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I recently had a conversation with my friend, Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso, author of The Secret Life of Mother Mary. Her previous work, The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception, dropped out of the sky back in January and has been a source of continuous wonder and astonishment ever since. I had been pulling on the thread of the Mother Mary, and doing the Mary Walk, for some time. Marguerite’s book led me to the ‘inner spool’ of her mysteries, if you will. 

On a recent visit, Marguerite was tapping in to the Mother Mary’s energy. She wants you to know that you ‘get her’, she said with an affirmative nod.

I ‘get’ her?

Ooh. Okay. I thought. This could be taken a couple of ways.

By this did she mean that, after years of study and contemplation of stories and art about her ascension and frequent returns to earth, I am (finally) ’getting’ her? 

Or, is it (possible) that I am one of a just few who actually do ‘get’ her in the way she means?

Marguerite’s impeccably sourced research reveals that Mary was a priestess with connections to the Pleiades who, deep breath, seeded Earth along with a tribe of priestesses (including followers of Isis, Athena, and others). She founded a lineage of priestesses skilled in the highest avatar ability on earth; parthenogenesis or the ability to sexually reproduce without male sperm. Mary conceived the greatest miracle worker in human history this way. She, herself, was also conceived via parthenogenesis by her mother, Anna.

If, indeed, Mary came from the Pleiades, how did she get from there to here?

It seems like an obvious question.

When I expounded upon Marguerite’s work to note that the literary and artistic evidence shows that, as an Essene high priestess, leader of her son’s church, and an avatar who knew the secrets of the human light body transformation, Mary used these practices to travel between worlds, phasing into physicality when she can deliver the most compassion, ala the Tibetan Rainbow Light Body tradition. 

Yes. “Mary is a rainbow light body being.” I have been saying this for years.

Suddenly, my surmise took on a profoundly surprising additional meaning. It more fully illuminated the Tibetan Rainbow Light Body guru, Padamsambhava’s, assertion that the female body is superior to the male for ascension purposes.

As the Gospel of Philip says, “There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary, his mother, and her sister, and Magdalene, the one who was called his companion. His sister and his mother and his companion were each a Mary.”

I have proposed that ‘walking with the Lord’ meant they were Starwalkers who came in with Jesus (from whichever otherworldly space-time he came from), walked with him during his earthly walk, and walked out of here…with a promise to return. 

What I ‘get’ about Mary is that, as a Starwalker, in fact, the Starwalker, Mary ’beamed’ to earth in her light body, phased into a female flesh and blood body and cloned herself via parthenogenesis. 

Marian art shows it and tells her secrets.

When my original, ‘Mary is a Rainbow Light Body Avatar”  hypothesis met Marguerite’s iron clad research on miraculous conception we realized we were revealing what is behind Mary’s veil. We have opened a previously  unknown (or cleverly veiled) vein of gold interlaced in this veil for all the world to see. 

The first gleaming of our collaboration is available here. 


So, I get Mary. I asked for this.

It’s her rules now. Her court. Her vibration. 100%. 

While in Mary’s Holy of Holies, Lourdes, in June 2024, drinking in Mary’s Living + Loving Waters, and talking with my guests about washing their own robes of light, I realized that Mary has long extended her ascension life line to me. I just never picked it up. 

Like the one she gave Thomas, the apostle, I have reached for it. I asked for it…but asking for and receiving are two different things.

For the past five years my initial France tour presentation has been about the ascension of Mary and features Christian art portraying Mary ascending into heaven (upon her Merkaba Throne) and offering a red strip of cloth called her  ‘girdle’ or ‘holy belt’ to Thomas. 

His name means ‘the Twin’, but he is better known as ‘doubting’ Thomas. He missed Jesus’s crucifixion and did not believe that the resurrected Christ appeared to other disciples over ten times. So, the resurrected Christ appeared to Thomas. After, Thomas went to India. When he then missed Mary’s ascension she also appeared to him and offered her belt / life line to ‘prove’ her ascension to him and others and to help him with his own. 

Why Thomas? One reason may be that, in the Gnostic or apocryphal traditions, Thomas is the mortal human twin of the divine Jesus. The life line represents a tangible way for humans to enter the divine realm.

The art portraying this event emerged from Tuscany and Florence in the mid-14th century and is spectacular in portraying Mary emerging from a portal of light to transmit her life line to Thomas. 

Maso di Banco, Descent of Mary’s Girdle to the Apostle Thomas, 1337-1339, Berlin. The girdle hangs down from the virgin’s hand.

Assumption of the Virgin with St. Thomas (Madonna della Cintola), by the Master of the Lathrop Tondo, 1475-1500

In order to enter the heavenly realms, say numerous ancient spiritual traditions, we must be dressed appropriately…lightly, that is, in a sacred robe of radiant splendor.  Attaining this robe is our life’s purpose. When the initiate is ready the belt is presented.

Attaining this ‘girdle’ or ‘life line’ is not a matter of ‘I think I can’. It is a matter of I am. Let it be. Res Ipsa (the thing speaks for itself). Or so I came to realize in Lourdes.

Co-incidentally, on my way home to Phoenix I was sitting in the BA Lounge at Heathrow Airport. Suddenly, the heavens opened and out pops a Nicholas Roerich painting I had never known about; Madonna Laboris. 

Roerich has occupied real estate in my mind since the 1990s when I followed his path to Mongolia in search of the Holy Grail and signs of the Second Coming of Christ on behalf of FDR in 1933. His trail led me to Nashville  as the place where his findings would be stored.

Painted in 1931, Madonna Laboris is one of a group of paintings Roerich created depicting the Great Female Deities of the World. It was believed lost, until it suddenly appeared in a private collection prior to auction at Bonham’s in 2013. It sold for nearly $10,000,000  and was the most expensive painting ever at a Russian Art auction. 

From a top a glowing, blue heavenly temple platform, Mary is bathed in light and radiates divine power. As she opens her heart and extends her lifeline a soul climbs upon it. Another soul waits for it on a mountain top. This is the mount of salvation. A lone figure stands on its peak. The purifying fires are below him. They have past.  

The soul is now ready to ‘walk the Mary line’. 

Roerich intended this painting to illuminate the path of ascension and to encourage our resilience as we scale the higher realms. It is up to each of us to walk the line and accept the life line.

Having just returned from leading a (beautiful) group to Lourdes I would like to share more of  the mysteries of the Living Waters and the Robe of Light with you. 

Beginning with my October 5-6, 2024 Nashville Starwalker event and carrying over to another Lourdes pilgrimage in 2025 I am looking forward to further sharing this truly soul expanding offering. 

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


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