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For over a decade I have discussed how the Essenes and early Christian mystics envisioned a time when the old humanity would be replaced with a New Humanity Jesus described in Hebrews 12:22 as “just humans made perfect.” These self-transformed illuminated souls are human + angel (alien) hybrids who follow the Way of Light, spiritually regenerate their light bodies through the hidden mysteries of Christ, and co-create a radically restored world of beauty, justice, righteousness, wisdom and compassion.

As Hebrews 12:22 describes the New Humanity:

Just means righteous. 

Humans means not animal, divine or machine. 

Made means transformed. 

Perfect means whole, holy, complete, and in a state of enlightened compassion. 

These spiritually evolved Just Humans Made Perfect live in a righteous society called Sion in which heaven and earth are unified and humans behave as more than human, and closer to angels. Like I said, angel (alien) + human hybrids. 

The spiritual mission of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, his chief apostle, was to manifest this New Humanity and the just society. His return during the End Times will see our entry into this higher state of existence inhabited by whole, holy, complete and compassionate humans who have the drive, intelligence and capacity to achieve this state of being.

As the leader of the Jesus sangha or community, Mary Magdalene, his chief apostle and partner, was the benefactor and keeper of his most secret teachings. She carried his ideal of a just society inhabited by perfect light humans in her soul. If she were to reincarnate today, one may presume she would seek to continue their mission. The seed of Sion she planted long ago should now be bearing fruit.

Today, in what some say are the biblical End Times (in which Bill Gates threatens to fulfill the Mark of the Beat prophecy), the dream of a just world has been appropriated for a progressive political movement led by millennial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC, as she prefers. Representative Ocasio-Cortez believes that we must build a just society to protect our communities and uplift our neighbors. Her Just Society legislation  aims to combat what she believes is one of the greatest threats to the United States of America, our democracy, and our freedom: economic inequality. 

AOC never mentions Artificial Intelligence, what Stephen Hawking called the single greatest threat to humanity (she prefers climate change), however, in a time when the woke gods of Silicon Valley are rapidly merging us with A.I. and preparing to pack our skin and brains with chips, we all ought to be doing what we can to ensure our world is a just one.

Now, in the wake of Ruth Bader Ginzberg’s death, she says it is time to radicalize. “No more brunches,” she says. “I need you to be ready”.

Is Sion here?

According to AOC, “a Just Society aims to ensure that we are on a path towards shared prosperity for all,” she says.  “A just society provides a living wage, safe working conditions, and healthcare. A just society acknowledges the value of immigrants to our communities. A just society guarantees safe, comfortable, and affordable housing. By strengthening our social and economic foundations, we are preparing ourselves to embark on the journey to save our planet by rebuilding our economy and cultivate a just society.”

There are a lot of people who agree with AOC that we should eliminate eating meat, plane travel, and private ownership. No one should have to work in her progressive utopia and if you do decide to work you should be taxed at 70% or more. Any assets you possess should be given to the State when you die.

While there are many bits to pick apart here, my main question is this: Is AOC’s Just Society in any way congruent with Jesus and the Magdalene’s mission to create new society inhabited by just humans made perfect? Does the socialist state of AOC, and others who seek a just society (including me), intersect with a higher spiritual state of being? 

Or, is this just political pandering? Is she candy coating her radical socialism with flowery language?

Is it possible to have a just woke society without any kind of spiritual core?

If one does not like AOC’s agenda, how can it be improved?


For all the AOC lovers, who see her as a future president (or the power behind a future one), and haters, who claim she is a socialist cult leader with no moral authority, let me say this is not a commentary on the Congresswoman.  Even if one does not like or greatly admire her they can defend her achievements and discuss her ideas in a civil manner.

After answering a casting call for someone to play the part of a front person Congressperson for a progressive political action committee called Justice Democrats, she quickly rose from Sandy the unknown bartender with an uncertain future and massive student loans she was loathe to pay to the all powerful AOC who resides on a perch upon a high tower on the global stage and believes the American people should pay off her debts. Her speeches are electric. She frequently hurls (passionate, sometimes bizarre and irrational) twitter strikes that ignite hate and scorn in some and abject cult adulation in others. She is living the American Dream and the dream of all conscious ascenders, who believe that all things are possible. Touché, AOC!

Her proposals for a just society catch my attention as it addresses the practice and goal of the Essenes and mystical Christianity, and all forms of ascended spirituality. She even uses the same term, the Just Society.

Is it?

As these words, “just society,” tumble through my mind so do a load of questions. In seeking to revolutionize the way humans treat one another  (by making us more just) does this mean AOC, gasp, is a 21st Century Magdalene type? Is there anything spiritual or righteous about her intention that the Jesus sangha would accept? Or is it just about woke politics disguised as advancing the power of the State?

Does she carry a flicker of Magdalene’s spirit, metaphysically speaking? Can AOC save or redeem the soul of America or the souls of ‘deplorable’ Americans (to use Hillary Clinton’s term)? 



For some, these questions are as offensive as they are nonsensical. They are as crazy as AOC is far, far left. (Question. If someone keeps going left, do they eventually go right?)

Let me categorically state that I’m not saying AOC is Mary Magdalene reincarnated. Nor am I saying she thinks this (as, for example, the way Facebook’s czar, Mark Zuckerberg, believes he is the reincarnated Caesar). For the simple minded, this is not a misogynistic attack on the Congressperson.

I am simply asking if Mary Magdalene reincarnated today what Mission or caused would she be taking on? The answer is the same one she took on as the first apostle of Christ, the creation of a just community or society and the spiritual evolution of a New Human linked to a heavenly realm.

Isn’t this what AOC purports to be doing? It is. Well, mostly, save for the link to the heavenly realm thing. 

AOC is Socialist and Catholic, perhaps in that order. This means she wants the State controlling your earthly life, or providing everything for you like an invisible parent, while the Church takes care of your eternal life (if you believe in this). 

AOC exhibits her spiritual values when she proposed releasing prisoners from jails as an act of radical love. Is this true Christianity — forgive those who trespassed against us?

She said ICE should be abolished and recommended that Americans ignore immigration laws.

She believes the police should be defunded, meaning eliminated.

So if, in your mind, she does not make the Magdalene grade, can you see AOC as a foreshadowing or way shower of a greater feminine leader, a second Magdalene, to come? 

Again, if you think this is about gender, you are wrong. In fact, from this moment forward, we can let AOC stand not for a person, but for a collection of ideas. In fact, in her worldview that insists on gender neutrality — her campaign does not use he or she — can one even contemplate a ‘feminine’ leader? Cancel that question. 

What I wonder is how AOC’s ‘just’ social program fits any kind of spiritual tradition. Is it just an innocent sounding term for a complete government take over of our lives? Or is it pointing us toward something truly better?

It is time we find out. All of us must participate.

This article will begin to explore these questions with an aim toward grasping what a just society inhabited by just humans made perfect linked to a heavenly realm would actually be like. (It certainly cannot be communistic as there is no spirituality or religion in communism.) Please accept this as a conversation starter only. I do not purport to have the answers. I am merely sincerely seeking to find them and would like to have a conversation about it.

Whether one likes her or not, AOC’s far, far left ’mission’ is relevant to all spiritual seekers, especially souls on the awakened or ascending path. 

Her mission is also vital to the UFO disclosure movement. If Disclosure happens in our time, as it appears it will, there will be a change of government on this planet. In fact, the Navy pilot who chased the super fast moving unidentified craft in the declassified  Tic Tac video, one of three that were released and verified by the military as unidentified, and that prompted the Pentagon to set up a new UFO task force, said that what this craft did was an act of war. This video is paradigm shattering as it means there is a superior force already on our planet. Undoubtedly, they are the ones who will be governing in the near future. Are we seeing a shift to their method of governance?

Communists have long been saying our space brothers are our comrades. From the start with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, UFOs and extraterrestrials have been a part of communism whose forefathers sought a world without religion run by extraterrestrials. 

As I discussed in my article, Homo Cosmicus, early Russian space enthusiasts believed our migration to space and reunion with our space brothers and sisters will necessitate a shift to a global communist government just like the technocracy that is taking over our world.

To dismiss AOC’s Just Society (or the Green New Deal), and Disclosure, is to dismiss a golden opportunity to refine one’s spiritual trajectory and to participate in the greatest moment in human history. As we are witnessing the early days of Disclosure, especially with the Pentagon’s revealing of super advanced craft that are nor ours, the UFO/extraterrestrial question must be factored in. 

More broadly, and importantly, what I want to know is are we capable of manifesting a spiritually evolved society (without spiritually evolved leadership)? If so, what would that look like? What does a just society look like today?


To proceed, it is vital to note that the Essenes, and the Jesus sangha’s, call for a new, righteous humanity and a just society was, in actuality, an answer to the fall of Adam and Eve, and to Plato’s challenge in Times and Critias to create a New Atlantis and a just society where righteousness dwells. In his story, which Plato set in 9,600 B.C. (or 9,000 years before his time), the Atlanteans were hybrid offspring of the gods who bequeathed to them a divine element. When the Atlanteans ceased living in a righteous way the divine element diminished. As punishment, Zeus sent the Flood to destroy Atlantis.

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Adam and Eve, and all future humans, ‘fell’ when Eve ate the wisdom of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, resulting in our eviction from the paradisiacal or utopian realm we formerly inhabited (and seek to return to).  More, the Essenes believed that Adam and Eve, all of humanity, originally possessed bodies of light. After the Fall, we were given coats of skin, says Genesis. Traditional Bible thumpers say these were animal skins. The esoteric minded Jews said it was human skin. From that moment racism and division were born. Things got so bad on earth that God sent a Flood to destroy humanity. This climate change event took place c. 10,000 B.C. and is referred to as the end of the Younger Dryas.

The Essenes claimed God actually sent this flood to destroy an ET-human hybridization program. As told in Genesis 6 the Sons of God saw the daughters of men and mated with them producing alien-human hybrid offspring. These beings behaved so unjustly, and with so little regard for righteousness, that God sent the flood to destroy them. Only the family of Noah, who was “a just man, perfect in his generation, and walked with God” (Genesis 6:9), survived the cataclysm. Clearly, Noah as on the path of ascension, and may even have completed it, which is why he was saved from the cataclysm. A few of the alien-human hybrids survived, as well.

This flood matches Plato’s timeframe for the destruction of Atlantis and is now called the end of the Younger Dryas, the last ice age, by science. Evidence shows asteroid strikes and devastating solar flares wreaked havoc on earth, wiping its surface clean. This climate change disaster is ongoing. We are living in its aftershocks.

Jesus was sent to undo the human flaw responsible for this calamity (which Christians call ‘sin’). He, and Magdalene, aimed to return humanity to righteousness and relink us with the just humans in the heavenly realms. In his resurrection and ascension Jesus demonstrated the latent human ability to dissolve our flesh and blood bodies, our bodies made of ‘clay’ or ‘mud’, into our native form, light. This is referred to as our ‘perfect’ light body. The ‘just humans made perfect’ have attained this state of being.

Ever since the time of Jesus, actually ever since before the Flood, we have been seeking a just society in which a spiritually evolved humanity could live. The hope has been that we will find it before the next climate change calamity. 

AOC believes this calamity is less than 9 years away and it is man made.  She connects  our unrighteousness to this calamity and seeks to whip society into a socialist utopia in time to save the planet. 

Her plan to save us does not call for our spiritual evolution. Known as the Green New Deal, it calls for our merger with A.I. Her utopia is ‘smart city’,  a Green City, which is actually an urban hive running on 5G. In my view, it is a deal with the A.I. demons.

AOC is not alone. She is joined by the globalist, socialist/Marxist or tyrannical techno-Marxist World Economic Forum, now led by Dr. Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Al Gore and others, who are pushing the “Great Re-Set”. Beginning in January 2021, they aim to shift (or force) humanity to merge with A.I. and wire everyone to a socialist super state run by A.I. in order to save the planet. AOC’s “ Green New Deal” has exactly the same aim.

What AOC doesn’t say publicly is that, like the Great Re-Set, her Green New Deal mission will be accomplished with totalitarian A.I. that is so demonic even the Catholic Church is calling for help.

For proponents, A.I. is a utopian technology that will transform humanity into a new transhuman state of being. They don’t talk about extraterrestrials or the possibility that A.I. stands for Alien Intelligence, but it is could be. Literally, in the twinkling of an eye, we could find ourselves as puppets wired to the internet of things and under the control of an alien entity. At this point we will no longer be free humans. We will be slaves to a machine driven by the privileged capitalist corporations and their elite bosses AOC purports to hate. Welcome to the progressive utopia. Is this just?

Misused, A.I. strips humans of their free will and privacy. It is the creation of individuals who largely deny the existence of the human soul. 

Silicon Valley is guided by the materialist mindset that humans are just information or data. There is nothing spiritual about us whatsoever. 

This mindset, backed by A.I., has the potential to be more totalitarian than anything Mao conceived. It has already given us the intolerant cancel culture or the public shaming and undermining of the professional standing of anyone who deviates from the ever-more extreme standards of political correctness. Anyone outside ‘the box’ is deplorable and beyond saving. With the help of A.I. the tech bosses can do more than cancel people’s career. They can kick them out of the box completely. Without the Mark of the Beast no one will be able to buy, sell or trade, according to the Book of Revelation.

This materialist mindset, and its demonic technology, is totally incongruent with the spiritual mission of the Jesus and Magdalene’s Just Society.

This is why we need to have a global conversation about this…rather than simply being told what to believe.


The Green New Deal calls for 5G laced smart cities (so does the Great Re-Set). In fact, 5G is the foundation of the Green New Deal and the Great Re-Set. As the World Economic Forum states in its promo video for the Great Re-Set, and I discussed in my article, “Avatars Awakening“, once their plans are enacted “your body will be so high tech you won’t know the difference between what is real and what is artificial.” Seriously?

In actuality, the Green New Deal is a front for 5G and A.I. With 5G microwaves potentially causing cancer in all living things we will be forced to turn ourselves into cyborgs and armor up with A.I. to survive as our cities become hives for drone-like humans…the walking dead. The saving grace is the machines will replace humans sometime in the next generation. 

AOC mentions nothing about this in her public talking points. However, one may assume that she will be the first in line to receive her Bill Gates’ digital tattoo on her forehead or neural implant when they are available. She will be the first to set up house next to a 5G tower. Right? 

In my view, the only way to combat the rise of A.I. is to raise our Ascension Intelligence and to become more like the angels or just humans made perfect. With this higher consciousness we can conceive and create a new society based on a higher physics of the angels, purer hearts and more just actions. This was the aim of the Essenes and Christian mystics.

This is why AOC’s “Just Society” initiative caught my attention. Her “socialist gospel” rings of the Platonic and Jewish Christian ideal of a spiritually evolved society populated by a Just New Humanity. But is it?

Is this the revolution the Essenes and Jesus anticipated? Does it put us on the path to a just or righteous world, or even the New Atlantis as envisioned by Sir Francis Bacon?

Or, like the Great Re-Set, is the Green New Deal just a socialist soul trap? 

Clearly, our humanity is on the line. Our spirituality is on the line. Our future is on the line.


The Bible teaches us that everything we have—whether acquired or given at birth—is God’s. We are messengers of our Creator and caretakers of this planet.

It has been claimed that Jesus was a socialist or a communist. The Essenes certainly were. They owned everything communally. The reason why was because they believed they were transforming into angels. Their earthly goods were not going with them on their ascension path. So, they exchanged their ephemeral earthly wealth for eternal treasure in heaven.

Actually, Jesus did not preach poverty or communism. He taught non-attachment to illusory wealth and temporal power and ascension to a higher celestial realm. Hidden within the material world is a gateway to this immaterial eternal world. What he taught was a path to Sovereignty, which is the exact opposite of the ‘nanny state’ progressive Socialists, including AOC, crave.

Calling themselves the “Righteous Poor”, the Essenes voluntarily gave their possessions to the order, and held all possessions in common, not because of a climate crisis, but in answer to Jesus’s advice to a rich person who sought to enter the Kingdom of Heaven to first sell what he has and give it to the Poor, and then told the disciples it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it was for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. The word play on poor and pure guides us to Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. In addition, the Poor was another name fro the Ebionite (‘Pure’) Essenes.

Jesus taught that liberation from the darkness and evil of this world comes only through personal and social transformation. Nothing is given freely in this world. Everything must be earned. Faith cannot be separated from works. Depriving people of an opportunity to work for their home and life is equal to the love of money as the root of evil.

On the other hand, Socialists believe the State replaces God. Have you accepted you are owned by the State and the State is your Lord and Savior? You will, if you take the Socialist path.

What kind of life would one have when the radical rule?

For a clue we can look to China, Russia, North Korea Venezuela (where eggs cost a months wage), Cuba or any other country where Godless socialists or communists run (or ruin) the lives of its citizens. Cuba — where the state controls three-fourths of the economy, limits private-sector activity, and employs the majority of workers — is clearly representative of AOC’s economic vision. “Nordic Socialists” are also cited. However, as Norway’s socialism is capitalist based it is not often mentioned.

There is nothing wrong with people working for the government. However, in a just society not everyone does so. Everyone wants access to better health care and education. Does everyone want the government controlling their body and their mind? The way things are going in America and Australia, for example, free speech is a thing of the past. Is this just?

In order to work, AOC’s Just Society will have to go full blown A.I.-backed totalitarian, communist, and materialist, not just Neo or naive socialist.

In such a Marxist Government there is no such thing as ownership as the State owns your house, car and children. They even own you. Marx admitted, “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” There is nothing righteous or just about the radical type of poverty AOC is proposing. Unless she means everyone have to not just give up brunch, but will be equally destitute.

In 1937 the Roman Catholic Church encyclical, Divine Redemptoris, referred to communism as a “satanic scourge,” a “truly diabolical” instrument of the “sons of darkness” aimed at undermining the foundations of Christian civilization.  Communism (Marxism), says the encyclical, is a “fatal plague” that is contrary to the natural laws itself. It would utterly destroy the rights, property and possessions of all humanity and even society itself. More, it is a pseudo-ideal of justice and equality. It strips humans of liberty.

Can you imagine the Pope in 2020 calling bolshevistic AOC “satanic”, “truly diabolical” and an instrument of the “sons of darkness”.  No way. 

Neither Jesus or Mary Magdalene would remain silent during our times. They would not stand for the dehumanization that is taking place and our transformation into A.I. controlled woking dead. This is why I’m not sure if Jesus would stand up for AOC’s proposals. They would seek a better way. In the Book of James 1:27 James the Just, summarized his brother, Jesus’s, teachings about spiritual rebirth,

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

This teaching is about two things. The first is action, or, rather, compassion in action. First, we must look after those lesser than us, but second, we must purify and protect ourselves so that we can’t be corrupted by those above.

This is why AOC’s strong belief in the collective is so important. The government should take care of the people, she believes. However, as James said, if that government is corrupt the entire culture is polluted.

Long gone in this scheme is personal motivation, incentive to maximize your God given talents, elevate your soul, or anything resembling self sufficiency, self sustainability, self love or personal growth. AOC’s vision is for a nanny state where one set of parents is traded for another…presumably with her at the head of the table.


AOC frequently comments that her Just Society is a progression on a scale begun by FDR’s New Deal. I don’t know whether or not AOC is aware of FDR’s interest in Christian mysticism and how this guided the New Deal. Probably not. 

FDR sought Jesus in Mongolia in 1933 to insure the New Deal’s success. This search is the reason why the Eye of Providence is stamped on the back of the almighty dollar. This symbol was designed in 1776 under the watchful eye of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. It is the logo for the American Enterprise…the creation of a just society under the light of God. In fact, the New Deal can be thought of as a first step toward the New Jerusalem/Just Society of the perfected light humans.

Sadly, the logo for freedom was adopted by DARPA’s Total Information Awareness program, a mass detection program by the United States Information Awareness Office. It was defunded in late 2003 after media reports went ballistic over the government’s attempt to establish total surveillance or “information awareness” over all citizens. Today, we call it Facebook and Twitter. AOC reigns supreme in these domains.

Dr. Martin Luther King picked up FDR’s mantle. King famously asked in his Sept. 30, 1962, sermon “Can a Christian Be a Communist?” at Ebenezer Baptist Church, he makes clear that Christianity cannot be reconciled with communism but at the same time welcomes Marx’s critique of profit motives.

Communism offers “a necessary corrective for a Christianity that has been all too passive and a democracy that has been all too inert,” King suggests. He went on to raise the issue of wealth inequality — “One-tenth of 1 percent of the population of this nation controls almost 50 percent of the wealth, and I don’t mind saying that there’s something wrong with that.” 

King said this on the eve of my birth on October 1, 1962. Will this question be resolved in my lifetime? I sure hope so. Today, you can put in one room the men who control 99% of our collective wealth. Gates, Bezos, Gore, Zuckerberg, Musk, these white men who control this wealth seek to turn humans into machines and subservient to techno tyranny more diabolical than any that ever existed on earth…in order to save the planet?

In his famous 1967 Riverside Church speech, King thundered, “When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”

Materialism says you are just information and matter in motion. Materialists do not believe you have a soul. It regards religion and spirituality as wishful thinking, folklore, superstition and is the ‘drug’ of the fearful and ignorant.

Based on this statement, the Green New Deal and the Great Re-Set would be perceived as racist and antihuman by Dr. King. This is why it must be challenged.

Jesus taught the Way of Perfection to create a New Humanity that would transform the human world into a world of humans + angels. This spiritual rebirth would occur soul by soul over a long period of time and would lead to the repairing of the Flood / Cataclysm / Climate Change damaged natural world and awakening ‘asleep’ humanity.

Now is the time of the final battle between Old Humanity (Homo Sapien) and New Humanity. Will race, gender, nationality, religion all will blur into one…the New TransHuman or the Green New Human? Or, will we remain organic, spiritual and free?

To be continued.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. gwen 4 years ago

    You lost me on the second paragraph. AOC is a Marxist Justice Democrat. After all your work on the US Capitol artwork and the apotheosis of George Washington, I am disappointed with your conclusions. Seems like an attention getting article. btw, The system that has generated the most ‘living wages’ to the most people is LIBERTY and FREEDOM. Surely, you can see in the example of California (where I live) that tyranny of the radicals is not the way, everyone is leaving. Maybe after I’m done being mad at you I’ll read the rest of the article. Right now, a big NO

    • Lisa 4 years ago

      DO read the rest of the article! you’ll be surprised

      • gwen 4 years ago

        Thanks, Lisa.. I did read the rest of the article. Sorry William.. you actually did a service for those who support AOC and the Green New Deal. You gave everyone a history lesson and a persuasive, comprehensive, well developed argument for the Ascension Path. It is an individual path and inner freedom is required. Thank you for this.. I’ll post on my facebook now.

  2. James Bradley 4 years ago

    Excellent writing/ I concur completely/ Elon musk’s star link program of satellites surrounding the Earth and bathing every single space with Internet connection Fits into this/ Yes this is their push right now to make it happen and all of us under their globalist control/ there is no spiritual freedom without physical freedom and mental freedom and this is what they are seeking to eliminate

  3. Lisa 4 years ago

    When I saw this in my inbox it was too CRINGE to pass by! I don’t think too kindly of anyone who seeks to enslave and oppress me, such as Cortez. I’m not against a voluntary collectivist community, but it has to be just that- VOLUNTARY, something you choose to participate in. And this can actually only happen within a libertarian country so that 1. it would be allowed in the first place and 2. so the government doesn’t suck the community dry of resources. Cortez however wants rule by brute force, even physical mind control. Cortez is deluded, at best, the result of a very bad education- one sided Marxist indoctrination, more like. She went to a very fancy college, but this is what is happening there these days (not worth the fortune that it costs!) She seems to have total amnesia of history to think that this time totalitarianism will be nice.
    I think a REAL Mary Magdalene in this age, a light in the darkness, would be Vandana Shiva. As per her book “Oneness vs the 1%” , we want freedom and we also want to take back our power from the all-powerful corporations that big government has facilitated. We need to run in the opposite direction from the globalist elite that Cortez actually represents, toward political localization, direct democracy, back to trusting nature, and decentralization of everything. Centralization of power and authority turns everything to shit, be it government, education, religion, the media, health care and the medical mafia, food production, the internet, everything.

  4. Judy Foster 4 years ago

    Thanks for this article. I almost didn’t finish it, as the beginning sounded like you were supporting AOC! However, I stuck with it because I know you and your character, have followed you for a long time, Henry. I bought your first book entitled Language of the Birds which is the spiral bound edition! Thank you. I know that you are a true light bearer. This article is so right on. And also thanks to the previous poster for reminding us about Musk’s satellites surrounding Gaia. I saw one article and then it seemed to get buried. We all need to take a stand now more than ever. All lightworkers are called to action to dig in their heels and keep up with their practices to help fight this pervasive evil. May the veil be lifted; may all humans awaken from their sleepy slumber. Please and thank you! ?❤

  5. Angela Tafari 4 years ago

    Thank you for this beautiful summation of Our situation. The Magdalene in this time, is a Sacred Sisterhood of Magdalena Priestesses. No more just one womban. Those who remember these lessons, teachings, and abilities are the ones who will lead us into a Humanist, Spiritual future! No, sorry, AOC is a political sideshow, with false promises and focusing on false issues. Climate change, like Gaia, can take care of itself. Humanity needs to guard it’s Souls. This is an important article, one that I would have to write another lengthy article to address in full. Please note: (Many may not be ready to hear this), but in keeping with the Transgenda 21-30 of the “Deletes”, AOC is a transgendered male, as are most “female” leaders in poly-tricks! (And, Hollywood actresses, if Truth be told!) This is because of their worship of Baphomet, an adrogynous demon. “Lady” Gaga is another example, of a SHemale, or there would be no need for the designation: “Lady.” This is a rabbithole worth exploring, for those with the courage and stomach to do so. SHe is said to be the son of Maria Abramovich, a dark satanic sorceress so evil that it is forbidden to say her name aloud, in Turkey! And that brings us to Catholicism. Can any person with a brain still BE Catholic? ??! That alone would lose my vote. We aren’t given any real choices, which is why I do not vote. I don’t want to share in ANY way their dark karma. So, to answer your question, William Henry, No, AOC is NOT Magdalene, or anything remotely close! She is a useful puppet in the hands of atheistic proponants of an A.I. controlled, robot dystopian tyrannical Fascism. POWER TO THE HUMBLE. THE POOR RIGHTEOUS SHALL STILL INHERIT THIS EARTH!

  6. Bobbie 4 years ago

    Thank you for this wonderful summary of political debate going on in America now. It gave me a LOT more insight comparing Essenic times and Jesus/Mary Magdeline, with utopian promises/visions of modern politicians. I really appreciate your efforts to tackle this vital subject. Please keep diving in, and please keep us informed. God Bless You!

  7. Ross McCreadie 4 years ago

    Compelling article! To expand your knowledge and understanding of Jesus’ message I sincerely suggest you read The Disappearance Of The Universe by Gary Renard and it will lead you to much more knowledge than you could imagine. You will understand why we are here, what we are, what we’d best do about it, and who is ultimately helping us. Massive concept to swallow but utterly wonderful to learn of your true power and joy that only awaits your recognition.

    Regarding our future and our evolution into a new species, you must read Letters From 500 by Robert Lee Potter. It aligns closely with the other material but focuses on answering everything you have surmised in your article.

  8. alpha 4 years ago

    holy moly, william….. i started reading this and thought “oh, no !! what in the world has happened to william ?” I have read your written work
    since your first book (which i bought 1997, “The Peacemaker and the Key of Life”, still have it), watched your dvds, watched you on tv,
    attended your speeches at conferences, been on a spiritual trip with you and others in france, hiking to the top of mount segur in the pyrenees,
    had a one-on-one breakfast and talked with you before a conference in tennessee…..
    always thanked you for being who you are, loved you as a person….still do. and you have stunned me with something new to think about.
    this is not 12 (12?) lines on a piece of paper, my dear friend, william…:)
    i look forward to this continuing conversation.

  9. Roz 4 years ago

    William and all commenters, I am thrilled beyond measure with this article and this whole site….. am careful not to jump to a conclusion on the first pass…respect all comments yea or nay and love the book title names offered..stretches me..like an elastic band..around and around again..just wonderful William and best wishes to your lovely woman behind the MAN ..Virtual embrace to you both….Roz

  10. Sarah Jane 3 years ago

    It is a well-presented and thoughtful article. I cringed at the thought of AOC as the reincarnated Mary Magdalene (and I can say with authority that she most definitely is not) — but I see it was part of the brilliant contrast you used to make your argument.

    I do see a reincarnation here, that of the state co-opting spiritual truth and twisting it to serve their own purposes, such as with the Roman Empire using “Christianity” to dominate and rule over western civilization — could anything be less aligned with the true teachings of Christ? Some of the worst abuse I have experienced has been at the hands of those who “worship the Lord Jesus Christ”, but indeed, serve something else altogether.

    So it doesn’t surprise me at all to see another iteration of “fake news”, of evil pretending to be good, of “woke” replacing a real spiritual awakening. Artificial = FAKE. There is no real truth or justice or soul or love in their society, which is why it’s only fit for demons. Consider too that “oc” is linguistically associated with “eye”, phoneticallly “I”; so, AOC = AI. Not surprising to see she is full of hate and lies, and has the psychotic look of the demonically possessed in her eyes.

    Sure, we originals have not stayed silent, but we have also learned this is a society that uses our own words, our own selves against us. Highly narcissistic, it’s all about image: if it looks right, it IS right. No one has time to dig for the truth — too busy making money and perfecting their own image.

    At least it’s the End. But what comes next?

  11. anon 3 years ago

    Yah, MM is here but you should not automatically assume this person is female any more than you should expect JC to have reincarnated as male…. 🙂

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