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The Judgment Day Device DVD


A Quest for the Lost Secrets of the Throne of the Second Coming, the Ark of the Mahdi and the Messiah's End Time Kit

The Premise: It’s Judgment Day. The End Times. While Christians seek signs for Jesus’ second coming, the Jews await the Messiah and Muslims await the 12th Imam (the Mahdi), a powerful ‘device’ with an unearthly power is awaiting discovery by one of them. That device is the ‘lost’ Ark of the Covenant. Popularly thought of as the golden rectangular box/device made my Moses to contain the Tablets of the Law and other items, it will be the sign (‘symbol, seal’) of the Christ, the Messiah and the Mahdi when this figure arrives.

Well, the Ark is part of the complete device anyway.

What most Christians, Jews and Muslims do not realize is that the popular conception of the Ark of the Covenant as a simple golden box is incomplete. Books about the Ark speculate that the Ark was a weapon, a capacitor or power source, a container. They barely mention its complete parts, its secret history or its true capability.

As William shows, the Ark is actually one component of a larger, supernaturally powerful Judgment Day ‘device’. This book is a search for the Ark’s missing pieces and its complete hidden function.

The phenomena associated with this Device makes clear that it is some form of otherworldly ascension tool. It has the capability of making a human holy on contact and transmuting flesh into light. With it, one can ascend and travel the stars.

This is why it is the most coveted device of human history.

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The Judgment Day Device DVD

90 mins

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All Other Countries $19.95 + $7.50 p & h





The Secret Of Sion DVD


The Milky Way is Ringing. It’s time to answer.

As predicted by ancient prophecy, the light of the Milky Way’s center, called Sion, is rising…and so is our soul’s vibration. We are being anointed in the hidden power of its rays.

In this lavishly illustrated presentation, based on THE SECRET OF SION, William discusses his decoding of Gnostic gospels and sacred art that reveal:

Jesus ascended and will return via a stargate, advanced humans live in the center of the galaxy, and human transformation into beings of light.

He also talks about the awakening of higher human consciousness as a result of the rising vibration of the Milky Way, and how we can win the war against devastating dehumanization.

It’s time to put our fear behind us and embrace the Way of Light.

It’s time to reveal THE LIGHT OF SION.

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The Light Of Sion

90 mins

In USA $19.95 + $5 p & h  


In Canada $19.95 + $5 p & h  



All Other Countries $19.95 + $7.50 p & h





Soul Rising


If you loved “Morph,” or are a spiritual seeker new to William Henry’s work, take the next crucial step. Get your copy of William’s new DVD presentation/intensive, SOUL RISING: THE AWAKENING. THE TRANSFORMATION. THE ASCENSION and rise to the next level.

It’s time for SOUL RISING. First came The Light Body Effect and Morph in which William Henry established the spiritual connection between stargates or portals and the transfiguration of the soul. Now, in this extraordinary and inspired presentation, he delivers a powerful new slide show based on his latest breakthrough findings on the ultimate secret - human Ascension and Transfiguration - and what is to come as we navigate the new world of stargate 2012 and beyond.


SOUL RISING inspires you to take your soul’s growth to the next level and to participate in taking humanity to its next level of spiritual evolution.

In SOUL RISING, William further develops his breakthrough findings about the profound connection between the Tibetan Rainbow Body of light and the Transfiguration and Resurrection of Jesus into light and how Stargate Metaphysics can explain these transformations. SOUL RISING takes us deeper into this tradition showing us how Enoch, Elijah, the Mother Mary and others achieved ascension into the Rainbow Body.

Find out more...

SOUL RISING is a quest for Wholeness, Holiness and Completion of the Soul’s Mission. Join us! Arise and shine!

5 hours
3 Disks

Soul Rising

In USA $39.95 + $5 p & h  

In Canada $39.95 + $7.50 p & h  


All Other Countries $39.95 + $7.50 p & h



Get the SOUL RISING and MORPH DVD sets together for just $69.95,
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Revelation 2012


What would it mean to discover that the U.S. Capitol is a secret temple of ascension, one that can be used to tap into a Higher Power? Today, it means everything!

Since its inception America was dedicated to the fulfillment of a high spiritual goal - the awakening, transformation and ascension of the individual to higher states of consciousness. That goal was hijacked by nefarious forces.  However, the secrets of ascension were secretly encoded in the U.S. Capitol, then called the 'Temple of Celestial Liberty'. In this presentation, based on his historic book, Freedom’s Gate: The Lost Symbols in the U.S. Capitol William Henry discloses the stunning symbolism, profound secrets and visionary (even otherworldly) message sealed in the U.S. Capitol. The day has come when awakened Americans must use their power and the secrets of the Temple of Celestial Liberty to reclaim America. William will connect you with a powerful and transformative vision for your future and the spiritually renewed America that will inspire and enliven you with its magnificence.


1 hour, 20 minutes
$19.95, plus $5 postage and handling.



Revelation 2012



THE AMERICAN RITE is investigative mythologist William Henry’s invitation to discover the mind bending secrets of ascension in the temples of Nashville, TN, the streets of Philadelphia and in the U.S. Capitol.

America, says Henry, is both a place and a psychological space created by the Enlightened founders. In this one hour presentation given in Tempe, AZ on November 22, 2008, William takes you carefully, step-by-step inside the secret symbols in public places of America. You’ll quickly find yourself amazed by the astonishing alchemical and stargate symbolism that reveals the sacred science of the ancients in the temples of America.

Is it possible that the Founding Fathers left us a secret rite or ritual inside the U.S. Capitol?

For the first time ever you’ll see:

• How the U.S. Capitol corresponds with the seven chakras in the human body.
• The U.S. Capitol unveiled as a Temple of Man in the model of the ancient temple of Luxor in Upper Egypt.

Then, William reveals the astonishing alchemical secrets of the Apotheosis of George Washington, the painting in the rotunda which portrays Washington’s transfiguration from a man into a god.

The American Rite is a call to action. Viewers will come to understand that America’s Capitol is a place of transformation. Now is the time to activate those temples for personal transformation and enlightenment.

1 disc
1 Hour
$19.95 plus $5 postage and handling.

Revelation 2012



In this all-new lecture presentation recorded October 11-12, 2008 at Nashville’s Union Station Hotel, William Henry explores a secret, transmitted for thousands of years, and provides us, literally, with the key that unlocks the power of our soul.


Throughout the Ages the wisdom schools have taught that our true selves, our true potential and our highest purpose involves Transfiguring, Metamorphosing or “Morphing” into the next level of human evolution as light beings. The light form is composed of finer vibrations than our physical body. It gives form to our physical body. It’s been termed the immortal body, the Christ body, and the Etheric body among other names.

This workshop offers practical spiritual facts about your light body and real keys to awakening it. You’ll feel the energy in your body come alive as you learn:

• What is the light body?
• What is it made of?
• How does it function?
• What are its powers?
• What does it take to develop its powers?

Then, William Henry’s inspired and pioneering ‘Stargate Metaphysics’ takes you deep into the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Christian and other traditions to reveal stunning truths about our light body.

Using his amazingly illustrated and constantly updated slide show William walks you to the next level of consciousness with a clarity that will change the way you think about your soul’s potential and motivate you to go deeper than you ever thought possible.

Disk One: Gnosis

Topics covered in this presentation include:

• Metamorphosis and the Tibetan Great Perfection
• The Garment of Light
• Metamorphosis and 2012
• Light beings: Masters and teachers of Morph

Disk Two:  The Heart Craft

• The Glastonbury Tor and Nashville, TN connection
• Tapping the heart’s power of light body transformation
• Mary Magdalene and the secret of Transfiguration
• The Gnostic Hymn of the Pearl: A Tale of Morphing
• Connecting with our Divine Spark

Disk Three:  Stargate Christianity

• Christ, the God Particle and CERN
• The Cathars and Teleportation
• The human body as an energy device
• Jesus speaks of quantum entanglement in the Gospel of Thomas.


3 discs
5.5 Hours
$39.95 plus $5 postage and handling.



Revelation 2012


Maya prophecy says a stargate will open in 2012. An enlightened being or a group will emerge. William Henry answers a key question: who will open the door?

Jewish legend, and Essene texts, tells of the arrival of the Peacemaker, the herald or forerunner of the Christ or Messiah. In addition to opening the door for the Christ, this figure has a ‘to do’ list. This groundbreaking work is the first modern and complete introduction to this astonishing mission, which includes assembling the Ark of the Covenant, the Anointing oil of the Magdalene, the Flask of Manna and the Holy Rod of God into one remarkable super technology. This timely talk is a revelation, a detective story and a synthesis of ancient knowledge with modern science and spirituality that will help us change our future and created the greatest of all possible worlds.


1 disc
1.5 hours
$14.95 plus $5 postage and handling




The Light Body (Star Body or Rainbow Body) is the name given to our extraordinary, hidden, ‘spiritual’ body referenced in every sacred tradition. In The Light Body Effect, video-taped July 13-14, 2007 in Mt. Shasta, CA, William Henry unravels vital knowledge about the potential within all of us to follow the path of the Ascended Masters. He takes you on a remarkable journey that brings together for the first time the Cathar vision of their Perfects ‘beaming’ themselves through Star Trek-like tubes of light with that of Tibetan Great Perfection tradition and the Egyptian tradition of Osiris’s transfiguration into light.

This presentation is ‘charged’ with William’s unique collection of images of Jesus, Osiris, and Tibetan lamas Transfiguring or “beaming”, as he calls it. This collection is unmatched anywhere and grants the viewer unparalleled insights into our past, present and future. A brilliant and revealing investigation exploring the meaning of 2012 and the reality of human ascension.

Many believe that 2012 is a gateway to the ascension and transformation of humankind. How can we begin to visualize a transformed human? What are the latent potentials within us that the new galactic energies of 2012 will feed? By the time you finish watching this presentation you will have the answers to these questions…and you’ll be a different person.

In The Light Body Effect you’ll get inspiration to live your life with the hope of ascension in your heart.


Topics covered in this presentation include:

• The Cathar Book of Love - the secret Gospel of Jesus.
• The Tibetan Great Perfection tradition: How we can turn our bodies into light.
• Icons of Jesus’s ascension through a stargate.
• How images of ascension trigger mirror neurons in the brain and begin the process of transforming our bodies.
• Why flooding the planet with images of Ascension and Transfiguration is the answer to ending the War on Terror.


Topics covered in this presentation include:

• Incredible Tibetan Rainbow Body images of lamas in their Rainbow Body compared with Christian images of Jesus in rainbows.
• The Milky Way and the Dove of the Holy Spirit.
• Is our DNA programmed to return to the stars?
• The Ancient Shining Ones and Sion, Switzerland.
• The search for the God Particle and 2012.
• Tibetan Great Perfection (or Light Body transformation) compared to ancient Egyptian art portraying the ascension of Osiris.
• Hieronymous Bosch’s paintings of the Cathars as light beings ascending through a tunnel or portal of light.

2 discs
2.5 hours
$24.95 plus $5 postage and handling



Jesus performed all of his miracles with a ‘magic’ rod or wand that produced a ‘ring’ or ‘vibration’ that altered this reality. That is what the early Christian record shows. And it symbolizes a sacred science that has been covered up by the Church. In this stunning presentation, given in Nashville, TN in 2006, the audience sat enthralled by arguably the greatest collection of early Christian art ever assembled that documents and reveals the lost secrets of the wand and ring of Jesus. Get a copy and see the most astonishing secrets of Jesus come to life. This is not a religious presentation. Rather, it a revelation of the metaphysical sciences used by Jesus to perform miracles.


Jesus raises Lazarus with a rod or wand. 2nd century. Vatican Museum. The original Secret of Secrets is referred to as the ‘Key of Life’ in the Egyptian tradition. William Henry reveals this ‘key’ is a tone, a frequency or vibration that enlightens us. The early Christian portrayals of Jesus performing the miracles with a rod or wand preserve a belief that he was like a symphony conductor using his baton to ‘conduct’ music, the Song In the Key of Life.


4th century Egyptian Christian depiction of Jesus riding a winged horse and showing us the rod and ring of his Teaching. What happened to that rod and ring?


In this remarkable 3.5-hour presentation you’ll learn:
Jesus used the wand to conduct spiritual energy, symbolized by a ‘ring’.
Egypt was the origin of this wand.
The wand is a living ‘branch’ from the Tree of Osiris - the Tree of Knowledge.
The Ring is a symbol for a cosmic vibration.
Mary Magdalene took the secrets of this wand and ring to France.
The Knights Templar encoded these mysteries in the Gothic cathedrals.
The New Deal raced the Nazis to recover this wand and ring.
Heinrich Himmler encoded its secret in the design of his “Camelot” in Germany and it’s known as “the Spear of Destiny.”
Nashville, Tennessee is home to a 2,200-foot long template of the wand and the ring.

2 Discs
3.5 hours
$29.95 plus $5 Postage & Handling



2 Disc Set


While human civilization has gone through many cycles of growth, ascension, and destruction, one body of knowledge has always been preserved and sought. Much of this was devoted to the quest for eternal life and the secret of eternal renewal: Starwalking. The mystery schools of Egypt, Atlantis, and elsewhere preserved this knowledge of the stargates that linked us to the Awakened beings and to the divine realm existing along side, weaving its way through our lives. This is realm or Dimension of the Blessed. Today, the highest ideals about this realm held by the illumined from ancient Egypt to the Himalayas are being contemplated and even duplicated by the techno-mystics of Silicon Valley. The ‘ring lords’ at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva are preparing to create little big bangs to study the ultimate secrets of the universe. Elsewhere, previously unimaginable discoveries are being made daily and will soon be publicized. All eyes are on discovering another dimension -- the Dimension of the Blessed. What did the ancients say about this dimension? How will new discoveries about it impact you? What is really going on in our world? Don’t miss this moment of connection, revelation and reflection as William Henry unlocks the secrets of the Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed.


Weaving through the ancient records is a common longing for a connection to a hidden power from a blessed field or dimension, and tales of beings who successfully found this secret power. It awakened them and it can awaken us. Buddhists call this benevolent state of consciousness Awakened Heart. Join William Henry and discover how in ancient Egypt, the Awakened Heart consciousness was part of “stargate metaphysics”. See how this metaphysics is encoded in the story of Moses atop Sinai and elsewhere. Learn how to evolve the Awakened Heart by balancing the four kinds of love and how successful reconciliation of the opposites within and union with the heart-mind blesses us with this ultra-human power.

2 Discs / 3 hours
$29.95 plus $5 shipping and handling








6 Disc Set


In his temple-quests in Egypt, France, Scotland and America William has uncovered a visual code in ancient art left by beings who came from the light of the vast cosmic ocean. He believes that humanity once possessed a high level of spiritual technology incomprehensible until the present day and that by reclaiming this knowledge we will graduate to ‘cosmic citizenry’. You’re invited to tune in to more than 15 hours of the most exciting dialog and insights of our time.

This special set includes:

Anointing of the Dove
Stairway to Heaven
Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed
Stargate 2012
Lost Secrets of Jesus: The Wand and the Ring
The Light Body Effect

These exciting presentations, given between 2004 and 2007, are filled with hundreds of rare and illuminating pictures and artwork that illustrate visionary concepts that take you into the ‘Stargate mysteries’ of the past and future and gives your mind a whole new dimension. These talks will awaken you to the amazing possibilities of our times and within you. You’ll watch them over and over again.

The greatest event in human history is unfolding right before our eye. Be a part of the transformation. Catch the spark of Synchronicity within this special DVD set.

Sold separately these DVDs retail for over $175. Now, through this limited time offer you can get all 5 for the low price of $99.95, plus $5 postage and handling. Don't miss it!

6 disks.
15 hours.

$99.95 plus $5 shipping and handling.




William Henry’s historical and mythological detective work on the suppressed secrets of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Stairway to Heaven continues in this companion to Anointing of the Dove. In this presentation he reveals new evidence about the secrets and true history of Mary Magdalene, including the reasons why she was called the “Illuminator” or “Illuminatrix”. He pierces the veil of her secrets, revealing sensational new information from forbidden texts and teachings and in clues left in religious art and legend. In this presentation we’ll journey to the core of the mysteries of Mary Magdalene to study here relation to the Tower to Heaven or Ladder to God, also called the Stairway to Heaven.

1 Disc
1 hour 30 minutes
$19.95, plus $5 postage and handling




Was Mary Magdalene an alchemist who learned her craft in Egypt and from John the Baptist? What if we are close to reproducing her anointing oil that will enlighten as well as protect us in the days to come? William Henry applies a serious and radical re-evaluation of the secrets of the anointing oil of Mary Magdalene and its use in conjunction with the Ark of the Covenant and monoatomic gold to prepare Jesus for his journey to the Netherworld. Presenting evidence from cutting edge science and ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Early Christian alchemical art he pursues the mysteries of this oil and the startling likelihood of its cosmic origin. In addition, he explores the possibility that we are now being anointed by a flow of similar cosmic energies from the center of the galaxy (the Dove). The Dove offers a white stone of purity that will require mystical and scientific understanding of our bodies and the galaxy to receive. William’s presentation is an exercise, an open-eye visualization, and a meditation to help you understand and experience the powerful new energies bathing our planet, the anointing of the Dove.

2 discs
2 hours 45 minutes
$29.95, plus $5 postage and handling




William has found a coded message within the temple walls of ancient Egypt and other civilizations. The human body is an antenna capable of resonating the precious magical substance or tone of the Milky Way that Mayan shamans says will transform our lives and our planet between now and 2012. What does this rendezvous with the heart of our galaxy portend? Will the transformation of our lives occur through the application of the four new 21st century power tools – genes, bits, neurons and atoms (nano technology) – or will a spiritual transformation unfold? Featuring lavish illustrations, this presentation offers the first peek at the Milky Way-based metaphysics of the ancients and provides much needed guidance on the subject of 2012.

The Mayans proclaimed that a ‘serpent rope’ will emerge from the galactic center in 2012. Piecing together ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan artwork and symbolism, along with his conversations with today’s best 2012 scholars, William reveals this serpent rope is a wormhole, the long sought “Stargate of the Gods.” You’ll see vivid ancient  art portraying this Stargate and understand why it’s the symbol of renewal for our times and for individual selves.

2 Discs
3 hours 15 minutes
$29.95 plus $5 postage and handling




Ancient beings of light.
Unimaginably powerful technology.
A lost chamber of secrets.


Join investigative mythologist William Henry in Egypt in 2006 to explore the temples/workshops and cryptic symbols of antiquity. In three all-new lectures, based upon extensive research and loaded with astounding graphics, he presents his latest research and a provocative new view of the mystical connection between Atlantis and Egypt. And much more.

After these lectures there is no going back.

LECTURE I, 2 hours
“Temple of the Soul”

William presents startling evidence that the Earth-Moon-Sun system is a temple of souls crafted by a profound intelligence. The Great Pyramid is the centerpiece of this temple. It brings conclusive evidence of a man’s interaction with light beings.

LECTURE II, 2 hours
“Egyptian Stargate Metaphysics and the Dimension of the Blessed”

Out beyond the stars, there exists a divine, blessed realm, free of the materiality of this earthly one. This is the realm or dimension of the blessed, a name that the Egyptians gave to the paradise field of the stars. In this presentation William explores Egyptian metaphysics through the lens of modern quantum science and stargate theory. Drawing inspiration from Egyptian art, this exciting talk offers techniques that help you tap the Dimension of the Blessed.

LECTURE III, 2 hours
“Atlantis: The Egyptian Island of Creation”

Plato’s story of Atlantis came from Egypt. In this groundbreaking presentation William explores the little-known details Egyptian sages recorded about light beings who came to Earth and founded an island civilization. These insights have profound implications for the study of Atlantis. Was Atlantis founded by beings who came from the stars? This question is answered in this amazing talk.

3 Discs
$49.95, plus $5 postage & handling

Order now and get a FREE pdf copy of William Henry’s book Egypt: The Greatest Show On Earth and “Wormhole Dance” DVD, a $24.95 value.




Thousands of years ago Stargate technology of the gods was lost. Mayan Prophecy says it will return by the year 2012, along with our alignment with the center of our galaxy. This will bring the birth of a new matrix and a new human. According to ancient texts, what is needed is the Cloak of the Illuminati, a super skin with astounding supernatural power which makes safe passage through Stargates possible. In this program, investigative mythologist and author William Henry explores the secrets of the Illuminati and reveals the true power of the Cloak and the Illuminated, even in the modern world. Trace examples of Stargates and Wormholes in the ancient world.

240 min
$29.95, Plus $5 Postage and Handling




In BLUE APPLES, you'll find the greatest secret of Christianity; its origins with the stargate secrets of the gods of ancient Sumeria and Egypt. According to ancient legend, BLUE APPLES refer to an astounding supernatural power and the key to humanity's spiritual liberation. Joshua, Moses, Nimrod, Mari, Nebuchadnezzar, Jesus and all the alchemists of old knew the secret of the Blue Apples. Why does this knowledge still remain a secret today? Join investigative mythologist and author William Henry as he presents the untold story of the Blue Apples, and the spiritual teachings of a lost and ancient culture of enlightened beings known as the Anunnaki, or the "Shining Ones."

2 DVD Discs / 3 Hours
$29.95, Plus $5 Postage and Handling






Welcome to an investigation into the biggest secret of all. You are about to discover a secret that has been handed down for a millennia. A creation of wise beings who are called the Shining Ones, they hailed from Planet X, and carried the creation across the darkness of the cosmic ocean. Now· Imagine, the cosmic ocean; black, with the buzzing light of a trillion galaxies. And in our galaxy, there is · a cube· The cube is a net or sector of space. It is a Sea of Glass 'full of eyes', inhabited worlds. We are in the cube. It is resurfacing, and the wisdom it imparts to whomever comprehends it makes them a master of nature, able to manipulate matter and to enter the hyper realms through a ladder that extends from a wormhole within the cube.

3 DVD Discs / 9 Hours
$79.95, Plus $5 Postage and Handling





I'm starting to release my back-catalogue of books as Kindle editions. I'm beginning with my latest book, The Secret Of Sion. Watch out for many more titles over the coming months.

If you don't have a Kindle Reading Device you can still buy the book and read it on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. You can also read Kindle books on your PC or Mac with Amazon's free software. Download your version.





Kindle Edition

$5.99 Amazon US
£3.99 Amazon UK
€4.85 Amazon DE
€4.85 Amazon FR

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Lost Secrets of the Watchers LOST SECRETS OF THE WATCHERS

They are not human.

They are inter-dimensional beings who came from an otherworldly holy place called Sion.

They crossed a forbidden barrier, transformed or morphed into human form and freely mingled with humans.

They intervened in human affairs.

They created a hybrid race with humans.

They taught the art of building temple-portals with massive stones and the secret of transforming humans into angels or inter-dimensional beings.

They were punished as dangerous and subversive and labeled as fallen.

God sent a cataclysm to destroy them and their offspring.

Their temple-portals were disabled or destroyed.

Their teachings were declared heresy, forbidden.

They are the Watchers, the holiest race of alien beings.

We’ve been warned to stay away from them.

Most have.

We, however, will break through the barrier.

In this revolutionary exploration of the Watchers, the Angels of the Lord or the Holy Ones, we learn the story of the Watchers is the product of one of the greatest spiritual and literary revolutions the world has ever seen. It began during the 3rd century B.C. when a wave of apocalyptic Essene writings swept the Mediterranean world and came to fruition at the time of Jesus. From this epoch emerged a new hero, Enoch, ‘the Translated Man’, who was transformed into a being of light and joined the Watchers in heaven. The mystic secrets of ascension the Watchers gave Enoch have been sought for centuries. They were known and used by Jesus. In this thorough study, these secrets are considered, if not revealed.

In this heavily illustrated study, William proposes that the Watchers are Seraphim (“winged serpent” angels who are Type III beings on the Kardashev Scale of civilizations and have advanced, non-physical Rainbow Bodies of Light. They correspond to the Seven Rayed Naga “rainbow serpents of wisdom” of Buddhist tradition and the seven fish-cloaked Apkallu sages of Mesopotamia.

We explore the literary and historical evidence that the Watchers possess the secret of human transformation into angels. They came to earth on a mission to instruct humans in this transformation. Their teachings became the basis for the Christian concepts of ascension, resurrection and perfection.

This study changes the traditional perception of the Watchers and puts us on the true path to discovering their secrets.

Can souls return to their Source (God’s Throne)?

Can a human transform into an angel or become equal to an angel? Are we all fallen angels/aliens?

Can a human ascend to godhood? Can any one learn to do this on their own? If so, what skills are required?

Is a direct connection with God possible?

If so, who initiates this encounter?  Does God?

Or, can a human take it upon them self to ‘call’ God?

Is there a cosmic conduit linking earth with Sion?

Can humans achieve perfection?

The Watchers addresses these questions and more. Find out more...


PDF edition $9.95  


The Judgment Day Device

A Quest for the Lost Secrets of the Throne of the Second Coming, the Ark of the Mahdi and the Messiah's End Time Kit

Is the Ark of the Covenant about to be revealed to the world? Can its appearance bring world peace as prophesied? Will Judaism, Christianity or Islam reveal it it first? Is it what we think it is?

"The Judgment Day Device: Lost Secrets of the Throne of the Second Coming, the Ark of the Mahdi and the Messiah's End Time Kit.

A Revolutionary Secret History and New Look at the World’s Most Mysterious and Coveted Relic

From best-selling author and internationally renowned investigative mythologist, William Henry (‘the real life Dr. Robert Langdon of The DaVinci Code’), comes startling evidence that the Ark of the Covenant is a far more profound device than previously realized…and is at the heart of an unfolding “secret End Time race” between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Hundreds of color images and a compelling narrative uncover the remarkable lost secrets and hidden history of this extraordinary relic that will be at the center of the greatest event of our times.

Find out more...


The Judgment Day Device



The Judgment Day Device is available as a full colour e-book in PDF format on CD along with the companion DVD, “The Judgment Day Device”.

$29.95, plus $5 postage and handling.





Jesus’s Stargate, the Beaming Garment and the Galactic Core in Ascension Art

Since 1996, William Henry has been courageously establishing and documenting his revolutionary connection between the original Christianity, stargates and the ascension of humanity into beings of light. His goal has been to recover the authentic teaching of Jesus about how we can transform ourselves into beings of pure light (and love), open a stargate and beam ourselves home.

The Secret of Sion represents the culmination of William’s unique search in Gnostic literature and sacred art to map the path, called the Way of Light, that leads to the gate of heaven.

His quest led him ‘through the wormhole’ where he peered into the promised land of Sion, a place at the center of our galaxy that is inhabited by ascended humans.

His journey is presented as an invitation to follow his path in the form of an astounding collection of third eye opening and soul rising ascension art, one that illuminates the esoteric mysteries of the greatest cosmic story ever told.

Find out more...



The Secret of Sion is available on Amazon.com’s Kindle.


Kindle Edition

$7.99 Amazon US
£6.04 Amazon UK
€6.89 Amazon DE
€6.89 Amazon FR

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THE SECRET OF SION is available as a full color e-book in PDF format on CD along with the companion DVD THE LIGHT OF SION.

CD and DVD Version

$29.95 + $5 p & h






What would it mean to discover that the U.S. Capitol is a temple of ascension, one that can be used to tap into a Higher Power? Today, it means everything!

Thomas Jefferson called the U.S. Capitol a temple dedicated to the sovereignty of the people. Its builders called it a “Temple of Liberty.” Indeed, the U.S. Capitol was intended as a sacred space, a temple for the people.

Now, for the first time ever, the profound meaning of the spiritual imagery and artwork of the Capitol is revealed. It has the potential to raise your consciousness and the consciousness of America to a new level.

Investigative mythologist and author, William Henry, takes you on a journey like never before. A true original work on the Capitol, co-authored with Dr. Mark Gray, Freedom’s Gate will change the way we look at the Capitol and challenge those who enter its halls to remember the sacredness of this place and of America.

No matter your belief system or religious affiliation you’ll find inspiration in the pages of FREEDOM’S GATE. It is for any one around the world who aspires to true Freedom. It contains a powerful vision for your future and for the future of America.

The seeds of universal wisdom of Egypt, India and Tibet that came to fruition in America unfold through hundreds of color pictures. This e-book is the best way we have found to immediately share this powerful inspiration.

Find out more and order the book...