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The Judgement Day Device


A Quest for the Lost Secrets of the Throne of the Second Coming, the Ark of the Mahdi and the Messiah's End Time Kit




Is the Ark of the Covenant about to be revealed to the world? Can its appearance bring world peace as prophesied? Will Judaism, Christianity or Islam reveal it it first? Is it what we think it is?

The Judgment Day Device: A Quest For The Lost Secrets of the Throne of the Second Coming, the Ark of the Mahdi and the Messiah's End Time Kit.

A Revolutionary Secret History and New Look at the World’s Most Mysterious and Coveted Relic.

From best-selling author and internationally renowned investigative mythologist, William Henry (‘the real life Dr. Robert Langdon of The DaVinci Code’), comes startling evidence that the Ark of the Covenant is a far more profound device than previously realized…and is at the heart of an unfolding “secret End Time race” between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Hundreds of color images and a compelling narrative uncover the remarkable lost secrets and hidden history of this extraordinary relic that will be at the center of the greatest event of our times.



It’s Judgment Day. The End Times. While Christians seek signs for Jesus’ second coming, the Jews await the Messiah and Muslims await the 12th Imam (the Mahdi), a powerful ‘device’ with an unearthly power is awaiting discovery by one of them. That device is the ‘lost’ Ark of the Covenant. Popularly thought of as the golden rectangular box/device made my Moses to contain the Tablets of the Law and other items, it will be the sign (‘symbol, seal’) of the Christ, the Messiah and the Mahdi when this figure arrives.

Well, the Ark is part of the complete device anyway.

What most Christians, Jews and Muslims do not realize is that the popular conception of the Ark of the Covenant as a simple golden box is incomplete. Books about the Ark speculate that the Ark was a weapon, a capacitor or power source, a container. They barely mention its complete parts, its secret history or its true capability.

As William shows, the Ark is actually one component of a larger, supernaturally powerful Judgment Day ‘device’. This book is a search for the Ark’s missing pieces and its complete hidden function.

A device is a tool, appliance, instrument and a machine, but also a technique, a plan and/or a symbol. The Judgment Day Device (JDD) is a symbol for a ‘lost’ or ‘secret’ teaching about human apotheosis or deification. Revelation of its secrets is accompanied by an explanation of heavenly powers, cosmic beings and mysteries, and the secret knowledge of the transformation of the believer into a more glorious ‘light’ body. The phenomena associated with this Device makes clear that it is some form of otherworldly ascension tool. It has the capability of making a human holy on contact and transmuting flesh into light. With it, one can ascend and travel the stars.

This is why it is the most coveted device of human history.

The monumental research William Henry has assembled makes "The Judgment Day Device" perhaps the greatest breakthrough in our understanding of the Ark of the Covenant and will launch a new understanding of ancient visits by nonphysical celestial beings and End Time prophecy.


The Judgment Day Device:

  • Reveals the complete Ark of the Covenant/JDD includes the sacred Tree of Life or World Tree and is the same device as the Throne of the Second Coming of Jesus.
  • Explains the Judgment Day Device as a ‘transmitter’ of the Holy Spirit or cosmic energy.
  • Discloses that the cosmic conduit or pillar of light (stargate) that emanates from the Ark is a mode of transport for advanced, nonphysical, but humanoid beings.
  • Presents proof the Ark is not on earth, but will be brought here by these advanced beings who use it as a “gateway” device.
  • Explores rare Judeo-Christian art that encodes the complete Ark of the Covenant/Judgment Day Device.
  • Details the crucial role the Ark plays in End Time prophecy and how it connects to present-day headlines.
  • Connects the reader to the heightened spiritual consciousness required to discover and utilize the Ark. It is apparent that as we ‘click’ on the Ark and Judgment Day Device symbolism in the this book our inner being has the capability of making or assembling the Ark in our imagination and using it to open a portal to communicate with God and even to go to his Throne.


The Judgment Day Device


The Judgment Day Device is available as a full colour e-book in PDF format on CD along with the companion DVD, “The Judgment Day Device”.

$29.95, plus $5 postage and handling.





The discovery of the Judgment Day Device will change history, bringing peace to the world. Be part of it!

Based on The Judgment Day Device: Lost Secrets of the Throne of the Second Coming, the Mahdhi’s Ark of the Covenant and the Messiah's End Time Kit, William Henry invites you to join the unfolding End Time/New Time project to unite Judaism, Christianity and Islam by revealing the secrets of the world’s most mysterious and coveted device, the Ark of the Covenant, which all three religions claim as their own and are racing to discover as a symbol of their unique power.

The Judgment Day Device Peace Project is a donation-funded grassroots effort to reveal the secrets of the Judgment Day Device to all and to promote a vision of a transformed humanity this device promises that is not bound to any specific creed or belief.

Weaving together breakthrough research in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, William comprehensive study lifts the veil on the deep truth that the Ark of the Covenant is one component in a larger advanced supernatural spiritual tool - the Judgment Day Device. It can only be understood by uniting the beliefs about it found in all three religions.

Revealing the Judgment Day Device can align or balance us with higher forces, empower us, and bring world peace and a spiritual renaissance in the 21st century as prophesied.

Can the world unite and manifest this device?

Are you ready to transform the world?

These could be the most important questions of our times.

Whether we believe or not we will all face Judgment Day and so will our world. Our actions at this time will determine the outcome on all levels.

Join William’s continuing revelation of this extraordinary device. Your donation will underwrite the continuing work of bringing worldwide awareness concerning the Judgment Day Device. This will not be possible without you.

Help to reveal the secrets of the most mysterious relic ever known.

Give today.


Please contact us directly at (615) 292-5397 or whenrytn@earthlnk.net to discuss this project.





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