William Henry

Immortal Italy

Immortal Italy



Feed your soul! Join us for a spiritual adventure journey to experience the timeless wonders and enchantments of Italy!

May 8-22, 2018

See yourself standing before the greatest masterpieces of sacred ascension art with William and Clare Henry, sharing their insights into the spiritual mysteries encoded within. Feel the mysterious connection between you and the artist, and the (often angelic) sacred presence behind the painting. Are you ready to experience the knowing, the truth, the light in such a beautiful surrounding as Immortal Italy?

You are invited to join William & Clare Henry On May 8-22, 2018 on this magnificent exploration of the lost secrets of the art of ascension in one of the world’s most sacred places and amidst humanity’s most magnificent works of art. Whether you are new to Italy’s charms or a first time visitor, you will love this unique pilgrimage to this breathtaking country.

From vibrant and eternal Rome to the rolling Tuscan hills and sacred Assisi, and the world’s greatest art museum, Florence, to Siena, Padua and iconic Venice, we will experience the heart and soul of Italy at its best on this small group tour (only 20 guests).

This intimate pilgrimage will always be a once in a lifetime immersion in the incredible light of the world’s most profound sacred art and architecture. It’s a must do trip for all spiritual seekers. It’s the perfect time to go!

William and Clare Henry are the hosts of Gaia’s “Arcanum” and “The Awakened Soul”. As an investigative mythologist and symbol expert, William has been called the real life Dr. Robert Langdon of the Dan Brown novels. He is known as the symbolist. After a near death experience Clare awakened her higher self. In touch with Spirit, she is a gifted intuitive tapping into the unseen realms. Sound and frequency plays a huge part of our existence and evolution. Their in depth insider knowledge of sacred art is revolutionary and inspiring. They unravel how sacred art embodies the secrets of the transformation of the soul, the timeless wisdom of the mystical path followed by the artists who created it and the secrets hidden upon and behind the canvas.

In their unique and inspiring “Sacred Art of Ascension” workshops they share their academic and powerful understanding of ancient knowledge and the spiritual science of sacred art to “show us the way” to re-wire our light body and connect with our future selves, raising our vibration in the process.    Based on the latest neuro-science and quantum physics, they show how sacred art can activate our brains, trigger our super human capabilities and awaken the unlimited compassion of the light body. The Light and the Way.

Beautiful Assisi, a lighthouse on a Tuscan hill.

Francis of Assisi is known as the Second Christ. On this pilgrimage we will follow in the sacred footsteps of St. Francis and his spiritual partner, St. Clare, to their home in Assisi. These two mystical way showers left a profound legacy of ascension teachings that can guide and transform us today. Our journey to Assisi is unforgettable.

In Florence, we will explore the epic story of the Medici’s, the family that launched the Renaissance. After scouring the libraries of Europe for works on early Christianity and the power of sacred art, they commissioned masterpieces by locals such as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Donatello, Fra Angelico, Michelangelo and many others. Florence’s churches, museums and galleries, contain an unparalleled wealth of artworks encoded with deep secrets of human soul transformation that will elevate your consciousness and let your soul soar.

Our journey reaches its crescendo in Venice, where we will experience the heart of Italy and the world.

Join us and immerse yourself in Italy’s incredible beauty, sacred art and architecture and la dolce vita. Viva Italia!

Tour highlights include:

• Vatican Museum and art treasure trove

• Walk among the monumental ruins of the Ancient Roman Forum and go back in time

• Embrace the sacred in beautiful Assisi

• Be amazed by the breathtaking art and architecture of Florence

• Enjoy a gondola ride on the Grand Canal in romantic Venice and the magic behind the veil.

• Beautifully illustrated lectures by William and Clare.

• And so much more…

Our choice of casual elegant 4 star accommodations, relaxed itineraries (meaning we take a day off for rest and rejuvenation or to just Be) and personal attention make our tours among the best available. It’s why guests frequently return for future adventures.

Each tour brings the absolute dedication of Clare and William, who are there from the first email or phone call to the farewell at the end of the tour, experiencing every moment, and understanding those little extras and personalized touches that will ensure that our journey is the best it can be.

Email William Henry for a tour brochure: whenrytn@earthlink.net.