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ANCIENT ALIENS routinely blows my mind. During ten years as an Ancient Astronaut Theorist, and a guest on over 100 episodes, I have discussed many show topics that have changed my life, and about which I have thought about long after the episode aired. 

The story about Preah Pisnokar building Angkor Wat in Cambodia as a copy of Indra’s heaven after being taken there on a silk sash woven by his mother, comes to mind. 

“The Alien Mountain” episode in which I traveled to Northern Italy to investigate the mysteries of the Susa Valley is also right up there. 

But this story? 

This story has left me astonished, elated and, to be honest, face to face with what may be the ultimate Ancient Astronaut Theory.

The subject? 

The secrets of Stonehenge.


Isn’t everything there is to be known about this mysterious 5,000 year old circle of rocks already known? 

Not even close.


I couldn’t explain it, but from the moment I began doing research for this episode a deep knowing brewed from within, and with it, an enchanted excitement like I’ve never felt before. This is why I am writing about it now.

In fact, the looming, but as yet unknown to me, revelation was so powerful it still takes all the strength I can muster to carry the wonder of the facts ANCIENT ALIENS pieced together.

Stonehenge has been in the landscape of my life since I first visited with Dr. Chet Snow in 2006. I didn’t know it then, but my future wife was living only a few miles away in a villlage called Fifehead Magdalene, in Dorset.

Today, when in England, Clare and I often visit the Southwest. As we’re driving along the A3 between London and Dorset suddenly, from practically no where, Stonehenge appears, sitting alone in a grassy plain. 

Even though its a quarter mile away a glimpse of it seizes we gawkers from the motorway with its magic (which is why the locals want to build a tunnel under Stonehenge to solve the ‘rubber necking’ traffic problem).

Clare and I lead tours to Stonehenge and have hearts full of memories of our groups “feeling the stones” up close as Clare activates them with her voice. Their ringing and singing lives in us (and, hopefully, in the pics I am sharing here, taken during our September 2018 “Portals to Avalon” tour).

Just as Clare brought the key piece and missing notes to my life, ANCIENT ALIENS was about to reveal a major fact about from whence my bride acquired her beautiful olive skin…and, perhaps, why she found herself living so close to Stonehenge.


On my flight to LAX for the ANCIENT ALIENS “Stonehenge” interview, I studied my research material about new evidence the stones that composed Stonehenge were imported from Wales in 3,000 B.C. The report bemusedly said the builders believed they were bringing their ancestors with them in the stones. 

Yeah! I chuckled to myself. The ancestors are with the stones alright, because they are in them… or went through them.

I know, it sounds like Outlander, but that’s how I have always seen Stonehenge anyway and had planned to offer this perspective during my show interview.

I mean, everyone knows Stonehenge is a portal.



In the episode, we were discussing the recently announced genetic evidence that the builders of Stonehenge came from outside of Britain. 

Specifically, they came from Turkey, just south of the Black Sea. They had olive-brown skin, dark hair and brown eyes. 

These Neolithic farmers brought two unique things with them. One was the extraordinary skill of building stone circles, including those in the ‘other Stonehenge’ located at Skara Brae in the Orkneys, and the other was the drive to do so. 

In fact, building these circles was the raison d’être or core of their ‘farming’ culture.

The questions we sought to explore on ANCIENT ALIENS were from where did these third millennia B.C. ’farmers’ get their extraordinary skill and the drive to build stone portals and why did they build them? 

The answer centers on Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, the astoundingly enignmatic series of at least 20 stone circles that academics have dated to 14,000 B.C. Bear with me as I paint the up until this moment unknown backstory of the building of Stonehenge.

Imagine this. It’s c. 10,000 B.C. a global cataclysm, probably caused by a double catastrophe of a massive solar flare and a comet strike, submerges the earth and humanity in a catastrophe of cosmic proportions. Simultaneously, fires rage over huge swaths of the earth.

Most perish in this disaster. 

In a flash, and a flood, everything changed.

Some, having foreknowledge of it, or perhaps even planning and executing it, survived. They built Göbekli Tepe, in South Eastern Turkey and then went to the caves in the mountains of Turkey to ride out the Catastrophe. 

According to geologist, Robert Shoch, based on radiocarbon analyses, Göbekli Tepe goes back to the period of 9000 to 10,000 BCE (or possibly earlier), and was intentionally buried circa 8000 BCE. That is, the site dates back an astounding 10,000 to 12,000 years ago!

One of the strange and perplexing aspects of Göbekli Tepe is that it was not simply abandoned and left to oblivion, but intentionally buried around 8000 B.C..

We have evidence of high culture and civilization circa 10,000 to 8000 B.C. but then an apparent decline or hiatus for thousands of years, until 5,000 years later, in 3100 B.C., civilization “rises” once again in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and elsewhere. 

Were those responsible descendants survivors of the Flood?

Ancient Astronaut theorists say yes.

When they emerged they began building stone circles and they began to spread out from the Middle East. Some of them went to the British Isles.

First, they went to Orkney to perfect their craft.

Then, they went to present day Wiltshire, the British Isles where the greatest example of their ‘craft’ is to be found…Stonehenge. 

The Stonehenge Gobekli Tepe connection is magnificent. But, it is only the beginning of the story.


When I got to my hotel room in LA, ANCIENT ALIENS dropped ‘the bombshell’ on me.

New DNA evidence, discovered with never before available technology, and reported in the prestigious journal, Nature, reveals that within several hundred years of building Stonehenge the builders vanished and were replaced by a new and entirely different population. Known as the Beaker people, they replaced 90% of the British gene pool.

Lead author Prof David Reich, from Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, US, said: “The magnitude and suddenness of the population replacement is highly unexpected.” The reasons remain unclear to the Harvard team, but climate change, disease and ecological disaster could all have played a role.

Stonehenge’s builders left almost no DNA whatsoever, leaving scientists bewildered and, truth be told, I would say, a bit scared. 

After all, how does an entire population simply vanish into thin air? 

This multi-authored research is the largest study of ancient human DNA ever conducted. Much of the analysis of skeletal remains from England and Wales was conducted at the Museum and University College London, as part of a larger study of ancient human DNA in Britain.

Sequencing ancient humans DNA from bones and teeth taken from ancient burial sites, scientists thought they would prove the common notion that modern English people were descended the Stonehenge builders. They expected to find an intermingling of the DNA of the original and new populations.

But that’s not what they found. 

Virtually all of English DNA comes from the Beaker people who had light skin, blue eyes and blond hair and who, 4500 years ago, peacefully migrated to England…in small groups…almost as if they had been invited (perhaps to an event or something like Woodstock?). There is no evidence of warfare or violence during this take over. They simply moved in to a vacated space. And, instead of destroying or dismantling Stonehenge, as routinely happens when newcomers take over, they worshipped there.

What this study reveals is this:

…The Stonehenge builders vanished…they were replaced…and they never came back. 

They are no longer on the planet.

This result sent shockwaves through me and should do so in every truth-seeking being. 

Where did the Stonehenge builders go? 

How did they just leave the planet?

The truth is staring us in the face.

The answer is one Ancient Astronaut theorists have been hinting at for a while now and one ANCIENT ALIENS has brought to the world’s attention. That is, Stonehenge is a portal. 

The reason why there is no DNA remaining of its builders is because they left the planet. 

They went through the stones. 

It sounds like it’s time for another tour to the stones. Drop me a line at whenrytn@earthlink.net if you’re interested.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Pat 5 years ago

    Really fascinating thank you. Revelations are great aren’t they, they pull us up and refresh our enthusiasm in the search of our spiritual elevation. A good book is The Missing Years of Jesus by Dennis Price, it tells a lot about Stone Henge, Jesus being there and unusual sightings nearby.

  2. Steven Ortel 4 years ago

    Hi William,
    Looks like Stonehenge was totally rebuilt 3 times in 20th century.
    Question is the rebuild new information ?
    Thank you. Steve

  3. They expected to find an intermingling of the DNA of the original and new populations.

  4. chris williams 4 years ago

    William Henry,,,as the Orkney Islands are home to the original Odin Stone. Have you found any interesting parallels with Stone Henge? ie the very interesting tales of passing through a stone or creating a contract at this stone.

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