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Soul Rising

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If you loved “Morph,” or are a spiritual seeker new to William Henry’s work, take the next crucial step. Get your copy of William’s new DVD presentation/intensive, SOUL RISING: THE AWAKENING. THE TRANSFORMATION. THE ASCENSION and rise to the next level.


It’s time for SOUL RISING. First came The Light Body Effect and Morph in which William Henry established the spiritual connection between stargates or portals and the transfiguration of the soul. Now, in this extraordinary and inspired presentation, he delivers a powerful new slide show based on his latest breakthrough findings on the ultimate secret - human Ascension and Transfiguration - and what is to come as we navigate the new world of stargate 2012 and beyond.


SOUL RISING inspires you to take your soul’s growth to the next level and to participate in taking humanity to its next level of spiritual evolution.

In SOUL RISING, William further develops his breakthrough findings about the profound connection between the Tibetan Rainbow Body of light and the Transfiguration and Resurrection of Jesus into light and how Stargate Metaphysics can explain these transformations. SOUL RISING takes us deeper into this tradition showing us how Enoch, Elijah, the Mother Mary and others achieved ascension into the Rainbow Body.


Soul Rising

William is acclaimed for his pioneering research into the connection between the Tibetan Rainbow Body and the Resurrection of Jesus. He links the transformation of our bodies into light bodies with stargates


SOUL RISING offers a profound and inspiring collection of icons comparing and interconnecting Jesus on the rainbow ring in Last Judgment art with Tibetan Rainbow Body art. As Isaiah 60:1 says, Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” William connects the glory that rises within us with the glowing rays (glow rays) of the Rainbow Body of light.


Featuring breathtaking and rare images from William’s recent journeys to Egypt, Italy and England, and his search of the world’s greatest museums, SOUL RISING contains one of, if not the, most profound and inspiring collection of soul empowering Ascension and Transfiguration art ever assembled.

A first-class spiritual detective story. A truly original work of scholarly research. SOUL RISING has long time William Henry watchers saying it’s the best work on the science and mystery of ascension and provides what all of us need most right now – a tool for igniting our soul’s spark, renewing its purpose and motivation for wearing our souls on the outside, not the inside.  It’s time to Discover and activate your deepest potential. It’s time for SOUL RISING.


Soul Rising

William Henry’s new book, Soul Rising is infused with potent spiritual imagery that speaks to and energizes the deepest levels of your being.


“Many thanks for your work! After years in Catholic schools and university with one of my majors in theology, I appreciate the way you meld "New Age" (for lack of a better term) and traditional Christianity with an historical perspective. Listening to you has helped me realize one can mix, uphold, respect, believe parts of ALL traditions and not be "wacko" but, actually make sense! It's true - all IS one and you are proving it through religion, mythology and history.”

SOUL RISING really is a shifting experience! It’s amazing the shift of consciousness that I experienced during the presentation.” DB, Memphis

Can sacred art transmit divine energy that awakens and transfigures the soul? The answer is emphatically yes. According to the sacred icon makers whose art is featured in this book and presentation, and inspired artists such as William Blake, this is one of the great mystic secrets.

The artist’s intention, combined with William’s intention and his unique and original guidance, results in a phenomenal experience that speaks to, awakens and activates knowledge and energy deep within you – your True Self. The ‘Light Body Effect’ of this connection will ripple throughout your entire life, affecting everyone and everything you come into to contact with.

Each image has been carefully selected by William for the unique insight it exudes and the divine energy it emits. SOUL RISING is also packed with Images of light and portals denoting spiritual power and transcendence and powerful insights about soul growth that will positively empower and change your life. Bridging Eastern and Western philosophy, this sacred art represents humanity’s initiation and attunement with higher energies.

SOUL RISING explores such topics as:

The Next Level. We all want to get there. How will we know when we arrive?

The Next Human. “In order to solve our current problems the next human will have to emerge,” said Einstein. The next human? Who is this being? Is the next human already here? How will we recognize this being? Are we the ones we have been waiting for?

Is the Next Human a light being? How can we transform or “morph” into the Next Human?

What was the mysterious cosmic force that transformed Jesus into the Christ? And how can we tap into this force?

Revelation 20:12 is Judgment Day. This is when we stand before the Throne. As William explains, if the galaxy is viewed as a Temple, the Holy of Holies, where the Throne is located, is the center of the galaxy. If Mayan prophecy is correct, we are presently aligned with the galaxy as never before. How will you act when standing before the Throne of God?

The connection between Righteousness (living the godly way) and the Rainbow Body. When we are deeply connected with our souls, all areas of our lives fall into place. The ancients called it a state of Righteousness, meaning godliness.

The Five Layers of the Soul.

The Buddhist 8 Fold Path and the 8 Beatitudes of Jesus – the keys to awakening the Light Body.

The New, New World Order. Is Earth and Sol a colony in a larger soul system, a ‘Supercivilization’?

Saved by a Wormhole. Stargate physics has raised the bar, including spiritually. William’s Stargate Metaphysics explores the Transfiguration of Jesus and his opening of a gateway in light of modern star gate science to reveal an extraordinary secret.


Soul Rising

Did Jesus open a portal or a star gate during his Transfiguration or transformation into light?


SOUL RISING features William’s “The Journey Home” presentation, in which he further develops the idea of an ancient Milky Way-based metaphysics based on the idea of the stargate or wormhole. He explores ancient traditions that say that a race of highly evolved humans inhabits the galaxy. Evidence shows they are stargate-traveling time-travelers. They have left a code for us to decipher that leads to our ascension. This is the root of the new transformative consciousness emerging planet wide.

Stargate Cities: What’s In Your Backyard? You’ll be amazed and inspired by the stargate art appearing in urban centers around the world. William believes these are new pilgrimage sites and soul empowering portals. Join him as he decodes the messages at some of the most important portals that are now open for your use.


Soul Rising

What’s In Your Backyard? Stargate art is appearing in urban centers the world over. With it comes powerful messages about human transformation.


Learn how gratitude is the attitude that opens the cosmic doors.

Keys to achieving wholeness, holiness and completion.

SOUL RISING also introduces one of the greatest mysteries and solves one of the great puzzles of human history.

Worldwide legends refer to giant flying lizards and dragon which came to this planet and founded the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India an China. Who were these alien reptilian creatures? William reveals that some are Seraphim, the “winged and fiery serpents” of the Judeo-Christian tradition. They are the highest order of angels and dwell at the Throne of God.


Soul Rising

In SOUL RISING William connects the vortex-shaped bodies of the Seraphim angels (l) with the Tibetan Rainbow Body of light.


St. Francis and the Christ Angel. Audiences are astonished by William’s breathtaking collection of images of St. Francis receiving the Stigmata wounds from Jesus as a Seraphim angel.

SOUL RISING features William’s discussion of Maya prophecy, which tells of the return of Quetzalcoatl (‘the feathered or winged serpent’) in 2012.  William explores the link between Jesus as the Seraphim or winged serpent and Quetzalcoatl. Are Jesus and Quetzalcoatl the same?


Soul Rising

In the twelfth century, St. Francis of Assisi (1181–1226) was credited with seeing an apparition of Jesus Christ (c. 6 B.C.E.–c. 30 C.E.).




SOUL RISING is a quest for Wholeness, Holiness and Completion of the Soul’s Mission. Join us! Arise and shine!

5 hours
3 Disks

Soul Rising

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