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October 6, 2018 - October 7, 2018

October 6-7, 2018
Reading, PA

Join William Henry at Skyheim in Reading, PA for an empowering and transformational light body and ascension weekend gathering. Evolve your spirituality in ways that can better support you through the accelerating challenges and opportunities ahead.


In this groundbreaking workshop we will discover advancements in consciousness, physics and the light body. More, we will explore cutting edge research and teaching about:

• How ancient text encode the secrets of ‘Quantum Gnosis’ or the true nature of our reality.

• How the rise of the Divine Feminine signals the time for Ascension.

• How to train your brain to operate from the higher levels of the light body by experiencing the Light Body Codes hidden in sacred art.

• How to energize and program the body through meditation on images of the light body.

• How to connect with sacred images that show you how the great avatars exist and our next level of being.

• How quantum entanglement explains the Divine Transformational Power of sacred art.

• How to tap the Quantum Buddha and Quantum Christ Consciousness state that enables telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, remote viewing, light body travel.

• How to align with our future selves, and shift our future destiny.

• The secrets of the Essene Ascension Simulation Meditations.

• How to navigate the onslaught of technology on the soul.

• How to live your life from the perspective of the light body.


We live at the intersection of two worlds, the convergence of two ways of being and two types of humans. Our choice of ways will alter the way we live and the way our children live for generations to come.

One human is organic, soul-based, compassionate and connected to a conscious cosmos. This version of humanity is focused on spiritual ascension and raising its “Ascension Intelligence”.

The other is technological, limited, finite and woven into an Artificial Intelligence Net with unaccounted for spiritual consequences.

As William spelled out in The Skingularity Is Near, Artificial Intelligence will change the way we live more than cell phones, computers and the internet combined. What is really going on with AI is astounding. It can take humanity to previously unimaginable heights and presents untold spiritually catastrophic dangers.

It is time for humanity to converge with the angelic or ascended realms to avert this catastrophe.


We all know that trying to solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking that created it is a fools folly.  The way forward is to combine the latest discoveries in quantum physics, neuro-science and the mind-body connection to awaken our Ascension Intelligence that can catapult us to higher levels of consciousness. The future demands that we think outside the box and apply spiritual solutions, use our Ascension Intelligence (A.I.), and live from the perspective of (y)our Divine Light Body and the spiritual Avatars of the past. This will transform our individual and collective lives and protect us from what is to come while presenting a way forward for all.

Now is the time to act. Given that technology will — ‘before we know it’ —  be able to surpass human abilities (the Singularity), we want to help educate people about this incomprehensible future and prepare a smooth transition.

Join us at Skyheim in Reading, PA. Registration details here.

“Raising our Ascension Intelligence is the antidote to the ascendance of Artificial Intelligence. We must do this for all future generations.” William Henry.

“William Henry probably explains (transhumanism and AI) in a more nuanced way than anyone else out there.” Regina Meredith, Gaia TV host



October 6, 2018
October 7, 2018


Skyheim, Reading, PA


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