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It’s time to cross the boundary between what was and what can be.

Lourdes. Cathar Country. Montserrat. The Dimension of the Blessed.



An Inspirational and Healing Journey with William & Clare Henry to three of the most powerful sacred sites in the world.

Montsegur : The Portal

From William and Clare: “Over the past seven years we have been ‘spiritual directors’ leading hundreds of pilgrims on journeys to Egypt, France, England and Italy. Our unique focus is on the art of ascension and the secrets of the light body. We follow in the footsteps of the Essenes, the Cathars and other Holy Ones who have attained the ultimate spiritual experience.

The many blessings and memories we have received on these journeys remain with us.

Now, you are invited to journey with us September 30-October 11, 2019 as we return to the Path of Miracles.

Beginning in Lourdes and ending in Montserrat, one of the most beloved and beautiful sites in the world, we will take you to an area of France and Spain  unparalleled in mystery, mysticism and miracles. It is a land steeped in the light of the Mother Mary, the lore of Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, the Cathars and a place of deep connection to the Dimension of the Blessed.

Email William Henry for a tour brochure: whenrytn@earthlink.net.

During eleven days we will visit ancient sites, chateaus, medieval castles, mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees, spas & spring water,  abbeys, Black Madonnas, and sites of great mystery. Along the way, we’ll uncover and explore ancient codes in the sacred art of ascension!

This trail is holy. The journey is powerful. The experience is mind expanding.

But, this is only the beginning.

Our outer sanctuary


The rugged, natural beauty of the Pyrenees is breathtaking.


The Cathar castles we will visit were thought of as stairways to heaven.

We’ll be on the pilgrim’s trail on the Path of Miracles. Pilgrims are different from ordinary travelers in that they journey with purpose. For some, the journey is to remember, for others it is to reconnect, for still others it is to experience the miraculous.


Montserrat Monastery is spectacularly located on the cliff in the beautiful Montserrat mountains, and gives a promise of tranquility and serenity.

Sunrise from our hotel at Montserrat.

During our stay in Montserrat we will visit the sanctuary of the monastery, the museum with its astounding collection of Russian icons, the basilica, and the Virgin of Montserrat (Black Madonna), whose gaze and energy has caused changes to millions of visitors. Along our journey, we will prepare ourselves with astounding mystical knowledge about the golden sphere in her hand…and even how we can receive its powers.

Come face to face with the miraculous Black Madonna at Montserrat. Touch the golden orb.


Our Inner Sanctuary


Each day will include explorations of the sacred sites, special meditations, discussions, and activities to help deepen your connection to this extraordinary ancient land and tap into powerful aspects of your self. We will do our best to help make this feel like an individual retreat for you.

Our beginning place is the healing waters of Lourdes and its connection to the Light of Heaven. We will spend three days in Lourdes, one of the holiest places in the world. Located at the foot of the French Pyrenees, there is a healing energy that is present here. We will bathe in the miraculous healing waters at the site of St. Bernadette’s vision of the Virgin Mary in her light body form and much more.

Lourdes is the sacred wonderland where anything is possible. Our guests agree, they arrive as humans and leave as something more.

For years, William has been writing and presenting about the light body and ascended beings. History knows them for their white robes, which symbolize their attainment of the light body. The Pythagoreans, the Therapuetae, the Essenes, the Cathars are among the many who knew the secrets of this robe of light. At Lourdes, we have an opportunity to ‘wash’ our robes as we bathe in the Light of Heaven. (Read about our October 2017 journey here.)

The origins of Lourdes as a sacred site began when a young servant girl named Bernadette Soubirous claimed to see a radiant vision of a white-robed lady on February 11, 1858.  

Over the next five months the lady would appear 17 more times to Bernadette, visions that the Roman Catholic Church (though initially skeptical) would declare authentic appearances of the Virgin Mary.

Join us as we explore the many mysteries of ‘Mystical Mary’ or ‘Mary Magnifique‘. Photo by William Henry, Lourdes.

Miraculous cures have been associated with Lourdes ever since, and today the town welcomes more than five million pilgrims a year.

Do these visitations or apparitions represent actual visitations by a spiritual being or presence deliberately sent here to instruct us?

We believe so. More, Mary’s apparition or light body is in perfect alignment with William’s work on the Rainbow Light Body. We will explore this powerful connection during our presentations on the tour.

If you are ready to join us for this life changing and exciting pilgrimage to one of the world’s holiest places and places saturated with the light of our future selves email William Henry for a tour brochure: whenrytn@earthlink.net.

This is our eighth tour to this region of France since May 2013. Many of our hundreds of dear guests have joined us. With past experience, it is advisable to book early to confirm a place on the tour.

June 20, 2018