: Light Body Teachings of Christ and the Marys for Empowering the New Humanity

Awakening the Pearl: Light Body Teachings of Christ and the Marys for Empowering the New Humanity

Awakening The Pearl


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Hello Beautiful Souls! Are you ready for a webinar where you are immersed in the light body teachings and spiritual mysteries of Christ and the Marys? Are you ready to awaken and activate more of your full potential? Humanity is about to make a superconscious, supernatural leap into a new phase of human evolution; the New Humanity and a New Golden Age. The world, they say, is our oyster. The future is here. It’s up to us to find the pearl.

Join us online for this profoundly transformative 6.5 hour event!

The Pearl comes from the Hymn of the Pearl, Jesus’s mystical teaching about the light body. In Gnostic or mystical Christian thought the pearl represents Christ Consciousness or the true self within. The soul on entering matter goes to sleep, but once in possession of its pearl of knowledge it will awaken into wisdom and reunion with Christ and “the Source”.  The Gnostics describe the perfected soul’s ascension to Heaven after successfully completing its mission to recover the Pearl. This journey, the Path of Souls, has been mapped for us.

Jesus taught these mysteries of how to become the New Humanity to Mary Magdalene and the other Marys, who carried them on. They awaited the day when the spiritually reborn disciples and ascension keepers would awaken the pearl and new divine powers would be inherited by a spiritually advanced humankind. Even more, the sciences and knowledge concealed in the stars would be made known to the New Humanity.

We live in an exciting time where modern minds are beginning to re-discover that mysterious borderland between the visible and invisible, where science and the sacred overlap. The ancient mysteries are once again percolating to the surface of the collective consciousness. We, the New Humanity, are re-discovering the how the Gnostics encoded the secrets of altering the very fabric of reality in their texts.

Taking you deep into the ‘lost’ light body teachings of Christ and the Marys in the Hymn of the Pearl (or Hymn of the Robe of Glory), The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and the Gospel of Thomas, among other texts, this will be a high frequency weekend of extraordinary ‘secret revelations’, spiritual teachings, meditations and exercises lost and forgotten in Christianity coupled with William and Clare’s latest work on the art and science of ascension.  The added power of ‘us’, New Humans, coming together will take you to profound levels. Everything changes when we shift our consciousness, as we start to create from this higher level of being, and this affects how collective consciousness unfolds, too.

“The Universal Soul touches an individual soul

and gives it a Pearl to hide in the chest.

A new Christ lives in you from that touch.

Every word I say

is trying to coax a response

from That.

– Rumi

For the past nearly 20 years William has been speaking on the spiritual potentials within us and our transformation into the New Humanity. Building on their Gaia shows, “Ascension Keepers”, featuring the ascension teachings of the Essenes, Gnostics and Cathars, “Arcanum,” in which they explored the secret codes in sacred art, and “The Awakened Soul”, which proved the existence of the human soul, William and Clare will present their trademark exquisite, and always expanding, light show of soul empowering sacred art and wisdom gained from walking the way of the Pearl on their journeys in Egypt, France, Italy, England and elsewhere.

The Marys, the female disciples of Christ, were taught the Way of Perfecting the Pearl.

The Pearl shows us that change is possible and that we do not need to live in this world subject to negative forces but we can fill our lives with power and peace.  Ultimately, the Pearl will open even more realms of knowledge and light beyond our imaginations.

Pearls are a powerful metaphor for one’s must-reach life goals and missions. In this enlightening weekend you’ll discover how:

• The Yoga mudras in Christian art awaken the light body

• Gnostic Merkabah mysticism was meant for our time

• Spiritual rebirth and healing begins with the light body

• Chanting awakens the Pearl

Plus how:

• The “Pearl Texts” were the sacred texts of the Essenes, Gnostics and other mystics of the time of Jesus, but carry profound meaning for 21st century light body practitioners, New Humanity.

• The ‘lost’ teachings of Jesus are more relevant than any other time in history and can only be fully understood through the lens of Quantum physics.

These teachings are not exclusively Christian. They are rooted in Buddhist, Jewish mystical or Merkabah light body teaching. They are universal, eternal, profound and transformational. They point to our greatest potentials and our future. Our focus is on the spiritual evolution of humankind and the creation of a New Humanity. This new being is within us.

William and Clare’s presentations are unique, informative and always updated with the latest insights and research.

As our guests say:

“William’s talks are awakenings. Clare lets us know it is all going to be okay”. SC, Atlanta

“William is the hook, but Clare is the fish”. GP, Detroit

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