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While in Boulder taping my new Gaia TV show, “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension,” I sat down with Corey Goode and David Wilcock for three episodes of their hit program “Cosmic Disclosure: Inside the Secret Space Program”.

Corey is a “SSP” whistle blower who tells an astounding story of advanced human civilizations in space, and extraterrestrials called Blue Sphere Beings and Blue Avians,  who are guiding humanity. Hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to “Cosmic Disclosure” to listen, to lend support to Corey, and to advocate for a reshuffle of the ET-human relations deck… and a new beginning for humanity by disclosing the existence of our true place in the solar system.

Critics say Corey’s story is straight out of the fantasy and scifi pulp magazines of the 1920s and 30s. The first question David Wilcock asked me during the interview was if I thought Corey was crazy.

I have no idea, I said. People believe what they want to believe. Seeing is believing for some. They want proof: pics, video, something. Others see it and believe Corey, trusting in his sincerity and the vetting of David Wilcock, who is known for his links to ET insiders and whistleblowers.

All I know is I enjoyed talking with both of them. When I first heard Corey’s story, I thought, wow, he’s talking about two of my favorite subjects; the Bird Tribe and the blue sphere wormholes or ascension spheres of the ancients. Any minute now I thought he might get into some of the ancient beliefs about these subjects.

By the way, neither of these subjects are out of scifi magazines. That is, unless you read the ancient Egyptian religious texts, Hindu literature, Native American spiritual tradition and the Bible as scifi and interpret Christian art portraying the ascension of Jesus on a blue sphere as fantasy art.

Clare and I discussed aspects of these topics, especially the blue spheres, in an episode of our ARCANUM series called “Ascension Thrones of the Ancients.” I revisited the subject directly in an episode of THE AWAKENED SOUL called “The Blue Sphere and the Soul.”

After seeing my show, and the historical art I presented, the Gaia producers immediately booked the interview with Corey and David. What I was saying corroborates Corey story, they said.

The result was an exciting conversation.

Well, one interview turned to three. We left A LOT more to discuss.

It’s not everyday that one gets to fill in a blank for a dot connector like David Wilcock, but as you’ll see in the show, this is exactly what happened. The pearl I dropped on David’s door, I am certain, is a gift that will open new pathways for him and all who follow his work. All best blessings to all.

Corey was impressed by my photos from the temple of Horus at Edfu showing Horus, the falcon-headed god, painted blue. He had never seen any of the images I was presenting. His spontaneous reactions were insightful and wonder-inspiring. He reminded me of how I felt when I first took the photos.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.07.39 AM

Horus in blue at Edfu. Photo by William Henry.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.08.47 AM

More, he loved my collection of photos of Horus in blue from Denderah. He was especially impressed that, until five years ago when the Egyptians restored the ceiling, the magnificent blue images were covered with black soot. No one knew Horus was blue. Talk about divine timing! We laughed, wondering if they were waiting for Corey’s revelation of the Blue Avians?

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.13.58 AM

Horus enthroned at Denderah, Egypt. Photo by William Henry.

Where I took Corey and David from there in my ascension art collection blew their minds (pun intended).

In this article I will share some key insights from my research on the Blue Sphere Beings and the Blue Birds.

Then, I will share some of my thoughts on the Bird Tribe that weren’t part of our conversation. They are actually insights from two extraordinary mystical sources, “The Wizard of Oz” and Paul McCartney.

I know you will be as amazed as I am about the correspondence. First a word about about the


Ever since reading Ken Carey’s “Return of the Bird Tribes” back in 1992, I have been on the trail of an ancient tribe of spiritual beings who continuously manifested to humans for thousands of years, right up to the present, to ‘upgrade’ humanity…to give us, well… wings.

The “Bird Tribes” are not birds. They are celestial beings or angels who are master Ascension Teachers. Carey calls them Star People. They really are Star People, but in real life they really do not have wings.

Carey’s book inspired me to research the Bird Tribe’s angelic language, the Language of the Birds.  I wrote a book about it in 1998, but that is another story for another time.

My path led me to Egypt and the ibis-headed bird man, Thoth, teacher of the resurrection and ascension mysteries…

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.30.02 AM

Thoth resurrects King Seti I, dressed in Osiris’s Karast garment, from the dead with the ankh or ‘Key of Life’. Photo by William Henry.

…And to the falcon-headed Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. In the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, some of the oldest ascension texts in the world, the deceased king rises into the portals in the sky as Horus, indicating his role in the ‘stargate mysteries’ of ancient Egypt. Horus symbolizes the living, eternal light body returning to the stars…becoming a Starwalker in the Dimension of the Blessed.
These stargate mysteries came alive for me on the ceiling of Hathor’s magnificent temple of Love and Joy in Denderah, Egypt, where we see various members of the Bird Tribe, including Isis, the Great Cosmic Mother, and Horus, her Son of Light, as blue bird-people along with blue humans wearing feathered cloaks.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.27.13 AMHorus, the Son of Light. Photo by William Henry.


Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.42.24 AM

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.42.39 AM

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.43.13 AMHorus surfs the Ship of Eternity or Ark of the Millions of years.


We also see the blue bird man, Horus, surfing the cosmos on his ship of eternity, his wormhole-shaped sun/star/boat.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.43.21 AM

We see Horus on his feathered ascension throne.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 5.13.58 AM

Horus on his feathered ascension throne. He holds the ankh and the usa scepter that open the gates of the Dimension of the Blessed.

Our goal, as humans, is to attain this feathered ascension throne and ride the wormholes of eternity. This means, we are to become a being of light, like Horus, and the rest of the Bird Tribe and enter the promised Dimension of the Blessed.
So, there we have it. Blue Bird star people, Blue Avians, in ancient Egypt. Incredible! Right?
There is more.
Taking a closer look at Horus’s shoulder patch we see that it the ‘logo’ of the blue birds, the winged serpent.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.13.58 AM

The winged serpent was adopted by Judeo-Christianity as the symbol for the Seraphim, angelic beings of pure light and pure love. Seraphim are usually portrayed as red winged bird men. Red, because they burn with the love of the Creator. However, they are also shown as blue angels or bird men. Blue like the sky. Blue like true blue.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.48.30 AM
These blue ‘bird-men-angels’ are the watchers of the door or gate linking earth with the heavenly realms.  This is why they are shown forming a vesica-shaped gate around the throne of Christ, the new Horus.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.49.06 AM

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.49.16 AM

Last Judgment, Fra Angelico.

The Seraphim came to earth to teach humans the art of ascension or transformation into angels or ‘blue birds’. To be kissed by a seraphim meant to be initiated by them in the secrets of ascension and the mysteries of our divine selves.

Can you spot the Blue Avians or Blue Seraphim in the painting below? Clue. Look through the eye in the sky.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.49.28 AM


Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.49.37 AM

Detail of the Blue Avians or Blue Seraphim at the Throne of Christ.


My Bird Tribe research led me to become an ascension researcher and a specialist in exploring the secrets of ascension-themed art. To me, there is nothing more fascinating, or imperative that we understand, than the Ascension of Jesus.

As I wrote in “The Secret of Sion,”

“The Ascension is a fantastic subject in Christian art, as well as a theme in mystical writings. By the 6th century the iconography of the Ascension had been established and by the 9th century Ascension scenes were being depicted on domes of churches. The oculus or eye of the dome is considered the Gateway of the Sun. From this gateway at the top of the dome rises the World Axis, the link between Heaven and earth. Domes, therefore, are the threshold or gateway of the spiritual world. Thus, portraying Jesus ascending in/through a dome symbolizes him traveling through the wormhole.

The Syriac Rabbula Gospels (c. 586) include some of the earliest images of the Ascension and feature what become standard Ascension iconography. They offer the first illustration of Jesus ascending in a radiating or glowing almond-shaped ring or mandorla (‘gate’) lifted to heaven on a chariot composed of whirling wheels within wheels and many-eyed angels’ wings (shown here). A mandorla is the liminal (‘threshold’) space where two circles overlap. It is a powerful symbol of the psychological and spiritual realm where opposites merge, planes or dimensions of existence meet, and transformation occurs. The whirling wheels within wheels motif is comparable to Ezekiel’s vision. as are the lion, bull, man and eagle, which are symbols of the four evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the four creatures that guard the Throne of God.”


The Rabula Gospel. Christ ascends in a blue sphere held aloft by angels.

So, this early gospel set the blue tone for all future Christian ascension images. However, I believe the imagery originates with the images of Horus on the wormhole boat at Denderah. While the Egyptian art show a side view of the ascending figure, Christian art show the same concept from the face on. In Egypt, we see a side view of the wormhole. In Christian art we are looking down its throat as Jesus travels through it. That’s my take anyway.

I have been collecting images of the ascended Christ in a blue sphere.  The meaning is clear. The blue sphere is to be imagined as a portal or gateway. I wondered if this is what Corey meant by the blue sphere beings.



Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 7.47.07 AM

The Bible calls the blue sphere a ‘cloud’ (Acts 1:1-11), but it is clearly intended to be understood as a Merkaba vehicle or Throne. It has the characteristics of a wormhole, an interstellar or interdimensional transportation device.

As the book of Acts tells us, Jesus will return the same way he left: on the cloud/blue sphere wormhole thing.


I haven’t experienced the Blue Sphere Beings like Corey has, but I did have a powerful encounter with the blue eye of Horus in 2002 while meditating in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

From out of nowhere, I saw a blue eye on the screen of my consciousness beaming bliss at me. It was hovering just above me. It was conscious and I knew it was trying to make contact with me. This went on for several minutes.


I was awestruck by the experience, even more so when I realized it was the blue Eye of Horus that was beaming a blissful love at me.

After this experience, I knew I would spend the rest of my life trying to understand what happened… and how to get it to THAT feeling again.

Fortunately, I came upon the work of Swami Muktananda (1908-1982), the founder of the Siddha Yoga spiritual path. While he didn’t discuss the Eye of Horus, he did offer an explanation for my experience based on his teaching about the Blue Pearl.

According to Muktananda, the experience of the Blue Pearl, also referred to as the blue dot, is the most significant of meditation experiences.

When kundalini energy (the God Force that ascends our inner Tree of Life) becomes active through mantra meditation and rises through the seven chakras many see a subtle blue dot appear and disappear on their mental screen during meditation. The serpent on a pole symbolizes the rising of kundalini. The Israelites called this symbol the Nehushtan in the story of Moses lifting the serpent of healing. When Moses lifted the serpent a winged serpent manifested and healed the Israelites.

The scriptures describe this Blue Pearl as the divine light of Consciousness, which dwells within everyone.

Buddhists teach that through regular and prolonged meditation and focus on the Blue Pearl — or the blue sphere — one gradually experiences their true nature.

More, the Blue Pearl contains, and provides access to, different planes of existence.

When the Blue Pearl expands, writes Muktananda in Secret of the Siddhas, an extraordinary Blue Being some call a Blue Angel manifests from the center of its center…in a blue sphere.

As I discussed in Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed, traditional shamanic peoples around the world describe a Blue Pearl, an exquisite, enchanting blue light that is a mode of transport. It appears in a flash, without any provocation or thought, and opens like a lotus or a wormhole.


The Man in Sapphire Blue” by Hildegaard of Bingen. Jesus, the Blue Being, manifested to Hildegaard in a vision.

This being is called the Blue Lord. A visualization of the Blue Being is considered to be the realization of the form of God.

Screen shot 2016-06-07 at 6.50.05 AM
In Hieronymous Bosch’s painting Christ appears as a blue Seraph to John the Revelator.

The Blue Being, the embodiment of God Consciousness, is made of an extraordinary light, says Muktananda.

Just as Consciousness expands (or pulsates), pervades the entire universe, and once again contracts, similarly the Blue Being, Consciousness, the Great Light once again becomes the Blue Pearl, as tiny as a sesame or mustard seed, and re-enters the body through the eyes.

The visualization of the Blue Being leads to complete knowledge.

Can you imagine a seed essence within yourself, a Divine Blue Particle — also called a Blue Apple, a Blue Stone or a Blue Pearl — that blossoms into a new (blue) skin or garment and opens gateways in space that allow instant access to other star systems or even to galaxies billions of miles away… paths that take us back to the Source?


Strangely (or perhaps not), all this symbolism comes together in “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which some believe is the most hauntingly beautiful, and most esoteric, song ever written. It certainly captures the core of our desire: to return home or to make our present home more like our ‘real’ home.

Here are the lyrics:

“Somewhere over the rainbow way up high

There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow.

Why then, oh, why can’t I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow why, oh, why can’t I?”

The message of the song is you CAN fly with the blue birds. You CAN attain the Rainbow Light Body. Dreams DO come.


By meditating on the Blue Pearl and getting to know the secrets of the Bird Tribes.


Now, let’s turn the metaphysics of Paul McCartney’s song “Bluebird.”

“Late at night when the wind is still
I’ll come flying through your door

And you’ll know what love is for

I’m a bluebird, I’m a bluebird
I’m a bluebird,

l’m a bluebird

Yeah, yeah, yeah”

McCartney’s biographer, J. Blaney, describes this song as a chant and interprets the bluebird as “a metaphor for the transcendent power of love and the liberation of the human spirit from mental and physical bondage.”

I can’t think of a better way to describe the mission of the Blue Bird tribe of ancient myth and sacred tradition.

As McCartney intuited, the Blue Birds of the past, including Horus, were messengers of love who came through the secret to door and brought the secret of love’s power to transform the human spirit.

McCartney again:

“Touch your lips with a magic kiss

And you’ll be a bluebird too

And you’ll know what love can do
Fly away through the midnight air

As we head across the sea
And at last we will be free
You’re a bluebird, you’re a bluebird

You’re a bluebird, you’re a bluebird

Yeah, yeah, yeah”

You’re a bluebird, you’re a bluebird
You’re a bluebird, yeah, yeah,yeah
Bluebird, ah, ha
 Bluebird, ah ha

Yes, we can fly over the rainbow like the blue birds.

We can know what love can do.

To be touched by the loving kiss of a blue Seraph is the ultimate human experience.

To be continued.

William Henry is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension


  1. Noel Szundy 8 years ago

    Brilliant, profound ad inspiring insights, as always from our blessed (Blue) Bird on the Ground. Thanks, dear friend, for being here on Gaia during my sojourn (soul journey). I am honored to know you as my esoteric wisdom teacher. Blessings. NBS

  2. Ellen B. 8 years ago

    Wow, that was a beautiful piece of writing. I have seen that blue eye many times, and used to see it when I was very young. It is calming, and healing.

  3. Janet Mountcastle 8 years ago

    When I was in Egypt with Bob Riedell we talked about Horus and talked and felt the deep beauty of the teachings of Ancient Egypt.
    Every time I see you and Wilcock together I feel Bobs essence.<3 <3 <3

    In 2010 I did a Field CESTI expedition with Dr Stephan Greer. In a meditation I saw Horus just as he is pictured in these paintings and not how Cory Good described the Blue Sphere Beings he met.
    Later on this expedition I saw about 15 what I first thought were UFOs way up in the sky they were scrambling and light was pulsating to us.
    It was later that I thought about what I saw was Seraphim Angels.

    When I first heard about the Blue Sphere beings in my heart I know that they are Ascended Beings. Angels who used to be human who Ascended.
    One time I remarked to you and Clair that my favorite painting of Saint Francis is the one of the Stigmata. Jesus appearing as a Seraphim Angel.
    Yes It really feels to me that the Sphere Beings are returning Masters. Jesus and his Spirit family. Not to save us but as always to assist us in our awakening,
    Great work you do scholar. You and your beautiful Clair too.
    I haven't been to see you at a event in Nashville as I had a daughter who got lost a while as a addict. shes back to God thank God but I had to go back to work.
    Im still keeping up with you both. Love you bothalways JanET

  4. The Hindu false god Vishnu was a giant according to tradition, which correlates with this story, showing Horus in blue, note the photo shows Horus with 6 fingers, also common for “giants,” or offspring between human and Nephilim beings, Genesis 6:4, and book of Enoch from the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were worshipped as gods, though only fallen “watchers,” of whom had the job of watching over the Earth, and possibly the portal of which the spirits came down from, as scripture states was on Mount Herman. Horus was a half Nephilim and animal hybrid, with a human mixture, described in the Dead Sea Scrolls Book Of Jubilees. It stands to reason that the representations of Isis, the goddess, was that of a human, as the book of Enoch states that the women that allowed the Nephilim to impregnate them, would be worshipped as a goddess, as well as their offspring’s worshipped as a deity. We see this same scenario through out all of the pagan religions, the same theme, discussing the same actions taken by the Nephilim across the globe, prior to the flood of Noah. The book of Enoch states that in the last days that they will be loosed yet again, and we see that this is happening, and again they have deceived man into following them, the same actions that created the pagan religions. This is simply worship of fallen angels, their offspring, and the women that allowed them to be impregnated by the Nephilim, or easier said, paganism. Documentary on giants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jx3vVSSfEs

    • Donna 7 years ago

      Not all the watchers fell. There were many that did not. So many forget about that part. Our world was not totally lost thank God….

  5. Stephanie 8 years ago

    You may want to look into the history of the color blue. There were some posts going around Facebook describing how blue is the most recent color that humans have been able to see. And the Egyptians were the first to have the ability to see blue!

    I loved Blue Apples!

  6. John Semanas 8 years ago

    Very interesting research and comments, but like most of the current information dealing with “spiritual” subjects and aliens, there is nowhere to be found people of African descent. It would appear that all aliens and all notables from the “spiritual” world are of European heritage. I guess people of African descent can just forget about “ascension,” and being any part of this “Brave New World” we are hearing so much about. Even Jesus, a first century Jew from Israel, somehow seems to have had European ancestry. How “spiritual” and “wonderful” can this new world of tomorrow be when it is obviously going to be quite segregated and calibrated in accordance with skin color. Perhaps our star brother and sisters have been infected with our insidious “racial” insanity?

    • Nolan 8 years ago

      What about the Dogon tribe in Mali that had detailed knowledge about the Sirius star system before modern astronomy confirmed it? What about Credo Mutwa? What about Michael Tellinger? There’s plenty of information dealing with spiritual and UFO topics directly related to Africa, you just need to look harder 😉

    • James 7 years ago

      The Egyptians aren’t white Europeans. By tracing similar messages in different cultures, from religion to pop culture, there comes across a message of finding the Divinity of Love within, the color blue is apparently important, it expands from something small and reveals the unity of the cosmos and all knowledge. I think of the story of Pinnochio and the Blue Fairy who makes him a real boy when he has learned thr lessons of love, how he went away from his creator who never gave up on him, but was always attempting to bring him home. I challenge you to research other myths, because I bet you will find this theme retold in another way. Blue. Kundalini. Awakening. Expansion. Love. Wisdom. Transcendance.

    • nbwriter 4 years ago

      For James: From what I can work out, we’re all descended from the Atlanteans. [The Ancient Egyptians knew this – They called them “the sea people”]. The idea of “segregation” is one perpetuated by … Shall we say… The current system of control: This system, unfortunately, controls our history and educational structures. Peace. Thanks for reading.

  7. jacqueline 8 years ago

    I recently listened to an interview with COBRA from the prepareforchange.net website. I think it’s an interesting coincidence that he mentioned that the Pleadians refer to Earth as the “blue pearl”.

  8. Tye A Hampton 8 years ago

    First, with respect, I know nothing of William Henry, though I have read many of the Davd Wilcox and Corey Goode posts along with this Cobra’s via PFC statements. However, upon reading this, I found it something that, had not been put quite this way in their posts (to my albeit somewhat limited, knowledge of)… I was quite amazed with the blue light paralells in ECKANKAR, in which, to put it simply, those of us which have experienced this enlightenment, have seen this blue dot, blue orb, or bottom line, a ‘blue light’. Its a fluorescent, most often spherical, blue light which physically appears to, or is seen by, the individual. I feel, the blue light, is ‘the Source’ in ufological terms, or ‘God’ in Christian terms, ‘the force’ in StarWars scifi terms (okay slight levity, I just had to say that), or most simply put, it is a connection,, with “IT” as its also called in Eckankar. In Eckankar, “IT” is referred to I think, best, two ways, as: “The Ocean of Love and Mercy”; or simply; “IT”; because, “IT” is neither male nor female, not so much an indvidual being, but, a “force” (yeah I said it again) of nature, or of more accurately, of the universe… “IT” just is, so descriptions in human terms of “IT”, truly fall utterly short. “IT”,, I feel, is that connection which provides enlightenment, and is the visble outward representation of the inner change which comes about through that connection with “IT”. That may seem like reciprocal reasoning but, my feeling that’s the best way I can put it… I cannot say with certainty to anyone that Eckankar, or any religion, is the only path to this connection, in fact I believe the opposite, that, all religions, have some parh within them to this connection, the only difference between them, is how direct a route such has, to “IT”. For me, Eckankar became the route to that connection (for me, personally, my own, most direct, route) but, it really does not matter how you get there, it only matrers that you make that connection. Once you begin to experience this connection, “IT” transforms you, in every way, that is all I can say about that… Since beginning down the path to making that connection some 25 years ago, in addition to seeing the blue light, and more experiences, I have yes, starting in 2010 had visual and at times, I feel, telepathic contact, with, or witnessed many dozens of UAP craft of many types in the skies takng hundreds of pics of strange and unusual to traditional disk shape UAP. I’ve had countless, I suppose one would describe them as paranormal experiences. However, this is but a sideline aspect to the experiences with IT, the most important experiences are within, not from without, with that blue light, with “IT”. That connection, once made, is something truly, you cannot define, only experience. For those, whom haven’t and yet wish to experience that connection with the ‘blue light’ or “IT”, I can tell you this; Prayer, is speakng to “IT”, meditation however, as even Christ taught (though this is highly overlooked by most ‘christian’ religions) to worship not him, but seek the Father that sent him… Thus, meditation is “seeking”, ie; listening or being taught, by “IT”. So I suggest whatever your religion, use meditation, to make that connection with “IT” because once you do, it will forever, change everything, for you, and yes, if sincerely accepting of what “IT” offers you, you will too, see that ‘blue light’ of confirmation of your connection, and then, hang on, for a wild ride that will change everything within, and everything which it is in your best interrst to, and you are willing to accept, change in, about your life without, in time. Both of which, truly, is the goal, a transformation of your being, into ne that is more aligned with light and love, of that Ocean of Love and mercy, so we may one day (hopefully sooner thsn later) ascend,, to commune with “IT” on “IT’s” level and ways.
    Disclaimer; I mean no disrespect to anyone or their faith and I am sorry if my words offend any, in any way, I am only trying to convey my own experience in seeing this ‘blue light’, how I came to that point, and what my connection with “IT” has meant to me, and the change that has brought about in my life but, as I said, my words fall utterly short. May the blessings be.

    • Polly Case 8 years ago

      Beautiful. Thank you.

    • Sully 8 years ago

      Well said. I love your perspective here.

  9. Kat 8 years ago

    I just love collecting data and connecting dots! Thank you William. This is some good “light” intell, I can feel it activating my cellular memories. What amazing pictures as well, I’m blown away. Love to all!

  10. Doug Rubel 8 years ago

    Krishna, the Christ of India, also is depicted as a blue being.
    As one who now sees blue patches of light appearing often, I’d like to offer this – the blue we are seeing corresponds with the higher mental planes since this is the lowest vibration those of this beingness can descend to and maintain as it contacts human consciousness. In terms of our 7-level energetic chakra system it corresponds to our 6th chakra, as the collective of humanity and the dominant actualized consciousness moves from the 3rd (power) chakra to the 4th (heart).
    Also important at this time of ascension is the violet ray, which, as in rainbows, is positioned just above the blue frequency. It can be invoked for the clearing of all that which is no longer necessary in our upward ascent at this time.

  11. dale lee 8 years ago

    This picture from above
    looks like Christ being birthed from a vagina.

  12. Grayham Forscutt 8 years ago

    Thirty years experimentation with and modelling ‘blue spheres’ here. http://www.unifiedfractalfield.com

  13. BlueBirdTJC 8 years ago

    7.16.16 In 2012 I was very ill I had a dream of blackness and saw a blue sphere in my mind it was a fluffy bluebird we stared at each other while it was floating in the blackness, I held out my right hand it landed in it and swirled around my arm then lower torso and up to my neck swirling and swirling around up over my head and then gone (Kundalini) I have been told. For 2 weeks sounds and lights were overly sensitive weird sensations then while sitting on the sofa watching tv my head suddenly felt pressure inside and outside like squeezing and then i heard a loud cracking sound. It has been a scramble for information ever since lucid dreams, astral travel?, constant spirit touching, talking, hearing voices living a second life in my dreams, more than a simple person can handle.
    I was very happy to see this blog on blue light/sphere and bluebirds. Everyday is a work in progress for me isolated working with this situation because really (wakadoo) who can you tell? who really knows about this? I wish all good luck because when it happens your just along for the ride. Blessing to all

    Bluebird of love and ominous glow
    onto my hand you have flown
    Around around you shall go
    numb with love I’d never known
    Loving me filling me blissfully mine
    forgetting reality lost in time
    Happy to see you of long ago
    a gratitude of one you have bestowed
    You came to my life a gift in the night
    smooth blue and glowing my ticklish delight
    Bluebird of wisdom you say there’s a tale
    not speaking of words I hear you so well
    You speak of love in a warm glow
    twisting and turning to and fro
    Your luminescent you sparkle you so sincere
    when your around I feel no fear
    Come come closely whirl in my ear
    your infinite message i truly hear
    You speak of kindness and love from above
    My beloved bluebird was once a dove
    Spinning inside old into new
    a special gift I will be true
    The bluest of pearls beautiful and free
    together forever we will be
    My beautiful bluebird who fills my heart
    bearing the loneliness when were apart
    Looking for you high and low
    to watch in wonder your brilliant blue show
    Your light so soothing not wanting to end
    I am one with you my old friend
    I look to feel your sweetness again on my face
    so lost without you not even a trace
    Ill look for you always time has no end
    infinity has, my blue pearl, my blue friend

    • Sixx 5 years ago

      I love your comment. I have had these experiences since I was a child. It has been only recently that I started seeing the blue sphere in meditation. I have disconnected from the outside world pretty much the past 6 months Since the last full moon of this decade 12/12/19 – is when I learned blue avians. Then things started really happening fast. I have been reading everything I can trying to grasp that idea, on some level I do because their qualities really resonated with me. I was in my quiet place yesterday and I felt a presence all around me. (Which I get visitors regularly) My cheek started tingling then the top of my thigh then on the top of my head – crown chakra. I felt a hug too. I was surrounded and they (idk if it was blue avians – or angels or spirit guides-but I was reading about blue avians when it happened) the one in front of me was communicating with me they were excited to see me and excited that I could feel them. They were there to help me and heal me. The one behind me, that hugged me and was making my crown chakra tingle, was scanning me too. I have been sick with Lyme disease and another tick born disease for 3 months now, which has really put me in isolation-but has been a good thing. I could feel their concern and their love I started crying joyfully, the love and peace I felt and still feel, was amazing. They gathered closer around me when I was crying and my whole body was tingling. The rest of the day and the night my head was buzzing. I had to ground myself. I thought I was going to fly out of my body. Today I have been happy, calm, peaceful, connected just amazing.

  14. Dee 8 years ago

    Have been feeling so alone, until this…have asked Corey as well as David about my experience, with no response. The blue spheres came to me as a 4 or 5 year old. They were glowing and felt strong and loving. I was initiated into knowledge of self at age 21. In the last year, I have noticed the blue orbs in meditation. Three are in a fixed position, and sometimes I see a whole mob of tiny blue dots. And there are white spheres, rare but always flash to me. and yellow ones, one is very very large and it breaks up into little prana like shapes. I go through black holes and see many old , strange letters and do not recognize what they all mean, but there are one or two that seem insistent, I could draw their likeness…Also very very few red orbs and fewer green ones that are so breathtakingly beautiful…am I different? Does anyone else have a like experience? I’m sure there is more to know. and I am being cared for by star beings. I never thought I would be able to say all this, but now I have…whatever is coming must be very good, because my heart fills with so much love and gratitude for this existence!
    Also I have seen beautiful flowing fractal patterns in meditation…I am surrounded by violet, even on the outside, at times. Any one else?

    • Razi 5 years ago

      Me 2

    • Sixx 5 years ago

      Yes. I replied to bluebird above your comment. A very (very) short version of my experiences.

  15. Dee 8 years ago

    PS~ I forgot to mention all the eyes I see inside, wide almond shaped eyes, alone or in a blurred face…they even frighten me , I don’t know what they are telling me…but fear is not my strong point, I am strong and courageous, and kind and patient…a high flyer! …or crazy. I hope I can talk with these beings, or at least with others who have this knowledge…

    • nbwriter 4 years ago

      Studying Ancient Egypt will help you… Basically, seeing “eyes” in visions, or dreams, is related to “the all seeing eye”. This was a protective, magical force in Ancient Egypt. What happened later (in Roman times) is the idea of an “evil eye” took root, probably based on superstitious Roman soldiers, who might be sent to “conquer” a local population, who might “give them the evil eye”, if they were unwelcome. At that time, Romans (and other cultures) really believed sorcerers could curse them “with their eyes.” The ancient egyptians did not hold this view – And basically had a wisdom we have to uncover- as William is doing in his above article. Eyes are gateways to the soul… O shaped… The divine circle, if you will… Wise cultures like the Tibetan monks know about this, through their “mandelas” – basically circles of divine knowledge and focus. “Orbs” are very common spiritual entities: Their colors signify various energy frequencies (you can even find a chart online). So, do not feel alone. Many of us have these experiences (including myself). What’s going on in the human mind is a search for knowledge and psychic protection (again the ancient egyptians knew all about this). Psychic protection is basically about finding artifacts (and ideas) that allow your mind to *feel* safe. I use quartz crystals and a “white bible” (the good book) for example, but (when you think about it) you will have access to the same comforting artifacts and ideas in your own life. Peace. Thanks for reading. [PS Curiously, from my researches Ancient Egyptians considered blue lapus lazuli to have magical properties (it can found on King Tut’s famous golden mask). If memory serves blue lapus lazuli allowed initiates to ascend to the stars… Rather similar to the function of blue spheres/blue avians discussed by William, I note].

  16. BlueBirdTJW 8 years ago

    Reply for DEE, Firefly Sparkles are the first thing that started showing up for me, firefly sparkles popping in and out of wherever I go my home other peoples homes the mall. What I found them to be are spirit energy orbs, starting at sparkle size and increasing to orb and every size and color some are beautiful white with rainbow edges and some look like circles within circles with faces looking out of them (wacky right) but true.. My theory is maybe different dimensions as well??
    when you see the blue/white firefly sparkle take a picture they show up..
    try: The truth about seeing spirited sparkles/the go between by Melissa Leath, huge blog reg sparkles and orbs.
    Much more will follow this experience, Hope this helps a little:) BluebirdTJW

  17. Astrid Wirthl 8 years ago

    To day is a prescious day
    cause I found you William…. looking for the Cintamani Stone…. Shamballa Videos
    and Rainbowlight Body of Padma Sambava….
    The Annunakis from Nibiru that are wonderful Light Beings I was findinding out in meditation
    of Correy Goode and Wilcock ( for me a bit to much materialistic projecting the duality into the Cosmos)
    but anyway it all makes sense it all fractals of the ultimate TRUTH ASCENSION
    it all fitt’s together…. thank you for being here on the planet


  18. Megan Bagwell 8 years ago

    This was great!! Thanks for sharing. I found this last night after inbetween sleep and wake I was having “knowings” come to me of the blue light of Christ Consciousness and it’s connection to Christ Jesus and us! It was all so clear at the time. I felt like I understood completely… until I fully woke up, of course. But, I remembered enough to Google it and found you. I’ve previously studied Horus, Isis, Thoth, the eye and much of what you mentioned (I know the Bible, etc), but I’ve never heard of the blue pearl. Wasn’t Krishna also blue?

  19. Megan Bagwell 8 years ago

    Also! I’ve had my aura picture taken recently and the circle around me was a dark blue mixed with violet and the inside a bright hot pink. Apparently the blue/violet color is supposed to be “me”– my true light–so all of this comes together. We came here to help and love, and once we re-member (rejoin the oneness of source, the all that IS and the truth of who we really are) we can BE it! And Live it! (i.e. – Beli(e)ve!!!) this is true faith! Remembrance!

  20. Megan Bagwell 8 years ago

    Oh yes, one more thing. I’ve also seen the eye that was mentioned. I saw it in my bedroom, big and see through and behind it the door was swinging back and forth to show it’s openness. My interpretation was “Eye/I am the open door” (think “the I am”) and around the same time I had a dream that wrote out the words HORUS=HOURS (like it was saying that we are as HORUS and that this time is “ours”… Sons of light, and the time/”hours” is now) also the word “creation” was dancing around that. I feel this goes with your portal/stargate idea (being the door to the Heavens.) I’m excited I found you and your books! They look so amazing!

  21. Sully 8 years ago

    Wow, this information is very interesting. I am an artist, and at the age of 14 I had a dream / vision while creating at my desk late at night. (now I am 30) I found myself in a very meditative state, and saw an image of a blue sphere floating in a purple backdrop. The blue sphere was nearly transparent with a energy surrounding it that seemed smoke-like. I found no connection to things in my life that made sense then. It became the subject of my abstract art scenes. I incorporated it into more surreal / life-like pieces as well over time. I have only had rare visions of this sort of thing, and they diminished as I grew older. After years of being a normal teenager, 20 year old, and functioning adult – I think I lost how to connect with this. I have been doing yoga and meditation for the past few years, and have experienced great results throughout my life. I am hopeful to find more meaning in these images…

    • BlueBird 8 years ago

      Sully, I have seen the blue and purple flame like colors while meditating that become a circle then a smoky whitish color
      surrounds the blue or purple like a donut then breaks at the bottom to open like a whitish bird shape (dove) the design pulsates in and out over and over again, I have been told its healing burning karma?? Cant be positive of course?? If i meditate long enough I feel floaty in the head and body and a sense of peace and comfort. (weird I know). As for a true meaning I believe meditation will strengthen the colors and still the mind, but I dont think I have a definite how or why it happens. Maybe we have our own journeys. Look up cleaning the pineal gland metals flouride toxins etc.. there is Skate liver oil a must for creativity and lucid dreams.
      goodluck BlueBird

  22. Mandy 8 years ago

    I had a dream of Jesus coming to earth in a blue crystal sphere. It was strange and did not make sense to me. This was over a year ago. I believe it was a vision of his return. I had never heard of this blue sphere thing before.

    • James 7 years ago

      I recently heard in meditation “Noel, rejoice, He’s born, the King of Israel.”

    • Adina 5 years ago

      Yeshua is returning with his blue avian sphere as he is an avian himself. 🙂

  23. Rowan 7 years ago

    When I saw the word “Blue Apples” I immediately thought of the light phenomenon of the same name at Rennes Le Chateau. Finally, a piece of THAT puzzle I was missing. Thank you.

  24. I have seen the eye of raj the 2 eye’s of thorth and the head and a blue eye of the Blue bird being PLUSE out side my window in the sky I say a goddess who’s face was shaped by the stars she way a rare Beauty pretty sore it was the eye of rah again but the middle of the window was in the way so I couldn’t see the eye of thorth are also blue as well the are the same exact color and I ran into the snakes like one biting its tail the sign of immortality also Angels Came and smoke with me release your past Karma don’t be ashamed of what you’ve done in the past open your heart up let the light in by opening your chakras and being joyous and showing love by helping others even a simple smile will do. For I give you the advise to help you ascend down here with you your messenger saint Gabrial God bless and listen to your masters on YouTube. And don’t worry there are plenty of us and other beings to help!!! Help whoever you can extend your hand as we do!!! And it your seeing things even faces in things like tree’s and bushes fear not they are just angles it is time to open our hearts and reach a higher enlightenment, open our hearts and don’t forget to clean Mother Earth AKA gia!! Happy ascending we’re all around you so take in the fresh air relax and pray to every and any Angle from your Garden to the Archangles of light Christ and always first our loving father our Lord in heaven who bestows this Devine light upon us to Change into higher beings!! Stay focused for it is a dramatic change!! Remember to support your kids whatever they are interested in always much love from above!!!

    • James 7 years ago

      Thank you dear one!

  25. Kerry 7 years ago

    I’ve just been watching some of your videos on Gaia and came to have a look at your website. I’m very interested regarding blue beings. A number of years ago I had a dream that will always stick with me. I found myself alone in a white, clinical type environment. I knew that I was on a spaceship and was concerned that aliens would be arriving soon to experiment on me. Suddenly an alien did appear. I can’t recall exactly how it looked. The only thing I was aware of was that it was a blue being. This being I knew was not one of the others. It telepathically asked me if I wanted to go home. I said yes and expected to be taken to an escape vessel. Instead it told me to climb into it. I asked how would I be able to breathe in space. It told me that whilst I was morphed with it, I would not need to breathe. I had absolute trust in this being. I stepped into it and the next thing I knew we were in the Universe/space. It took me for a tour of space and then suddenly landed me on earth in a field next to a tree. It was gone before I even knew it was gone and I was standing alone next to a tree. I felt incredible sadness and longed to remain with this being. The being has always be known as “blue boy” to me. This dream occurred before I had ever read anything about blue avians, blue spheres etc.

    • Sixx 5 years ago


    • Sixx 5 years ago

      Thank you for posting that link. I am going to check that out. I’ve been researching blue beings – a series of synchronicities led me to a page about them – traits and such. I was completely floored, I have had these traits my whole life. And I have abilities that I don’t even know how To explain what they are or how I do them but I’ve been doing them my whole life. Then yesterday in my quiet place I was reading more about them, and I was getting tingling on my face, then leg then arm and crown chakra and I was surrounded i couldn’t see them, but I knew where each one was and I knew exactly what they were saying to me and it was like a joyful reunion. There is soooo much more to tell. Like my grandmother that passed away comes to me and we speak telepathically. We look exactly alike too. But today I am at peace but I am sad too.

  26. Well, well, well. Thank you. This connects a lot of dots for me. I’m Thoth’s [the former Ningishidda-the-Annunaki]’s mother Ereshkigal, grand-daughter of Enlil, daughter of Naanaar, sister of Inanna & Utu, wife of Nergal, presently Consort of Enki, from SiriusB and Lyra. Prior to that I was a Red Draagon, and prior to that I was a Blue Spirit.

  27. Paige Bartholomew 7 years ago

    Thank you, my dear soul brother and friend. You put into words what I’ve known since I was a child. I bet you’ve known all that time too.
    love Paige

  28. Dariusz 7 years ago

    read the ra material 1 to 4, lot of morsels for heart work. left hand and right hand, octaves….sound. ‘listen,….if you have ears’

    speaking in tongues is telepathy, for every one speaks their own tongue, but in plural it means universal tongue, hence the light only speaks in tongues, and if you were to speak to the light you would need to speak in tongues

  29. bridgett 5 years ago


    I hope this transfers….this is the story of Krishnas ascension–and a beautiful pic of a a blue being in a blue sphere surrounded by chariots. it says airplanes came and then went home to their different planets!!!

  30. pam 5 years ago

    I just happened upon this after doing a meditation with a group and had a visual of the Blue Avians. But what is more important is that I’ve been seeing a blue circle that went from a cerulean blue to a royal blue. Went from a basketball size to now a baseball size. It’s been going on for over 10 years. I don’t feel or sense anything but maybe the time isn’t right yet. I’ve discussed it with metaphysical people and they sense that its an energy with something inside (I don’t see anything inside). So its still somewhat of a mystery to me but at least I have more information now.

  31. Petra Bucenieks 5 years ago

    Thank you William. Beautiful story and accompanying artwork showing how the Blue Avians and Sphere Beings were part of our ancient heritage ! It seems like we are opening up a new level of interpretation and understanding of Ancient Egypt, ie. that images of the neters and of ceremonies being performed, found in the temples there, do not just represent a mythology, but that they can also be realistic depictions of actual highly evolved beings who were part of that civilization. In addition to the correlations you make to the Blue Avians, there are also those suggested by Raymond Fowler — that the Djed Festival could have actually been adopted from ETs. In Fowler’s investigation of the abduction case of Betty Andreasson/Luca (particularly relevant in his books, The Watchers and The Watchers II), Betty recalled, and artistically rendered, an experience of being taken aboard a Grey alien ship where she witnessed Elemental Beings (including her own Body Elemental) perform a ritual very suggestive of the Djed festival of ancient Egypt.
    i myself believe i may be a Horus Hybrid. i make this statement based on the information provided in the book, Hybrids: So you think you are human, by Tanis Helliwell https://www.amazon.ca/HYBRIDS-you-think-are-human-ebook/dp/B00WL8W9GW which explains what i experienced in a strong past-life regression i had 10 years ago, where i saw the Disk of Horus as well as the Rod and Staff. The overall theme of the regression was “abuse of power.” Although being a spiritual seeker since the 1970s, i had not been particularly drawn to ancient Egypt before i had the regression. (Of course that all changed after, and i visited Khemit 3 years ago.) Also i was not aware there even was a Disk of Horus before, but during it i both saw it and heard it referred to as “The Disk of Horus.” i have many of the personality traits Helliwell attributes to Horus Hybrids and my skull is also elongated at the back, which she identifies as a physical trait. She writes that the Egyptian High Priest, Manetho, wrote a history of very ancient Egypt where he recorded that the gods, Osiris, Horus and Thoth reigned from 33,894 to 23,624 BCE. Following this period, the Shemsu Hor (“Followers of Horus”) reigned for another 13,400 years. They were hybrids of humans and sacred bird-like beings. Apparently these facts are also supported by the list of “divine pharaohs who came from elsewhere” found on the Royal Canon Papyrus at the Museum of Turin.
    Now i’m just wondering if the Disk of Horus image found on lintels in several Egyptian temples, and elsewhere, could be representing the Sphere Beings ? If so, then might it not more accurately be termed — the Sphere of Horus ?

    • Sixx 5 years ago

      Thank you for the link. I’m downloading the book now.

  32. Francesca 4 years ago

    I had a vivid dream the other night. I was sitting at a table conducting a meeting and these blue beings with feathers were present. I was telling them what they need to do next. Then I woke up. After a few days trying to figure out just what in the world was that dream about, I googled ancient blue feathered people and it led me to this sight. After scrolling down the article, the images of the blue bird headed people is what I saw. I do have a little Egyptian, Chinese, Mayan, Amerindian, and dominant Polynesian DNA so these bizarre dreams do not surprise me. I am not certain if my ancestors memories are activating, or I am actually having ether world connection in the hours of sleep. Anyone else?


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