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December 12th, 2009

It really is a wonderful world. One can predict something one week and see it fulfilled the next.

In my December 1, 2009 article, “Warning: The Apotheosis is at Hand,” I discussed the Copenhagen Conference and its ultimate plan to bring world government. If a dictatorial one-world government is coming soon, then, I asked, is the fulfillment of the Christian prophecy of the appearance of the fast-talking Antichrist who runs it (and us) in Christian prophecy also at hand?


Delegate observes a light installation at the exit of the Bella Center


According to Bible prophecy, Two Witnesses will appear during this time who give the AntiChrist a hard time and ‘open the door’ for the Messianic figure. These Two Witnesses fill the shoes of Moses and Elijah who appeared at the Apotheosis or Transfiguration of Jesus. I presented images of the Transfiguration and concluded that what we are talking about is the possible opening of a wormhole sometime during these ‘end times’ (certainly the end of the Mayan calendar).


Jesus appears before a purple light (a gateway?) at the Transfiguration and Ascension. Christianity teaches that Jesus will be coming back in a ‘cloud’ and everyone will see Him coming. Does he come and go through portals or sky doors ala those shown in Transfiguration art?


At the time I had no idea that within mere days a ‘wormhole’ would spin its way into global consciousness. This ‘wormhole’ just happened to appear at the same time as the Copenhagen conference, and in the same part of the world. Hmmm. Timing is everything.

Of course, I’m talking about the Noway spiral, which initial reports labeled it a Star Gate or a wormhole. Sure looked like one. Those perfect spirals were amazing.


On  December 9, 2009 a majestic white spiral and blue light twirled in the morning skies over Norway. Here’s the best video.


Posted on my Facebook page on December 9, 2009


The internet went berserk with a frenzy of speculation. Some said it was a projected hologram, others called it a “bat signal”, or a sign from space aliens welcoming Obama as he arrived in Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him in October.

If you ask the official military analysts they will tell you it was ‘undoubtedly’, ‘appears to be’ ‘most likely’, uh…um…er…uh was a failed Russian Bulava rocket test. Yeah. Yeah. That’s it. The missile was fired from a sub in the White Sea. It failed. Now Russia is embarrassed. Seems they can’t get the  Bul-av-a to do anything but explode into one hell-uv-a wormhole spectacular for the world to see.

The impressive translucent moving spiral was the tumbling rocket moving eastward, almost a thousand miles away from Norway and moving almost directly away from the area, scientists explained. Observers were seeing - and photographing - it from behind, even as the images gave the impression of something moving toward them. The illusion was the result of the transparency of the exhaust clouds.

The explanations given by scientists are phenomenally entertaining. Here’s one from CBS news that is simply hilarious. For another awesome example of media, see this slickly packaged piece.

The “official” rocket explanation seems lacking. A lot of people aren’t buying it. Like the ‘scientific evidence’ presented about climate change fewer and fewer people believe the rocket story is real. They’re convinced it is supernatural. They still want to believe.

Me? What can I say? A wormhole opened in the human imagination on Wednesday, December 9, 2009.  It was spectacular.

Something tells me there is more to come on my “The Apotheosis is at Hand” story.





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