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In this section I will be uploading classic interviews that I have conducted on my Revelations Stargate Radio show over the years.

William Henry interviews Dr. Robin Kelly
August 8, 2009

The Human Antenna and What It Can Do

Dr. Robin Kelly has combined science, traditional concepts of healing and his own extraordinary insights to evolve "the Human Antenna," and here he tells us just what it all means, and how we can literally remake ourselves as healthier, more energetic and, in the end, more deeply conscious and deeply human beings.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD says this of Dr. Kelly's quest:

'On a quest to be a better healer, physician Robin Kelly embarked upon an epic journey that transformed his patients' lives, his own life, and one that can possibly transform your life as well. Expertly weaving together traditional Western medical science, Eastern medicine's energy philosophy and a dash of quantum physics, Dr. Robin Kelly concocts a powerful and wise prescription for self-healing and self-empowerment. Filled with astounding scientific insights, wit, wisdom and heart, The Human Antenna is a delight to read.'

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William Henry interviews Chris Dunn
August 11, 2010

Ancient Egyptian Technology

The first part of a major two part series on Revelations with Christopher Dunn, famed author of the Giza Power Plant that was the first book to view the Great Pyramid as a machine rather than a tomb. Now, in the phenomenal "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt," Mr. Dunn expands his thesis to describe how the whole of ancient Egypt is, essentially, a ruined machinery of a kind that we have completely forgotten.

But it's meaning can be inferred, and the result is Chris Dunn's astonishing new hypothesis about this vanished world.

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